The Grand Final was the last episode of Robot Wars: Series 9, featuring the five winners of the previous qualifying episodes, plus a sixth wildcard entry, to determine the new Robot Wars champion. It aired two weeks after the previous episode due to a clash with The Masters golf tournament on BBC Two[1].

The original broadcast on BBC Two drew in 1.05 million people in overnight viewers.


Heat WinnersEdit

Aftershock (Winner of Heat 1)
Attack Vertical Spinner
Armour 15mm/6mm Hardened Steel, 12mm Polycarbonate
Weight 95 - 105kg
Speed 15mph
Drive 2 x Brushed motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 10Ah
From: Reading & Gravesend
Team: Will Thomas, Ian Thomas
Eruption (Winner of Heat 2)
Attack Flipper
Armour 4mm/3.22m Hardened Steel with 10mm Absorbent Panels
Weight 109kg
Speed 13mph
Drive 2 x 750w motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 25.9V
From: Warrington
Team: Michael Oates, Adrian Oates
Concussion (Winner of Heat 3)
Attack Drum spinner
Armour Hardened Steel/Aluminium
Weight 110kg
Speed 15-20mph
Drive 750w Brushed DC Motor
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 14.8V
From: Wool, Dorset
Team: Tim Rackley, Carl Yeo, Sam Griffin, Nick Oliver
Ironside3 (Winner of Heat 4)
Attack Spinning Bar
Armour 5mm Wear-Resistant Steel
Weight 109kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 2 x 22V Brushed Motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 22V
From: Nottingham
Team: Trevor Wright, Adam Lewis, Louise Hemstock, Patricia Wright
Carbide (Winner of Heat 5)
Carbide S9
Attack Spinner
Armour 5mm Military Grade Steel, 8mm Titanium
Weight 110kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 2 x 4.3Hp Motors
Power Electric
Battery Lithium-Polymer, 58.8V
From: The Midlands
Team: Dave Moulds, Sam Smith


Apollo S9
Attack Flipper
Armour Hardened Steel and HDPE
Weight 108kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 2 x 1.2Kw 24v Motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo, 29V
From: Conwy, North Wales
Team: Dave Young, Marc Dermott

NOTE: Apollo was chosen by the Judges from the available selection of itself, Sabretooth, Cherub, Thor and Pulsar.

Round 1Edit

Eruption vs Aftershock vs ApolloEdit

Apollo vs Aftershock

Apollo hurls Aftershock across the arena...

Eruption vs Aftershock vs Apollo

...and into Eruption

Eruption and Apollo immediately charged at each other as Aftershock waited, with Apollo driving around the closed pit panel in an attempt to dodge both of its opponents. Apollo then got underneath and flipped Aftershock, with Aftershock ricocheting off the floor and landing on Eruption. Aftershock and Apollo bumped into each other again as Eruption stayed away, only for Apollo and Eruption to get themselves wedged underneath two individual floor panels, themselves damaged by Aftershock's initial landing.
Apollo floorboards

Apollo gets wedged underneath the floor...

Aftershock vs Apollo vs Eruption + floorboards

...leaving it vulnerable to an attack from Aftershock

"That's not fair. I'm stuck on the arena!"
— Dave Young spots the damaged floor just before the Group Battle is stopped.

Aftershock hit Apollo's back end seconds later, almost flipping it forward, with 'cease' being called just as Eruption drove underneath Apollo's side. The battle was stopped while repairs to the arena floor were carried out, with all three robots agreeing to resume the battle without having their weapons or batteries recharged or repaired.

Aftershock vs apollo

Aftershock launches Apollo towards the Arena Tyre

On the restart, Aftershock backed a short distance towards the Arena Tyre, with Apollo and Eruption driving tentatively around it. Seconds later, Apollo and Aftershock drove head-on into each other, with Aftershock's disc launching Apollo into the Arena Tyre and immobilising it instantly. CO2 leaked from the badly-damaged Apollo as it was counted out, with the pit descending and both Aftershock and Eruption driving around each other until 'cease' was called for the second time.

