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The second heat of Series 9 was first broadcast on March 19th 2017. It was the second of five heats to determine the finalists of Series 9 of Robot Wars. It aired on March 12th, 2017 at 7pm[1] The broadcast managed to attract 1.29 million in overnight viewers, and was ranked eleventh in the top thirty highest rated BBC Two broadcasts during 6 March-12 March.

Competing robots[]


Cobra s9 official.jpg
Attack Crusher
Armour 3mm/2mm Hardened Steel
Weight 107kg
Speed 15-20mph
Drive 4x movi-motors
Power Electric
Battery LiFePO4 36 volts
From: Belgium
Team: Marco van Hek, Jeroen van der Loo, Stefan Vanthoor, Jeroen van Lieverloo
Attack Spinning Drum
Armour Aluminium and Hardened Steel
Weight 99kg
Speed 9mph
Drive 2x 500w Motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 11V
From: Surrey
Team: Harry Hills, Paul Hills


Behemoth Series 9.jpg
Attack Titanium Scoop
Armour Titanium, Polycarbonate & Stainless Steel
Weight 109kg
Speed 15mph
Drive 6WD, Chain Driven
Power Electric
Battery LiFePo4 28.8v
From: Hemel Hempstead
Team: Anthony Pritchard, Kane Aston, Kevin Cleasby, Michael Pritchard
Cherub series9.jpg
Attack Lifter
Armour 5mm Steel, 6mm Steel Front
Weight 101kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 750w Motors, 10:1 Gearbox
Power Electric
Battery LiFePo4 28.8v
From: Grove, Oxfordshire
Team: Sarah Colliass, Rosie Colliass, Toby Colliass, Zack Colliass
Lord Draven.jpg
Attack Crusher
Armour 6mm/3mm Hardened Steel
Weight 106kg
Speed 12-15mph
Drive 8x 800W brushed motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo
From: Wiltshire
Team: Martin Gutkowski, Richard Johnstone, Dan Heggs, Leigh Salmon
Attack Flipper
Armour 4mm/3.22m Hardened Steel with 10mm Absorbent Panels
Weight 109kg
Speed 13mph
Drive 2 x 750w motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 25.9V
From: Warrington
Team: Michael Oates, Adrian Oates
Attack Spinner
Armour 3mm/6mm Hardened Steel
Weight 110kg
Speed 15mph
Drive 4 x Brushless motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo
From: Aberdeenshire
Team: Gary Cairns, Sarah Dennis, Laurence Caie Hosie
Push to Exit
Push to Exit.jpg
Attack Front-hinged flipper
Armour Aluminium, Hardened Steel and Titanium
Weight 107kg
Speed 22mph
Drive Ampflow 24V motors, 8:1 Gearbox
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 8000mah
From: Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
Team: Shane Swan, Paul Morton, Amelie Morton, Stuart Barnwell
Off-screen: Anthony Murney, Stephen McCulla

Round 1[]

Behemoth vs Cobra vs Eruption vs Hobgoblin[]

Hobgoblin is flipped over

All four robots dodged each other as Activate was called. Behemoth drove over the pit, and was caught on the lip. Behemoth lifted its scoop to get out, which allowed Cobra to push it into the Arena wall, where Cobra rode up the side. Eruption drove in, and Cobra reversed onto the wedge, but escaped before being flipped. Cobra slammed into the front of Behemoth, but both bounced off each other.

Behemoth, Eruption and Cobra tussle

Hobgoblin stayed out of the fight while it spun up its egg beater spinner, but didn't show too much mobility as Eruption slipped under it, flipping Hobgoblin over, before being flipped itself by Behemoth. Eruption self-righted, but Hobgoblin was stuck with the beater grazing the floor.

Cobra tried to attack Eruption, but was flipped by Eruption's weapon, and was left running on only two wheels. Cobra drove towards the floor flipper, which fired and threw it back onto all four wheels. It landed on Eruption's flipper, where it was flipped again, and landed on the flipper again, which flipped. Cobra landed upright though, and escaped as both remaining opponents missed a flip.

Cobra is held over the flame pit

Cobra drove in to the melee, getting Behemoth caught up in the Arena Spikes. After retreating, Cobra charged again, and was flipped By Behemoth. While running inverted, Cobra activated the Dial of Doom, which selected the pit release. Eruption helped Cobra into the CPZ, where it was paraded around by Sir Killalot.

