Heat 4 was the fourth of five qualification episodes to determine the Grand Finalists of Series 10 of Robot Wars. It aired on November 12th, 2017.

Competing robotsEdit


Androne 4000
Attack Crusher
Armour 15mm steel with 6mm wear plastic
Weight 108.6kg
Speed 14mph
Drive NPC t64 motors
Power Electric and hydraulic
Battery 4x LiPo 34v
From: Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Team: David Cullen, Mark Oxlade


Concussion 10
Attack Drum spinner
Armour Titanium, Raex, Polycarbonate
Weight 110kg
Speed 12-15mph
Drive AmpFlow F30-400
Power Electric
Battery 4 x LiPo 6s, 22.2V
From: Wool, Dorset
Team: Tim Rackley, Carl Yeo, Sam Griffin, Nick Oliver
Iron-Awe 6
Iron-awe 6 10
Attack Flipper
Armour 3.2mm Hardened steel
Weight 110kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 2 x 750W motors
Power Electric/pneumatic
Battery 4 x LiPo, 22V
From: Bungay
Team: Gilbert Grimm, Robert Grimm
Nuts 2
Nuts 10
Attack Full-body Flail spinner
Armour 6mm Hardened steel
Weight 110kg
Speed 26mph
Drive A40-300
Power Electric
Battery LiFePo 10Ah
From: Crewkerne, Somerset
Team: Rory Mangles, Alex Shakespeare, Chris Shakespeare
Tauron 10
Attack Bar spinner
Armour 10mm HDPE, 3.2mm HAROOX 450, 4mm HARDOX 500
Weight 110kg
Speed 10-12mph
Drive 2 x NPC-T64 33.3V motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 33V
From: Bedfordshire
Team: Tom Brewster, Tim Brewster
The Kegs
Attack Spinning bars
Armour 2.5mm stainless steel
Weight 109kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 24V, 350W electric bike motors
Power Electric
Battery Drive nickel-metal hydride, 24V
From: Lewes, Sussex
Team: John Frizell, Jonathan Swan, JME Anderson

Round 1Edit

Iron-Awe 6 vs Tauron vs The KegsEdit

Iron-Awe 6 The Kegs

The Kegs cuts open Iron-Awe 6's entanglement cannons

Tauron Mk II vs Iron-Awe 6

Iron-Awe 6 drives over the flame pit

Iron-Awe 6 drove at Tauron Mk 2, ramping it up their wedge, but not flipping. Tauron Mk 2 turned and was hit by the spinner of one of The Kegs, sending the clusterbot spinning away and into Iron-Awe 6, shredding one of the entanglement cannons as Tauron Mk 2 moved in to attack the yellow robot too. Iron-Awe, temporarily stuck on the flame pit, was hit by Tauron Mk 2, as The Kegs drove in, smacking into Tauron Mk 2. Iron-Awe 6 escaped the flame pit into Sir Killalot, before driving across the arena into the other three robots. Tauron Mk 2 were pushed away, and tore up another entanglement cannon as it turned.

"Why no flip?"
Jonathan Pearce notices Iron-Awe 6 not using the flipper
Tauron Kegs 1

Tauron tears a bar spinner from The Kegs

Tauron Kegs 2

Tauron throws The Kegs through the air

Tauron Mk 2 turned away from Iron-Awe 6 and drove at The Kegs, hitting one of the bar spinners and ripping it off. The Kegs' spinner hit the arena high up near the presenters' booth and caused a metal bar on the control room to fall off. The other Kegs clusterbot hit the Dial of Doom, which allowed Sir Killalot to enter the battle, equally picking on all three teams. Tauron Mk 2 avoided Sir Killalot as the house robot attacked Iron-Awe 6, then Tauron Mk 2's bar hit the Kegs clusterbot still with a weapon, causing it to cartwheel through the air. Tauron Mk 2 retreated across the arena to charge up their weapon and were hit by Iron-Awe's charge. Sir Killalot pushed an immobile Kegs onto the Dial of Doom, which released the pit. Tauron Mk 2 chased Iron-Awe 6, hitting the back of the robot, but Iron-Awe 6 kept turning and avoiding the spinner.