Dara Ó Briain: "[Apollo] – is there any - will we see it again, I wonder?"
Dave Young: "Not in that exact formation, it will get changed. The spinners that are coming in are absolutely incredible, so we need to make sure we can take those impacts."
Dara Ó Briain: "Ladies and gentlemen, a final goodbye to Apollo – give them a round of applause!"
— Dara Ó Briain and Dave Young discuss Apollo's elimination

In the pits, the Eruption team found that its flipper had been twisted by the impact with Aftershock, which required straightening before the Head-to-Heads.

Qualified: Aftershock & Eruption

Carbide vs Ironside3 vs ConcussionEdit

Carbide vs Concussion

Carbide sends Concussion spinning

Carbide vs Ironside3 selfrighter

Carbide damages Ironside3's srimech

Concussion immediately reversed to hit the Arena Tyre and activate the pit, but Carbide pursued and hit it from the side, sending Concussion spinning away and immobilising it on one side. Meanwhile, Ironside 3 backed and turned away to get its weapon spinning, before having its rear panel and srimech damaged by Carbide as it attempted to dodge the latter. This attack sent Ironside3 spinning over the Flame Pit, before it turned and hit Concussion's drum seconds later.

"Concussion in trouble here... and the other teams are moving in for the kill."
Jonathan Pearce as Carbide and Ironside3 jointly attack Concussion
Ironside3 vs Concussion

Carbide and Ironside3 surround Concussion

Concussion Shunt

Shunt rams Concussion against the wall

Carbide and Ironside3 continued attacking Concussion's front and sides, with Concussion eventually becoming immobilised after Carbide sent it spinning into the Arena Tyre. Shunt axed Concussion's top panel and rammed it into the wall while it was being counted out, with Carbide and Ironside3 shuffling back and forth and avoiding each other until 'cease' was called.

Qualified: Carbide & Ironside3


Eruption vs Ironside3Edit

Due to the damage inflicted to it by Carbide in their Group Battle, Team Outlaw removed Ironside3's srimech and replaced its rear panel before this battle, rendering it unable to self-right if it was flipped.

Eruption vs Ironside3

Eruption throws Ironside3 into the air

Ironside3 vs Eruption

Ironside3 recoils onto its back

Ironside3 immediately turned away from an approaching Eruption, which chased Ironside3 across the arena and clouted it side-on as the latter tried to get its weapon spinning. Eruption drove underneath Ironside3's back end before flipping itself over, only to throw Ironside3 a considerable distance into an empty CPZ. Another charge from Eruption allowed it to deflect Ironside3’s spinner, before Ironside3 drove across the arena in an attempt to lure the chasing Eruption.

"And Ironside3 now tactically running away..."
— Jonathan Pearce after Eruption throws and deflects Ironside3
Ironside 3 over and out

Ironside3 is unable to self-right due to the damaged srimech

However, Eruption got underneath Ironside3 again inside another CPZ, with Ironside3's spinner hitting the floor and causing it to recoil into the wall. Ironside3 landed on its back, and was immediately counted out. Eruption secured the full three points, but not without having its flipper bent by Ironside3's spinner in the process.

"Ironside3's earlier damage has cost them so dearly! Into flip, up it went, bounced - that was okay, still right-side up. But here, over, and I'm afraid... out."
— Jonathan Pearce on Ironside3's defeat

Winner: Eruption via KO (3 points)

Aftershock vs CarbideEdit

Carbide vs aftershock 1

Carbide rips off one of Aftershock's side panels

"This next fight I think is the one everyone's wanted to see. It's big horizontal spinner versus big vertical spinner, and I think between us we've dished out some of the biggest hits this year."
— Will Thomas

For this battle, Team Shock equipped Aftershock with its vertical bar spinner, in an attempt to minimise the chances of Carbide hitting it, and maximise its own chances of hitting Carbide.

Carbide vs aftershock 2

Carbide attacks the immobile Aftershock...

