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The third heat of Series 9 was first broadcast on March 19th 2017. It was the fourth of five heats to determine the finalists of Series 9 of Robot Wars. The original broadcast on BBC Two attracted 1.15 million in overnight viewers.

Competing robots[]


Attack Drum spinner
Armour Hardened Steel/Aluminium
Weight 110kg
Speed 15-20mph
Drive 750w Brushed DC Motor
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 14.8V
From: Wool, Dorset
Team: Tim Rackley, Carl Yeo, Sam Griffin, Nick Oliver
Attack Spinner
Armour 6mm Hardened Steel
Weight 105kg
Speed 5mph
Drive 2 x 24v Motors
Power Electric
Battery 5x 12V
From: Essex
Team: Georgina Henwood, Henry Wenham, Nicole Guo, Ethan Goodbody
Attack Spinning bar
Armour 6mm and 4mm military grade steel
Weight 110kg
Speed 12mph
Drive 2 x 1.5Hp Motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 58.8V
From: Bedfordshire
Team: Tom Brewster, Tim Brewster


Chimera2 official.jpg
Attack Axe
Armour 3mm Hardened Steel
Weight 108kg
Speed 10mph
Drive 2x 24V Scooter Motors
Power Electric
Battery NiCd 24v
From: Bolton, Lancashire
Team: Jordan Mann, Mark Rollins-Mann, Phil Mann, Philip Mann
Foxic S9.jpg
Attack Flipper
Armour 20/6mm Hardened Steel
Weight 100kg
Speed 25mph
Drive 4x 4Hp Motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 30V
From: Staffordshire/North Carolina
Team: Craig Danby
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal S9.jpg
Attack Rotating Arm
Armour Steel with HDPE panels
Weight 110kg
Speed 12-15mph
Drive 750w Brushed Motor
Power Electric
Battery LiFePo 28V
From: Leicestershire
Team: John G Denny, John M Denny, Cath Denny, Tasha Denny
M.R. Speed Squared
MRSS Series 9.jpg
Attack Body Spinner
Armour Hardened Steel/Mild Steel
Weight 107kg
Speed 17mph
Drive Ampflow E 30-400
Power Electric
Battery LiPo 33v
From: Worcestershire
Team: Peter Forsey, Jake Forsey, Sam Forsey
Thor New.jpg
Attack Axe
Armour Hardened Steel/Aluminium
Weight 108kg
Speed 30mph
Drive Mag motors
Power Electric
Battery LiPo
From: Northampton
Team: Jason Marston

Round 1[]

Chimera2 vs Concussion vs Tauron vs Thor[]

Tauron is buffeted aside by Concussion

Thor hammers Chimera2

Thor moved in as Tauron and Concussion started spinning their weapons up to speed. Thor chased Tauron, who turned and clipped Thor with its blade. Concussion charged in, slamming into Tauron, before retreating and turning Chimera2 over with a hit from the drum. Tauron was left immobile, as Thor was also not moving, just firing its axe.

"And what is Tauron doing? Hello, Tauron! What are you doing! Not a lot..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tauron is immobilised in the opening moments

Concussion gets underneath Chimera2

Chimera2 tried to avoid Concussion, but got caught on the floor spikes instead. Thor came back to life, smashing past Tauron as it drove off. Chimera2 tried to get under Concussion, but was being damaged by the drum spinner instead. Thor charged in, catching Chimera2 and smacking it with its axe, sending out a volley of sparks. Thor hit Chimera2 another time, before retreating and allowing Concussion to hit the axlebot. Concussion slipped underneath, holding Chimera2 in the air and shredding the underside with its drum.

Chimera2 and Concussion lie immobile

Chimera2 stopped after Concussion released it, and Thor pounced on Concussion, pushing it into the side wall. Chimera2 tried to show signs of life, but ended up vaguely writhing. Concussion had lost drive in its left side wheel, as Thor drove easily around the Arena. Thor lined up Tauron to be pitted, but cease was called.

Qualified: Concussion & Thor

Expulsion vs Foxic vs Heavy Metal vs M.R. Speed Squared[]

Foxic rams Expulsion

Foxic instantly reversed into the Dial of Doom, which opened the pit. The orange robot then drove into Expulsion, riding under it. M.R. Speed Squared had found some space, and spun up the disc to full speed. It drove towards Expulsion, landing a small hit on the front, before being pushed away by Foxic. Heavy Metal started pushing Expulsion across the arena, where it was flipped by the floor spikes into Sir Killalot.