Tauron Iron-Awe 6 1

Iron-Awe 6 wedges under Tauron

Tauron Iron-Awe 6 2

Tauron gets stuck on debris

The two separated, and Iron-Awe 6 returned to attack, but misplaced the wedge and were hit a few times by Tauron Mk 2's spinner as it turned. Tauron Mk 2 drove around the arena to get the spinner up to speed, and were chased by the weaponless Iron-Awe 6. Tauron Mk 2 drove headlong into Iron-Awe 6, ramping up the wedge and getting stuck. Sir Killalot moved in and separated the pair. Tauron Mk 2 stayed still and Iron-Awe 6 moved around before stopping. With neither robot moving, the judges agreed that Tauron Mk 2 was immobilised first, so Iron-Awe 6 was declared the winner.

"I thought at the end of the fight that we'd both gone down at the same time so I thought it would go to a judges' decision. I actually deliberately stopped moving because I thought it was game over. But, Iron-Awe moved a bit and we didn't. We were perfectly fine, I drove away at the end."
— Tom Brewster after the fight

Results: Iron-Awe 6, 1st Place. Tauron Mk 2, 2nd Place. The Kegs, 3rd Place.

Androne 4000 vs Concussion vs Nuts 2Edit

Nuts 2 vs Concussion vs Androne 4000

Nuts 2 smashes Concussion's wheel

Androne 4000 immediately set about pressuring Concussion, slamming into the side of the Grand Finalists. Concussion drove away and headed towards Nuts 2, which was spinning on the spot. Concussion were hit by the heavy flails on the end of the chains, right on the wheel hub, bending the hub and rendering the wheel useless.

Concussion androne 4000 round 1

Androne 4000 and Concussion are flipped by the floor flipper

Concussion bounced away and brought the drum up to speed as Androne 4000 moved in, being bounced away by the weapon. Androne 4000 stayed near Concussion as one of the Nuts minibots was flipped by the floor flipper. Nuts used the newly installed Meltybrain technology to move towards the two other robots, slamming into Concussion and Androne 4000. Nuts 2 bounced away, and Androne tried to get Concussion within the crusher. Both drove over the floor flipper, where Androne bounced down, but Concussion were turned over.

Androne 4000 concussion locked together

Androne 4000 and Concussion refuse to separate

Androne 4000 pushed Concussion back, eventually managing to get the crusher down into the baseplate of Concussion. However, it drove over the floor flipper again, and in the process of being flipped, Androne stopped working, with Concussion still trapped. Dead Metal tried to free Concussion, but wasn't able to. Nuts 2 spun up to speed and slowly moved in to attack the immobilised robots.

Results: Nuts 2, 1st Place. Concussion, 2nd Place. Androne 4000, 3rd Place.

Redemption RoundEdit

Concussion vs The KegsEdit

Concussion vs The Kegs

Concussion rips the shell from the first Keg

Both halves of The Kegs split to avoid the drum of Concussion, but the Grand Finalists worked their way back in, tearing apart the clusterbot which still had a working bar spinner in one hit. The beer keg was ripped away from the rest of the robot as it was turned over. Concussion chased the other half of The Kegs, throwing it up in the air, before it landed on the floor flipper, further launching it.

The Kegs vs Concussion

The long-beaten Keg is eviscerated

Sir Killalot vs The Kegs

Sir Killalot holds a Keg over the flame pit

Concussion charged at the armoured Keg through the remains of the other clusterbot, launching both into the air. Concussion finished off the armourless Keg by ripping a wheel off with the final charge. Sir Killalot held one of The Kegs aloft over the flame pit, before Matilda flipped it across the arena. Off-screen, Matilda would later flip one half of The Kegs out of the arena completely, long after 'cease' had been called.

"That is a beast!"
— The Kegs team after the battle

Winner: Concussion

Androne 4000 vs TauronEdit

"Tauron's top armour is made of plastic. Androne 4000 can slice through that like a knife through butter. Will it happen?"
— Jonathan Pearce
Androne 4000 vs tauron

Androne 4000 pushes Tauron Mk 2 into Sir Killalot

Androne 4000 chased Tauron Mk 2 as it escaped to get the weapon up to speed. Tauron Mk 2 turned, and Androne took the hit on its crusher. Androne 4000 recoiled, but turned back and drove into the spinner again, before slipping down the side and pushing Tauron Mk 2 into Sir Killalot. Both escaped and drove around until Androne 4000 pushed Tauron Mk 2 back into Sir Killalot again.

