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"It's the most bot-nivorous robot ever brought to Robot Wars! It's gonna tear, it's gonna chew it's gonna tear the opposition to shreds!"
— The team, explaining their robot to Rebecca Grant.

Rippa Raptor was a robot that competed in the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors entered by Team Raptor. While it lost in its Heat in the US Championship, it would finish runner-up in the Annihilator, losing to Drillzilla in the final round.

The team also entered with Cyclone and drove the loanerbot Tut Tut.


Rippa Raptor with its wheelguards

Rippa Raptor was a slightly triangular-shaped robot with two large drive wheels and two front-mounted cutting discs. The robot was well-controlled, but had minimal armor, which left its internals extremely exposed and allowed Dead Metal to immobilize it.

Following the first round of the Annihilator, two checker-plated aluminum panels were added to replace the original wheel guards after they were destroyed by Unibite.

Robot History[]

Season 1[]

In Round One of the US Championship, Rippa Raptor was part of a six-way melee, against Close Enough, Mad Cow, Manta, Rosie the Riveter and Tiger Cat.

Rippa Raptor falls into the grips of Dead Metal

Rippa Raptor takes damage from Dead Metal outside the CPZ

It started by driving into the wall, allowing Manta to push it into Dead Metal, which produced sparks by cutting into Rippa Raptor. Dead Metal was cautioned by Refbot, as Rippa Raptor had not officially been immobilized, but Rippa Raptor was hardly moving regardless. Time expired, and Manta won this battle on a Judges' decision.

Rippa Raptor was also involved in the Annihilator, where it fought against Conquering Clown, Red Virus, Skullmania, Unibite, and its ally throughout the tournament, Drillzilla.

Rippa Raptor's wheel is shredded by Unibite

In Round One, it started by pushing Conquering Clown, and being pushed by Red Virus in return. Red Virus pushed Rippa Raptor into Sir Killalot's CPZ, but Rippa Raptor escaped. There was a pile-up involving five of the robots in Matilda's CPZ. The six then pushed each other around the arena, and Unibite ripped off part of Rippa Raptor's wheel. However, Skullmania had eventually become immobile.

Rippa Raptor is pushed by Conquering Clown

In Round Two, Rippa Raptor added aluminum plates to replace the wheel guards that had been damaged in the last round. Conquering Clown pushed Red Virus into Unibite who attacked Rippa Raptor. Rippa Raptor briefly attacked the back of Conquering Clown with its discs. All five robots encircled each other, and Unibite broke down . Conquering Clown attacked Rippa Raptor by pushing it into the arena wall, but both robots had already qualified.

Rippa Raptor is spiked by Red Virus

In Round Three, Rippa Raptor was passive, only once attacking the Drillzilla machine it had elected to ally with, which then pushed Conquering Clown around the arena, immobilizing it on the flames. Rippa Raptor only made light engagements with Red Virus until it had safely qualified.

Rippa Raptor is pushed into the CPZ by Red Virus, and is rammed by Drillzilla

In the fourth round, Rippa Raptor was pushed into the CPZ by Red Virus, but Drillzilla intercepted and also pushed Red Virus Dead Metal. The two robots were separated by Refbot, but Rippa Raptor then took a backseat, relying on Drillzilla to defeat Red Virus single-handedly, upholding the alliance between the two. Drillzilla pushed the Red Virus into the House Robots and then Red Virus was counted out on the floor flipper.

"As far as I'm concerned, I think Team Raptor really didn't do that much!"
— Jessica Grant, who claimed Red Virus would have qualified on a Judges' decision if it survived

Rippa Raptor is slammed by Drillzilla

An immobile Rippa Raptor is pushed towards the pit by Drillzilla

Rippa Raptor had qualified for the final, against Drillzilla, who threatened to immobilise Rippa Raptor within a minute. Drillzilla pushed Rippa Raptor straight into the wall, and within two blows, Rippa Raptor stopped moving. After being dragged back by Sgt. Bash, Rippa Raptor was placed on the flames by Drillzilla, which had achieved its goal. Rippa Raptor was tossed over by the floor flipper, having finished second in the Annihilator.

"Rippa Raptor got beaten, stabbed, and thrown around the arena, and then somebody threw it in the pit. But it's one tough dinosaur, and it'll be back!"
— Robert Pitzer


Season 1
US Championship
Heat vs. Close Enough, Mad Cow, Manta,
Rosie The Riveter, Tiger Cat
Round 1 vs. Conquering Clown, Drillzilla, Red Virus, Skullmania, Unibite Qualified
Round 2 vs. Conquering Clown, Drillzilla, Red Virus, Unibite Qualified
Round 3 vs. Conquering Clown, Drillzilla, Red Virus Qualified
Round 4 vs. Drillzilla, Red Virus Qualified
Final vs. Drillzilla Lost


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2

Series Record[]

US Series Rippa Raptor Series Record
Season 1 Heat (Round 1)
Entered with Cyclone
Season 2 Entered with Cyclone 2
Nickelodeon Did not enter

NOTE: The team planned to enter Tripulta into Season 2 but it ultimately did not compete for unknown reasons


  • Drillzilla and Rippa Raptor openly allied with each other during the Annihilator, and this was enforced by Drillzilla winning the Tag Team Terror in the same season alongside Tut Tut, which was also driven by Team Raptor.

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