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"Ten robots enter. Only one leaves. The winner is the last robot standing..."
Robot Wars: The Official Handbook

The 10 Robot Rumble (referred to as the Wildcard Battle in Robot Wars: The Official Handbook) was a battle held during the Grand Final of Robot Wars: Series 10. As its name suggested, it was a ten-way melee between the second and third-placed finishers of each heat, which was to decide the sixth Wildcard entry for the Grand Final itself.

With no time limit, the 10 Robot Rumble continued until nine robots had become immobilised; the last robot still mobile would be declared the winner and advance to the Grand Final along with the five heat winners.

Competing robots[]

Apollo (Second in Heat 1)
Apollo S10.png
Attack Flipper
Armour Laser-cut Hardened Steel
Weight 108kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 2x AmpFlow A28-400-F48
Power Electric
Battery LiPo, 48V
From: Conwy, North Wales
Team: Dave Young, Alan Young
Big Nipper (Third in Heat 2)
Big Nipper.jpg
Attack Interchangeable crushing/lifting claws & spinner
Armour 4-10mm high-grade titanium
Weight 109.8kg
Speed 18mph
Drive 8wd, 2x 10hp brushless motors
Power Electric
Battery 4x LiPo 29.4V
From: Barrowford, Lancashire
Team: Graeme Dawson, Mark Lumb, Glyn Dawson
Concussion (Second in Heat 4)
Concussion 10.png
Attack Drum spinner
Armour Titanium, Raex, Polycarbonate
Weight 110kg
Speed 12-15mph
Drive AmpFlow F30-400
Power Electric
Battery 4 x LiPo 6s, 22.2V
From: Wool, Dorset
Team: Tim Rackley, Carl Yeo, Sam Griffin, Nick Oliver
Eruption (Second in Heat 2)
Eruption 10.png
Attack Flipper
Armour 4mm/3.22m Hardened Steel with 10mm Absorbent Panels
Weight 110kg
Speed 12.6mph
Drive 2 x 750w motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 18.5V
From: Warrington, Cheshire
Team: Michael Oates, Adrian Oates
Expulsion (Third in Heat 5)
Expulsion 10.png
Attack Tool Spinner
Armour ARMOX
Weight 70kg
Speed 15mph
Drive 2 x 1kW 24V motors
Power Electric
Battery LiFePo 6s, 22.2V
From: Essex
Team: Georgina Henwood, Rebecca Ashford, Juliette, Harry
Iron-Awe 6 (Third in Heat 4)
Iron-awe 6 10.png
Attack Flipper
Armour 3.2mm Hardened steel
Weight 110kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 2 x 750W motors
Power Electric/pneumatic
Battery 4 x LiPo, 22V
From: Bungay
Team: Gilbert Grimm, Robert Grimm
Sabretooth (Third in Heat 1)
Attack Drum spinner
Armour 3.2mm HARDOX and layered HDPE
Weight 106.85kg
Speed 15mph
Drive 2x AmpFlow A24-400 48V
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 12V
From: Haslemere, Surrey
Team: Gabriel Stroud, Robert Pickford, Al Cannon
Terrorhurtz (Second in Heat 3)
Terrorhurtz 10.png
Attack Axe bot
Armour 6mm folded wear-plate, 12mm bullet-proof polycarbonate
Weight 106kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 24V 1,000W motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo
From: Oxford
Team: John Reid, Nick Lynch
Thor (Second in Heat 5)
Thor 10.png
Attack Axe/hammer
Armour Aluminium and wear-resistant steel
Weight 105kg
Speed 30mph
Drive 8hp electric motors
Power Pneumatic
Battery LiPo 28V
From: Northampton
Team: Jason Marston
Track-tion (Third in Heat 3)
Attack Crusher
Armour 3/5mm mild steel, 5mm aluminium
Weight 95kg
Speed 9mph
Drive 2 x CIM motors
Power Electric
Battery 7s LiPo
From: Camberley
Team: Dan, Marcus, Anna, Ben