"Hold on to your hats! The two most powerful spinners in the history of Robot Wars are about to enter the arena."
— Dara Ó Briain
Aftershock panel embedded in wall

... causing one of their side panels to tear through the arena wall

Both robots collided head-on in the opening seconds, with Aftershock spinning as Carbide ripped one of its side panels off. Aftershock charged into Carbide again, sparks flying as their spinning weapons hit each other again, but the attack immobilised Aftershock, leaving it vulnerable to more attacks from Carbide even as the latter was briefly axed by Shunt at one point. One of Carbide's attacks resulted in one of Aftershock's side panels being ripped off and tearing through one of the polycarbonate wall panels, a feat which stunned the hosts and both teams when they inspected the damage for themselves after the battle.

Winner: Carbide via KO (3 points)

Eruption vs CarbideEdit

Eruption vs Carbide H2H

Eruption deflects one of Carbide's initial blows

Carbide vs Eruption H2H

Sparks fly as Carbide and Eruption collide

Eruption charged straight into Carbide, deflecting Carbide's spinner and sending it spinning across the arena. Seconds later, it deflected Carbide a second time, then a third, before Carbide hit one of its anti-spinner plates and ruptured the CO2 system for its flipper. Carbide immobilised Eruption completely with another hit, before hitting its side, with Eruption flipping itself and landing on top of Carbide's spinner just as it was being counted out. Eruption had one of its top spikes ripped off by Carbide in the process, and was left on its back until 'cease' was called.

"No flips, no hope. Going, going, gone!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Eruption is counted out

Winner: Carbide via KO (3 points)

Ironside3 vs AftershockEdit

Aftershock vs ironside 3

Ironside3 rips through Aftershock's armour and chassis

Aftershock vs ironside 3 2

Ironside3 cartwheels through the air after an impact with Aftershock's bar spinner

After an extensive and frantic rebuild, including having buckets of cold water poured over its chassis to cool it down quickly enough, Aftershock entered the arena with its bar spinner, and top panels stuck to the chassis with gaffer tape. This battle was also essential for maintaining Ironside3's chance of progressing to the final, where it needed to win in order to remain in contention.

"Aftershock have gone into the arena with sticky-back plastic tape. Are you sure?"
— Jonathan Pearce observes Team Shock's repairs to Aftershock as the Head-to-Head commences
Aftershock sparks

Aftershock's weapon motor burns out

In the opening seconds, Aftershock chased Ironside3 across the arena as the latter attempted to get its spinner up to speed, before both robots hit each other with their weapons. The impact launched Ironside3 and tore parts of Aftershock's chassis out of shape, before a second hit from Aftershock sent Ironside3 wildly spinning into the air. Ironside3 landed on its wheels near the closed pit, while sparks engulfed Aftershock as its weapon motor failed and caused its bar spinner to stop working.

Aftershock flipped by spike

The battered Aftershock is flipped over by an arena spike

In spite of this, Aftershock charged into Ironside3 twice, briefly stopping Ironside3's spinner and sending debris flying both times, before chasing Ironside3 across the arena as the latter struggled to get its weapon spinning. Another head-on collision ensued, resulting in both robots spinning and Aftershock being flipped over by an arena spike. With Aftershock’s weapon disabled, it was left unable to self-right, and Ironside3 celebrated its victory by driving and spinning around in circles until the airhorn sounded.

Dara Ó Briain: "That was great. That was a really good fight, and it wasn't how I expected it to end, but - "
Ian Thomas: "The arena had its revenge."
Dara Ó Briain: "It did, it did!"
— The post-battle interview

As a result, Ironside3 scored three points to tie with Eruption and remain in contention for the Grand Final. Meanwhile, Aftershock required more extensive repairs to its chassis and weapon before its final Head-to-Head.

Winner: Ironside3 via KO (3 points)

Carbide vs Ironside3Edit

Carbide vs ironside 3

Carbide and Ironside3's weapons clash

Carbide drove straight towards Ironside3 as the latter tried to evade, hitting the armour underneath Ironside3's spinner a few times and causing Ironside3 to slice through the wall. Ironside3 drove away and spun round as Carbide gave chase, the two robots' bar spinners sending a shower of sparks flying as they hit each other and Ironside3 rebounded onto – and was thrown by - the Floor Flipper. Carbide hit Ironside3 several more times in rapid succession, eventually disabling Ironside3's weapon as the latter drove around the arena to avoid it.

