Robot Wars: A History of the Third Wars was a short video that could be obtained upon joining the Robot Wars Club. Approximately 18 minutes long, it showed very brief highlights of the Third Wars, featuring one or two prominent robots from each heat.

The two eliminators of the Grand Final were given brief highlights, mainly the first out of the Arena by Chaos 2, and the decisive damage dealt by Hypno-Disc. The Grand Final highlights started from when Chaos 2 was able to stop the spinning disc of Hypno-Disc, going up until the decisive flip that sealed the title for Chaos 2.


History of the Third Wars VHS tape alt

Cassette with a different label

  • There were several mini advert breaks to advertise Robot Wars merchandise available to club members, as well as the Robot Wars Technical Manual, key-rings and badges, the videos of The First Great War and The First World Championship, and the Robot Wars Magazine.
  • The History of the Third Wars was actually aired during the Third Wars Grand Final in a special extended version, alongside the nominations for the "Best Fight Award". However, this focused mostly on the battles, with no backstage interviews except for Ultor's concedement and Pussycat's disqualification. In all other airings, only the semi-final clips were seen.
  • The introduction to the video was also largely recycled from the Grand Final episode, showing the footage seen just before the Robot Wars Awards were shown, with the spelling errors on the Roll of Honour still present.
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