M.R. Speed Squared attacks Foxic's wheels

With all its opponents in the same place, M.R. Speed Squared drove into the melee, hitting one of Foxic's wheels, and bouncing into Expulsion before retreating again.

"I can't move!"
— The Expulsion team become aware of their lack of mobility

Foxic is left overturned after being thrown by the floor flipper

Expulsion suffers more damage from M.R. Speed Squared

M.R. Speed Squared tried to turn away, but the robot started lifting up as the gyroscopic forces from the spinner caused one side to rise. Foxic drove away, but went straight over the floor flipper, where it was tossed over. Foxic's flipper arm did not operate, leaving it unable to right itself.

Sir Killalot drops Foxic into the pit, in a moment not shown on television

Sir Killalot pushed Expulsion back off the spikes and into the middle of the Arena, where the back under control M.R. Speed Squared charged in, landing two successful hits. It turned around, hitting Expulsion twice more, before then attacking Heavy Metal. It drove away over the Arena Spikes, which fired, sending M.R. Speed Squared bouncing in the air. 'Cease' was promptly called; not shown on television, Sir Killalot proceeded to pick up and carry a defeated Foxic across the arena, before dropping it into the smoking pit.[1][2]

Qualified: Heavy Metal & M.R. Speed Squared


Concussion vs Thor[]

Dead Metal goes Rogue

The two robots met in the centre of the Arena, and Thor was unable to get under Concussion. Thor missed an attack with its axe, but drove off and activated the Dial of Doom. Rogue House Robot was selected, and Dead Metal chased Concussion, who landed a hit on Thor before being caught.

Thor vents gas as Concussion gets trapped on the pit

Concussion was released by the House Robot, but seemed to lose drive on one wheel. Spinning the drum up to speed, it burst back into life and drove off. Thor and Concussion circled each other, with Thor trying to slip under Concussion, but being buffeted away by the drum each time. Thor started venting gas, and finally the wedge went under Concussion, only for the orange robot to bounce over Thor.

"That's CO2 venting there - it means he won't be able to use his axe!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Thor vents gas

Thor gets on top of Concussion

Concussion turned, and drove near the raised pit. A good hit on the side of Thor caused Concussion to bounce back and get caught on the slight lip between the pit and the rest of the Arena floor. Thor drove in and also became trapped, but Concussion's drum lifted Thor up enough to drive out. Thor activated the Dial of Doom, hoping the pit would be released, dropping the trapped Concussion into defeat. However, it selected Rogue House Robot.

Matilda gets stuck on the pit

Matilda charged in to attack the trapped Concussion, but missed the flip, pinning Concussion in place, and also becoming trapped on the lip of the pit.

"Concussion, wedged by Matilda! That means Thor can come in with that mighty axe!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Thor makes a fatal mistake

Thor used the opportunity to hit Concussion with its axe, until Dead Metal drove in to separate the mess. Concussion, still trapped, spun up its drum. Thor charged in, but was clipped by the drum, sending the former Grand Finalists over. With the gas leak, Thor's axe was unable to right it.

"Stupid, Jason."
— Jason Marston regrets his decisive charge that cost Thor the victory

Winner: Concussion (3 points)

Heavy Metal vs M.R. Speed Squared[]

Heavy Metal slams M.R. Speed Squared into the CPZ arena wall

M.R. Speed Squared spun on the spot, as well as spinning up the disc simultaneously. Heavy Metal charged in and used its large wedge to deflect the disc. M.R. Speed Squared bounced off the wall, and then the disc stopped. Heavy Metal used this advantage to slide underneath M.R. Speed Squared and push it across the Arena, where it rode up the wall.

"Hit him again!"
— The Heavy Metal team discuss tactics

M.R. Speed Squared is hurled by the floor flipper

Heavy Metal turned and drove M.R. Speed Squared across the Arena again, this time into the opposite corner. M.R. Speed Squared escaped and tried avoiding attack, but was pushed by Heavy Metal into the Dial of Doom, which opened the pit.

