Heat 3 of Robot Wars: Series 8, titled Flip Happens in US airings, was the third of five heats which determined the finalists of Robot Wars: Series 8. The episode featuring Heat 3 was originally broadcast on 7th August 2016 on BBC Two.

The episode's original broadcast on BBC Two managed to attract 1.78 million viewers, a decrease of 560,000 viewers when compared with the previous episode. Highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics were considered to be a key factor for the low rating. By twenty-eight days, it managed to reach 1.97 million viewers, a decrease of 450,000 viewers when compared with Heat 2. According to BARB, this meant it ranked twelfth in the top thirty highest rated BBC Two broadcasts during 1-7 August, between The Mystery of Van Gogh's Ear and The 80s with Dominic Sandbrook.

Competing robotsEdit


Weight 105kg
Weapons Pneumatic axe
Defence Grade 5 Titanium
From Wrexham, North Wales
Team: James Baker, April, Rachel Prince, Marc Brimfield
Overdozer un official
Weight 86kg
Weapons Petrol strimmer
Defence MDF wood
From Falkirk, Scotland
Team: Nicholas White, Jonathan Young, Fhinnian McIvor
TR2 S8 alone
Weight 105.35kg
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Defence Hardened steel
From Gateshead
Team: Alex Brown, Clive Brown, Wendy Brown


Big Nipper 2016
Big Nipper
Weight 110kg
Weapons Gripper lifter/Spinner
Defence Titanium armour
From Leeds
Team: Graeme Dawson, Mark Lumb, Glyn Dawson
Dantomkia 2016
Weight 108kg
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Defence Armour steel
From Wolverhampton
Team: Shane Swan, Stuart Barnwell, Kevin Tonry, Aimee Burch
King b remix
King B Remix
Weight 100kg
Weapons Ramming spikes
Defence Polycarbonate armour
From Portsmouth
Team: Simon Harrison, Grant Hornsby, Martin Slattery, Natsuko Hori
Or Te
Weight 95kg
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Defence Grade 5 Titanium
From Brighton
Team: Ian Watts, Sam Watts, James Crawford, Jennie Barker
Supernova 2016
Weight 94kg
Weapons 2500rpm spinner
Defence Aluminium armour
From Wallington, Surrey
Team: Suren Balendran, Nishani Balendran, Thuvaaragen Balendran, Renuka Ranichandran

Round 1Edit

Dantomkia vs Glitterbomb vs King B Remix vs OverdozerEdit

Originally, Armakillo was intended to fight in this battle in place of Overdozer, but after its withdrawal, the wooden machine took its place.

King B vs Overdozer

King B Remix immobilises Overdozer

Glitterbomb axes Dantomkia

Glitterbomb axes Dantomkia

Overdozer spun around to try and get its blade into action, but contact from Glitterbomb and King B Remix bent the arm it was on. Dantomkia got underneath Glitterbomb and pushed it away, but didn't attempt a flip and got hit by the axe of Glitterbomb as they escaped. King B Remix was attacking Overdozer, and as a piece of debris flew away, Overdozer ground to a halt. King B pushed the now immobilised Overdozer towards the edge of the arena and went to join Dantomkia and Glitterbomb, who had its axe stuck in the 'fired' position.

"Well they didn't last long did they, Overdozer? We didn't think they would, but we thought they'd be better than that! They were rubbish, and they will be consigned to the rubbish pit I should think!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Dantomkia flips Overdozer

Dantomkia's highest flip in Robot Wars

Dantomkia flips glitterbomb

Dantomkia flips Glitterbomb over

King B Remix bounced off the side of Glitterbomb and flipped itself over before having another hit while Glitterbomb charged at the immobile Overdozer. Glitterbomb started spinning on the spot to use the axe as a rudimentary club, smacking King B Remix out of the way, but Dantomkia came in and flipped Glitterbomb over. With the axe returned to the upright position, it was able to fire again, and combined with a shove from King B Remix, was able to right itself. Dantomkia focused on attacking the immobile Overdozer, flipping it high into the air. King B Remix was still pushing Glitterbomb around, so Dantomkia drove in and flipped Glitterbomb over finally. In the dying seconds, Dantomkia used its flipper to rip the MDF armour of Overdozer off.