"Into Sir Killalot, good shove there, the push onto Sir Killalot's weaponry... And they come again, really good driving there from Androne 4000 to push Tauron into the Corner Patrol Zone."
— Jonathan Pearce
Tauron vs Androne 4000 2

Tauron damages the aggressive Androne 4000

Androne 4000 went around the side of Tauron Mk 2, pushing them back towards the wall and managing to get the crusher into the top armour of Tauron Mk 2. Both robots drove each other around until they went over the Arena spikes. The spikes fired, allowing Tauron Mk 2's weapon to move into position, striking the side armour of Androne 4000 and lifting its top panel open. With both competitors now stuck together, Sir Killalot hit the two robots to prise them apart; once Androne 4000 retracted its claw, the two machines separated.

"Androne, a newcomer, but Jamie's showing great skill as a first-time driver."
— Jonathan Pearce
Androne 4000 grabs Tauron

Androne 4000 continues to use the House Robots

The two met head on once more, with Androne 4000 managing to stop Tauron Mk 2's spinner and push it back, before sinking its crusher through the latter's weapon assembly. Androne 4000 held Tauron in place as Dead Metal moved in, cutting the back of Tauron Mk 2. Tauron Mk 2 was eventually released, driving away to spin its weapon up while Androne 4000 opened the pit. Androne 4000 gripped the side of Tauron Mk 2, but Tauron Mk 2's spinner hit one of its front forks, throwing the former off the floor again. Tauron Mk 2 proceeded to hit Androne 4000's side again with the spinner, ripping its already-damaged armour further apart.

"They're in real peril here, and they started this Redemption battle so strongly."
— Jonathan Pearce on Androne 4000
Tauron vs Androne 4000 3

The two robots crash into each other

Tauron Mk II vs Androne 4000

Tauron Mk 2 drives over the floor flipper

Once free, the two circled each other until they met head on. Androne 4000 again slid its crusher through Tauron Mk 2's weapon mechanism, grabbing hold of one of Tauron Mk 2's weapon belts and causing it to start smoking. Androne 4000 released Tauron Mk 2, but struggled to move effectively across the arena as a result of the damage sustained. Tauron Mk 2 slammed into Androne 4000 several more times, tearing its weakened armour apart and momentarily launching both robots off the floor with one hit. Tauron Mk 2 hit Androne 4000 one more time, before the latter eventually started moving away again. The two robots momentarily stayed away from each other, before Tauron Mk 2 attempted to lure Androne 4000 into the pit. The Bedfordshire machine drove itself over and got thrown by the Floor Flipper seconds before Cease was called, with the battle going to a Judges' decision. The Judges unanimously ruled Androne 4000 as the winner.

Winner: Androne 4000


Concussion vs Iron-Awe 6Edit

Iron-Awe 6 Concussion 1

Iron-Awe 6 narrowly avoids the axe of Shunt

Concussion Iron-Awe 6

Concussion barrels Iron-Awe 6 over

Iron-Awe 6 slammed into Concussion at the start of the battle, being thrust up by the drum. Concussion pushed Iron-Awe 6 back, turning it around with the drum twice. Iron-Awe 6 barely missed an attack by Shunt, and turned into Concussion, being thrown away by the weapon. Concussion drove in, ripping some armour off the flipper, before turning Iron-Awe 6 over.

"Over go Iron-Awe 6. Gilbert and Robert Grimm's fairy tale about to end in a nightmare!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Dead Metal Iron-Awe 6

Dead Metal cuts into Iron-Awe 6

It became clear that Iron-Awe 6's flipper still wasn't working, as it didn't attempt to self-right. Dead Metal grabbed Iron-Awe 6 and attacked it. Iron-Awe 6 were left to be counted out on the flame pit, while Concussion delivered some late hits Iron-Awe 6 as Cease was called, securing its knockout victory.

Winner: Concussion

Androne 4000 vs Nuts 2Edit

Nuts 2 vs Androne 4000

Nuts 2 smashes into Androne 4000's hydraulics

The minibots of Nuts 2 drove at Androne 4000, hoping to run underneath the robot and cause it mobility issues. Androne 4000 drove towards the already spinning Nuts 2 where it was hit by the flails. The flails ripped a hose off the weapon of Androne 4000, which started spewing hydraulic fluid all over the arena. Nuts 2 were trapped by Dead Metal, but managed to escape.

"I've never seen arterial spray from a robot before."
Dara Ó Briain
Androne 4000 hydraulic fluid spurts out

Androne 4000 spurts hydraulic fluid

Androne 4000 vs nuts 2 floor flipper

The floor flipper immobilises Androne 4000 again

Androne 4000 drove across the arena towards Nuts, and tried retracting the crusher. However, this just sent a spray of fluid high into the air. Nuts 2 stayed near the floor flipper, and Androne drove onto the arena hazard and were flipped over. Androne 4000 were left upside-down and counted out.

