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"A classic wedge shaped flipper. Old fashioned? I wonder."
— Jonathan Pearce

Rick was a silver wedge-shaped robot that competed in Series 5 and 7 of Robot Wars, alongside the second series of Robot Wars Extreme, and the one-off series Nickelodeon Robot Wars. It was the successor to Series 4 competitor Maverick.

The robot enjoyed reasonable success in Series 5, making the Heat Final before being beaten by Razer, but it only reached that stage after the robot it lost to in the first round, Suicidal Tendencies, had to pull out. Despite not entering in Series 6, Rick reached the second round of the Minor Meltdown during the second series of Extreme. Rick returned to the UK Championships in Series 7, but was eliminated in the first round on a split judges' decision.

Rick's greatest success came when it triumphed alongside Ming 3 in the International Tag Team competition of Nickelodeon Robot Wars, representing the United Kingdom.


"Runs both ways up, slow though. Has an alloy body, polycarbonate shields at the rear and top, the weaponry a powerful spinning disc at the back and a pneumatic flipper ram!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Rick in Series 5

Rick was a relatively small, compact machine, that was armoured with an aluminium alloy body, and polycarbonate protection around the top and rear. The robot was also invertible, with a low front wedge and a top speed of 12mph. In terms of weaponry, Rick's main form of attack came in the form of a flipper at the front of the robot which was powered by a 250lb pneumatic ram. Rick also had a bludgeoning face-spinner at the back, powered by a 3KW motor.

In its debut series, Rick had its tyres protected by polycarbonate wheel guards and rear framework, but these were removed for the machine's future appearances on the show - leaving its tyres exposed in Extreme 2, Series 7, and Nickelodeon Robot Wars.

"Has a front flipper, a rear spinning blade, zero ground clearance, reasonable 12mph speeds, experience, but the rear wheels are exposed again."
— Jonathan Pearce in Extreme 2

The Team[]

Rick with its team

The Mavericks in Series 5

Rick was built by The Mavericks, a team from Southampton in Hampshire who had previously competed on Robot Wars with Maverick. Young Francis Gallagher was the captain of the team and the driver of Rick. He was joined by his friend from the Boy Scouts club Ian Aldridge, who served as the team tactician. Francis' father Kevin Gallagher was the third team member and the lead builder of Rick, responsible for repairs and maintenance. The team were dressed in green shirts to represent the colour-scheme of predecessor Maverick.

Francis Gallagher was the second child team captain in Robot Wars, after Joe Watts from Team Big Brother, and the first to both drive and captain the robot.

Robot History[]

Series 5[]

Rick competed in the penultimate heat of Series 5, where it faced the twenty-first seed Suicidal Tendencies in the first round, a rematch from when Suicidal Tendencies knocked Rick's predecessor Maverick out of the Fourth Wars.

Rick's spinning disc burns out

Suicidal Tendencies crumples through Rick

Rick started the battle very slowly, and largely drove away from Suicidal Tendencies while pointing its spinning blade towards the opponent instead of its usual flipper-first approach. This caused very little damage, and Suicidal Tendencies was able to halt the blade entirely and push Rick back towards the centre of the arena. After this attack, Rick emitted a cloud of smoke, and the spinning disc then stopped working for the rest of the fight. This made it easier for Suicidal Tendencies to sink its crusher into the back end of Rick and crumple through its polycarbonate top, firmly gripping Rick while driving it into an angle grinder. When Suicidal Tendencies released, it pulled Rick's polycarbonate panel off entirely, and although Rick attempted to escape, Suicidal Tendencies proved quicker and started another crush. Suicidal Tendencies then hooked into Rick's wheel housing, and pinned it in the air by pressing down on Rick's raised back end.

"You can see one of the wheels spinning on Rick, but the other seems to be locked, and Suicidal Tendencies' beak, jaw, call it what you will, has locked into Rick now."
— Jonathan Pearce

Rick's eye is pierced by Suicidal Tendencies

Rick is pressed against the wall by Suicidal Tendencies

Upon the next release, Rick proved little threat as Suicidal Tendencies easily gripped it side-on and penetrated the 'left eye' of Rick, creating a hole in Rick before letting it go, only to then gain a strong grip on Rick from behind again, damaging its flipper. Rick oddly drove straight onto the flame pit and struggled to escape from there, despite both of its wheels still turning. Suicidal Tendencies came in with one final attack which pinned Rick against the wall, and Rick would only back into an angle grinder and meander into the wedge of Refbot before 'cease' was called at the end of a very one-sided battle.

