The Grand Final of Series 10 aired on December 3rd, 2017. It featured the five heat winners from across the series, and opened with a ten-way battle between the runners-up and third place finishers from the previous heats to determine the sixth participant.

Competing robotsEdit

Heat WinnersEdit

Behemoth (Winner of Heat 1)
Behemoth official
Attack Titanium Scoop
Armour Titanium, Polycarbonate & Stainless Steel
Weight 108.6kg
Speed 15mph
Drive 6WD, Chain Driven
Power Electric
Battery LiFePo4 28.8v
From: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
Team: Anthony Pritchard, Kane Aston, Kevin Cleasby, Michael Pritchard
Carbide (Winner of Heat 2)
Attack Spinner
Armour 5mm Military Grade Steel, 8mm Titanium
Weight 110kg
Speed 15mph
Drive 2 x 4.3Hp Motors
Power Electric
Battery Lithium-Polymer, 58.8V
From: Derby, Derbyshire
Team: Dave Moulds, Sam Smith
Magnetar (Winner of Heat 5)
Attack Drum spinner
Armour 8mm HARDOX 600, 6mm HARDOX 450
Weight 107kg
Speed 13.5mph
Drive 4 x brushless skateboard motors
Power Electric
Battery LiFePo 12s ~50V
From: Madeley, Shropshire
Team: Ellis Ware, Peter Ware, Tara Ware
Nuts 2 (Winner of Heat 4)
Nuts 10
Attack Full-body Flail spinner
Armour 6mm Hardened steel
Weight 110kg
Speed 26mph
Drive A40-300
Power Electric
Battery LiFePo 10Ah
From: Crewkerne, Somerset
Team: Rory Mangles, Alex Shakespeare, Chris Shakespeare
Rapid (Winner of Heat 3)
Rapid 10
Attack Flipper
Armour 5mm HARDOX, 12mm polycarbonate, 20mm HDPE
Weight 110kg
Speed 23mph
Drive AmpFlow 48V motors
Power Electric
Battery 10-cell LiPo 24V
From: Central London
Team: Josh Valman, Andy Hibberd, Letitia Steer


Eruption (Winner of The 10 Robot Rumble)
Eruption 10
Attack Flipper
Armour 4mm/3.22m Hardened Steel with 10mm Absorbent Panels
Weight 110kg
Speed 12.6mph
Drive 2 x 750w motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 18.5V
From: Warrington, Cheshire
Team: Michael Oates, Adrian Oates

Note: Eruption won the Wildcard place through fighting in a winner-takes-all 10 Robot Rumble, fought between every robot which finished the heats in second and third place respectively.

10 Robot RumbleEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: Series 10/10 Robot Rumble

Winner: Eruption

Round 1Edit

Behemoth vs Carbide vs Nuts 2Edit

"Nuts 2 and Behemoth have reason for revenge. Carbide, the reigning champions, have smashed them both up before. Will they team up against Carbide? Carbide the favourites, certainly."
— Jonathan Pearce as the countdown to activate looms
Behemoth vs carbide vs nuts 2

Carbide tries to damage Behemoth's plough while being pushed around the arena

Carbide and Behemoth were the first two machines to engage with each other, with Carbide's spinning bar slashing away at Behemoth's anti-spinner scoop. Behemoth kept Carbide in at close-quarters though, and slid over the Flame Pit and into Sir Killalot's CPZ. The reigning champions made a swift escape, and responded by immobilising one of Nuts 2's minibots, before sending Behemoth spinning with the follow-through of the attack. Behemoth continued its attempts to muzzle Carbide, but a bizarre combination of events then eliminated Anthony Pritchard's machine from the Group Battle.

"Ooh, that's one of the Nuts 2 little minibots, out there. And they pushed the Pit - and down go Behemoth!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Behemoth pitted

Behemoth drops to a Group Battle defeat

Nuts 2 vs Carbide

Nuts 2 severs Carbide's weapon chain

After the remaining Nuts 2 minibot descended the Pit of Oblivion, a sweeping Carbide hit knocked Behemoth onto the arena hazard, where it then started to drop just as Behemoth landed on it. Behemoth sunk to its doom, leaving just Carbide and the up-to-speed Nuts 2 to fight it out. Nuts 2's first involvement was a crucial one, with the winners of Heat 4 breaking Carbide's weapon chain as the champion approached.

