The second heat of Series 10 first aired on October 29th, 2017[1]. It was the second of five heats to determine the finalists of Series 10 of Robot Wars.

Competing RobotsEdit

Aftershock 10
Attack Vertical Spinner
Armour 3mm Hardened steel, 15mm Hardened steel bulkheads
Weight 110kg
Speed 14mph
Drive 1000W 24V scooter motor
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 6s, 20Ah
From: Reading, Berkshire
Team: Will Thomas, Ian Thomas
Big Nipper
Big nipper 10
Attack Interchangeable crushing/lifting claws & spinner
Armour 4-10mm high-grade titanium
Weight 109.8kg
Speed 18mph
Drive 8wd, 2x 10hp brushless motors
Power Electric
Battery 4x LiPo 29.4V
From: Barrowford, Lancashire
Team: Graeme Dawson, Mark Lumb, Glyn Dawson
Attack Spinner
Armour 5mm Military Grade Steel, 8mm Titanium
Weight 110kg
Speed 15mph
Drive 2 x 4.3Hp Motors
Power Electric
Battery Lithium-Polymer, 58.8V
From: Midlands
Team: Sam Smith, Dave Moulds
Crackers 'n' Smash
Crackers-and-smash 10
Attack Spinner & Lifting arm
Armour 5mm Hardened Steel, 5mm Aluminium
Weight 110kg
Speed 18mph
Drive 4WD, Brushless Drive
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 12s 44.4V
From: Ripon, North Yorkshire
Team: Alex Botwright, Ian Botwright, David Weston, Mike Sweeney
Eruption 10
Attack Flipper
Armour 4mm/3.22m Hardened Steel with 10mm Absorbent Panels
Weight 110kg
Speed 12.6mph
Drive 2 x 750w motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 18.5V
From: Warrington, Cheshire
Team: Michael Oates, Adrian Oates
Gabriel 2
Gabriel 10
Attack Interchangeable battle axe/hammer
Armour 20mm HDPE plastic armour with 6mm HARDOX
Weight 110kg
Speed 11mph
Drive 4in AmpFlow motors
Power Electric
Battery 2x LiPo, 82 29.6V or 9s 33.3v
From: Grove, Oxfordshire
Team: Craig Colliass, Toby Colliass, Rosie Colliass, Sarah Colliass

Round 1Edit

Big Nipper vs Carbide vs Gabriel 2Edit

Gabriel vs big nipper

Gabriel 2 knocks Big Nipper out

Gabriel vs big nipper 2

Gabriel 2 drives into Big Nipper's disc

Gabriel 2 started moving towards the blade of Carbide, but backed off, instead turning to face Big Nipper, but was clipped by the spinning disc. Gabriel 2 swung the mace weapon down on the top of Big Nipper before backing away, and turned towards the battle as Carbide drove in blade-first, slamming into one of Gabriel 2's wheels. Gabriel 2 hung back and waited for Carbide to charge, swinging the mace down on top of the defending champions, but contact from Carbide's spinner on Gabriel 2 sent the white robot bouncing away into Shunt's CPZ.

Gabriel vs carbide 3

Carbide throws Gabriel 2 into the arena wall

Carbide dodgy tyre

Carbide struggles to move off its torn rubber tyre

Big Nipper was struggling across the arena, spinning on the spot as its wheel had locked up, damage caused by a bolt falling from Gabriel 2's entanglement device into Big Nipper's wheel. Gabriel 2 was still being occupied by Carbide, swinging the mace down again, but being batted away by another hit on its wheels. Carbide hit the mace of Gabriel, bouncing it over the top as they both crossed the arena. Gabriel 2 moved close to Big Nipper, and was thrown away by the disc, but Gabriel 2 drove back in, slapping the top of Big Nipper with their mace, before reversing into the Dial of Doom, which selected Rogue House Robot. Shunt drove across the arena, slamming into Big Nipper, before harassing Gabriel 2 into a corner with the axe. Gabriel 2 escaped and hammered the top of Big Nipper twice, immobilising the silver robot.

"OK, this is a solid scrap alright"
— Dara Ó Briain
Carbide vs gabriel

Gabriel's wheel warps as Carbide makes impact

Carbide vs gabriel 2

Carbide and Gabriel 2 both suffer from recoil

Gabriel 2 drove into the arena to hammer Carbide, but the bar spinner sent Gabriel 2 flying with another hit on the wheels. Carbide turned and smashed into Gabriel 2's wheels twice more, tearing chunks out of the white plastic. Carbide chased Gabriel 2 across the arena, slamming into the wheels again and again. Carbide spun around once on the spot and connected with the side of Gabriel 2's wheels, sending it cartwheeling towards the wall and almost over and out. Carbide scored another two hits while close to the wall.

