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For the Series 2 featherweight, see The Ripper.

"A machine with attitude, and talent!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper was a competitor robot that fought in Series 7 of Robot Wars, entered by Team Roaming Robots. It reached the Heat Final in Series 7, where it was flipped out of the arena by the second seed Firestorm 5. Ripper also competed in the Annihilator at the end of the series, finishing runner-up to the previous Annihilator champion, Kan-Opener.

After the announcement of Series 9, John Findlay revealed that Ripper was "not allowed" to compete in the rebooted Robot Wars due to it being "unfair" to other competitors, as he is the owner of a live roboteering event that formerly used the Robot Wars brand.


"A unique shape, with a clear top cover to show the components inside, that's sensible... hang on, is it? No it's not, it's daft!"
Jonathan Pearce

Ripper without its shell. Note how close the wheels are, compared to the size of the shell

Ripper was a large wedge-shaped robot painted green and yellow and armed with a very large pneumatic flipper. Despite its size, Ripper's mechanics were isolated to one spot, with most of the robot's insides being empty. This allowed Ripper to take a significant amount of damage before being immobilised, which also compensated for its relatively weak armour.

The flipper, though low pressure, was capable of throwing a robot out of the arena as it used two rams rather than one, but despite coming close on several occasions, it never achieved this.

Ripper in the Annihilator

"Ripper's flipper was by far NOT the most powerful, but it was big, that was its biggest strength, it had the power and size the flip robots over and out of the arena... and because the pneumatics only ran on 10 bar, we had over 45 flips before getting low on gas!"
— John Findlay

Ripper's flipper was said to be interchangeable with a disc and an axe, but John Findlay later revealed that this was not actually true, and that he had made it up for the benefit of viewers.


R.I.P.P.E.R., which failed to qualify for Series 5

Ripper had previously attempted to enter Series 5, invertible and equipped with two powerful blades. These blades were how the robot got its name, as they ripped apart several sheets of metal and oil drums in testing. Its name was originally stylised as R.I.P.P.E.R., an acronym for "Rest in pieces pathetic elderly robots", but this was dropped after Series 5. R.I.P.P.E.R. fought The Alien at the qualifiers, but the robot's blades were banned by the rules, and without them, Ripper lost the battle and failed to qualify. Fortunately for Team Roaming Robots, they had already qualified with T-Bone, who fought instead, but went out in Round 1.

Ripper 2 at the Series 6 qualifiers

In Series 6, Ripper 2 attempted to qualify, which featured an electric lifter and a large spinning disc on the back. Ripper 2 was due to fight Double Trouble, GBH 2 and Infernal Contraption at the qualifiers, but failed to start before the battle, and had to withdraw before the qualifier, and consequently failed to qualify again.

When the flipper-equipped machine tried for Series 7, there was instant drama.

"...just finished and entered the arena for the first time, a small bit of metal swarf had got into the circuit board of the speed controller, and we only moved about 4 meters before it stopped…. Luckily for us our flipper still worked so we kept firing it when robots came near, and the look of the robot got us qualified without having to do anything !!! Lucky or what !!"
— John Findlay

Robot History[]

Series 7[]

Ripper misses a flip while fighting Aggrobot

Ripper throws Zorro over

In Round 1 of Series 7, Ripper fought Robot Wars veteran Aggrobot, Team Ming's new robot Zorro and twice Round 1 drop-out Reptirron The Second. Ripper started by approaching Zorro, but turned away as Zorro's weapon sped up. A few seconds later, Ripper took advantage of Zorro's predicament, as its weaponry had stopped working after a hit on Aggrobot, and charged towards it, just getting under the edge of Zorro, and flipped it over. Ripper then flipped Aggrobot with force, sending it spiralling through the air, but it was invertible. Ripper attempted a second flip on Agrrobot, but missed, the power of the flip lifting Ripper up slightly.