Heavy Metal pushed M.R. Speed Squared onto the floor flipper, which tossed M.R. Speed Squared high into the air. Heavy Metal once again pushed M.R. Speed Squared, this time into the CPZ, where Shunt sunk his axe into the top of M.R. Speed Squared and slammed it into the wall. M.R. Speed Squared escaped and drove away from Heavy Metal, almost falling in the pit, but avoiding it at the last second.

M.R. Speed Squared is pitted, with Heavy Metal following through as well

Sam Forsey: "Do not go in the pit!"
Jonathan Pearce: "That's... basically... yeah, sound advice."
— Jonathan Pearce comments on the panic in Team Forsey's booth as M.R. Speed Squared narrowly avoids the pit

M.R. Speed Squared tried to employ the tactic of circling the pit and hoping Heavy Metal mistimed a charge. However, M.R. Speed Squared was the one who mistimed it, parking itself on the edge in the prime position for Heavy Metal to shove it in, before falling in itself.

Winner: Heavy Metal (3 points)

Concussion vs Heavy Metal[]

"Don't forget, they're not very experienced, so you should be able to run rings around them"
— John Denny to John Jnr, pointing out Concussion's newcomer status

Heavy Metal's wheel is sent flying

Heavy Metal avoided engaging with Concussion at the start, which allowed the drum to get up to speed. Concussion charged in and hit the front wedge of Heavy Metal, which instantly shed a number of rubber feet from the wheels. Heavy Metal was unable to get under the front of Concussion, which eventually turned the blue and pink robot over.

"Heavy Metal, here, taking some punishment. Concussion on top with the drum."
— Jonathan Pearce

Heavy Metal, now running without a wedge, got caught on the side wall. Concussion stayed back, spun up the drum and moved in. With one hit, a wheel of Heavy Metal was ripped clean off and thrown out of the arena. A dismembered Heavy Metal tried once to drive off, but with a wheel gone, Cease was called.

Winner: Concussion (3 points)

M.R. Speed Squared vs Thor[]

Thor axes M.R.Speed Squared

M.R. Speed Squared tried to spin up its weapon, but Thor had already closed the gap and slid underneath. Driving its opponent towards the wall, Thor smacked the top of M.R. Speed Squared twice. Driving M.R. Speed Squared onto the Arena wall got it caught on the front of Thor. Thor retreated, firing the axe to not only release M.R. Speed Squared, but to hit it again. M.R. Speed Squared stopped moving, so Thor attacked multiple times, before Cease was called.

"Look at Thor's drive - his drive is next level!"
— Team Forsey become envious of Thor's working and instinctive drive system

Winner: Thor (3 points)

Concussion vs M.R. Speed Squared[]

M.R. Speed Squared flies out of control

Team Forsey fixed M.R. Speed Squared's disc in the allocated two hours, and started the battle by spinning both the robot and the disc up. Concussion charged straight in, hitting M.R. Speed Squared, which started flipping madly through the air. It crashed down in a CPZ, with the disc back to being broken.

"Oh, it's totally out of control! Like a whirling dervish, like a mad thing out there!"
— Jonathan Pearce as M.R. Speed Squared goes flying

Concussion capitalised on its opponent's troubles to lead the attack, hitting M.R. Speed Squared with its drum. M.R. Speed Squared drove away and activated the pit, but was hit by Concussion again. The forces from Concussion's drum propped M.R. Speed Squared on top of the robot, allowing it to push M.R. Speed Squared towards the now descended pit, but it escaped before being dropped in. Concussion gave M.R. Speed Squared another smack, as they both diced with defeat around the pit.

M.R. Speed Squared narrowly avoids the Pit

"Concussion will try and manoeuvre them towards that pit. Slowly, slowly, slowly! Argh! Well done, M.R. Speed Squared, with getting away there."
— Jonathan Pearce

Concussion hit M.R. Speed Squared again, and this time drove it into Dead Metal. Dead Metal released M.R. Speed Squared, which once again almost drove into the pit. Concussion's drum started wearing down in speed, but was still able to affect M.R. Speed Squared. Concussion was still winning the pushing battles, and shoved M.R. Speed Squared into Dead Metal again. Concussion obliged by pushing the released M.R. Speed Squared into Sir Killalot, who lifted it high into the air, spun it around and threw it across the arena. Concussion tried to push M.R. Speed Squared into the pit again, but M.R. Speed Squared escaped at the end. As M.R. Speed Squared attacked Concussion, it was lifted on top. Concussion started smoking and lost a lot of mobility.