Pieces of Overdozer

Dantomkia removes the armour from Overdozer

Overdozer Remains

The remains of Overdozer

Dara Ó Briain: "What is yours [Dantomkia] built with?"
Stuart Barnwell: "Treated Military-style Steel"
Dara Ó Briain: "Treated Military-style Steel. Let's bear that in mind as I turn to our other team. I think we've learned an important lesson today, haven't we, on the value of MDF, as shelving."
— Dara Ó Briain and the Dantomkia team discuss the weak armour of Overdozer

Qualified: Dantomkia & King B Remix

Big Nipper vs Or Te vs Supernova vs TR2Edit

Or Te KO

Or Te is knocked out in one hit

Big Nipper vs Supernova

Big Nipper and Supernova collide

Or Te instantly drove into the disc of Supernova, hoping to stop it spinning up. Big Nipper came in and pushed Or Te slightly while Supernova stayed pointing the other way. It turned around, and a glancing blow on the front of Or Te sent the grey robot spinning across the Arena, knocking its link out and immobilising it. In the same impact, one of the teeth from Supernova's disc was sheared off, causing gyroscopic problems due to the high speed flywheel being imbalanced. Supernova charged across the arena and hit Big Nipper flywheel-to-flywheel, which sent Big Nipper spinning away.

Tr2 vs supernova

TR2 pushes Supernova around the arena

Supernova near pit

TR2 drives Supernova towards the pit

Supernova got caught on the wedge of TR2, who pushed it around the arena for a while, but didn't ever flip it. TR2 shoved Supernova into the pit release button, and as Supernova escaped, Big Nipper hit it disc-to-disc again. TR2 got underneath Supernova again and drove it towards the pit, but Supernova was balanced on its side and stayed out.

"Well how difficult is it to control these machines, I wonder? Very difficult if you've got a gyroscopic effect created by a 2500rpm spinning disc, there, for Suren in charge of Supernova."
— Jonathan Pearce as Supernova skirts past the pit of oblivion
Big Nipper near escape

Big Nipper only just escapes the pit


Supernova spins into the pit

Big Nipper came charging in, and mistimed a hit on TR2, which finally buckled its disc mounting and left it teetering on the edge of the pit, escaping by the smallest fraction. TR2 tipped Supernova onto its side again, and the disc gripped into the floor and drove Supernova into the pit, eliminating it from the competition.

Dara Ó Briain: "That was fantastic, you looked really powerful out there!"
Alex Brown: "Yeah, well we had a bit of a problem from the start. We didn't have the flipper and the axe working - we had no pneumatics."
Dara Ó Briain: "So you just drove them and smashed them and that was all it took?"
Alex Brown: "Yep."
Dara Ó Briain: "Fantastic, how good are you going to be when it gets to Head-to-Head?"
Alex Brown: "Who knows? Hopefully better!"
— Alex Brown explains the deficiencies TR2 had to cope with

Qualified: Big Nipper & TR2


Dantomkia vs King B RemixEdit

Dantomkia vs king b remix

King B Remix buckles the flipper of Dantomkia

Dantomkia vs king b remix 1

Dantomkia is caught and lifted by the spikes


Dantomkia flips King B Remix onto the wall


Matilda sends King B Remix out of the arena

The two robots evaded each others' weapons at the start, until King B Remix hit Dantomkia with a small charge. Dantomkia escaped but got caught on the Arena Spikes. King B Remix stayed back until Dantomkia was released, but struggled to get any form of meaningful attack in afterwards. Dantomkia managed to get underneath King B Remix a few times, but eventually got a good grip on it and drove it towards the pit release wall and flipped King B Remix up.

"Well one mistake by King B Remix - they opened themselves up to the flip, and they're not going to get out from there. That is brilliant driving by Dantomkia."
— Jonathan Pearce

King B Remix was wedged on the wall, and despite a few movements with the lifter, it was stuck there. Matilda came in and finished it off by flipping King B Remix out of the arena with her tusks.

Winner: Dantomkia via KO (3 points)

Big Nipper vs TR2Edit

TR2 vs Big Nipper

TR2 launches Big Nipper through the air

Dead metal vs big nipper

Dead Metal slices into Big Nipper

After sustaining damage to the disc in Round 1, Big Nipper swapped in its claw weapon. Big Nipper were initially able to get its claws in underneath TR2, but didn't manage to do anything with them. TR2 drove around the side of Big Nipper, got underneath it and drove towards the wall, flipping Big Nipper over. Big Nipper escaped, but TR2 again flipped Big Nipper, this time into the claws of Dead Metal. TR2 spent time around the side of Big Nipper, every so often flipping it back into the disc of Dead Metal when it escaped his clutches.

"They've repaired the CO2 supply - have they got enough of it to keep up this punishing pace in the Robot Wars arena?"
— Jonathan Pearce as TR2 starts strong

TR2 flips Big Nipper into Dead Metal

TR2 vs Big Nipper 2

Big Nipper's poor driving is punished by TR2

Big Nipper evaded Dead Metal and tried to launch an attack on TR2, but after the pit was opened, Big Nipper misjudged a turn and was once again balanced on the edge of the pit. TR2 wasted no time at all in making sure it didn't escape again, pushing Big Nipper into the pit, scoring three points.