10 Robot Rumble[]

Apollo vs Big Nipper vs Concussion vs Eruption vs Expulsion vs Iron-Awe 6 vs Sabretooth vs Terrorhurtz vs Thor vs Track-tion[]

"It's time for the biggest battle in Robot Wars history. If I don't survive this, tell my wives - all 162 of them - I love them! It's battle time!"
Jonathan Pearce

Thor (background) attacks Sir Killalot

Concussion removes a track from Track-tion

Thor and Terrorhurtz immediately drove towards Iron-Awe 6 and Sir Killalot as Track-tion turned round and the other competitors hesitated to attack. In doing so, Thor attempted to axe Sir Killalot; meanwhile, Big Nipper proceeded to push and throw Expulsion onto its tool spinner before Sabretooth hit Thor side-on.

Iron-Awe 6 drives up Eruption as the latter waits in a CPZ

Expulsion drives straight into the pit

Concussion and Apollo approached the sluggish Track-tion, the former dislodging one of Track-tion’s tracks with its drum just as Big Nipper charged into and up the side of Apollo. Iron-Awe 6 drove into Eruption, itself waiting in an empty CPZ, while Big Nipper attempted to lift Track-tion, Sabretooth re-righted Expulsion with a powerful slam from its own drum and Thor pressed the Arena Tyre. This activated the pit just as Concussion got underneath Track-tion; seconds later, Expulsion dived into the open pit while Terrorhurtz axed Track-tion.

Big Nipper lifts Apollo and itself

Sabretooth throws Apollo over with a powerful charge

Big Nipper attempted to lift Apollo – lifting itself in the process – before Sabretooth drove in, simultaneously throwing Apollo over and slamming into Concussion, disabling its drum. Sparks flew as Sabretooth hit Big Nipper’s claws and threw it against the side wall, with Apollo self-righting and Concussion billowing smoke. Iron-Awe 6 triggered ‘Fog of War’ through pressing the Arena Tyre, with Thor and Terrorhurtz proceeding to push Track-tion into the pit.

Track-tion is pitted

Apollo launches Iron-Awe 6 across the arena

Terrorhurtz drove around the waiting Eruption, before it and Concussion pressed the Arena Tyre and activated ‘Fog of War’ again. As this happened, Apollo threw Iron-Awe 6 across the arena at great height, with Iron-Awe 6 landing on its wheels before momentarily touching Thor.

"They’re just about hanging on are they, out there? Let’s get rid of the fog, I can’t see!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the surviving robots are engulfed in the ‘Fog of War’

Terrorhurtz lands an axe blow on Eruption as Big Nipper and Concussion join in

Apollo pursues Thor

In the fog, Concussion pushed Thor sideways; as it cleared, Sabretooth drove up Apollo’s flipper, and was thrown into a polycarbonate screen by the Series 8 champion. Thor pushed Terrorhurtz into Sir Killalot’s CPZ just as Concussion drove into Eruption and pushed it back, but without causing any damage; Terrorhurtz proceeded to land an axe blow on the top of Eruption just before Big Nipper, Sir Killalot and Iron-Awe 6 all attacked Michael Oates' machine.

Eruption flips Big Nipper over Iron-Awe 6...

...but is harried by Big Nipper while flipping itself over

Apollo met Thor on the other side of the arena, before chasing and throwing it into the polycarbonate screens. Big Nipper attempted to drive into the side of Apollo, but missed, with Apollo pushing and flipping Sabretooth against the wall a second time just as Iron-Awe 6 pressed the Arena Tyre again to trigger ‘Rogue House Robot’. Eruption threw Big Nipper over Iron-Awe 6 in the meantime, with Sir Killalot pinning Iron-Awe 6 against the wall as Eruption proceeded to flip itself over in the darkness. Eruption repeatedly struggled to self-right for a few moments while under attack from Big Nipper.