"It was quite exciting driving on an oily slick. Nuts is very difficult to drive as it is, but with oily wheels it becomes very undriveable and very drifty."
— Rory Mangles

Winner: Nuts 2

3rd Place PlayoffEdit

Androne 4000 vs Iron-Awe 6Edit

Iron-Awe 6 Androne 4000

Iron-Awe 6 wedges under Androne 4000

Iron-Awe 6 slipped straight under Androne 4000 but failed to use the flipper again. Iron-Awe 6 pushed Androne 4000 onto the floor flipper, but it didn't fire, so Iron-Awe pushed Androne into Matilda, who ripped a small chunk out of Androne 4000. Androne 4000 drove over Iron-Awe 6, but stayed on its wheels.

Iron-Awe 6 Androne 4000 3

Matilda's flywheel threatens Iron-Awe 6

Androne 4000 stayed away from Iron-Awe 6 for a while until they met, and skirted around each other, both failing to use their weapons. Both avoided Matilda for a second time, and both pushed each other onto the flame pit. Iron-Awe slipped under Androne 4000 and pushed it to the CPZ, where Matilda tried to flip Androne 4000 over, but missed.

"Dodging away, both of them. They know what's at stake. Androne has had repairs, good control though. Aggressive driving from the first timers, but without a weapon, this is a battle of attrition really."
— Jonathan Pearce
Iron-Awe 6 Androne 4000 2

Androne 4000 is pitted

Iron-Awe 6 pushed Androne 4000 into the Pit release. Iron-Awe 6 attempted multiple times to pit Androne 4000, but didn't get close enough to avoid falling in the pit themselves. Androne 4000 nearly managed to turn into Iron-Awe 6, but it escaped and took a large hit from Matilda's flywheel. After running around the arena, Iron-Awe 6 again tried to line up a charge on Androne, but this time were sent flying by Matilda's flipping tusks, luckily bouncing down on its wheels. Eventually, Iron-Awe 6 managed to push Androne 4000 into the pit, securing their place in the 10 Robot Rumble.

"Iron-Awe 6 knew what they were doing - they were on top. Androne 4000 took too much damage in the previous battle. Edged onto the Pit, and over she goes."
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Iron-Awe 6

Heat FinalEdit

Concussion vs Nuts 2Edit


Concussion adds some wheelguards before the fight.

"You don't want those big hefty flails coming in, so we've got some very sacrificial bits of polycarb[onate sheet] just to take that first hit."
— Tim Rackley describes the temporary wheelguards added to Concussion to stop a repeat of the Round 1 immobilisation.

Having attached wheelguards, dubbed "The Nut Busters", to their robot, Concussion drove in at Nuts 2 while it spun up to speed, taking some hits on the Nut Busters. Concussion drove onto the floor flipper and were thrown into Nuts 2. Concussion turned, circling Nuts and taking hits and were thrown by the floor flipper for a second time, this time turning Concussion over.

Nuts 2 vs Concussion

Nuts 2 spins into Concussion

Concussion rolled around and into Nuts 2, which bounced back and hit both its minibots. However, Concussion were stuck upside-down, as the Nut Buster's stopped the wheels gaining traction. Concussion spun the drum up to speed, and started lifting up with the gyroscopic forces, but being unable to turn itself over. Stuck upside-down, Concussion were sitting ducks as Nuts moved in with the Meltybrain system, bouncing Concussion away and into Shunt. Shunt axed the base of Concussion as Nuts 2 clipped it with the flail a few times.

Minibot vs Concussion

The hindered Concussion is counted out

Concussion gained enough movement to manoeuvre itself onto the spikes, where it was lifted up by them. Nuts 2 ripped a Nut Buster off the upturned Concussion, as a minibot slid under Concussion, restricting its movement even more, and allowing Shunt to hit Concussion with the axe. Nuts 2 kept spinning the weapon into Concussion, who were immobilised and eliminated.

Heat Winner: Nuts 2


  • As Carbide, Eruption and Aftershock had been placed in Episode 2, this was the only other heat to feature a returning heat winner from Series 9, in this case Concussion.
  • Originally, Triforce was to compete in this heat, but after it was forced to withdraw, it was replaced by the reserve Tauron.
  • This is the only heat in Series 10 to feature a robot returning from the classic series that wasn't in either series of the reboot, Iron-Awe 6.

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