"Big Ripper flips Aggrobot, this is tremendous stuff! This is one of the best battles of the series so far..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper flips Aggrobot over

Ripper waited for Aggrobot to charge at it, before flipping it from the side, head over heels again. Ripper threw Aggrobot over a third time, and Aggrobot bounced off Reptirron The Second. Ripper let Aggrobot and Reptirron do the fighting for a while, seemingly taking a break from the action, briefly lifting its flipper up while Aggrobot drove under Reptirron the Second. Returning into the fight, Ripper pushed Aggrobot from behind momentarily, and into the side of Mr. Psycho. Ripper then drove into the side of Sergeant Bash, who fired a flick of flame at the flipping machine.

"Ripper expending energy on that [the beaten Zorro] if it goes to a Judges' Decision, that may count against Ripper, although I think they've done enough anyway to go through."
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper tangles with the already counted out Zorro

While Aggrobot activated the Pit Release, Ripper crashed into the arena wall, and received a push from the side by Reptirron the Second. This allowed Ripper to get under Aggrobot, but it didn't activate its flipper. Zorro, who by this point had been counted out, slammed into Ripper, but Ripper ignored it and focused on Aggrobot again. As the battle entered the last ten seconds, Ripper rode up the front of Aggrobot, who pushed Ripper into a CPZ, as Zorro was pitted and cease was called.

"For me, Ripper was the more adventurous and aggressive - I think you'll agree - so it's between the other two who go through with Ripper."
— Jonathan Pearce assesses Ripper's performance after cease

The judges decided that Ripper and Reptirron The Second had done enough to go through.

Ripper instantly ends Daisy-Cutter's hopes

Ripper attempts to flip Shunt

In the second round, Ripper was pitted against fellow newcomer Daisy-Cutter. Ripper immediately flipped Daisy-Cutter over in the third quickest immobilisation ever, at just 3 seconds. Ripper left Daisy-Cutter on its side to be counted out. As soon as the Refbot finished counting out Daisy-Cutter, Ripper charged towards Shunt, bashing into the arena wall beside the House Robot. Ripper lifted Shunt up, but couldn't flip it over, although it knocked off Shunt's exhaust pipe.

"Should they have been dancing with death in this fashion? Taking on the House Robots when you should be thinking of a Heat Final? Is that wise?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper flips Refbot over, with a little bit of help from Shunt

Ripper then used its flipper to block Shunt's axe from hitting its armour, before trying to get round the side of Shunt. At this point, Sir Killalot came in to help Shunt out by pinning Ripper against the wall, the flipper caught between the claws of the House Robot. While Shunt activated the pit, Sir Killalot pushed Ripper onto the flame pit but to no avail.

"It looks pensive now, and almost sheepish, don't you think? "Oops, have I made a mistake? Have I pushed the patience of the House Robots too far?""
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper's attack leaves Shunt hanging off Sir Killalot

By this point, Ripper appeared to have slowed down considerably, but was still active enough to drive under Refbot's front wedge. Ripper almost flipped Refbot onto its back at first, but, thanks to inadvertent help from Shunt, managed to get it over, while also sustaining an axe blow from Shunt. Ripper then flipped Shunt over and got its axe stuck on Sir Killalot's lance, causing Sir Killalot's breastplate to come off.

"Fortune favours the brave, so they say. Ah, but this is being churlish! They've flipped the Refbot! We have long memories Ripper!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper is finally pitted by Sir Killalot

Ripper drove around the arena, pushing Sir Killalot's breastplate briefly, and was flipped onto its rear-end by the Floor Flipper. Ripper's flipper was stuck open, preventing it from self-righting, and Sir Killalot pushed Ripper into the pit. However, since Daisy-Cutter had long been immobilised, Ripper progressed to the heat final.

"Ripper go through, but at what cost? Will the House Robots ever forgive them?"
— Craig Charles

Ripper ends up on its rear after being pushed by Firestorm 5

In the Heat Final, Ripper went up against the second seed Firestorm 5. Before the match, Team Firestorm had casually warned Team Roaming Robots not to attack the House Robots if Ripper won the battle. On activate, Ripper was rammed into the arena side-wall by Firestorm 5, sliding over Firestorm 5, before being pushed backwards by the seeded machines, and onto its rear.

