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Heat 3 was the third of five qualification episodes to determine the Grand Finalists of Series 10 of Robot Wars. It aired on November 5th, 2017[1].

Competing robots[]


Bucky the Robot
Attack Crusher
Armour 10mm plastic, 10mm polycarbonate
Weight 109.25kg
Speed 18mph
Drive 24V NPC T-64
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 4s, 34V
From: Hayes, Middlesex
Team: Tom Lloyd, Sabrina Ferriggi, Mo Hossaini, Harry Lloyd (Bucky the Mascot)
Attack Crusher
Armour 3/5mm mild steel, 5mm aluminium
Weight 95kg
Speed 9mph
Drive 2 x CIM motors
Power Electric
Battery 7s LiPo
From: Reading
Team: Dan, Marcus, Anna, Ben
Attack Spinning bar head
Armour 6mm wear-plate steel with 8mm panels
Weight 100kg
Speed 16mph
Drive 2 x 24V, 2,600W motors
Power Electric
Battery 8s LiPo, 30V
From: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Team: Adam Hamilton, Jarvis Callister, Thomas Long, Emma Jones


Apex 10.png
Attack Bar spinner
Armour 4-8mm HARDOX
Weight 110kg
Speed 17mph
Drive AmpFlow E40-400 24V motors
Power Electric
Battery 6s LiPo 22.2V
From: Bristol
Team: Chris Danby, Craig Danby, Sam Price, Jack Tweedy
Rapid 10.png
Attack Flipper
Armour 5mm HARDOX, 12mm polycarbonate, 20mm HDPE
Weight 110kg
Speed 23mph
Drive AmpFlow 48V motors
Power Electric
Battery 10-cell LiPo 24V
From: Central London
Team: Josh Valman, Andy Hibberd, Letitia Steer
Terrorhurtz 10.png
Attack Axe bot
Armour 6mm folded wear-plate, 12mm bullet-proof polycarbonate
Weight 106kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 24V 1,000W motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo
From: Oxford
Team: John Reid, Nick Lynch

Round 1[]

Bucky the Robot vs Rapid vs Track-tion[]

The floor spikes turn Track-tion over

Bucky the Robot backed up and started opening and closing its jaws. Rapid moved to attack Bucky the Robot, and hit the Dial of Doom, which released the Fog of War. All three robots gingerly moved away from the fog and waited for it to disperse. Track-tion turned over the Arena Spikes, but they fired and flipped Track-tion over. Rapid capitalised on the now-massive ground clearance, sliding under the tracked robot and flipping them clean out of the arena.

Rapid flips Track-tion out of the arena

Bucky the Robot stayed away from Rapid, moving slowly around the flame pit. Rapid drove in and slid under, but failed to flip. Bucky the Robot drove away from Rapid, but eventually turned and slid up the flipper's wedge, driving off before a flip could be made. Rapid pushed Bucky the Robot into an empty CPZ, but still wasn't flipping their opponent. Bucky the Robot kept retreating, until Rapid pushed it twice, before finally flipping Bucky the Robot with the end of the flipper. Bucky the Robot tipped forwards and landed on the arena wall, with the robot in the arena, but the top jaw hanging over the edge.

Rapid props Bucky the Robot on the arena wall

Bucky the Robot snapped its jaw closed, lifting it up, before opening the jaw, which was able to drop it back on its wheels. Rapid slid under Bucky the Robot a few times, trying to push it around the arena. Rapid pushed Bucky the Robot onto the Floor Flipper, which didn't fire, and just missed the flywheel on Matilda. Rapid pushed Bucky the Robot around more, getting it next to the side-wall and flipping. Bucky the Robot somersaulted over Rapid and bounced down behind it still in the arena. Rapid took a while to get its flipper down, and spent the time staying away from Bucky the Robot while it was vulnerable.

Bucky the Robot attempts to self-right during the closing seconds

Rapid slammed into Bucky the Robot, which tried to use the jaw but missed. Bucky the Robot was backed into the CPZ, and caught a glancing blow from Matilda's flywheel. Rapid pushed Bucky the Robot into the Arena Spikes, which fired, but missed and trapped Bucky the Robot in place. The spikes retracted but fired again, flipping Bucky the Robot onto its back. Bucky the Robot tried to use the jaw to self-right, but it was low on gas, so propped itself on its back, stuck. Bucky the Robot was now immobile, but could not be counted out before the end of the battle, so the fight still went to an adjudication. The Judges unanimously chose Rapid as the winner.

Results: Rapid, 1st Place. Bucky the Robot, 2nd Place. Track-tion, 3rd Place

Apex vs Terrorhurtz vs Vulture[]

Terrorhurtz suffers damage as it stops Apex's bar spinner

Apex, using its asymmetrical bar, started to spin up, but Terrorhurtz drove in and took a hit on its front wedge, stopping the bar. Vulture moved in, but both it and Apex were hit by Terrorhurtz's axe. Terrorhurtz axed Apex again and chased it across the arena. Vulture slid under Apex and brought the arm down onto the bar, but Terrorhurtz intervened, sustaining a hit from Vulture's blade. Terrorhurtz turned, pointing the axe towards Vulture and hitting the top of the robot.

