Heat B of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars was the second of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars. The episode was originally broadcast on May 7, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on May 31, 2002 on BBC Two.

Competing RobotsEdit


Black widow
Black Widow
Weight 200kg
Dimensions 1.1 x 0.85 x 1.3m
Power Invalid carrier motor
Weapons Twin spikes & axes
Strengths Durability
Weaknesses Vulnerable legs
From: Bampton in Oxfordshire
Team Members: Christopher Arnell, Dale Underwood, Linda Underwood
Juggernot 2
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.77 x 1.51 x 0.64m
Power Petrol driven motor
Weapons Scoop flipper & axe
Strengths Powerful axe
Weaknesses Slow & ponderous
From: Kircaldy, Fife in Scotland
Team Members: Kenneth Mudie, John Holton
Kanopener s5 mag
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.37 x 1.64 x 1.05m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Crushing jaws & hydraulic ram
Strengths Extremely quick
Weaknesses Lacks experience
From: West Bromwich, Birmingham
Team Members: Alistair O'Neil, Tom Kane, Andy Kane
Lambsy s5
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.32 x 1.5 x 0.62m
Power 24V electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Strengths Strong flipper
Weaknesses Limited CO2 supply
From: Stanion, Northamptonshire
Team Members: Ian Lockhart, Scott Lockhart, Tony Tobbell


Atomic II
Atomic 2 (seeded 22nd)
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.8 x 0.4 x 0.9m
Power 24V electric motor
Weapons 1000 PSI spike & flipper
Strengths Powerful flipper
Weaknesses Durability of weapon
From: Nr Bewdley in Worcestershire
Team Members: Paul Francis, Stephen Bebb, David Bebb
Bulldog Breed III
Bulldog Breed 3
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 1 x 0.7 x 0.32m
Power 24V electric motor
Weapons Flipper & hardened spikes
Strengths Heavily armoured
Weaknesses No self-righting mechanism
From: Cannock in Staffordshire
Team Members: Tony Somerfield, Robert Somerfield, Karl Asplin
Hypno-Disc S5
Hypno-Disc {seeded 3rd)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.9 x 0.55 x 0.25m
Power 24-36V DC motors
Weapons Large spinning disc
Strengths Destructive weapon
Weaknesses Vulnerable wheels
From: Middleton Cheney, Banbury in Oxfordshire
Team Members: Dave Rose, Derek Rose & Ken Rose
Weight 92kg
Dimensions 0.72 x 1.34 x 0.96m
Power 2 x 800W electric motors
Weapons Large 18 inch jaws
Strengths Powerful jaws
Weaknesses Has never won a battle
From: Chadwell Heath, Romford in Essex
Team Members: Adam Clark


Hypno-Disc (3) vs Black WidowEdit

Hypnodisc vs black widow

Hypno-Disc rips away Black Widow's legs

Black Widow Hypno-Disc Refbot

Black Widow is counted out after having a leg removed

Hypno-Disc initially stayed back to get its disc up to speed as Black Widow sluggishly trundled towards the third seed.

"Come in to my parlour, er, said Hypno-Disc to the Spider? Didn't work that way, did it?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc went around to the back of the walkerbot and hit it. After a couple more attacks, Hypno-Disc ripped off the decorative "web" of Black Widow. Another whack from the flywheel caused one of its opponent's legs to fall off, leaving Black Widow immobile and to be counted out by Refbot.

"And incy, wincy spidey will be climbing no more."
— Jonathan Pearce as Black Widow is counted out
Blackwidow on fire

Black Widow is torched


The floor flipper fails to hurl Black Widow

Sir Killalot came in and burnt the walkerbot on a flame jet before Shunt put it on the arena floor flipper. Comically, Black Widow simply balanced on top of the flipper as it was fired, rather than being thrown. Shunt positioned it correctly at the second time of asking and the 200 kilogram robot was thrown over.
"That took some doing - and I think that's the first time our floor flipper has failed to hoist a robot at the first attempt! You're talking 200 kilos, mind you, there. It didn't fly first of all, balanced precariously...on a web of its own making, perhaps."
— Jonathan Pearce on the floor flipper's failure.

Winner: Hypno-Disc

Bulldog Breed 3 vs Juggernot 2Edit


Juggernot 2 is tossed

Once again, there was a high difference in the speed of the two robots in the eliminator. Bulldog Breed 3 got off to the quicker start, as Juggernot 2 trundled away before turning. Juggernot 2 continued to crawl around the arena and then spun on the spot.