"Firestorm 5 immediately on the attack and in underneath Ripper. And Ripper upended. And I'm not too sure whether they'll be able to self-right from there. If Firestorm 5 simply backs away and leaves them, Ripper will be beaten!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper misses with an attempted flip

At first, Ripper's flipper seemed to be stuck open again, but after being nudged onto its back by Firestorm 5, Ripper self-righted. It was briefly pushed by Firestorm 5, but managed to turn away and started dodging Firestorm 5, reversing onto the Floor Flipper before fleeing from Firestorm 5, who were in hot pursuit. Ripper turned back in to Firestorm 5, but missed its flip.

"I hope Ripper gets its big, thrusting flipper working as well, because we haven't really seen it, or are they just waiting their moment, like that! But they missed! And Firestorm 5 gets underneath again and they hit! That's the difference in experience between the two, perhaps."
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper is pinned onto the side-wall

Firestorm 5 drove at Ripper, who missed a second flip, allowing Firestorm 5 to get underneath easily. Ripper was pushed and flipped against the arena wall again, and Ripper was stuck, its flipper open, unable to get itself off the arena wall. Refbot then counted Ripper out (a problem with the counter caused it to go from '21' up to '29' before reaching '10') and Firestorm 5 finally finished Ripper by flipping it out of the arena.

Refbot's counter goes 'Euro' as he counts Ripper out

Ripper is flipped out of the arena

"While attacking the House Robots [in round 2] we had damaged our scoop, and it wasn't sitting flat on the floor anymore, so we knew we couldn't just drive underneath the front of him. Eventually he got underneath and flipped us out of the arena. There was one point in the fight where I reversed... if i'd gone forwards instead, I could have got under his side and flipped him..... but we'll never know what could have happened."
— John Findlay

Team Roaming Robots consider it a lucky break that Ripper was flipped out of the arena, as Team Firestorm had pledged to destroy Ripper should they win the match, with assistance from the House Robots, as a form of vengeance for Ripper's attacks in the second round.

Ripper returned for the Annihilator at the end of the Seventh Wars.

Jayne Middlemiss: "There's five other robots in there, are you feeling afraid at this stage?"
John Findlay: "A little bit. It's gonna be carnage, I'm sure. We're just gonna stay out the way and see what happens"
— Ripper's original tactics in round 1 of the Annihilator

Ripper leaves Ewe 2 stranded on top of Flippa

Ripper flips Raging Knightmare over

It fought Ewe 2, Raging Knightmare, Robochicken, USA entry Flippa and Kan-Opener, the reigning Annihilator champion. Ripper was quick off the line on activate, managing to flip Robochicken over immediately from the side, before turning towards Kan-Opener, flipping the invertible machine over. It then rushed behind Ewe 2, who was attacking Flippa. In a skilful flip, Ripper threw Ewe 2 over, sticking its open flipping arm over the side wall, and pinning it on top of Flippa, effectively immobilising both robots. Ripper was slightly lifted up by Raging Knightmare during the attack, but was not flipped over. Ripper flipped itself away from Ewe 2 and Flippa, spinning on the spot, before missing a flip on Raging Knightmare.

Ripper, caught in the CPZ, nearly flips Kan-Opener out...

...before receiving damage from Dead Metal

"Ripper looks good value to me."
— Jonathan Pearce

While Kan-Opener pushed Raging Knightmare into a CPZ, Ripper backed off from the action briefly, but then charged in, flipping Raging Knightmare against the arena wall. Ripper managed to dig its flipper under Dead Metal as the House Robot came in to attack the three functioning machines. Ripper was pushed by Dead Metal, but simultaneously flipped Kan-Opener up, and almost out of the arena. Caught in Dead Metal's grip, Ripper sustained damage from the House Robot's saw, which sliced through the thin armour in a shower of sparks.

Ripper and Raging Knightmare clash

Ripper flips Ewe 2 into Kan-Opener

Ripper and Kan-Opener both escaped the CPZ quickly, and remained passive in the centre of the arena until Raging Knightmare self-righted. Ripper flipped Raging Knightmare over from behind, before the two flippers clashed again, both activating their flippers without getting underneath each other. It missed another flip on Raging Knightmare, before flipping up Ewe 2 into Kan-Opener's grip. The fight was finally concluded with the defeat of Robochicken, having been flipped over after just four seconds by Ripper.