"The weapon's not working - the big bar spinner!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Now unable to cause damage with its weapon, Carbide resorted to using its wedged back end to attack Nuts 2 - which was then lifted up by the Floor Flipper, which broke the Floor Flipper at one of the hinges. Nuts 2 continued to spin, with its flails scratching up the back of Carbide, while the minibot harassed Dave Moulds and Sam Smith's robot. Up against it, Carbide decided to press the Arena Tyre, which sent Sir Killalot on a roam into the arena, with Rogue House Robot mode activated. The House Robot got hold of Nuts 2 and pushed it onto the Flame Pit, where the remains of the other Nuts 2 minibot rested. After escaping, Nuts 2 bumped into the Arena Tyre itself, with Fog of War the next hazard that the Dial of Doom landed on.

"Carbide's reign of terror could be coming to an end!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Minibot vs Carbide

Nuts 2's minibot triggers the countdown clock on Carbide

Nuts vs Carbide

Nuts 2 causes further damage to Carbide

Soon after the fog cleared, Carbide became suspended by the minibot - which wedged itself underneath the rear end of Carbide. The Series 9 champion managed to wriggle itself free with 3 seconds remaining on the countdown clock. Despite surviving and then reversing Nuts 2 into Shunt, Carbide sustained more damage - this time to its left-hand tyre. Cease was called soon after some late Nuts 2 hits, with the judges awarding a unanimous victory to Nuts 2. Carbide joined Behemoth in dropping into the Robot Redemption Round, as a result.

Results: Nuts 2, 1st place. Carbide, 2nd place. Behemoth, 3rd place.

Eruption vs Magnetar vs RapidEdit

Magnetar Rapid Eruption

Magnetar charges in on Rapid

Eruption vs Magnetar vs Rapid

Eruption is put under pressure by Magnetar

All three machines hovered around during the opening moments, as the drivers attempted to work out how to approach the fight. Eruption driver, Michael Oates, decided to revert to his tactic in the 10 Robot Rumble, by parking his machine in the CPZ. This wasn't the case for long though, as Rapid immediately put it under pressure. However, in trying to prise its way underneath Eruption, Rapid ended up swinging around and exposed itself to an incoming Magnetar in the process.

"Ooh, what's that I hear - it's the drum of Magnetar! Whirring up to speed, and a big hit on Rapid - and that was a mighty hit!"
— Jonathan Pearce
RAPID stranded

Rapid is briefly stranded on its back end

Eruption vs Magnetar

Magnetar is tossed back by Eruption

Magnetar connected with two heavy blows to Rapid, which was then forced to theatrically self-right. After Rapid darted away and nearly got in trouble with Dead Metal while waiting for its flipper to retract, Magnetar then continued its strong spell by dishing out a rally of hits to Eruption. Rapid then attempted to land its first attack, but in trying to flip Eruption only succeeded in chucking itself over. With its flipper's bungee cords broken after the initial attack from Magnetar, Rapid was left beached on its back with its flipper panel hanging out. Fortuitously for Team RPD, a retreating Eruption inadvertently nudged Rapid back onto its wheels as it continued to take damage from Magnetar. Eruption finally carried out an attack on Magnetar, which threw Ellis Ware's machine across the arena floor and forced it to self-right.

"Magnetar drove in, a little bit naively, on Eruption, and got flipped!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Eruption vs Rapid

Rapid is flipped over for a final time

Magnetar vs Eruption

Eruption's flipper power wanes

The Arena Tyre was then activated, as Rapid - with its flipper panel now back in place after it reversed into the arena gate - and Eruption tussled. Both machines managed to slip away from the House Robot after an initial grip, before Magnetar rejoined the fray with its srimech unable to retract and its drum no longer spinner. Eruption threw Rapid over soon after, and although Andy Hibberd was able to fire his weapon, it was ultimately one that was in vain, as Rapid face-planted onto the arena floor with its flipper in a position where it was once again unable to retract. With Rapid now out for good, Magnetar and Eruption continued their duel - with the latter limping lifting Magnetar a number of times.

"It's all about Magnetar taking on Eruption. Eruption has the power of course to flip in that situation to flip, and Magnetar drove in a little bit naïvely on Eruption."
— Jonathan Pearce
Matida vs Magnetar

Matilda throws Magnetar over

Magnetar Rapid

The beaten Rapid and Magnetar

The weaponless Magnetar fought back with its wedge, by driving Eruption into Dead Metal. Unfortunately for Ellis Ware, after descending the Pit, his machine found itself flipped by Matilda as he attempted to push Eruption deeper into the CPZ. Magnetar was unable to self-right, and a hobbling Eruption limped out into the centre of the arena to celebrate its victory.