"The wheels are buckled. How can it? Because it's designed to do it!"
— Jonathan Pearce explains the design philosophy of Gabriel 2 as it survives the constant pounding from Carbide.
Carbide vs gabriel

Carbide is launched into the air by impacting Gabriel

Carbide vs shunt s10hbr1

Sparks fly as Shunt attacks Carbide

After attacking Gabriel 2 a few more times, Carbide backed off, but became wedged on a large chunk of it's own rubber tyre that had snapped. Gabriel 2, sensing this, started proving its mobility in another corner while Carbide struggled to move. After getting grip with the other wheel, Carbide managed to wriggle itself free, but was hobbling with the damaged wheel. Gabriel turned sideways as Carbide approached, and in the subsequent hit from the bar spinner, Carbide was turned over.

"And Gabriel 2 has created damage and flips Carbide over! Look at those wheels buckling, they're like a zombie! Gabriel can keep going, they can absorb that impact! And the reigning champion is in trouble here now! Gabriel 2 have never performed anything like this! Carbide have never had to work anything like this! This is sensational stuff! This is the Mighty 1st Wonder of the World!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Gabriel tires vs carbide

Pieces of Gabriel's tires fly across the arena following an assault on Carbide

Stuck upside-down, Carbide spun and whacked into the front scoop of Shunt, tearing a chunk out of it. Gabriel 2 moved towards Carbide, and took a hit, which flipped Carbide into the air, once again clipping the scoop of Shunt. As it escaped across the arena, Carbide hit Gabriel 2 on the wheels yet again.

"Gabriel 2 is still going. Heavens to Betsy, Gabriel, you can take some punishment."
— Jonathan Pearce
Carbide vs big nipper

Carbide smashes into Big Nipper whilst chasing Gabriel

Gabriel 2 wandered too close to Shunt's CPZ, and in the process of escaping, was hit once again by Carbide, sending a chunk of debris flying into the screen of the control pod occupied by the presenters, Dara and Angela. Gabriel 2 was still trying to hammer the top of Carbide, but each attempt was met in full force by the spinner. Gabriel 2 opened the pit, and was hit by Carbide, making the axlebot complete a full front flip.

"It's like a cartoon character, like its little legs are moving but it's not going anywhere."
— Dara Ó Briain
Gabriel vs carbide 2

Carbide struggles to KO Gabriel

Carbide vs gabriel 3

The mangled Gabriel 2 fights on

Gabriel 2, with it's wheels now shredded beyond recognition, was still moving around, albeit with little traction. It survived another hit from Carbide, as the champion clipped the immobile Big Nipper before Cease was called. The battle was sent to a Judges' decision, with neither team certain of the outcome, but ultimately the Judges opted for a Carbide victory on damage.

"Not many people can actually say that they go three minutes with Carbide, actually hitting them, and still drive out of the Arena."
— Craig Colliass debriefs on Gabriel 2's amazing achievement

Results: Carbide, 1st Place. Gabriel 2, 2nd Place. Big Nipper, 3rd Place.

Aftershock vs Crackers 'n' Smash vs EruptionEdit

Aftershock vs Crackers

Aftershock removes one of Crackers' entanglement devices

Smash vs Aftershock

Aftershock and Smash attack head-on

Crackers, sporting two Entanglement devices drove at Aftershock, which instantly ripped one of it off with its flywheel. Aftershock pushed Crackers back, but didn't land another hit. Eruption chased Smash, getting underneath but not flipping the small robot. Smash drove into Aftershock, and the two spinners traded blows, before Smash was pushed back onto the floor flipper. The flipper fired, but as it was up, Aftershock hit the metal sides, bending them back, trapping the flipper open and leaving a significant chunk of the underside of the arena poking out.

Aftershock vs Smash

The damage that caused the confusion

Ian Botwright: "Hang on guys, part of the arena flipper's buggered, stop, stop."
Ian Thomas: "[Power] down, down"
— Confusion in the control panel as to whether the battle will continue.

Despite the confusion, cease had not been called, so the battle was continuing. Aftershock smacked the inverted Smash, and then bucked Crackers' flipper. Aftershock stayed in the centre of the arena, and was turned onto its back by Eruption.