However, Flippa was announced to have broken down irreparably, and was forced to drop out, leaving the remaining four to fight on.

Ripper flips over Ewe 2 early on

Ripper traps Raging Knightmare between itself and Ewe 2

As activated was sounded, Ripper went on the offensive, immediately targeting Raging Knightmare and flipping it into a CPZ. As Shunt came in for an attack, Ripper caught Raging Knightmare between itself and the House Robot, before lifting it up again. Ripper received an axe blow from Shunt, without suffering any damage, before flipping over Ewe 2. Ripper then missed a flip on Raging Knightmare, clamping down on Team Knightmare's machine and pushing it into Ewe 2.

"Ripper right in the thick of things there."
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper flips over Raging Knightmare

Kan-Opener pushed Ripper from behind, and Ripper retreated from the invertible robot. It launched another attack on Raging Knightmare, flipping them into the path of Ewe 2. Raging Knightmare was tossed back towards Ripper, and Ripper replied with another flip. Ripper then flipped Ewe 2 onto its own raised flipper, leaving it stranded on its side. While Ewe 2 attempted to self-right, Ripper focused on Raging Knightmare once more, but both machines missed their flips.

Ripper leaves Ewe 2 stranded on its side

"Look at Ripper, that is immensely powerful! Big, sturdy, a hundred kilos in weight, plenty of drive from the 750 watt motors..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper remained a passive figure for the remainder of the fight, leaving Kan-Opener to fight Raging Knightmare while Ewe 2 was counted out. With Ewe 2 immobile, Ripper progressed, although Raging Knightmare was almost pitted before Ewe 2's official immobilisation.

Ripper hoists Raging Knightmare

In the next battle, Jonathan Pearce remarked that Team Roaming Robots were good friends with Kan-Opener's team. This proved to be telling, as Ripper and Kan-Opener formed an immediate alliance to dispose of Raging Knightmare.

"Could gang warfare be about to erupt in the Annihilator? Ripper, attacking Raging Knightmare. Kan-Opener, attacking Raging Knightmare. I had an inkling this might happen."
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper is unable to flip Raging Knightmare over while they're gripped by Kan-Opener

Ripper started the early effort, tossing Raging Knightmare through the air, before backing away to give Kan-Opener the room for an attack. It then flipped Raging Knightmare into a CPZ, before launching another attack as Raging Knightmare tried to self-right. Ripper was unable to flip the combined weight of Raging Knightmare and Kan-Opener, but successfully rolled Raging Knightmare over once they separated, though not before receiving a slam from Kan-Opener. Missing its next flip, Ripper backed away, before charging in and driving underneath Raging Knightmare, flipping it over again.

Ripper overturns Raging Knightmare again

"Well if Raging Knightmare is beaten here, and the other two teams go through, will friendships end there? Will rivalry, intense rivalry take over?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper attempts to separate Kan-Opener from their grip on Raging Knightmare

As Raging Knightmare struggled against Kan-Opener, Ripper drove in from the side, flipping Raging Knightmare into the clutches of Dead Metal. Ripper activated the pit while Kan-Opener grappled the overturned Raging Knightmare. Once Kan-Opener had brought Raging Knightmare over the pit, Ripper helped Kan-Opener free itself from its prey by bashing into the back of it repeatedly. The two robots then met in the final.

Ripper flips over Kan-Opener

In the Annihilator final, Ripper began by flipping over the invertible Kan-Opener. It missed its second flip, leaving it on Kan-Opener's claw, but Ripper quickly escaped. Ripper flipped at Kan-Opener's claw, lifting it over again. Its next flip failed to overturn Kan-Opener, and Ripper backed off, reversing straight into the side wall.

Ripper is unable to target Kan-Opener, after losing forward drive

At this point, Ripper had noticeably lost forward drive, only able to move on one wheel. Nevertheless, it got another flick on Kan-Opener's claw.