M.R. Speed Squared comes in with a ram as Concussion starts to smoke

"And M.R. Speed Squared could be this battle winner - because they're still mobile; Concussion just about."
— Jonathan Pearce

Concussion's wheels crawled to a slow speed, and M.R. Speed Squared showed its mobility, but Cease was called and it went to the judges, who awarded 2 points to Concussion for dominating the battle.

Winner: Concussion (2 points)

Heavy Metal vs Thor[]

Thor breaches Heavy Metal's ground clearance

Both robots charged at each other, and the battle of the ground clearances was won by Thor, with Heavy Metal flying over the top. Thor pressured Heavy Metal, but missed two axe hits. All the time, Heavy Metal was once again shedding rubber feet. Heavy Metal turned away from a Thor charge, and started pushing back.

"Look at the arena floor - it's absolutely littered with the little rubber feet that are on the wheels of Heavy Metal to get it traction, which means they can hardly move without skittering!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Matilda scuffs Heavy Metal's wedge

Thor escaped, but Heavy Metal lost mobility in one of its wheels. Thor used the opportunity to land a blow on the disabled wheel, and push Heavy Metal around. Thor mounted a charge, but was denied by a lip in the floor. Thor caught back up to Heavy Metal and pushed it on the Arena spikes, where Matilda's flywheel was waiting, and it hit Heavy Metal, turning it over. Thor hit the wedge of Heavy Metal with the axe, which left a significant dent. Thor turned and pushed Heavy Metal into Matilda. The combined attack broke off the wheel of Heavy Metal on Thor's side.

Heavy Metal sees a wheel removed for the second time

"And I'm afraid this heavy metal gig is about to end with a slow dance."
— Jonathan Pearce

Thor attacked with the axe again, and Matilda turned to flip Heavy Metal with the tusks. Thor shoved Heavy Metal into the Dial of Doom, and just escaped an attack by Dead Metal as Cease was called. Matilda hit the freed wheel of Heavy Metal for fun after the battle, sending it high into the air.

Winner: Thor (3 points)

Final Table[]

Robot Points
Concussion 8
Thor 6
Heavy Metal 3
M.R. Speed Squared 0

Heat Final[]

Concussion vs Thor[]

Concussion strikes with an early attack

Thor charged at Concussion at the start, hitting the drum head on. Thor retreated, and Concussion followed, stopping to entice Thor to attack. Thor moved in, but was popped away by the drum spinner. A better angled hit caused Thor to rear up and move away from Concussion. Thor escaped at high speed, and was once again buffeted away by the spinning drum of its opponent.

Thor vents gas

"Thor at the moment, bit cagey. Doesn't want to go head to head with that spinning drum - wants to angle an attack to get its axe down."
— Jonathan Pearce

Thor is flipped over

Thor and Concussion fought near Dead Metal. Concussion was held by a pincer from the House Robot, and Thor tried to attack, but was once again punted away. Gas started venting from Thor as it pushed back on Concussion, pushing it into the Dial of Doom, opening the pit.

The two robots nudge one another

"This is a very tactical Heat Final, and Concussion is prowling and growling."
— Jonathan Pearce

Thor briefly stops moving

The two robots met in the centre of the Arena again, and Concussion scored a few hits on Thor's side. Thor was unable to get under Concussion, and after a few hits and runs, was turned over. Despite the venting gas, however, Thor self-righted straight away and was back on the attack. Thor was being constantly pushed away by the attack of Concussion's drum. Thor eventually stopped, which gave Concussion a chance to attack, but its drum had stopped. Thor burst back into life and drove around, but Cease was called and the battle went to the judges, who went for Concussion.

Heat Winner: Concussion


  • Thor, Chimera, Foxic and M.R. Speed Squared were featured in the same heat in both Series 8 and 9.
  • In a direct contrast to Series 8, this was the only qualifying heat to have been won by a newcomer.
  • In terms of filming order, this was treated as the fifth and last qualifying heat.[3]
    • The edited episode also swapped the order of various battles - in actuality, Thor and Concussion's group battle was the last to be filmed in the series, and Heavy Metal vs M.R. Speed Squared was the first head-to-head filmed in the episode.
  • Thor fought every other robot in this heat at some point in the reboot.