"[Power] Down Will! It's Cease."
— Ian Thomas urges Will to turn the weapon off as he thinks cease has been called due to the damaged flipper.
Eruption vs Aftershock vs CnS

Aftershock is catapulted out of the arena...

Eruption vs Crackers is Crackers...

Eruption vs Smash

...and Smash

With Aftershock powering down, Eruption slid under the fellow Series 9 Grand Finalists and flipped it high into the air, where it landed flywheel first on the side wall, before bouncing out of the arena. With Aftershock gone, Eruption started chasing the two parts of Crackers 'n' Smash. Crackers was sent cartwheeling into the corner, and then flipped higher again. Crackers escaped, but was being chased by Eruption, which slid under the green robot and threw it out of the arena as well. The inverted Smash tried to escape, but Eruption slid underneath and catapulted the silver robot into the arena doors - well out of the arena.

"Hat trick! Complete whitewash, brilliant, Eruption!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Results: Eruption, 1st Place. Crackers 'n' Smash, 2nd Place. Aftershock, 3rd Place.

Redemption RoundEdit

Aftershock vs Gabriel 2Edit

Aftershock vs gabriel 3

Gabriel 2 is sent skywards

Aftershock vs gabriel 2

The entanglement device gets entangled on Aftershock

Gabriel 2 fitted new wheels and extra Entanglement devices before this battle. When the two machines first met in the centre, Gabriel 2 drove over Aftershock, but was hit on the main body by the top of Aftershock's disc. Aftershock rode under Gabriel 2 again, before clipping the wheel and throwing Gabriel 2 away. When it landed, Gabriel 2 was hit on the mace by Aftershock, and recovered over the flame pit. Both robots drove at each other, and a clean hit on the bottom of Gabriel 2 by Aftershock bounced it high into the air where it crashed down.

Aftershock was driving away and back in to Gabriel 2, which was trying to respond with the mace. Aftershock pushed back, but after a few knocks, got one of the entanglement chains caught around its flywheel arm. Rattling noises showed the intensity of the hits from the chain on the innards of Aftershock, but importantly it didn't stop the flywheel.

Aftershock Gabriel 2 1

Gabriel 2 has its internals ripped out

Gabriel decapitated

Gabriel 2, after being decapitated by Sir Killalot

Aftershock stayed back to try and avoid being stuck by the chain. Gabriel 2 drove in, but the flywheel was still working, and was hit hard by Aftershock. Gabriel 2 bounced back down and stopped moving. Aftershock scored one more hit before leaving Gabriel 2 to the House Robots. Sir Killalot gave the final blow by cutting the mace off Gabriel 2.

"The first time the entanglement looked like it might be good for something."
— Angela Scanlon

Winner: Aftershock

Big Nipper vs Crackers 'n' SmashEdit

Big Nipper Crackers 'n' Smash 1

Crackers loses one of its entanglement chains to Big Nipper

Big Nipper Crackers 'n' Smash 2

Big Nipper whacks Smash away

Sir Killalot Crackers

Crackers is 'sat on' by Sir Killalot

Big Nipper hits Smash

Sparks fly as Big Nipper lands another blow on Smash

Crackers 'n' Smash split at the start as Big Nipper whizzed between them. Big Nipper turned and attacked Smash, but didn't land a blow. Crackers attacked the back of Big Nipper, but the big robot turned and hit Crackers with its own flywheel. Smash charged at Big Nipper, but was thrust away and into the air after the hit. Big Nipper turned and hit Crackers, ripping the second of the two entanglement devices straight off. Two more hits from Big Nipper bounced Crackers into the CPZ of Sir Killalot.

Crackers was pushed by the House Robot onto the Flame pit, but got wedged, so reversed and slid underneath Sir Killalot, trapping it. Sir Killalot spun on the spot until Crackers was able to escape.

Big Nipper vs Crackers 'n' Smash

Big Nipper launches Smash skywards

Big Nipper vs Smash

Smash falls down, after clipping the lights

Across the arena, Big Nipper was laying into Smash, hitting the sides repeatedly. Big Nipper retreated, but drove back at Smash, hitting it away from the side wall. Big Nipper reversed and drove in again, connecting perfectly with the side of Smash, sending it flying high into the air, where it hit a light cluster on the ceiling, before coming crashing down in the trenches, out of the arena.