"There you go, there's the flipper, up goes Juggernot 2."
— Jonathan Pearce as Bulldog Breed 3 carries out the inevitable flip

Bulldog Breed 3 had plenty of time to line itself up for an attack on Juggernot 2 and duly flipped the Scottish robot onto its side, causing its rear armour panel to come off. Bulldog Breed 3 righted Juggernot 2 before both robots attacked head-on, firing their flippers, and it was Bulldog Breed 3 who once again flipped Juggernot 2 onto its back.

Bulldog Breed 3 Juggernot 2

Juggernot 2 is left crippled next to the Pit of Oblivion

"And oh flower of Scotland, when will we see the likes again? Hopefully never."
— Jonathan Pearce as Bulldog Breed 3 eases towards its first round victory
Juggernot 2 was tossed onto its side, where its flipper fell off. Bulldog Breed 3 activated the pit by hitting the tyre, and Shunt pitted the wreckage for Bulldog Breed.
"Come on, bulldog! Flying the Union Jack against the Cross of St. Andrew- Leaving it to Shunt, and in they go."
— Jonathan Pearce as Juggernot 2 is pitted by Bulldog Breed and Shunt's combined effort.

Winner: Bulldog Breed 3

Wowot vs LambsyEdit

Lambsy vs Wowot

Wowot reveals the wolf under the sheep

Wowot was on the attack early on, pressing Lambsy underneath its jaw weaponry. The decorative sheep came off the top of Lambsy and Shunt axed and burnt it much to the audience's enjoyment.

"It's baa-bye to the lamb out there."
— Jonathan Pearce as Wowot knocks off the sheep on top of Lambsy
Wowot vs Lambsy

Wowot clamps Lambsy

Wowot, rather than using its arm to grab Lambsy, instead clamped it from overhead and pushed Lambsy towards the flame grille, before Lambsy steered clear. Lambsy then tried to slide under the front of Wowot, but Wowot swiftly backed off the wedge. Lambsy was then pushed into Sir Killalot by Wowot, but managed to back out of trouble. Lambsy continued to reverse, with Wowot still clamped to its back, and Lambsy having the stronger pushing power, arced round, and managed to force Wowot into Sir Killalot's CPZ, where the House Robot crumpled into the rear of Adam Clark's machine and tipped it onto its side.


Sir Killalot seizes Wowot

"This would be a real turn up for the books, because Adam Clark was well in command over Ian Lockhart and his team."
— Jonathan Pearce as Wowot is crumpled by Sir Killalot after dominating proceedings

Sir Killalot righted Wowot, but the damage sustained from the initial attack caused it to break down. Refbot counted Wowot out, before it was picked up and spun by Sir Killalot, chucked by the floor flipper and eventually pitted, confirming Lambsy's progression.

Winner: Lambsy

Atomic 2 (22) vs Kan-OpenerEdit


Kan-Opener falls

Atomic 2 was on the offensive immediately, flipping over Kan-Opener. Kan-Opener's srimech tried to right itself but could only reach enough to put Kan-Opener onto its side. Atomic 2 righted Kan-Opener before flipping it for a third time, this time onto its back. The newcomer's srimech failed again, and it was counted out.

Atomic Kan Opener 1

Sir Killalot finishes off Kan-Opener

"Right from the start, the first attack was its undoing."
— Jonathan Pearce on Kan-Opener's demise

Sir Killalot then threw it across the arena, and pitted it.

Winner: Atomic 2


Hypno-Disc (3) vs Atomic 2 (22)Edit


Hypno-Disc recovers...


...and rips off Atomic 2's weapon

Atomic 2 charged at Hypno-Disc straight away but couldn't position itself for a flip on the number 3 seed. Hypno-Disc hit the side panel of Atomic 2, causing a split in the yellow robot's side armour. Atomic 2 wasn't deterred, and after suffering more damage to its sides, flipped Hypno-Disc over and pinned it there for a few seconds.

"It's flicked Hypno-Disc up and over! Now this would be a huge shock if Hypno-Disc went out here!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Hypno-Disc is thrown onto its back

Atomic 2 backed away before trying to flip its opponent again, but Hypno-Disc successfully self-righted, avoiding any further danger. The Rose family's next two attacks buckled the flipper of Atomic before ripping it off completely.

"This is a really good battle in the making here, OH, until that moment, surely!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Atomic 2 shows signs of a fightback before having its flipper rendered useless

Atomic 2 darted off towards the pit release tyre and activated it in hope of a late upset, before Hypno-Disc came in with another large hit, sending Atomic 2 spinning onto the lip of the pit.