Behemoth and Eruption both tried to flip each other, but both missed, and Behemoth's subsequent charge saw it flipped over by the Floor Flipper, which it quickly righted from. Behemoth managed to flip Cobra again, as the pit was raised back up again. Cobra was running inverted on two wheels, and was being chased by Eruption, and despite getting it caught in the spikes, held back on flipping Cobra.

Behemoth flips Eruption

The three robots met in the corner, and Eruption lightly flipped Cobra again. Behemoth pushed back and managed to get a small flip on Eruption in. Behemoth charged at Cobra and bounced off, so Eruption started pushing the Belgian machine instead. Eruption pushed Cobra to the wall, and flipped it back the right way up.

Cobra rides up the front of Behemoth

Behemoth drove to the Dial of Doom, and pressed it again, where the pit was re-opened. Cobra drove at Behemoth and rode up the scoop because Behemoth was pushing back on a raised arena spike. Cobra was inverted in the attack. The three robots dodged each other, until Eruption scored a powerful flip on Cobra, throwing it quite far across the Arena, but harmlessly stayed in. The pit once again raised, but wasn't needed, as the three battled together, with Eruption flipping both robots in one flip as Cease was called.

"At one point, it looks like we lost a rear chain, so that's why we had a little bit of a problem, but as soon as we spat the chain out we were OK."
— Ant Pritchard details how close Behemoth came to being immobilised

Qualified: Behemoth & Eruption

Cherub vs Draven vs PP3D vs Push to Exit[]

"Good luck to Toby, terrific stuff, only 13"
Jonathan Pearce praises Cherub's driver, the youngest of the Series

Push to Exit misses a flip on Cherub

PP3D hits the front of Cherub

Push to Exit flew straight towards Draven, but missed and skidded into the opposite wall. Push to Exit turned and charged again at Draven and Cherub, whilst PP3D hung back to get its disc up to speed. Draven came close, and had its side slashed by PP3D's disc. Draven stayed close, taking the same hit before escaping. Cherub rode up Push to Exit, but fell off just before it was flipped. Draven moved in to hit Cherub, but missed, letting PP3D glance off the front of the white and gold robot, as Draven only just avoided being turned over by the floor flipper.

PP3D cuts into the bottom of Draven

PP3D spun its disc up to a higher speed, and met the front of Draven, breaking off its bottom jaw. Cherub tried to push PP3D, but the Scottish robot escaped as Draven got too close. The undercutting flywheel slid underneath Draven's side, mercilessly cutting the bottom of Draven for a while as as PP3D pushed the silver robot into Shunt. Shunt's pressure on Draven allowed PP3D to drive around the other side and undercut it there. Shunt fired his axe, which dented the top of Draven, immobilising it.

Shunt deals the killer blow to Draven

"Oh, we're out"
— Team Draven after Shunt's axe attack

Push to Exit is immobilised by PP3D

Push to Exit breached Cherub's ground clearance, but left itself exposed to PP3D, where one big hit separated the three robots, terminally damaging Push to Exit.

Qualified: Cherub & PP3D


Behemoth vs Eruption[]

Behemoth gets the first flip

As the battle started, the two met in the centre of the Arena, scoping each other's ground clearances. Behemoth eventually got the first flip in, turning Eruption over on the flame pit. Eruption flipped itself back onto its wheels, and escaped before Behemoth could flip again. Eruption charged at the scoop, but Behemoth's lower ground clearance won out and Eruption was tipped over.

Eruption throws Behemoth up high

Behemoth drove into a corner, which happened to be a blind spot for the team, allowing Eruption to apply enough pressure to hold Behemoth in place there. Eruption slipped under Behemoth and threw it up high. Behemoth was eventually freed, but was forced to flee, only just escaping the floor flipper.

Eruption score three points emphatically

The two drove to the opposite CPZ. Both skirted around each other, and Behemoth missed an opportunity to flip Eruption. It then went for a second flip, but mistimed it, lifting Behemoth up. As Behemoth fell down, it fell on Eruption's wedge. Behemoth tried to use a flip of the scoop to shake itself off Eruption, but got propped up against the Arena wall, where Eruption didn't hesitate to throw Behemoth into the trench. This was the third time Behemoth had been flipped out of the Arena.