"That's one of the biggest flips we've ever seen in Robot Wars!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Big Nipper moved away towards Shunt's CPZ, being casually lifted by the floor flipper. In recovering, Shunt axed Big Nipper, clipping the flywheel and sending sparks flying. Crackers was limping by the flame pit, and Big Nipper managed to bully it towards Sir Killalot. Crackers was eventually left on the flame pit, and was eliminated.

Winner: Big Nipper


Aftershock vs CarbideEdit

Aftershock vs Carbide S10 1

Aftershock and Carbide collide

For this battle, Aftershock was equipped with its new and improved 'anti-Carbide' bar spinner. Aftershock drove into the spinner of Carbide straight away as the two spun up their weapons. Aftershock moved towards Carbide, resulting in a weapon-on-weapon collision. Carbide turned and hit Aftershock at an angle, bouncing its opponent over and back onto the wheels. After recovering, Aftershock took a large hit across the front from Carbide, which had charged in.

Aftershock vs Carbide S10 2

Aftershock damages Carbide's rear wedge

The two squared off, weapon-to-weapon, and Carbide moved first, taking a chunk out of the side of Aftershock, which retaliated with a hit on the rear of the champions. Carbide spun around, clipping the weapon of Aftershock, which took a few nibbles at the back of Carbide. Carbide turned and drove full on into the front of Aftershock, where the weapons collided, throwing Carbide into the air.

Aftershock vs Carbide S10 3

A head-on collision disables Aftershock's spinner and sends Carbide flying

However, in the impact, Aftershock lost power to its bar weapon. Carbide charged in and hit the side of Aftershock that had already sustained damage earlier in the fight. A glancing blow across the front of Aftershock was enough to finally stop the robot.

Aftershock started driving again after 'cease' was called[2], but it was already too late for the robot to continue battling.

Winner: Carbide

Big Nipper vs EruptionEdit

"The game is, how little clearance you can have between you and the ground."
— Dara Ó Briain comments on both teams sharpening their ground clearances before the battle.

Big Nipper tried multiple times to turn towards Eruption, but the former Grand Finalists kept behind the flywheel. Big Nipper got caught on the flame pit, but Eruption missed a chance to flip it up. Big Nipper escaped over the spikes, but turned onto Eruption's flipper, which won the battle of the ground clearances. Eruption threw Big Nipper into the air and it landed upside-down. Big Nipper used the arm to right itself, but was pressured into the wall by Eruption, which threw Big Nipper into the air, where it crashed down flywheel-first onto the top of Eruption.

Eruption vs Big Nipper 1

Eruption flips Big Nipper

Big Nipper started running away, driving at speed into Matilda and being turned over. In the process, Big Nipper bounced into the Dial of Doom, activating the Fog of War. As the fog cleared, Big Nipper rode up Eruption, but drove off just before it was flipped. Big Nipper was pressured by Matilda, but escaped and drove across the arena, hitting Eruption at speed with the flywheel. At this point, it became apparent that Big Nipper's two claws had become bent, compromising its front ground clearance.

Big Nipper was being pressured, but turned and pointed at Eruption, which only just manoeuvred itself away from the flywheel. The two met head on, and Big Nipper was launched over by the flipper. Eruption was temporarily trapped on the flame pit, but escaped to restart the chase. Big Nipper kept driving away from Eruption, which took the rare chance for a flip to lift its opponent up.

Big Nipper Eruption 1

Big Nipper lands on Eruption

"All he's doing is running away"
Lucy Rogers on Big Nipper's run away tactic

Big Nipper turned and hit the front of Eruption, scoring a tiny graze with the flywheel but nothing much. Eruption slipped under the gyroscopically lifting Big Nipper to send it cartwheeling upside-down. Big Nipper self-righted immediately, catching Eruption out as it flipped itself over after missing the flip. Big Nipper pushed Eruption back, but drove up the wedge, and was flipped well away.

Eruption vs Big Nipper 2

Big Nipper is thrown again

Big Nipper again hit Eruption on the front, but Eruption was able to push back. Big Nipper kept driving away, hoping to get enough time to turn and clip the side of Eruption. Eruption came in and flipped Big Nipper up again, but to no avail, as it stayed on its wheels. Another charge turned Big Nipper over, where it failed first time to self-right. Eruption swept in and launched Big Nipper into the arena wall, where Matilda clipped it with the flywheel. Big Nipper escaped into the centre of the arena, onto the flipper of Eruption as Cease was called.