"The clock is ticking down, and whatever happens to Rick, Francis you've done well by staying in this battle. Suicidal Tendencies have been the more aggressive for me, and that could ultimately prove the key."
— Jonathan Pearce

The judges unanimously voted in favour of Suicidal Tendencies, initially putting Rick out of the competition in the first round. However, Suicidal Tendencies was later revealed to have damaged its motors, and without replacement parts, it was forced to withdraw from the Fifth Wars. This allowed Rick to rejoin the competition and advance to the second round, the only beneficiary of a withdrawal in the Fifth Wars.

Back in the running, Rick faced easier opposition in the second round where it fought fellow Series 4 first round loser Destruct-A-Bubble.

Philippa Forrester: "Rick versus Destruct-A-Bubble, it's an unusual-looking robot, isn't it?"
Francis Gallagher: "Very much so!"
Philippa Forrester: "What do you think of it?"
Francis Gallagher: "It's going to be hard!"
— The team show some fear of Destruct-A-Bubble

Rick tips an immobile Destruct-A-Bubble over

Rick flips Destruct-A-Bubble into the pit

Rick started this battle much more quickly, and soon wedged under the side of Destruct-A-Bubble, shrugging off a light tap from the weaponry of Destruct-A-Bubble before lifting it onto its side. Although Destruct-A-Bubble rolled back onto its wheels, it sprinted backwards and immediately lost all mobility. This was in actuality the result of the Destruct-A-Bubble team leaving a sweet wrapper within their removable link, which caused the robot to instantly shut down. Rick circled around its immobile foe and then pressed the pit release button, while Shunt punched its axe through Destruct-A-Bubble. Rick returned to the action and lifted Destruct-A-Bubble up again, slowly pushing it onto its front face where it became stuck. Shunt axed Destruct-A-Bubble again and put it back on its wheels, also axing it once more before Refbot intervened and red-carded the House Robot. With Shunt out of the way, Refbot started to count Destruct-A-Bubble out, but Rick saved time by turning Destruct-A-Bubble over, and it rolled the beaten machine into the pit. Rick had taken advantage of its reinstatement and progressed to the Heat Final.

Craig Charles: "How do you think you're going to take him [Razer] on, I mean, have you got a strategy?"
Francis Gallagher: "...Keep them running."
Craig Charles: "Keep them running? What you mean is, just keep running away! Try and get through five minutes, maybe flip them if you can?"
Francis Gallagher: "Depends."
— Craig Charles quizzes the team on fighting Razer

In the Heat Final, Rick faced a frightening draw against the fourth seed and two time reigning World Champion Razer.

"...Rick had had practice against Razer off-screen, so they were a little bit aware of how we work the machine."
— Simon Scott in Ultimate Warrior Collection - Razer

Rick exposes its internals to Razer

Rick's top panel is pulled away by Razer

Rick ponderously approached Razer at the beginning of the match, but in a sudden change of attitude, fired its flipper despite not being underneath Razer, which afforded the World Champion ample time to sink its crusher straight through the left-hand tyre of Rick. Although Rick's mobility seemed relatively unharmed from this first attack, it turned straight into danger again and allowed Razer to grab onto the right-hand side of Rick, and subsequently exposed its back end to Razer much like it had done against Suicidal Tendencies. Razer drove Rick straight into the wall and pierced through its polycarbonate top panel, completely lifting the armour away from Rick having plunged all the way through it. Rick powered up its rear blade in an attempt at defence, but Razer instead drove under the front wedge of Rick and pierced straight through the aluminium flipper, using this attack to lift Rick up into the air.