"One little scratch so far. Big bash! Ironside3... worn down into submission!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide repeatedly attacks Ironside3
Carbide KOs ironside 3

Carbide immobilises Ironside3 in a shower of sparks

Another side-on hit from Carbide sent Ironside3 spinning into Shunt’s CPZ, where Ironside3 was axed by the House Robot and immobilised by Carbide as it tried to escape. Carbide approached Ironside3 and waited beside it for the count-out to be completed, emphatically securing its place in the Grand Final with nine points. However, in doing so, it sustained damage to its weapon shaft, and Sam Smith expressed concerns about it losing drive and weapon power towards the end of the battle.

Winner: Carbide via KO (3 points)

Eruption vs AftershockEdit

Eruption vs aftershock

Eruption comes close to flipping Aftershock out of the arena

Before this battle, Eruption and Ironside3 were tied on three points each. A knock-out victory for Aftershock would possibly enable it to equalise both robots on points and remain in contention for a place in the Grand Final. After using its bar spinner for the previous two Head-to-Heads, Aftershock also refitted its vertical disc for this battle.

Immediately, the two robots circled around each other, with Eruption getting underneath Aftershock before pushing and flipping it into the Arena Tyre. Aftershock clipped the tyre and the arena floor as it landed on its disc, triggering 'Rogue House Robot' mode and causing the battle to be stopped immediately due to the damage it caused to the floor.

Eruption vs aftershock 2

Aftershock attacks Eruption

Michael Oates: "They killed the floor again?"
Adrian Oates: "Oh, Will!"
Will Thomas: "Down here!"
— Team Eruption and Team Shock notice the damage done to the arena floor

Both teams agreed to restart the battle even with the damaged floor, and as before, Eruption and Aftershock circled and nudged each other as the battle resumed. Eruption reversed itself onto an arena spike and was flipped, but righted itself and retreated into a CPZ as Aftershock attacked with its disc. Aftershock lifted itself onto one wheel due to the gyroscopic forces acting on its disc, allowing Eruption to manoeuvre it into Dead Metal, with Aftershock's disc buckling one of the House Robot's pincers as Eruption pushed it into him. Both competitors escaped, before Aftershock almost knocked itself over while driving up Eruption’s wedge. Aftershock recovered to hit Eruption’s sides three times, the third hit sending Eruption spinning away.

Eruption Aftershock flame pit

The battle moves over the Flame Pit

Eruption retaliated by throwing Aftershock over, with Aftershock skittering into the wall after again clipping the floor with its disc, before driving over the Flame Pit and pushing Aftershock again. Aftershock again hit Eruption with its disc before being flipped, with the rotation of its disc this time preventing it from touching the floor. Aftershock eventually spun round on its back and kicked itself back onto its wheels, before repeatedly hitting Eruption’s wedge, sides and flipper.

"Two great competitors and still slugging it out this late on in the series! Magnificent!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Aftershock repeatedly hits Eruption
Eruption vs Aftershock

Eruption flips Aftershock over

Both robots appeared to lose a considerable amount of speed at this point, with Eruption pressing the Arena Tyre to release the pit, and Aftershock eventually losing mobility altogether while Eruption briefly drove itself into Dead Metal.

"What’s happened to Aftershock here? I don't think they can move! I think they're out!"
— Jonathan Pearce notices Aftershock’s immobility
Eruption vs aftershock 4

Aftershock causes sparks, but little damage to Eruption's flipper

Eruption gingerly approached Aftershock as it was being counted out, but declined to attack again before 'cease' was called, and secured its place in the Grand Final with six points and second place on the leaderboard.