Vulture brings its weapon down onto Terrorhurtz

Vulture is hit by Terrorhurtz's axe

The hobbled Apex activated the Dial of Doom, which released the Fog of War. All robots avoided each other, but Terrorhurtz were on the front foot, pushing Vulture again. Terrorhurtz hit the top of Vulture again, Vulture turned and grazed the front of Terrorhurtz with their blade, but Terrorhurtz retaliated with another axe shot before pushing Vulture onto the flames. Terrorhurtz manoeuvred Vulture into the CPZ and fired the axe straight into the weapon mechanism of Vulture, getting the axe head stuck.

The three competitors lock together

Terrorhurtz pushed Vulture back while stuck in them. Apex drive in to the pair of them, but got wedged themselves, meaning all three robots were stuck. Shunt pushed the melee until the robots were released. Terrorhurtz axed Vulture again, and Apex slid underneath the axe-wielding robot, temporarily trapping it. Once released, Terrorhurtz turned to attack Apex, but the axe clipped Vulture's spinner, which spun Terrorhurtz around a bit more.

Apex stops moving

Vulture had now stopped moving, so Terrorhurtz focused on Apex, laying the axe into the top bar of Apex. Terrorhurtz kept slamming Apex around the arena and charged in, firing the axe and missing. Terrorhurtz flipped themselves over with the power of the axe, but self-righted instantly. Apex tried attacking Terrorhurtz again, but stopped moving. Terrorhurtz were left as clear winners.

Results: Terrorhurtz, 1st Place. Apex, 2nd Place. Vulture, 3rd Place

Redemption Rounds[]

Apex vs Track-tion[]

Apex (right) shears its bar spinner off after its initial hits on Track-tion

Before the battle, Team Immersion lent Track-tion a spare wedge to replace their crusher against the large spinner of Apex. Track-tion barely moved initially, just allowing Apex to spin up their heavier bar. Track-tion kept the hardened wedge pointing at Apex as it moved in to attack. Apex clipped the wedge of Track-tion twice and backed away, before exploding across the arena.

The damage done to the Lexan screen courtesy of Apex's blade

Replays showed that the two hits had broken something holding the spinning bar of Apex on. With the sheer weight of the bar at full speed, the imbalance caused the bar to hit its own pulley system, before completely shearing off. The main chassis of Apex was thrown across the arena into Sir Killalot's CPZ, while the bar flew up and into an arena wall screen, smashing straight through it and landing in the trench outside. Sir Killalot dumped the remaining part of Apex in the pit.

"If that bar had come this way, I'd need a change of trousers!"
— Marcus from Team Track-tion after the battle

Winner: Track-tion

Bucky the Robot vs Vulture[]

Bucky the Robot grabs hold of Vulture with the jaw

Bucky the Robot drove at Vulture and the both met in the centre of the arena. Vulture slid under and brought their spinner down on the wedge of Bucky the Robot. Vulture turned around to attack from a different angle, hitting Bucky the Robot with the spinner more times. Vulture chased Bucky the Robot, and were flipped over after carelessly driving onto the floor flipper. Bucky the Robot capitalised and clamped onto Vulture as it tried to right itself. Bucky the Robot pushed Vulture into Dead Metal, and released it soon after.

Bucky the Robot is overturned by the Floor Flipper

Vulture reversed into the Dial of Doom, opening the pit, and attacked Bucky the Robot again. Bucky the Robot was pushed back into Dead Metal and escaped with minimal damage. Both robots tried to get under each other, but were unsuccessful. After a few attempts, Vulture turned and pushed Bucky the Robot onto the floor flipper, turning it onto its side. Vulture stayed back as Bucky the Robot was counted out.

Winner: Vulture


Rapid vs Track-tion[]

Andy Hibberd: "I don't know how leaky it is"
Josh Valman: "Straight in with the weapon"
Rapid discuss their tactics with a leaky gas valve limiting flips.

Rapid flips Track-tion out in record time

Rapid drove up to Track-tion, slotted under the front wedge, pushed it towards the wall and flipped. Track-tion were flipped straight out of the arena. This battle broke the shortest battle record by defeating their opponent in 5.6 seconds.

"I think Rapid have noticed they have a leakage problem. Which means they'll need to get this over and done with very quickly, and they have done! Josh, Andy and Letty knew they had a problem, they knew they needed to go out for a quick victory. Very mean! The young aims and dreams crushed. You rotters, Rapid."
— Jonathan Pearce

Terrorhurtz vs Vulture[]

Vulture's "pillows" are removed

To protect their vulnerable top, Vulture created some makeshift "pillows" of cushioning armour to try and absorb the impact from Terrorhurtz's axe. As the battle started, the two wedges weren't getting under each other, so Terrorhurtz positioned itself to fire the axe onto one of the pillows of Vulture. Terrorhurtz chased Vulture, slamming it with the axe. Both faced each other, and while Vulture brought the spinner down on Terrorhurtz, the axe hit Vulture, breaking a pillow off. Vulture turned to escape the corner it was it, but Terrorhurtz followed and ripped off the other pillow with the next axe hit.