"What's happened to Ripper? Ripper can't get out from the arena wall. Has their control gone? I think it might have done, you know. They've still got flippability."
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper is pulled along the arena floor by Kan-Opener

Ripper was slammed by Kan-Opener, but managed to flip Kan-Opener up again. However, it was unable to shut the flipper before Kan-Opener dug underneath, and began dragging Ripper across the arena. Ripper attempted to push back, and managed to escape Kan-Opener's grip after several seconds. Ripper were gripped by Kan-Opener again, and then left in front of Mr Psycho's CPZ while Kan-Opener activated the pit.

Ripper absorbs a hammer blow from Mr Psycho

"We're looking there at the Ripper team. They're looking worried, aren't they?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper managed to avoid Mr. Psycho's hammer blow, but couldn't shake off Kan-Opener. Ripper weakly opened its flipper, lifting up one of the claws, but was nudged into the CPZ, where Mr. Psycho attacked it again. Ripper attempted to drive forwards, but its flipper was trapped under the enormous House Robot, and it absorbed several hammer blows.

Kan-Opener grabs Ripper

"Ripper simply can't move away. Hamstrung from the early stages of this Annihilator final, which has been about the survival of the strongest."
— Jonathan Pearce

Ripper's armour is buckled by Kan-Opener

Ripper finally escaped from Mr Psycho, but was immediately attacked by Kan-Opener again, being pushed into the arena wall. Ripper's thin armour was bent and buckled by Kan-Opener's claws, but Kan-Opener began smoking while lying on Ripper's flipper. Nevertheless, Ripper was counted out by Refbot and cease was called, meaning Kan-Opener retained the title.


Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat P, Round 1 vs. Aggrobot, Reptirron The Second, Zorro Qualified
Heat P, Round 2 vs. Daisy-Cutter Won
Heat P, Final vs. Firestorm 5 (2) Lost
Round 1 vs. Ewe 2, Flippa, Kan-Opener,
Raging Knightmare, Robochicken
Round 2 vs. Ewe 2, Flippa, Kan-Opener, Raging Knightmare Qualified
(by default)
Round 3 vs. Ewe 2, Kan-Opener, Raging Knightmare Qualified
Round 4 vs. Kan-Opener, Raging Knightmare Qualified
Round 5 vs. Kan-Opener Lost


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 2

The second round of the Annihilator, where Flippa forfeited, is omitted from the Wins tally.

Series Record[]

Main Series Ripper Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify with Banana-R Armour
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify as R.I.P.P.E.R.
Entered with T-Bone
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify as Ripper 2
The Seventh Wars Heat Final
Featherweight Championship with Rip
Series 8 Ineligible
Series 9 Ineligible
Series 10 Not selected with Cyclone
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered with Neoteric


Outside Robot Wars[]

At live events[]

R.I.P.P.E.R was later converted into the pay-to-use robot AXE which was painted purple and silver and featured a motor powered axe.

The version of Ripper that appeared in Series 7 retired after five continued years of combat, as its chassis had been bent out of shape by Terrorhurtz in the Quarter-Finals of the 2007 UK Championships . In its place an 'evolved' version called Ripper Evo replaced it to fight in live events, winning the 2008 Winter Tour (a separate competition from the UK Championship by that time) and reaching the semi-finals of the UK championships in 2008 & 2009. By the end of 2010, Ripper Evo was scrapped, and a new version was built. The 'Evo' was dropped from its name and returned to being called 'Ripper' (as it was annoying John Findlay), coming second in the 2010 UK Championships after losing to Iron-Awe 5 in the final, and also winning the 2011 UK Championship event at the O2 arena, beating the likes of Maelstrom, Iron-Awe 5 and Envy en route to the title. It failed to retain its title though, after losing to Toxic 2 in the Quarter-Finals of the 2012 UK Championship event.

In 2016, Ripper won The World of the Robots event, hosted in Dublin, where it defeated Beast in the final, even defeating another of John Findlay's robots, Halo, in an earlier round. At the 2017 Mechatrons event in Dublin, Ripper defended its title, defeating King B Remix in the semi-final, and Iron-Awe 7 in the final.