"Rick, you've got to try and free yourself somehow, but I tell you what, to get into this Heat Final that's splendid."
— Jonathan Pearce

Rick comes under attack from Razer and Shunt

Razer forces the flipper of Rick back down

Rick freed itself by firing its weaponry, but this almost proved to be even more dangerous with Razer slipping its crusher underneath Rick's flipper. While Rick was fortunate enough to spin away and protect its internals, it was facing Razer from behind again and was easily pushed into Shunt's CPZ, where the House Robot landed two axe blows onto Rick's flipper, leaving it with little mobility to display. Rick was then caught in an awful situation, being axed from behind by Shunt and crushed from the front by Razer. The two machined moved Rick across the arena in tandem, and Rick did attempt to fire its flipper to try and prevent Razer's crush, but the seeded machine simply overpowered Rick's weapon and pressed it up and down willingly, leading to Rick's weapon springing open once it backed away from Razer.

"They try and lower that flipper to escape from the Razer beak and flip it away. That's neatly done there, well done young Francis, key member of the scouts."
— Jonathan Pearce

Rick is finished off by Razer

Rick is counted out and eliminated

Rick was edged across the arena and again fired its weapon unnecessarily, allowing Razer to sink its crusher straight through its right-side armour, briefly hoisting Rick off the arena floor before it dropped to the arena floor, completely immobile. Razer pushed the beaten Rick onto the flame pit where it was lit up in flames, and Razer then crushed through Rick's back end once more while Refbot counted it out of the competition. To the thumbs down of Ian Aldridge, Razer pulled Rick back onto the floor flipper, where it was tossed across the arena and through landing at an angle, Rick bounced onto the closed pit on the other end of the arena. Sir Killalot attempted to grip the back of Rick, but Razer leapt to its defence and attacked the back end of Sir Killalot. Although Razer was soon pitted by the House Robots, Rick was left idle until 'cease' was called, at which point Rick was finally eliminated from the Fifth Wars after a surprise finish in the top twenty-four machines of the competition.

"Are we about to see Rick, here, flung through the air? We are. An unworthy ending to a worthy heat finalist-ha ha ha! How could they enjoy seeing that?! Great fun, though, and that's what Robot Wars is all about."
— Jonathan Pearce on Rick's elimination and then Ian Aldridge's reactions


In the Nickelodeon series, Rick fought alongside Ming 3 in the International Tag Team competition, representing the United Kingdom. In their all-English qualifier, the pair went up against fellow UK representatives, Bigger Brother and Kat 3, with Rick starting in the arena against Kat 3.

Kat 3 axes a charging Rick

Rick turns Kat 3 over

At the start of the fight, Rick turned around and slammed into Kat 3 disc-first, although Rick's rear weapon was not actually spinning yet, and Kat 3 quickly landed an axe blow on Rick in response. Rick circled around Kat 3 and slipped under its wheel guard to lift it up, and after a missed axe blow from Kat 3, Rick drove under Kat 3 and turned it over completely. Kat 3 was struggling to self-right from this, and Rick moved around to hold it in place, also flicking at it using its flipper.

"Good bit of driving on Rick's part, with that flipper arm causing major damage on Kat 3!"
— Stefan Frank

Rick becomes stuck on Bigger Brother

Rick lifts Bigger Brother onto the wall

However it was not long before the other two robots abandoned the Tag Team rules and rushed out of their CPZ to join the fray, with Bigger Brother attempting to flip its teammate back over, while Ming 3 came in to crush Kat 3's wheel. With Kat 3 immobile, Rick held back and allowed Ming 3 and Bigger Brother to fight an evenly matched head-to-head, with good attacks from both machines until Bigger Brother finally righted its teammate and forced Rick to fight again. Rick charged into both members of the opposing team and became wedged on top of Kat 3's wheel guard and Bigger Brother's wedge for a while before breaking free. With Kat 3 struggling for mobility, Rick again held back while Bigger Brother largely took advantage of Ming 3, throwing it against the arena walls until Rick intercepted in the closing stages, driving under Bigger Brother to turn it onto its front. Rick then made a last-minute effort to flip Bigger Brother out of the arena, suspending it against the wall until time ran out.

"Oh boy, I wouldn't want to have to choose between those two teams, that was close!"
— Stefan Frank

After a wait that presenter Dave Aizer described as a very long time, the Judges reached a decision on the winner of the match, and concluded that Rick and Ming 3 had won the match, allowing the team to move on and represent the United Kingdom in the final against the USA.

