For the robot that became Series 1 champions see Roadblock.

Roadblock was a prototype competitor robot in build versions of the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It was a low classic wedge design with its weapon consisting of a pickaxe, and was armoured in wood. It could only self-right if it landed on its axe. The design of Roadblock meant that it bore similarity between My First Bot and The Axe Master.

Roadblock, like with the rest of the prototype competitor robots in build versions of Arena of Destruction, were created and released on the May 30, 2001 prototype of the game. All prototype robots were removed from the game's code prior to the game's official release.


  • Despite sharing the same name with the Series 1 champions, Roadblock is almost completely different when compared to the real-life machine, with only the wedge design creating any similarity between both robots.
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