Terrorhurtz lands a hit on the front of Vulture

Terrorhurtz pressured Vulture with the axe constantly as it became apparent that Vulture's blade had stopped working. Terrorhurtz relentlessly chased Vulture, sending sparks flying every time the axe connected with their opponent. Terrorhurtz landed an axe blow in the wheel of Vulture, breaking it. Terrorhurtz's next axe blow was strong enough to get it wedged in the robot, although rather than this being a case of Terrorhurtz cutting into Vulture's armour itself, Vulture's armour had actually cut into the axehead of Terrorhurtz. Nevertheless, Vulture's spinner had powered down over this period. Matilda approached and eventually freed the pair who were momentarily stuck together.

Terrorhurtz holds Vulture over the flame pit

Vulture was now back to its fully driving capabilities, but every movement was shadowed by Terrorhurtz, which was still axing the top of Vulture. Terrorhurtz started spinning to bat Vulture away with the un-fired axe, as the axe itself had now run out of CO2 to power it. Both circled each other for a bit, until Vulture activated the Fog of War. Vulture strayed near Dead Metal, but escaped only to be pushed into the Dial of Doom, which selected Fog of War again. Vulture escaped onto the flame pit and were hounded by Terrorhurtz, who finished the battle by stacking Vulture into the corner. The fight was sent to a judges' decision, who unanimously voted for Terrorhurtz.

Winner: Terrorhurtz

3rd Place Playoff[]

Track-tion vs Vulture[]

Vulture is withdrawn from the Playoff

Having loaned their opponents a wedge earlier, Team Immersion took it back from Track-tion. However, in the pits, Team Immersion discovered a few pinched wires inside Vulture, which were inaccessible in the short time frame due to the pinched wiring being housed directly below the weapon setup, which was also responsible for causing the damage.

Adam Hamilton: "We've nipped a couple of wires, and that was it."
Dara Ó Briain: "You'd have to completely rebuild it."
Adam Hamilton: "We'd have to take apart the motor"
— Team Immersion explain their reason for withdrawing

This meant Vulture were forced to forfeit the battle, leaving Track-tion victorious by default.

Winner: Track-tion (Vulture withdrew beforehand)

Heat Final[]

Terrorhurtz vs Rapid[]

Rapid uses the Floor Flipper to its advantage

When the robots first met, Rapid slid straight under Terrorhurtz and pushed it back. A second attempt pushed Terrorhurtz onto the floor flipper, which turned it over. As Terrorhurtz tried to self-right, Rapid sat underneath and again deposited Terrorhurtz onto the floor flipper, which was just as effective again. Terrorhurtz failed to self-right a few times, all the while being pushed back by Rapid. Rapid slid under Terrorhurtz, pushing it into Dead Metal.

Terrorhurtz removes Rapid's HDPE panel

Terrorhurtz is almost thrown out of the arena

Rapid chased Terrorhurtz, holding it aloft a couple of times as it became beached on the flipper. Rapid turned near the arena wall, and Terrorhurtz almost landed an axe blow on their opponents. Escaping, Terrorhurtz turned, this time landing the axe on Rapid's flipper, but were pushed back into Dead Metal again. When released, Terrorhurtz were close to the arena wall, and Rapid came very close to flipping their opponents out. Terrorhurtz bounced down in the arena and started chasing Rapid, which was struggling to close the flipper again.

Terrorhurtz missed an axe blow, which allowed Rapid to get underneath it and push across the arena. Terrorhurtz were thrown into the back wall by the flipper, but Rapid had to escape again. Once the flipper was down, Rapid turned and pushed Terrorhurtz onto the floor flipper, which turned it over again.

Dead Metal and Terrorhurtz attack Rapid together

Rapid finally throws Terrorhurtz out

Rapid pushed Terrorhurtz into Dead Metal's CPZ, but the house robot instead trapped Rapid, cutting it with the saw. Terrorhurtz capitalised and slammed in with the axe, pushing Rapid back into Dead Metal. Once free, Rapid shoved Terrorhurtz into the corner, where it was held with the axe stuck in the fired position. Rapid slid under Terrorhurtz and aimed it towards the low wall, driving Terrorhurtz to it, before flipping the robot out of the arena.

Heat Winner: Rapid


  • No competitor in this episode placed any higher than third place in the head-to-heads of the two previous rebooted series. Only Terrorhurtz had previously won a heat across the history of Robot Wars.
  • For the second series running, Terrorhurtz and Rapid appeared in the same heat.
  • This episode marks the second time in the reboot era where the bullet-proof glass walls have been breached.