Winner: TR2 via KO (3 points)

Dantomkia vs TR2Edit

Dantomkia vs TR2 H2H

TR2 flips Dantomkia

Dantomkia vs TR2

Dantomkia flips TR2

The two robots met in the middle of the arena, and scouted each other out, trying to work out which one was lowest. TR2 managed to get in under the side of Dantomkia, but the yellow robot managed to escape before TR2 flipped. Dantomkia travelled to the side, as TR2 drove in and flipped Dantomkia over. Dantomkia self-righted with it flipper and ran away again, but TR2 flipped Dantomkia a second time, hard into the wall, but Dantomkia quickly self-righted.

TR2 vs Dantomkia

The knockout flip from TR2

TR2 axe

A celebratory attack with the "bum axe"

The two robots met in the centre of the arena, and this time Dantomkia got underneath TR2, flipping the black robot, but it stayed on its wheels. TR2 chased Dantomkia and flipped it over again, but once again, Dantomkia was back on its wheels almost instantly.

"This is a really good contest, isn't it? It's flipping fantastic for me!"
— Jonathan Pearce

However, as TR2 started to push Dantomkia, it became apparent that Dantomkia had become immobilised, so when TR2 made the flip, Dantomkia stayed motionless upside down. TR2 backed up and attempted to use its axe.

"It's the first time we've been able to use the bum axe on anybody"
— The TR2 team explain their reversing tactics at the end.

Winner: TR2 via KO (3 points)

Big Nipper vs King B RemixEdit

Dara Ó Briain : "What are you gong to do to him? [King B Remix]"
Graeme Dawson: "He's going home in a bin-bag!"
— Big Nipper's ominous pre-battle promise.
Big Nipper arena spike

Big Nipper is caught by the arena spike

Big Nipper spiked

The pinned Big Nipper is attacked by King B Remix

Big Nipper reverted back to its spinning disc for this battle. King B Remix instantly went for the pit release button and turned to try and push Big Nipper straight into the pit. After evading the attack, Big Nipper circled the arena to get its disc up to speed, but got caught on an Arena spike. King B Remix was placed right underneath Big Nipper when it was dropped, and charged towards the pit, but Big Nipper again escaped before falling in.

"We haven't seen anything, really, of that 20 kilo spinning disc. Get it started! Get it causing damage! This is what we want to see! And I think it is causing damage now!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Big Nipper's weapon finally gets going
Big Nipper vs King B Remix

A huge blow throws King B Remix into the air

Big Nipper celebrates

Big Nipper celebrates its win

Big Nipper stayed away from the pit and started hitting King B Remix with the disc. King B Remix tried to push Big Nipper back, but chunks of the armour started flying high. King B Remix managed to push Big Nipper back, but it turned and a hit near the wheel flung King B Remix up. Big Nipper turned around and hit the same spot, throwing King B Remix higher and immobilising it.

Winner: Big Nipper via KO (3 points)

King B Remix vs TR2Edit

Tr2 vs king b remix

TR2 flips King B Remix

TR2 vs King B

TR2 throws King B Remix into the wall

King B Remix smashed into TR2 right from the start, but rode simply up the flipper. It drove off, but TR2 came back and drove it across the arena before flipping it into one of the corner walls. TR2 took two attempts to flip King B Remix over, before again getting underneath King B Remix and flipping it over.

Killalot King B

Sir Killalot roasts King B Remix

TR2 vs King B Remix

King B Remix is pitted

TR2 pushed King B Remix towards one of the low walls and tried to flip the invertible robot out, but it didn't go high enough, so it flipped King B Remix into Sir Killalot. Sir Killalot picked King B Remix up and dropped it over the flame pit while TR2 opened the pit.

"Oh no - surely not, no. Not the flame pit, please. That's cruel, that's horrible, and I tell you what, we love it!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot roasts King B Remix over the flame pit

King B Remix's lifter was still moving, but its drive seemed to stop, so TR2 slowly edged it towards the pit, eventually flipping it down.

Winner: TR2 via KO (3 points)

Big Nipper vs DantomkiaEdit

Dantomkia vs Big Nipper H2H

Dantomkia flips Big Nipper

Killalot picks up big nipper

Big Nipper is held by Sir Killalot

With both robots equal on points, the winner of the battle would advance to the Heat Final. Both robots avoided each other initially, but Dantomkia was first to strike, comfortably flipping the invertible Big Nipper up. Once settled on the ground, Big Nipper tried to get the disc in action, but was pushed back into Sir Killalot's CPZ by Dantomkia. Sir Killalot tried to grip Big Nipper, but it was too quick in escaping, and drove straight onto the flipper of Dantomkia, who flipped it over.