"I'd jump in, I really would - save yourselves, because you've got little chance now, Atomic, surely!"
— Jonathan Pearce advises Team Atomic to avoid further punishment
Hypno-Disc Atomic

A crippled Atomic 2 attempts to draw Hypno-Disc towards the Pit

Hypno-Disc Atomic 1

Atomic 2 is pitted

Atomic 2 continued to limp around the arena, before two further hits from Hypno-Disc were enough to render it immobile. Hypno-Disc continued to attack for a short period, splitting Atomic 2's side armour, before Refbot counted it out.

"All we're left with in the Atomic waste. Sir Killalot to deal with it. Promptly, advisedly."
— Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot and Matilda carried out their punishment on the beaten machine before Atomic 2 was dumped into the pit of oblivion.

Winner: Hypno-Disc

Lambsy vs Bulldog Breed 3Edit


Lambsy is flipped by Bulldog Breed 3

Lambsy Bulldog Breed 3

Bulldog Breed, atop of Lambsy

Lambsy immediately went towards the pit release and activated it, with Bulldog Breed 3 responding by throwing Lambsy over, which saw the decorative sheep fall off again.

"I don't know whether they were going to try to put bulldog into its kennel early, but they were flipped."
— Jonathan Pearce on Lambsy's early activation of the pit

Lambsy continued to move upside-down due to being invertible, before Bulldog Breed 3 drove up onto Lambsy's wedge, but Lambsy didn't fire its flipper. Bulldog Breed 3 flipped itself off of Lambsy's wedge, and flipped Lambsy over twice more. Lambsy moved over the flame pit and away, before Bulldog Breed 3 shot onto Lambsy's wedge and went over the top of it. Lambsy then temporarily came to a halt, while Bulldog Breed 3 struggled to fully flip Lambsy up and over.

"Now, if Bulldog Breed, to be honest, are to be a match in the heat final with Hypno-Disc, they should dispose here of Lambsy."
— Jonathan Pearce
Lambsy Bulldog Breed 3 1

Bulldog Breed 3 clamps down on Lambsy

Lambsy Bulldog Breed 3 Shunt

Lambsy is punched by the axe of Shunt

Lambsy reversed into Bulldog Breed 3 whilst its flipper was retracting, causing it to stay open. Bulldog Breed 3 pushed back, and forced Lambsy towards the House Robots, where Shunt axed it and Sir Killalot carried it around. With time ticking down, Bulldog Breed 3 flicked Lambsy over once more, before cease was called, meaning this fight was the only one to go to the judges in the entire show.

"That was a lot closer than I thought it would be."
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle goes the distance

They ruled in favour of Bulldog Breed 3.

Winner: Bulldog Breed 3


Hypno-Disc (3) vs Bulldog Breed 3Edit


Hypno-Disc rips out Bulldog Breed's removable link...

HDisc Bulldog pit

...then sends it back to the kennel

Bulldog Breed 3 immediately drove at Hypno-Disc, before spinning away and dodging the flywheel of its opponent. Hypno-Disc then came in and landed two glancing blows. Bulldog Breed 3 responded by getting underneath Hypno-Disc and flicking it up, but the third seed landed back on its wheels. Hypno-Disc continued to clip Bulldog Breed 3, missing attacks from the flipper of Bulldog Breed 3 in the process, before driving round to the back of it and tearing out the safety link.

"I've heard about it being done before, but that's the first time I've ever seen it on Robot Wars. It's almost like hitting the jackpot, winning the lottery, winning the pools, having birthday and Christmas all at once!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Hypno-Disc removing Bulldog Breed 3's link

This left Bulldog Breed 3 completely immobilised, and Hypno-Disc activated the pit release before pushing Bulldog Breed down.

Heat Winner: Hypno-Disc

"In days of old, people feared outlaws, but now they fear robots, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

  • In Round 1, the four veteran robots were each drawn against new robots and teams to the show, an interesting pattern repeated in Heat D.
  • It was the only time in any series that two seeds met in the second round of the heats. This guaranteed at least one unseeded heat finalist (Bulldog Breed 3 or Lambsy) as opposed to all other heats which had the possibility of two seeded heat finalists.
  • Both Atomic 2 and Bulldog Breed 3 had qualified for the second annihilator of Robot Wars Extreme, but were unable to take part because of damage sustained in defeats to heat winner Hypno-Disc in this episode.
  • Juggernot 2's statistics board claimed it was armed with an axe, however, only Juggernot 2's predecessor featured an axe weapon.
  • All seven battles in this heat featured Sir Killalot.
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