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar: "Damage was similar on both, I would say, as neither of them sustained massive damage, but aggression definitely--"
Dr Lucy Rogers: "And control."
Professor Noel Sharkey: "Control was the main thing there, as Nipper, Big Nipper, just could not turn there."
— The Judges discuss the battle

The Judges unanimously declared Eruption the winner of the battle, putting it through to the Heat Final.

Winner: Eruption

3rd Place PlayoffEdit

Aftershock vs Big NipperEdit

Big Nipper Aftershock 1

Big Nipper and Aftershock recoil away from each other

Big Nipper Aftershock 2

Big Nipper throws Aftershock over

As they first met, Big Nipper clipped the side of Aftershock. Both machines turned and scored two direct flywheel-on-flywheel hits. Aftershock hit the side of Big Nipper's arm, but was quickly recoiled by a hit by Big Nipper on the side of Aftershock's flywheel. The two stayed together, clipping each other, before a large hit between the two weapons sent both robots recoiling across the arena.

"How are they both still working?"
Noel Sharkey
Big Nipper Aftershock 3

The fatal blow on Aftershock

Big Nipper Aftershock 4

Big Nipper celebrates its victory

Both robots recovered and moved back towards each other. Big Nipper drove over the floor flipper as Aftershock closed in. The robots hit each other head on again, but Big Nipper's flywheel scored the better hit, lifting Aftershock up and batting it away. Capitalising on the lack of movement from its opponent, Big Nipper hit Aftershock away from the flywheel, sending it spinning through the air. Big Nipper retreated to spin the disc back up to speed as Aftershock drove in. Two successive hits on the side of Aftershock bounced the former Grand Finalists over onto its back, where the self-righting flywheel stopped working. Trapped on its back, Aftershock was eliminated.

Winner: Big Nipper

Heat FinalEdit

Carbide vs EruptionEdit

"If it all goes right for us, we get our chance to revenge from the last series, which is gonna be really great. I think they're feeling a bit less confident, they're panicking a little bit. We've got to try and exploit that."
— Michael Oates of Team Eruption
Eruption vs Carbide S10

Sparks fly as Carbide smashes into Eruption

For the second series in a row, a Heat Final was the rematch of the previous series' Grand Final. Eruption was positive from the start, sliding under Carbide but unable to flip it. Carbide turned and slammed its bar into Eruption, sending the flipper spinning away. Carbide drove head-on into Eruption, bouncing off before laying two more hits on the side.

"The only way Eruption could have beaten them is if [Carbide] came to the side, but that didn't happen."
— Jonathan Pearce
Carbide vs Eruption S10

Carbide tears a wheel guard from Eruption to finish it off

Carbide retreated, but drove in again, slamming into Eruption again. Carbide spun on the spot, successively hitting Eruption with every turn. Carbide relentlessly pressured the front of Eruption with the bar spinner, and Eruption seemed to be limping on only one wheel. Carbide hung back to spin up the bar, before launching an attack on the damaged side of Eruption, ripping the side armour off and damaging the wheel underneath. Eruption slowed to a complete stop as a result, and Carbide was victorious - claiming its third Heat victory in succession.

"Carbide is back!"
— Angela Scanlon

Heat Winner: Carbide


  • This heat is the first to feature three Grand Finalists from a previous series in the same heat, featuring the reigning champion Carbide, runner-up Eruption and fourth-place finisher Aftershock.
  • This heat is the first ever (excluding every heat of Series 1) not to feature a series newcomer; all competitors have appeared in at least one previous series of Robot Wars. Prior to this, the closest any heat came to having an all-veteran line-up was Heat I of Series 6.
    • Of these, Big Nipper is the only competitor in this heat to have competed in the original series, unless Sam Smith's appearances with Tiberius are considered.
  • In addition to the reigning Robot Wars champion Carbide, this heat features three former FRA UK Champions - Big Nipper, eventual Series 10 champion Eruption and Gabriel 2.
    • If Team Shock's heavyweight Manta, Dave Moulds' original heavyweight Turbulence and Alex Botwright's Middleweight Championship victory with Smash are considered, this heat contains only teams/roboteers who have won an FRA UK Championship, although Smash’s Middleweight title was earned over a year after the filming of this heat. Aftershock has also subsequently won an Extreme Robots championship, which can be considered the successor to the Robot Wars Winter Tour Championship.
  • With their successful Heat Final win against Eruption, as well as Team Shock falling earlier in the episode, Team Carbide became the only team to be Heat winners in every series of the reboot.
  • The Heat Final of this episode was repeated at the conclusion of the Grand Final.


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