In both 2016 and 2017, Ripper travelled to Russia to compete in the Bronebots event, amounting several wins across both years. Ripper also won the Robots of Destruction event in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Ripper regularly attends its owner's Extreme Robots events, but due to John Findlay's commitments with running the show, Ripper generally only appears in the final match of the show, in head-to-head battles with other flippers such as Eruption and Manta. It won the final event of the year, in Maidstone, defeating ThunderChild in the semi-final, and Tauron in the final. As a result, Ripper became the 2017 Extreme Robots champion.

Ripper in 2018

In December 2017, Ripper Mk5 had its internals stripped out and it was announced by John Findlay that he would build a new version for the 2018 events. The fifth version was converted into a "platinum robot" for Findlay's live events, allowing VIP audience members to drive Ripper against other Robot Wars veterans after the main show ends.

In March 2018, the newest version of Ripper was completed, abandoning its drum spinner to use a more compact design, complimenting its full-pressure flipper. It made its live events debut at the Extreme Robots Manchester event the following month, winning the event outright after defeating Beast in the final[1]. It then won the Portsmouth event in May, flipping both Apex and Beast out of the arena in the semi-final and final respectively, and won the Guildford event in June, flipping Smash out of the arena in the final. Ripper finally conceded its winning streak in Maidstone against ST-Ripper, due to a wiring issue, but still collected a win over Brutus. Ripper later fought in the Colchester 2018 event, where it beat Aftershock in round one after stopping its spinner and pitting it, before beating Trouble Maker, Cyclone 360 and ST-Ripper one after another to win the event. At the Cheltenham event in November 2018, Ripper threw Fenrir out of the arena for a speedy victory, but was eliminated in the second round after being pitted by Aftershock.

You Little of Ripper

In May 2019, John Findlay completed a middleweight version of Ripper, also known as You Little Ripper, scaling down the design of Model 6. It is a regular competitor at middleweight battles held during Extreme Robots events, winning its very first middleweight event in Portsmouth during its May 2019 debut.

Some of Ripper's original body panels are available to purchase on with the funds gong towards a new robot being built [2][3].

On TV[]

Ripper (top) and Thor destroy a caravan on Epic Win

In September 2011, Ripper appeared alongside Thor in the BBC One gameshow Epic Win, in which the two robots were given the challenge of smashing two of four specific items within a caravan and then breaking their way out. The two robots succeeded in demolishing all four items, but got themselves stuck whilst trying to break out. Unable to move, the team forfeited the challenge and as a result, lost the round.

Ripper in 2015, as it appeared in Storage Hunters UK

Also in September, Ripper and Thor appeared on Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club where Ripper tore up the floor.

In March 2012, Ripper appeared on the BBC Two programme Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is where John Findlay allowed antiques expert Paul Hayes to operate Ripper when John bought eight toy robots for £75.

Ripper flips Beast on Storage Hunters UK

In October 2014, Ripper appeared, along with Beast, on Pawn Stars UK. John Findlay attempted to sell the two robots as a package, but was offered too low of a price, and did not sell the robots.

In October 2015, Ripper appeared, amongst other robots including The Steel Avenger and Bulldog Breed, on Storage Hunters UK. Several robots were "sold" to the highest bidder in an auction, for the price of £1400, with the intention of selling them on again for a "large profit". The bidder drove Ripper at the end of the episode, using it to flip an inactive Beast.

Ripper and Kan-Opener in The Apprentice

In October 2017, Ripper appeared during the thirteenth series of The Apprentice. As a reward for selling household robots to the consumer market, a group of businesswomen were able to drive Ripper in a battle against Kan-Opener, under the guidance of John Findlay. Ripper repeatedly flipped Kan-Opener around the arena under the control of its temporary drivers.

Ripper on Clash Bots

Ripper breaks down against Brain Storm

Ripper finally competed on a televised robotics competition again in May 2018, competing in the Chinese TV show Clash Bots, under the control of a fictitiously villainous partnership between John Findlay, Tyrone Ellis, Peter Redmond and a Chinese celebrity. Ripper was rebuilt for this series, using a more compact design, for ease of transportation. Ripper fought the Chinese spinner of Brain Storm, but after pushing it into the arena hazards, Ripper's removable link suddenly came loose, and Ripper lost mobility in the centre of the arena, losing the battle by KO.