"Eruption have won this on the back of the 10 Robot Rumble - that is staggering! That is incredible. Durability, creativity, great control - what a performance!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Results: Eruption, 1st place. Magnetar, 2nd place. Rapid, 3rd place.

Redemption RoundEdit

Behemoth vs. MagnetarEdit

Behemoth vs magnetar

Magnetar is turned over early on

Behemoth vs magnetar 2

Magnetar fights back

Despite bumping into the lip of the Pit of Oblivion panel in the opening moments, Behemoth carried out the first attack of note by lifting Magnetar over and forcing it to right itself. Magnetar may have got back onto its wheels, but its srimech hung out loosely after this akin to the Group Battle. Magnetar responded strongly though, as it knocked Behemoth's front upwards with a hit, before a further two blows knocked Behemoth over.

"You need to go low to get in a blow, according to Ellis, and that's what he did - and Behemoth, here, in trouble."
— Jonathan Pearce

Behemoth righted itself, but came under pressure again straight after, as Magnetar repeated its first attack by sending Behemoth off the arena floor. Behemoth replied by lifting - but failing to overturn - Magnetar backwards, but Behemoth landed on top of Magnetar after following through - with this, a following hits rendering Behemoth's drive immobile on one side. After one more hit to the rear of Behemoth, Magnetar's drum ceased to function.

"The Magnetar weapon has gone, and Behemoth now can sense that look - almost a smile of satisfaction on the face of Ant Pritchard!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth is given a lifeline
Behemoth vs magnetar 4

Behemoth lifts back at Magnetar

Behemoth vs magnetar 5

Behemoth snatches victory away from Magnetar

Magnetar resorted to pushing Behemoth towards the Floor Flipper, where Behemoth remained in-and-around, showing limited control in its movement. Despite Behemoth limping severely, the countdown did not begin on Anthony Pritchard's machine as it was still shuffling outside of its own circumference - which, after a period of waiting, prompted Ellis Ware to come back in to attack Behemoth. This proved fatal for Magnetar though, as it reversed onto Behemoth's scoop. Anthony Pritchard activated the lifting bucket, and Magnetar was tipped over.

"Behemoth know they're in trouble. Oh no, they've come so far-OH, look at that - they've flipped Magnetar! They did get the flip in - I can see no way back there for Magnetar!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Unable to right itself, Magnetar was counted out, before being pitted by Dead Metal. Team Ranglebots were eliminated from the competition, while Behemoth scraped through to the Semi-Finals.

Winner: Behemoth

Carbide vs RapidEdit

Rapid Carbide 1

Rapid puts the champions in early trouble

Carbide vs RAPID

Carbide rips a side panel from Rapid

Rapid, equipped with an entanglement device on one side, managed the first drive on note in the battle, as it shovelled Carbide into Shunt's CPZ. Carbide made a quick retreat from the House Robot's territory, and despite fighting back by peeling loose part of Rapid's armour, the reigning champion quickly found itself in trouble again, as Rapid attempted to hurl Carbide out of the arena. The bar spinner robot narrowly survived, as it crashed down into the arena gate, and landed upside-down.

"Carbide fighting for their lives now. The reigning champions are really in trouble!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Rapid smoke

Critical damage, as Rapid begins to smoke

This near-miss proved crucial, as Carbide then got into its stride by shattering one of Rapid's side panels, before shearing through its opponent's bulkhead and damaging its batteries. Seconds later, copious amounts of smoke started pouring out of Rapid as it drove away, while Carbide immediately gave chase.[1]

"They're on fire, I think! They're on fire!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Rapid starts to cover the arena in smoke
Rapid Carbide 2

Rapid is finished off by Carbide

The arena soon became dramatically covered in a cloud of smoke, before another massive Carbide slam smashed part of Rapid's flipper, and rendered the winners of Heat 3 immobile on top of the Pit.

"There is a big Robot Wars technical term for this: RAPID. IS. BUST."
— Jonathan Pearce
Rapid fire

Rapid's Robot Wars dream goes up in flames

Carbide slashed away at the remains of Rapid as Josh Valman's machine was counted out, prompted to do so by Team RPD before 'cease' was called. Having already suffered major damage in the fight itself, Rapid would later sustain further punishment, as it burst into flames completely, to the amazement of both teams.

