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Reflex (also spelt as "ReFlex") was a heavyweight robot built by Team Cyberwars which was chosen to compete in the second series of Dutch Robot Wars, but withdrew from the competition, and did not appear on television.


Reflex was a large, 2-wheeled robot with a boxy chassis and two large extrusions on the front of the machine, described as "bone-shaped" by the team. It was armed with two 65cm, spring-powered, horizontal claws, that weighed 3.5kg and could allegedly travel at 234km/h (145.401mph) with a spring force of 2000kg which acted as a grabbing weapon. When the claws were fully-opened, the overall width of the robot was said to be 258cm.

Robot History[]

Dutch Series 2[]

Reflex was due to compete in Heat E, where it would have fought the defending Belgian champion, Pika 3.[1] However, Reflex pulled out of the tournament for unknown reasons, and was replaced by the loanerbot competitor Hoot. Notably, Hoot was driven by the Beaverbot team, and not Reflex's team.

Series Record[]

Dutch Series Reflex Series Record
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Withdrew


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