Iron-Awe 6 is thrown over by the Floor Flipper

Thor steers Concussion into the pit

Iron-Awe 6 got underneath and pushed Thor past Sir Killalot and Shunt; in an attempt to drive away from the latter, it pressed the Arena Tyre a third time, triggering ‘Fog of War’ yet again. Sabretooth drove into the side of Apollo and pushed it around in circles close to the wall; Iron-Awe 6 and Big Nipper rammed Eruption as the fog engulfed the arena. Thor and Concussion drove into Eruption and Big Nipper respectively; the former pushed Terrorhurtz into an entry gate. Seconds later, Iron-Awe 6 drove itself onto the Floor Flipper and was thrown onto its back, unable to self-right as a result of its flipper not working.

Meanwhile, Sabretooth drove up Apollo’s front again, tearing off the top cover for the latter’s flipper, with Terrorhurtz axing the baseplate of the inverted Iron-Awe 6 near the centre of the arena. Apollo attempted to flip Sabretooth over, but missed, throwing itself over and allowing Big Nipper to lift it over using its claws. Thor rammed Concussion into the wall as Sabretooth drove underneath, pushed and damaged Apollo again, before Terrorhurtz and Concussion helped each other pit Iron-Awe 6.

"Iron-Awe 6 in the pit! How many robots have we got out there now? Six – seven I make it! Seven! Oh, down to six – Concussion have gone! It’s like a rubbish bin out there… the rubbish bin of Robot Wars dreams!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Iron-Awe 6 and Concussion are pitted within seconds of each other

Sabretooth attacks Eruption through the smoke...

...before teaming up with Apollo to flip Terrorhurtz over

Terrorhurtz attempted to axe Concussion numerous times, but without landing a hit, with Big Nipper and Thor attempting to attack Concussion as Sabretooth drove itself into Sir Killalot’s CPZ and Apollo was almost thrown over by the Floor Flipper. Thor steered Concussion into the pit, while Big Nipper got one of its claws stuck on the edge of the Floor Flipper while attempting to attack Terrorhurtz and sustained an axe blow from Shunt. Sabretooth charged underneath Apollo once again, before driving into Eruption and churning away at the Series 9 runner-up’s front and sides. After this, Sabretooth charged head-on into Terrorhurtz, before it and Apollo jointly flipped the Series 6 fourth-place finisher over.

Eruption is pressured by Sir Killalot

Eruption drives under Terrorhurtz

Big Nipper chased Thor as the latter collided with Sabretooth, but Sabretooth slammed into its rear and pushed it into Apollo, just as Thor pushed the inverted Terrorhurtz across the arena. Terrorhurtz fired its axe, lifting Thor off the floor before throwing itself back onto its wheels, luring Thor around the pit, bumping into Big Nipper and axing Sabretooth. Sabretooth clipped the bottom of Terrorhurtz’s wedge, causing the latter to hop over its top panel. Big Nipper charged up Eruption’s flipper, with both robots being turned round and pushed into the Arena Tyre mount by Sir Killalot. Sir Killalot pursued Eruption across the arena as ‘Rogue House Robot’ was enabled, while Shunt proceeded to ram and turn Apollo over against the wall.

Sabretooth skids into the pit

Sir Killalot suspends Terrorhurtz over the entry gate

In the darkness, Sabretooth skidded itself into the pit, to Team Legion’s dismay, before Apollo self-righted as Thor rammed into Shunt’s plough; both competitors were in turn rammed by Big Nipper. Eruption got underneath and threw Terrorhurtz into the vicinity of Sir Killalot, only for Big Nipper to attack it as Thor triggered ‘Rogue House Robot’ again. Sir Killalot grabbed Terrorhurtz by the axe, just as Thor accidentally drove itself into the pit while trying to push Big Nipper in. Terrorhurtz was carried towards and suspended over an entry gate by Sir Killalot, who threatened to dump it out of the arena. In the meantime, Eruption bumped, steered and pushed Big Nipper over the edge of the pit, while Dead Metal entered the arena through the rear entry gate.