Dave Aizer: "You definitely have some tough opponents ahead of you. Have you guys had a chance to scout your opponents out at all, do you know anything about the teams you're going to be facing?"
Francis Gallagher: "No problem."
— Confidence from the Rick team captain

In the final, Rick and Ming 3 took on the American team, Extreme Warriors: Season 1 runner-up The Revolutionist and Spin Doctor. This time, Rick remained in the CPZ at the start whilst Ming 3 fought Spin Doctor.

Rick flips The Revolutionist over

Ming 3 was fairly successful in its opening head-to-head, proving the aggressor against Spin Doctor which prompted The Revolutionist to join in without being tagged, and hit Ming 3 directly on the wheel. With its teammate hindered, Rick ventured out into battle and drove into The Revolutionist, but was sent reeling away by the American machine. The Revolutionist then attacked Rick again and knocked it back, but the shell spinner collided with Ming 3's wedge during its recoil, and The Revolutionist bounced into the arena wall which slowed its spinning momentum. This gave Rick the opportunity to drive straight under The Revolutionist and turn it over, which it did by flipping The Revolutionist onto the wall.

"We saw Rick go in with that flipping arm and take The Revolutionist up and over, great teamwork in there!"
— Stefan Frank

Rick challenges Spin Doctor

Rick is illegally dropped out of the arena by Sir K

With The Revolutionist immobile, the British team had a huge advantage, but the House Robots punished both robots for being in the CPZ. Sgt. Bash briefly attacked Rick before going in to crush The Revolutionist, but it was Sir K that proved key when the House Robot grabbed Ming 3 by the wheel and dragged it out into the middle of the arena, immobilising it. Rick was now left without a teammate, and took the fight back to Spin Doctor, wedging under it before backing itself into the angle grinder. Shortly afterwards, Rick drove into the arena wall and became stuck. Sir K closed in to pick up Rick, but rather than release it back into the fray, Sir K instead dropped Rick out of the arena in blatant disregard to the rules.

"Sir K just picks Rick up and chucks him out of the arena! He wasn't even in the Corner Patrol Zone and I bet the judges will have something to say about that!"
— Stefan Frank as Rick is dropped out of the arena by Sir K

Although the battle ended with The Revolutionist being counted out, and Spin Doctor dancing around the immobile Ming 3, 'cease' was soon called to close out the controversial fight. The Judges deemed that Sir K's attacks on Ming 3 and Rick were both unfair on the competitors, and declared the British team victorious on the account of their dominance before the House Robots disrupted the battle. This made Rick and Ming 3 the International Tag Team champions.

"The Judges have ruled that Sir K's ejection of the Rick robot was an illegal ejection, they've ruled that. They've also ruled that the amount of damage to these teams, Spin Doctor and Revolutionist was greater than the amount of damage inflicted to [Ming 3 and Rick], so that's why they decided to go in that direction."
— Dave Aizer

Extreme 2[]

After missing out on Series 6, Rick competed in the Minor Meltdown during the second series of Extreme. An episode designed for children to drive the competing machines, Rick entered with a distinct advantage as the young Francis Gallagher had already been the robot's driver in all of its previous appearances.

Philippa Forrester: "Now, you've got experience on your side, because how many times have you been in? Countless, is it?"
Francis Gallagher: "Yeah, every time we've been in."
Philippa Forrester: "So most of the other teams you're competing against today don't have that experience. Does that make feel a lot better"
Francis Gallagher: "A bit more confident, yeah."
— Francis Gallagher on his experience before the first-round melee

In its first-round melee, Rick fought against Killer Carrot 2 and Tetanus 2. However, its rear spinning blade did not work for the entire bout, leaving its flipper as its only functional weapon for the battle.

Rick attempts to lift Killer Carrot 2

Rick flips Tetanus 2 on its back

Rick surged straight for the nearest target in Killer Carrot 2 with a good slam, although Rick wastefully fired its flipper at thin air and briefly became stuck on top of its opponent. At this stage Tetanus 2 closed in to attack Killer Carrot 2, which offered Rick the opportunity to flip Tetanus 2 from behind, but largely missed and only flicked at its back end. In a more measured attack, Rick then drove straight under the front of Tetanus 2 and flipped it straight onto its back, forcing the larger machine to self-right whilst Rick slammed into it again.