The sixth model of Ripper also applied for the 2018 season of BattleBots aired on Discovery and Science Channel, but was not selected to compete. It is unknown whether Ripper applied for the 2019 season, but it was never seen there either.

Ripper in orange for William Hill

The fifth model of Ripper was also rebranded to represent a sportsman in a video released online by betting agency William Hill, where live Facebook viewers would try to predict the winner of a battle between Ripper and a rebranded Kan-Opener. Ripper adopted an orange and grey colour scheme for the battle, before returning to its traditional colour-scheme ahead of its appearance at Extreme Robots: The Experience.

A brand-new version of Ripper (now the seventh incarnation) was built to compete in the 2020 season of BattleBots, to be filmed in October 2020[4]. However, in September 2020 the team withdrew, citing the ongoing travel restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.[5]

Ripper made its return in 2022 at Extreme Robots in Portsmouth, where it beat Thor and Meggamouse to claim the Extreme Robots Belt.

Robot Wars Live Events[]

The third model of Ripper to be created since Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars competed in the first live event of Robot Wars since John Findlay acquired the license, at Barnsley in February 2013. Ripper reached the final battle of the competition, and finished fourth overall. Ripper later fought in the 2013 European Championships, where it fought Manta and BullFrog in its first round melee, but it was thrown out of the arena by Manta. Ripper also reached the final of the Robot Wars Championship 2013 event held at Portsmouth, before losing to Eruption.

In mid-2013, John Findlay sold the current version of Ripper in order to build a new, fourth edition of Ripper for live events. The new Ripper debuted at the Robot Wars live event in Guildford, in June 2013, containing many components from Iron-Awe 6. Meanwhile, the buyers of Ripper's third edition, team. Ablaze, repainted Ripper with a striped pattern, renaming the robot Dystopia, which debuted at the same event and still competes alongside Ripper to this day, although nowadays little of the original Ripper remains, with a second separate model of Dystopia also existing.

Ripper was seeded 6th for the Robot Wars UK Championships 2013 held at Newport where it reached the semi-finals, beating Tanto & Iron-Awe 7 in the heats before losing to Behemoth in the semi-finals and finishing fourth. It was also the top seed for the Winter Tour 2013 held at the end of the year; here it did really well, winning its preliminary heat against Meggamouse and Maelstrom. In the finals at Gloucester, it won its quarter-final battle by pinning Eruption against the wall, and immobilised The Saint in the semi-finals. It dominated the grand-final, flipping Manta all over the arena, until Manta flipped Ripper into the pit and prevented it from escaping in its attempts.

Ripper also participated in the Robot Wars World Championships 2015 held at Colchester and fought Gravity, Gripper and Toxic 2, but it fell in this stage due to it being immobilised after self-righting up into the arena wires, where it got caught and dangled comically. It also participated in a separate Annihilator contest at the same event where it did well, flipping Luzifer into the pit in the second round and getting lots of good attacks on the others. In the next round, it did well again, managing to escape the pit, but was immediately pushed back in again and eliminated, placing fourth.

Ripper made an explosive 2016 debut, going undefeated and flipping five robots out of the arena in the first Manchester show, two of those flips being head-to-head victories over Eruption, the first battle of which was concluded in mere seconds. Although Eruption would eventually win the Manchester leg of the tour, Ripper would place first at the next two events. Ripper also won the final Robot Wars live event in Maidstone, defeating Dystopia in the final.


Official Series 7 photo

  • Like Mighty Mouse, the televised version of Ripper was retired due to damage inflicted by Terrorhurtz.
  • Although the 2011 version of Ripper has won both won the Winter Tour and the UK Championship, it still does not count as a two-time Champion.
  • Two of Ripper's battles placed it in the top quickest immobilisations (its immobilisations of Daisy-Cutter in its heat, and of Robochicken in the Annihilator).