Dantomkia vs big nipper flamepit

Dantomkia pushes Big Nipper onto the flamepit

Killcam killot caught on the side wall

Sir Killalot is caught via his lance on the side wall while tangling with Big Nipper

Dantomkia managed to guide Big Nipper back into Sir Killalot's CPZ, and the House Robot wasted no time in getting a firm grasp of Big Nipper, and lifting it into the air. Once released, the two robots started circling each other all over the arena, until Dantomkia pushed Big Nipper into Sir Killalot again. Big Nipper got away and slammed into the front of Dantomkia, damaging the tip of its flipper. Dantomkia employed the same tactic, again pushing Big Nipper into Sir Killalot. However, in trying to pin Big Nipper to the wall, Sir Killalot's lance punched through the wall, trapping the House Robot in place.

"Oh man! You're in a jam! You're stuck onto the arena wall, Sir Killalot! Wham, bam, you need to get out of that jam!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot traps himself in the arena wall
Dantomkia flips big nipper

Dantomkia throws Big Nipper high into the air

Big Nipper vs Dantomkia

Big Nipper tears off the end of Dantomkia's flipper

Big Nipper eventually freed itself, but became a prime target for Dantomkia, who slammed it into the wall and tossed it high into the air. Dantomkia shoved Big Nipper into the wall on the other side of the arena and nearly into the grasp of Dead Metal. Big Nipper escaped and slammed disc first into Dantomkia, ripping the base plate of the flipper off. The two robots circled each other for the last few seconds. The judges unanimously gave the victory to Dantomkia.

Winner: Dantomkia via Judges' decision (2 points)

Final TableEdit

Robot Points
TR2 9
Dantomkia 5
Big Nipper 3
King B Remix 0

Heat FinalEdit

TR2 vs DantomkiaEdit

"If it's a good as the first battle between the two, this could be sensational!"
— Jonathan Pearce
TR2 vs Dantomkia Final

TR2 is thrown by the floor flipper

Dantomkia flipped by tr2 heat final

TR2 flips Dantomkia into the side wall

Both robots tentatively moved near each other at the start, but TR2 was first underneath. The pit was opened as TR2 pushed Dantomkia around. TR2 strayed near the floor flipper, and was thrown over by the arena hazard. Dantomkia took advantage of the situation to get in a flip. Matilda tried to flip TR2, but it was as she spun around and Dantomkia strayed in, that the yellow robot took a blow to the side from the flywheel.

"Oh this is worthy battle - this is worthy of the Grand Final itself, and the winners go through to that Grand Final!"
— Jonathan Pearce
TR2 vs Dantomkia Final 2

Dantomkia is launched by TR2

Dantomkia Floor Flipper

The floor flipper decides the outcome

TR2 stayed near, and when Dantomkia rode up on the wedge, pushed it into Matilda's flywheel again. TR2 pushed Dantomkia effortlessly around the arena and flipped it over. Dantomkia flipped itself onto the wall, but as it tried to fall back down, was hit by Matilda's flywheel. TR2 stayed near and after a few weakened flips, Dantomkia managed to drop back onto its wheels. Matilda slammed into Dantomkia, and it became apparent that the flipper on Dantomkia had been broken by the hits from the flywheel. Dantomkia tried to sit-and-spin, but TR2 pushed it onto the floor flipper, which sent Dantomkia onto it back. With Dantomkia upside-down and unable to move, TR2 used it as a chance to try and flip it out of the arena, but the flip wasn't powerful enough.

TR2 qualified for the Grand Final, while receiving unsportsmanlike insults from Team S.Tek in the post-match interview.

Heat Winner: TR2


  • Despite the lack of seedings or reference to the previous series, all five heats of Series 8 featured a semi-finalist from the Seventh Wars. In Heat 3, it was Dantomkia.
  • This episode marked the third time within two series that Dantomkia and King Buxton fought in a first-round melee together, and the second time in a row that they qualified together in the main competition.
  • Heat 3 marked the first time in the series that the winner qualified without losing a battle, or without having a Judges' decision.
  • Armakillo was supposed to compete in the first battle of the episode, while Doomba was intended to compete in the second[1], but both withdrew, and were replaced with Overdozer and TR2 respectively.
  • Half of the competing robots in Heat 3 were light enough to fit within Series 5-7's 100kg weight limit.
  • Shunt made no appearance in any of the battles in this episode.
  • Monte and Turbulence from the pilot episode made cameo appearances.
    • Armakillo episode 3

      Armakillo makes a cameo

      Withdrawal from this episode Armakillo made a second cameo appearance in two episodes.
  • This episode marked one of the few times that two FRA champions fought each other, with TR2 and Big Nipper.


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