Winner: Eruption via KO (3 points)

Final TableEdit

Robot Points
Carbide 9
Eruption 6
Ironside3 3
Aftershock 0

Grand FinalEdit

Carbide vs EruptionEdit

"This is it. Again, it's come down to spinner against flipper. Both of these teams have fought an exemplary campaign. If anyone has a chance of taming the beast of Carbide, I think it's Eruption!"
— Jonathan Pearce before the start of the Grand Final
Carbide vs Eruption S9 Final

Carbide and Eruption in the final

Carbide vs Eruption GRAND FINAL

Carbide hits Eruption's side

As in their previous Head-to-Head, Eruption charged straight towards Carbide, with both robots circling round and hitting each other head-on in the opening seconds. Carbide recoiled towards the Floor Flipper, while Eruption was sent over the arena spikes and into Shunt. Carbide slammed into Eruption's flipper again, before hitting Eruption's sides as the latter tried to steer Carbide around and get underneath it. The sustained onslaught resulted in Eruption becoming immobilised on one side, but Eruption again attempted to get underneath Carbide, flipping itself in the process, before once more sustaining damage from Carbide and flipping itself completely over. Eruption self-righted, sustaining several more attacks from Carbide's spinner as the latter hit its side. Another hit from Carbide sent Eruption spinning onto the Floor Flipper, where it was almost thrown completely over, and as before causing CO2 to vent copiously from underneath Eruption.

" the moment, it's Carbide getting through that armament - but what a comeback by Eruption there! They can't take this too easily, Carbide. If they get lackadaisical for a moment, Eruption will flip them."
— Jonathan Pearce as Eruption throws Carbide
Eruption flips Carbide

Eruption throws Carbide...

Eruption vs Carbide GRAND FINAL 2

...but is repeatedly battered...

More sparks flew as Carbide hit Eruption yet again, but Eruption responded by throwing Carbide a short distance with its flipper. Again, the two robots circled each other, with Carbide repeatedly hitting Eruption several more times and causing extensive damage to its armour and flipper as Eruption twice flipped itself in vain.

"Eruption with the flipper... but look at the damage to the flipper now! Has that weaponry packed in?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Eruption takes a battering from Carbide
Eruption vs Carbide GRAND FINAL


Eruption vs Carbide GRAND FINAL final blow

...and knocked out

Carbide Sir Killalot

Carbide attacks Sir Killalot

House Robots Carbide

The House Robots have their revenge on the new champion

One more hit from Carbide completely immobilised Eruption, with Carbide hitting it twice more to send it spinning across the arena. 'Cease' was called, and Carbide celebrated its victory by attacking Sir Killalot. In response, Sir Killalot and Shunt cornered and attacked Carbide, causing damage to its weapon and sending sparks flying everywhere as Carbide was lifted against Shunt. In spite of this, Carbide proceeded to damage Sir Killalot's claw (although this moment was not shown on television)[2], and was declared the champion of Robot Wars: Series 9.

"Oh, what a battle it was, but Carbide worthy winners. Carbide champions! Carbide, the strongest of the strong!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide emerges as the Series 9 champion

Winner: Carbide

Carbide Grand Champion

Series 9 Champions - Team Carbide and Carbide


  • In a parallel to the previous Grand Final, this Grand Final featured only one newcomer, Concussion.
    • Similarly, this Grand Final features five heat winners that went undefeated, whereas in the Series 8 Grand Final, only TR2 didn't lose a fight in its heat.
  • This Grand Final was the first since Series 4 to feature both the previous' series champion and runners-up finisher.
  • If Pulsar had received the wildcard, it would have been the first Grand Final to feature six robots that went through the Head-to-Heads undefeated.
  • The Series 9 Grand Final battle between Eruption and Carbide marked the first time where the final was decided by a knockout victory since Chaos 2's victory over Hypno-Disc in Series 3.
    • In another first since Series 3, this Grand Final saw no Judges' decisions across the entire episode.
  • As of this episode, Eruption became the highest placing FRA Heavyweight Champion to compete in Robot Wars.
  • Including Carbide's defeats of Apollo in the heats, Carbide became the only robot ever to defeat all other UK Finalists from its championship year, scoring knockout wins on all five at some point.
  • As with the previous five episodes, this episode featured robots that had previously fought each other - in this case Apollo and Eruption, as well as Team Shock facing Eruption, Carbide and Apollo.


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