Winner: Eruption (3 points)

Cherub vs PP3D[]

"PP3D's biggest weakness is, its weapon is so hugely powerful. The shock that goes back through the chassis is our biggest problem."
— Gary Cairns details the main weakness of PP3D

Cherub tried to attack PP3D early, but the Scottish robot moved away to get its weapon up to speed. PP3D turned and hit the side of Cherub, knocking it across the Arena. PP3D charged in, hitting the scoop of Cherub, which threw PP3D into the air. Cherub moved in again, making PP3D jump a second time on the wedge.

Cherub deflects PP3D up

A third hit on the scoop once again made PP3D jump, but it then clipped the side of Cherub, bouncing it into the side wall. Cherub inadvertently activated the Dial of Doom, which selected Rogue House Robot, allowing Dead Metal to attack Cherub.

"She's up tae speed now, boy!"
— Gary Cairns as PP3D's disc reaches full speed

Dead Metal holds onto Cherub

PP3D used the opportunity to retreat and get its disc up to full speed. Once Dead Metal released Cherub, PP3D moved in for the kill. The first hit sent both robots careening away from the impact, but most spectacularly for Cherub, which corkscrewed into the side wall, ripping a panel off the wall and turning Cherub over. Cease was called as the arena was repaired.

The hit which immobilised both robots

The impact

The battle was restarted with both robots in the same place as they finished - PP3D in the opposite corner, and Cherub inverted in Dead Metal's CPZ. Cherub was instantly attacked by Dead Metal, but PP3D was stuck spinning in circles, as the disc had dropped on the floor. With both robots immobilised by PP3D's massive attack, the judges were called to decide a winner from the battle before the hit. Cherub was unanimously awarded the two points.

Winner: Cherub (2 points)

Cherub vs Eruption[]

Cherub tries to do a handstand

Cherub suffered a major disadvantage as it failed to move as the battle started. It instead attempted to use its lifting forks to perform its signature "handstand", but Eruption charged in and used the presented ground clearance to push Cherub to the wall and flipped it. Cherub bounced down in the arena, but with its wheels not working, it could only go for a handstand again. Eruption lined up underneath Cherub, firing the crusher twice before flipping again, but Cherub landed harmlessly in the arena.

Eruption scores 3 points by flipping Cherub out

An inverted Cherub used its forks to prop itself up, but it was inviting for Eruption, which slipped under, finally throwing Cherub out on the third attempt.

"Quite early on, realised we weren't going to be able to drive anywhere, because one of our wheels wasn't working"
— The Cherub team explain why they weren't moving in the battle.

Winner: Eruption (3 points)

Behemoth vs PP3D[]

Behemoth is deflected by PP3D

Before the battle, Behemoth swapped its scoop to the "anti-spinner" variant. Behemoth drove in to deflect the spinner of PP3D, but overdid a turn, and slid sideways into PP3D, who scored a blow on the exposed side. Behemoth managed to pressure PP3D into the side wall without taking any damage. Behemoth retreated, which allowed PP3D to spin up its weapon. Behemoth charged in, but the impact sent both robots flying away.

Shunt deals the killer blow on PP3D

Behemoth spun into the wall, and PP3D was deflected into the CPZ of Shunt. Shunt applied pressure, and after releasing it, sparks started cascading out of PP3D. Noticing this, the Behemoth team stayed away, activating the Dial of Doom, which selected Rogue House Robot. Shunt attacked PP3D, and as it turned away, more sparks flew from PP3D. PP3D tried to move away, but it was running on the disc again, and was soon defeated as Cease was called.

Winner: Behemoth (3 points)

Eruption vs PP3D[]

PP3D bounces up after hitting Eruption

"If you want to set up a back story, that [PP3D] is probably what you'd call our arch enemy"
— Michael Oates remembers the destruction PP3D caused to Eruption in the previous series

Eruption, sporting new anti-spinner armour at the front, moved in at the start, deflecting PP3D up into the air. A second hit caused PP3D to get caught on the flame pit. It escaped, but couldn't get the disc up to speed as Eruption came close again. Dead Metal pushed PP3D out of the way, just as Eruption had lined up a flip, which caused Eruption to flip itself over, from which it self-righted.