Winner: Carbide

Round 2Edit

Behemoth vs EruptionEdit

Behemoth vs Eruption

Behemoth gets an early advantage

Eruption Behemoth Grand Final 2

Eruption flips Behemoth for the first time in the battle

Behemoth started quickly, as it edged underneath the front of Eruption, before accelerating it towards Dead Metal's CPZ, and shooting Eruption up the arena wall. As Eruption flailed around desperately in an attempt to self-right, Behemoth came in with another drive on Michael Oates' robot.

"Its pretty stuff at the moment by the Behemoth team. Eruption gathering its sense."
— Jonathan Pearce

Eruption finally put itself back on its wheels, although was nearly flipped again, as Behemoth narrowly missed with another lift of its scoop. Eruption finally managed its first flip soon after, as it found space under the side of Behemoth and threw it across the arena. Behemoth tumbled all the way over towards the arena gate, before Eruption came in with another flip as Behemoth frantically tried to right itself.

"What a hit, there, on Behemoth! Behemoth is in trouble! Behemoth is flicked into the air - huge power on that lifting arm!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Eruption fights back
Eruption vs Behemoth

Eruption chucks Behemoth into the CPZ

Eruption Behemoth

Eruption prevents Behemoth from self-righting

Sparks followed, as Dead Metal's saw came into contact with Behemoth's titanium armour, before Behemoth fell into the Arena Tyre. After Dead Metal's roam into the arena ended, Eruption carried out a glancing flip on Behemoth - sending it spinning over onto its side. As Behemoth attempted to give itself room to breathe, Eruption continued its strong spell with two more flips - the second of which seeing Eruption follow through and into the Arena Tyre, which activated Fog of War.

"Behemoth twisting and turning in the air - like a pirouetting ballet dancer."
— Jonathan Pearce
Dead Metal vs Behemoth

Behemoth, between a rock and a hard place

Eruption vs Behemoth S10

Eruption finishes with a strong barrage

Despite not connecting with clean attacks in the next two flips, Eruption still managed to bundle Behemoth into the grip of Dead Metal again. Eruption, continuing to suffocate Behemoth, drove it across the arena and then launched it into Matilda's CPZ - where the House Robot's flywheel sent Behemoth cartwheeling through the air. In the remaining period, Behemoth narrowly avoided being flipped out of the arena on multiple occasions, before cease was called. Eruption was declared the victor by the judges - making its second championship-deciding fight in two series.

Winner: Eruption

Carbide vs Nuts 2Edit

Nut Guards vs Nuts 2

Nuts 2 is blocked by the Nut Guards

Carbide, equipped with a 'Nut Guard' on its weapon chain this time, darted at Nuts 2 straight away. Despite not causing notable damage in its opening two drives, Carbide found itself third-time lucky, as it spinning bar tore away a section of Nuts 2's frame which also had one of Nuts 2's flails attached.

"Carbide came in with huge power, and its Nuts 2 sustaining damage!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide carries out its attempted revenge
Carbide vs Nuts 2

Carbide disables Nuts 2

With Nuts 2 on the back-foot, one of the machine's minibots pressed the Arena Tyre - with the Dial of Doom landing on Fog of War. After vision was restored, Carbide came in with a shattering blow, which removed a panel from Nuts 2's midriff, as well as causing damage to one of Nuts 2's wheels.

"Carbide looks a bit perplexed. Ooh, a bit wily. Just staying out of trouble until the Fog of War cleared. Having a look, having a check. Nuts 2 doing absolutely nothing in there!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide carries out its KO blow
Nuts 7

Nuts 2 is counted out

Nuts 2 was unable to move freely after this, moving erratically without control from its team, and eventually lost movement altogether. Nuts 2 was counted out, while Carbide celebrated by removing a wheel from one of Nuts 2's minibots. In an untelevised moment, Nuts 2 was subsequently held over the Flame Pit and dropped into the pit by Sir Killalot, while Shunt pushed the blue minibot onto the Floor Flipper, which promptly threw it across the arena.[2]

Winner: Carbide

Grand FinalEdit

Carbide vs EruptionEdit

In a repeat of the Series 9 championship-deciding fight, Carbide and Eruption faced off yet again.