Rick flips Tetanus 2 over again before it is pitted

Rick leaves Killer Carrot 2 pit Tetanus 2

After this, Rick wedged straight under Killer Carrot 2 and lifted it up, but could not quite complete a flip, eventually being forced to let its opponent go. Rick then left its two opponents whilst they focused on each other, and Rick activated the pit. This then allowed Rick to jump straight back into the action and flip Tetanus 2 over. Whilst Rick then largely spent its time flipping at the air, Killer Carrot 2 backed the overturned Tetanus 2 into the pit, and both invertible robots with flippers advanced to the next round.

In Round 2, Rick met the most experienced robot in the competition, Bigger Brother. The two machines had fought before in the International Tag Team competition of Nickelodeon Robot Wars, where Rick won alongside teammate Ming 3, allowing team captain Francis Gallagher to show unexpected confidence before the bout.

Philippa Forrester: "Now, last time you were quite confident, weren't you? This time, are you quaking a bit?"
Francis Gallagher: "Well, it should be a good, easy target."
Philippa Forrester: "Do you think? The Bigger Brother robot, and Joe driving it? They can chuck people out! Do you reckon you can?"
Francis Gallagher: "We could him have him out!"
— Confidence Pre-battle

Rick slips under Bigger Brother for a lift

Rick is turned over by Bigger Brother while Dead Metal's saw rolls past

This time, Rick's spinning blade did work, and it charged straight for Bigger Brother, although it was soon backed into an empty CPZ by the opponent. Rick responded by flicking Bigger Brother up and closing its flipper down on the favoured machine, also completing a short lift on the back of Bigger Brother soon afterwards. The two machines separated and then collided in the centre of the arena with both missing a flip. However, Rick then exposed its back end to Bigger Brother, and was flipped over as a result - meanwhile, through no input of the competitors, Dead Metal's saw flew off from the CPZ and disappeared through a gap in the arena wall. Amidst the distraction, Rick moved towards the pit release button that had just been pressed by Bigger Brother, and attempted to self-right. Rick lacked the power to make this work, and was also forced to avoid the pit as it drew dangerously near to the arena hazard.

An inverted Rick uses its flipper in the grasp of Dead Metal

Rick becomes immobile and stuck under Dead Metal

Rick was then forced to retreat and moved towards an empty CPZ, where it tried to flip Bigger Brother whilst inverted, but was instead gripped by Dead Metal, proving fortunate that the House Robot had already lost its main weapon. Rick and Bigger Brother became somewhat stuck together, with Bigger Brother's flipper fitting between the base and flipper of Rick. Once the two separated, Dead Metal hovered over Rick's wheels with its claws, and Bigger Brother delivered one more ram before Rick suddenly lost all mobility. Dead Metal then used its rear spike to slam straight into Rick's wheel, and the House Robot ended up wedging itself on top of the beaten Rick. Bigger Brother freed the two machines, but after a slam from Dead Metal with its claws closed, Sir Killalot closed in and picked Rick up, to place it on the motionless Disc of Doom.

"There are Southampton supporters in the Rick team. They used to play at The Dell, this is Robot Wars Hell for Rick! And the end is now imminent! Southampton now play at St. Mary's, and they [the Rick team] need a little bit of divine intervention, and a miracle or two, to stay in this!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Rick is counted out

Rick is counted out by Refbot

Rick on the brink of oblivion

The Disc of Doom activated to spin Rick aside, and both Bigger Brother and Dead Metal struggled to work around the arena hazard to push Rick out of the way, but Dead Metal eventually got behind Rick and pushed it onto the lip of the pit. Bigger Brother and Dead Metal both closed in to deliver the final push, but it was Dead Metal that managed to push Rick into the pit, and fully eliminate it from the Minor Meltdown at the second round stage.

Craig Charles: "I thought you were doing well!"
Ian Aldridge: "So did I! Turns out, everything breaks in that corner over there."
— Rick is credited on a strong start before its breakdown

Series 7[]

Jayne Middlemiss: "What are your tactics for getting through the first round?"
Kevin Gallagher: "Just go at them hard!"
— Pre-battle interview

Rick returned for Series 7, and was placed in Heat C with former Tag Team Terror champion King B Powerworks, Series 6 returnee Hassocks Hog 2 and the fifth seed Dantomkia.