John Reid: "Well, throw us, come on!"
Jonathan Pearce: "Oh this is painful…"
John Reid: "Oh, come on!"
Jonathan Pearce: "…for John Reid!"
John Reid: "No! No, no, no, no! No! That’s not right! That’s not right!"
Jonathan Pearce: "It isn’t right, John Reid. It’s brutal, but them’s the rules, son! Get on with it! And, I think Sir Killalot’s been gentle!"
John Reid: "Thank you!"
Jonathan Pearce: "Oh my goodness me, I never thought I'd see the day! Sir Killalot's gone all mushy!"
— As Terrorhurtz is carried towards and suspended over an entry gate by Sir Killalot

Eruption throws Terrorhurtz against the wall...

...before tossing Apollo into the air

Sir Killalot opened his claw and dragged Terrorhurtz back, before lowering it back onto the floor; Big Nipper levered itself fully into the pit using its arm. Eruption threw Apollo into an empty CPZ before being pushed back by Terrorhurtz, with the three remaining competitors gathering round the spark jets as Eruption attempted to push Terrorhurtz back. After being pushed and manoeuvred across the arena by Terrorhurtz, Eruption got underneath and threw the Team Hurtz machine against the wall, wedging Terrorhurtz between the wall and the Arena Tyre mount.

"So… two robots left! We have Eruption on the attack, we have Apollo in orbit! Apollo in trouble, and Eruption senses it – and Eruption comes in again – and Eruption’s going in for the kill – and Eruption turns away, they know they’ve done it!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Eruption throws Apollo around and on its back

Apollo struggles to self-right, leaving Eruption victorious

Thor, Big Nipper and Concussion lie defeated in the pit, among others

Eruption drove underneath and catapulted Apollo towards the wall, before throwing it onto its back. With Apollo’s flipper no longer functioning, it was unable to self-right; Eruption drove into the centre of the arena and spun round in victory. After ‘Cease’ was called, Big Nipper attempted to climb itself out of the pit, before Shunt pushed Apollo in to join most of the other defeated competitors.

All of the pitted robots bar Apollo

"Please, bring me my cocoa and a bed! Look at the robot rubbish in the bin – and I feel just like them! I’ve had enough – I quit!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the 10 Robot Rumble draws to a close

10 Robot Rumble Winner: Eruption


The camera test held prior to the 10 Robot Rumble

  • Prior to filming the 10 Robot Rumble, a camera test was conducted with robots that were available nearby. Although the robots did not engage in combat, this test saw Aftershock, Androne 4000, Behemoth (with axe), Big Nipper (with spinner), Concussion, Eruption, Push to Exit, Thor and likely two other robots enter the arena together.
  • The 10 Robot Rumble featured the most competing robots in the arena at the same time in Robot Wars history.
  • In addition to Series 8 champion Apollo, this battle featured four current and former FRA UK Champions - Big Nipper, eventual Series 10 champion Eruption, Iron-Awe 6 and Terrorhurtz.
  • The 10 Robot Rumble was also the first battle since the Series 7 House Robot Rebellion to feature more than two House Robots, with Dead Metal entering the arena during the battle to join Shunt and Sir Killalot.
  • The 10 Robot Rumble marked the second battle of the main Series 10 wherein competitors teamed up to attack the House Robots, after Thor vs Coyote vs Expulsion from Heat 5. However, despite all ten competitors originally intending to follow this plan, only Terrorhurtz and Thor did so during the opening stages.[1]
  • According to Michael Oates, the match was five minutes and thirty seconds long.[1]
  • All competing robots bar Iron-Awe 6, Track-tion and Expulsion would compete in the World Series.
  • Terrorhurtz was the only losing robot to not end up in the Pit.
    • This makes the 10 Robot Rumble the battle with the most robots in the Pit at once, with a total of eight competitors ending up in it by the battle's conclusion.