"There can only be one winner. For one of these machines, the coveted trophy."
— Jonathan Pearce as the Grand Final of Series 10 gets underway
Carbide vs Eruption Final

Carbide causes early damage

Eruption Carbide official photo

Eruption's first flip in the battle

Carbide started the fight by driving towards the Floor Flipper and then turning into Eruption after its bar spinner was up to speed. Another two quick jabs sent Eruption backwards. Eruption stood firm to Carbide's vicious slashes during the opening period, until its flipper arm was warped by one of the defending champion's hits. Carbide was then sent on the retreat though, as it frantically swerved around while its spinning weapon temporarily slowed. Carbide's next hit while on the turn then saw its own weapon slam into the arena floor, and there was further trouble for Carbide soon after, as Eruption carried out its first flip of the championship fight.

"It's working, it's certainly working - we have a fight again! I thought Eruption were out!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Eruption gets its damaged flipper into play

Carbide connected with a chunky blow to one of Eruption's front panels, but was flicked across the arena floor itself, and its bar came to a halt once again, which allowed Eruption to chuck Carbide airborne for a second time. The champions landed upside-down, with further bad news coming as Carbide's bar stopped moving.

"Are we going to see the end of the reign here!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Eruption gets on top
Carbide vs Eruption Finale

Eruption's decal is ripped away by Carbide

Eruption vs Carbide Final

Eruption achieves another flip

Eruption used this as a chance to slide Carbide over the Flame Pit and into Sir Killalot, before Carbide's weapon kicked into gear again, and ripped away one of Eruption's decorative wings. Carbide continued its weapon's revival by sending Eruption spinning, before the Arena Tyre was activated - with Fog of War the Dial of Doom's pick. Carbide continued to hack away at the front of Eruption, which fought back by edging Carbide back over the Flame Pit. The next contact between the two deflected Carbide onto the Floor Flipper - where the title holders were flung.

"This is the stuff of Robot Wars dreams, here! Carbide and Eruption - what a final!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Eruption entertains

Eruption carries out another flip on the title holders

Eruption flips Carbide

Eruption's late dominance

An Eruption flip was exchanged by another round of Carbide blows, before Eruption came strong late on with three successful flips in a row. After a mistimed flip forced Michael Oates into self-righting action, Eruption threw Carbide once again - with the Floor Flipper turning the champions over itself for a second time. Carbide desperately tried to gets its labouring weapon up to speed again, but it was Eruption which carried out the last attack of the battle, before cease was finally called on a palpable final.

"That is a battle befitting any Robot Wars occasion, and befitting any final - and it's too close to call!"
— Jonathan Pearce

After re-watching the fight multiple times, the judges finally made their decision: Eruption was unanimously declared the champions of Robot Wars Series 10, and Michael Oates' lifelong dream was finally fulfilled.

Winner: Eruption

Eruption team champs

Series 10 Champion - Eruption


  • Due to the inclusion of the 10 Robot Rumble, the Series 10 Grand Final featured half of the total number of competitors, with fifteen robots involved.
  • Nuts 2 was the only robot in the top four to be undefeated at that point.
  • The Series 10 Grand Final was the only case of the championship-deciding battle being a rematch between the two previous series finalists.
  • The DVD release of the Series 10 Grand Final was slightly altered in comparison to the televised version. During Eruption's victory montage at the end of the episode, the Queen track "Who Wants To Live Forever" was replaced with an unrelated instrumental track.
  • No third-place playoff was waged in this episode, for unconfirmed reasons assumed to be related to time constraints.
  • The Series 10 Grand Final was the first in the show's history to be won by a robot which hadn't won its heat during the series.
  • The Series 10 Grand Final marked the first time since Series 4 in which more than two House Robots were used in a main UK Championship battle; three appeared in the 10 Robot Rumble.
  • Eruption became the second robot in the show's history to win the UK Championship after finishing runner-up in the previous series.
    • Likewise, it became the first robot to win UK Championships held on Robot Wars and by the FRA.
  • Carbide became the first robot to finish runner-up on more than one occasion.
  • Including the three instances inside the 10 Robot Rumble, the Fog of War activated seven times within this episode.
  • Excluding the 10 Robot Rumble, the Grand Final featured four rematches from previous series:
    • The first Group Battle saw Carbide face Behemoth and Nuts 2, two opponents which it previously qualified alongside (in Behemoth's case) and won against in Series 8.
    • Both Semi-Finals were rematches of Head-to-Head battles from the rebooted series - Eruption vs Behemoth (Series 9) and Carbide vs Nuts 2 (Series 8).
    • The Grand Final between Carbide and Eruption was the fourth encounter between the two machines, following their pair of Series 9 Grand Final battles and the Heat 2 final earlier on in Series 10.


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