Rick is almost flipped out of the arena

Rick continues to be flipped by Dantomkia

Rick collided with King B Powerworks in the opening stages and missed with its two flips, but in this time alone Dantomkia had already managed to immobilise Hassocks Hog 2 with a knockout flip. Outside of the televised edit (visible instead in a clip shown after an advertisement break), Rick managed to lift Dantomkia up over the flame pit briefly, but dropped its seeded target. Rick was then thrown over by Dantomkia, and failed to self-right or spin up its rear blade. Rick was then driven across the arena by Dantomkia while still inverted, and launched at the arena wall, narrowly staying inside the arena. Rick was momentarily stuck on the arena wall but flipped itself free, only for Dantomkia to keep it in place. Rick eventually escaped when Dantomkia turned its efforts towards King B Powerworks, but still wasted its time failing to self-right instead of going on the offensive, allowing Dantomkia to again throw Rick into the wall.

Rick launches a sneak attack on Dantomkia

Rick is picked up by King B Powerworks

Rick then kept its distance while the two active machines fought on, taking a slam from King B Powerworks and otherwise being uninvolved with the action until suddenly, Rick ramped under Dantomkia while still inverted and threw the seeded machine over. Dantomkia was quick to self-right, and exacted its revenge on Rick by throwing it back into the arena wall as time started to expire on the five-minute match. Rick was finally the right way up again, but Dantomkia and King B Powerworks both closed in on it to keep Rick pinned, and in the last ten seconds it was picked up and held by King B Powerworks, then hammered by Mr. Psycho. Rick did manage to escape and pressed against Dantomkia, with damage from King B Powerworks' spikes visible on Rick, but time ran out and the three machines went to a judges' decision.

"Rick, I think will be the other decision from the judges to be excluded, because Dantomkia and King B Powerworks looked too strong!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The resulting judges' decision was very close, with one of the three judges opting to vote Rick through to the next round on account of its successful flip on Dantomkia. However, the remaining two judges ultimately voted Dantomkia and King B Powerworks through to the second round, eliminating Rick on a split decision in just the first round.

"The judges have been making up their minds, and not very well! We've got a split decision! Yes, the judges in their infinite wisdom, have gone for Dantomkia and King B!"
— Craig Charles


UK Series
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat K, Eliminator vs. Suicidal Tendencies (21) Lost
NOTE: Suicidal Tendencies was forced to withdraw, and Rick was reinstated.
Heat K, Semi-Final vs. Destruct-A-Bubble Won
Heat K, Final vs. Razer (4) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Minor Meltdown
Round 1 vs. Killer Carrot 2, Tetanus 2 Qualified
Round 2 vs. Bigger Brother Lost
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat C, Round 1 vs. Dantomkia (5), Hassocks Hog 2, King B Powerworks Eliminated
US Series
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
International Tag Team
with Ming 3, Champion
UK Qualifier vs. Bigger Brother & Kat 3 Won
Final vs. Spin Doctor & The Revolutionist Won


  • UK Wins: 2
  • UK Losses: 4
  • US Wins: 2
  • US Losses: 0

Series Record[]

UK Series[]

Main Series Rick Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Entered with Maverick
The Fifth Wars Heat Final
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 1
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Minor Meltdown, Round 2

US Series[]

US Series Rick Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Did not enter
Nickelodeon International Tag Team Champion



Official Series 7 photo

  • Of the fifty robots to return from Series 4 to compete in Series 5, Rick one of only ten to perform better in its Series 5 appearance. The others are Bigger Brother, Firestorm, Diotoir, Prizephita Mach 2, Kat 3, Reactor, Razer, Destruct-A-Bubble and Clawed Hopper.
  • Rick is one of three UK machines to be unbeaten in the US Series, the other two being its Nickelodeon International Tag Team partner, Ming 3, and Pussycat, who won the War of Independence.
  • The only House Robot to not share the arena with Rick was Cassius Chrome.
  • Rick was the only robot in Series 5 to lose to both seeds in a heat.
  • Each of the seeds that Rick fought lost to Pussycat at some point and also defeated Chaos 2 at some point.
  • Suicidal Tendencies was the only robot to defeat The Mavericks but never make it past the heats (due to Killertron making it past the heats in Series 2).
  • Rick was one of two robots to be thrown out of the arena by a House Robot and still win a battle, the other being Stinger.
    • Both robots were thrown out by the same House Robot - Sir Killalot.