PP3D is turned over by the floor flipper

PP3D tried to get the disc up to speed, but it was lying on the floor, so it just made the robot spin around. Eruption pushed PP3D onto the floor flipper, which fired and inverted PP3D, freeing its movement. Eruption drove under PP3D, as it tried to get the disc up to speed, but Eruption pushed it towards the side wall, and threw PP3D out of the arena in one shot.

Eruption wins all rounds of the head-to-heads through out of the Arena flips

"Three flips in a row! Three cheers for Eruption"
— Jonathan Pearce praises Eruption's incredible run

Winner: Eruption (3 points)

Behemoth vs Cherub[]

Behemoth's clamp is unable to grab Cherub

Behemoth attached its new grabber to fight Cherub. Cherub and Behemoth bounced off each other in the arena centre. Cherub moved in and pushed Behemoth from the side, but the yellow robot turned and tried to grab Cherub, but the scoop wasn't low enough to breach Cherub's ground clearance.

Cherub pushes Behemoth into Dead Metal

Cherub is stuck under the flipper

Cherub drove around, avoiding Behemoth, but every time Behemoth charged it, it just rode up the side and wheels, unable to grab. Behemoth fired the grabber, which lifted the front up enough for Cherub to slide under and feed them to Dead Metal. Behemoth escaped, and pushed Cherub across the Arena towards the floor flipper, which fired prematurely, allowing Behemoth to push Cherub under the flipper, trapping it. Cease was called.

"I didn't even know you could get in there!"
— Team Cherub are surprised by the location of their pinning

Cherub is pushed back by Behemoth when the battle restarts

Cherub's wheel briefly lifts Behemoth

Cherub was removed from the flipper, as this was not considered a legal KO, and the battle restarted from the original positions with only two minutes on the clock. Behemoth got around the side of Cherub and pushed it into the Dial of Doom, which selected Rogue House Robot, allowing Dead Metal to chase the two robots, eventually grabbing Cherub. Behemoth reversed in, and was caught on the side of Dead Metal. Cherub dropped its forks, which allowed it to get underneath Behemoth when it charged head-on into the fray.

Cherub wedges under Behemoth again

Dead Metal attacks both Cherub and Behemoth

Behemoth once again went around the side of Cherub, but was lifted by the movement of Cherub's wheel. Another attack by Behemoth saw it ride up the front wedge of Cherub. Cherub was pushed into the CPZ, but Behemoth drove in, just as Dead Metal approached, and thusly bore the brunt of the House Robot's attack. Cease was called.

Anthony Pritchard leaves the booth

Cherub celebrated by finally completing the handstand. As Angela Scanlon announced Cherub as unanimous victors, Anthony Pritchard stormed out of the booth, angry that his team decided to use a weapon far less effective than the flipping bucket, having wished to use the scoop all along.

"Putting a grabber of that type onto the robot for a critical match was a very poor decision. The main reason I walked out there was because I was so annoyed with the rest of the team for making the decision not to go for a guaranteed win."
— Anthony Pritchard explains his early exit

Winner: Cherub (2 points)

Final Table[]

Robot Points
Eruption 9
Cherub 4
Behemoth 3
PP3D 0

Heat Final[]

Cherub vs Eruption[]

Eruption wins the heat almost instantly

Eruption made the first advance, and easily got under Cherub's ground clearance when they met in the arena centre. Eruption turned, pushed Cherub to the side wall and threw Cherub straight out in just six and a half seconds.

"Cherub needs to dance around Eruption, but I don't think Toby knows the meaning of the word "retreat"...and that's the result! The job was done so very, very early on."
— The entirety of Jonathan Pearce's commentary

Heat Winner: Eruption


  • PP3D was not originally intended to compete in this heat, but its participation was brought forwards when another robot was not ready to compete[2].
  • Draven appeared in the second heat for the second time, and PP3D and Eruption appeared together in the same heat again.
  • This was the first heat since Heat M of the Seventh Wars not to feature one of the previous year's semi-finalists.
    • Despite this, all three of the returning teams eliminated in the Heat Final stage of Series 8 appeared in this heat.
  • The press release announcing this heat referred to Draven as Lord Draven[3], despite the team rejecting the name when it was suggested to them[4].
  • The stat boards erroneously listed both PP3D and Draven as weighing 94kg.
  • A preview of the heat was released on March 8th 2017, showing a clip of a first-round melee[5].