"I tell you what, there's something about Robot Wars that brings out the psycho in people. I mean, take the roboteers. They're teachers, accountants, doctors and you get them in the war zone, and they're like Attila the Hun, and what about this lot? Ay? Are you ready for some carnage? Do you see what I mean? Basket case is the lot of them."
— Craig Charles' introduction

Heat E of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars was the fifth of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars. The episode was originally broadcast on May 10, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on July 12, 2002 on BBC Two.

Competing RobotsEdit


The Alien S5
The Alien
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.64 x 0.95 x 0.98m
Power 2 x 12V Electric Motors
Weapons Rotary Hammer & Front Spikes
Strengths Destructive Weapon
Weaknesses First Time Competitors
From: Heath Hayes
Team Members: Karl Asplin, Sarah Asplin, Andrew Cope
Trouble n strife
Trouble 'n' Strife
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.35 x 0.90 x 0.70m
Power 4 x Modified Starter Motors
Weapons Flipper & Spinning Disc
Strengths Dual Weaponry
Weaknesses Limited Driving Experience
From: Harborne
Team Members: Peter Forsey, Jake Forsey, Mike Stokes


Napalm 2
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.02 x 1.12 x 1.06m
Power 24V Electric Motors
Weapons Steel Spikes
Strengths Experienced Competitors
Weaknesses Durability
From: New Ash Green
Team Members: David Crosby, Michelle Davey, Victoria Allgood
Prizephita Mach II
Prizephita Mach 2
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 0.52m x 1.10 x 1.02m
Power 24V Twin Electric Motors
Weapons Flipper & Steel Spike
Strengths Dual Weapon Action
Weaknesses Limited CO2 Supply
From: Kesgrave
Team Members: Roy Alcock, Eddy Alcock, Bill Morse
Thermidor 2 (seeded 16th)
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.34 x 1.05 x 0.84m
Power 24V Electric Motor
Weapons Pneumatic Flipper & Claws
Strengths Powerful Weapons
Weaknesses Experienced Competitors
From: Costessey
Team Members: David Harding, Ian Harvey, Christopher Snowling
Weight 91kg
Dimensions 0.54 x 1.2 x 0.52m
Power 12V Starter Motors
Weapons Spikes & Rotating Discs
Strengths Fast with Good Control
Weaknesses No srimech
From: Barton Green
Team Members: Trevor Wright, Matthew Wright, Tony Hillier
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.54 x 0.95 x 0.75m
Power 24V batteries
Weapons Heavy Rotating Disc
Strengths Potentially Very Destructive
Weaknesses Reliability
From: Hull
Team Members: Paul Stephenson, Colin Hare, Mark Chalmers
Wildthing s5
Wild Thing (seeded 9th)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.43 x 0.94 x 0.65m
Power 750W Electric Motor
Weapons 2 Bladed Spinning Disc
Strengths Speed & Control
Weaknesses Vulnerable Tyres
From: Ash
Team Members: Nick Adams, Isabelle Adams, Jake Adams


"It's fighting time! Ay! Let the wars begin!"
— Craig Charles

Wild Thing (9) vs Trouble 'n' StrifeEdit


Trouble 'n' Strife attacks Wild Thing

Wild Thing started the stronger, pushing Trouble 'n' Strife around, without receiving attacks in retaliation. Then, Wild Thing drove into the rear disc of Trouble 'n' Strife, causing it spin away on impact. Both machines dealt blows with their flywheels, with Wild Thing taking damage to its front end. Trouble 'n' Strife flipped the ninth seeds, but Wild Thing landed on its wheels.

"This is a struggle here, for the experienced Wild Thing machine."
— Jonathan Pearce
Trouble n Strife vs Wild Thing

A hobbling Wild Thing retaliates

Wild Thing dug its blades into the exposed interior of Trouble 'n' Strife. Wild Thing hit of Trouble 'n' Strife several more times causing damage, but Trouble 'n' Strife began to really get its flipper into play, flipping Wild Thing hard enough to buckle one of its wheels. Wild Thing pushed back, visibly hobbling, eventually losing the side decoration on its tyre. Another flip lifted it off the ground, but Wild Thing launched a glancing blow and pushed Trouble 'n' Strife into the CPZ where it was axed by Shunt then whacked by Matilda's flywheel.


Shunt drags Trouble 'n' Strife into Matilda's flywheel

"I think Trouble 'n' Strike will just survive and go to a referee's decision. It's gonna to be very, very close, and they've taken severe damage late on."
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle reaches its climax

Wild Thing scraped through on the judges' decision.

Winner: Wild Thing

Velocirippa vs The AlienEdit

Velocirippa vs the alien

The Alien shoves Velocirippa

The Alien vs Velocirippa

The Alien wedges under Velocirippa

The pair circled each other in the opening seconds, with The Alien landing a glancing blow with its spinning hammer. The Alien got underneath Velocirippa with its wedge shape and pushed it across the arena before turning around and striking Velocirippa again.


Velocirippa is pitted

"Velocirippa seems to have been stopped in its tracks by The Alien and that hammer blow."
— Jonathan Pearce

Velocirippa had become immobilised shortly before the second blow and was counted out, after taking further blows from The Alien. Shunt pushed Velocirippa into the pit with help from Sgt. Bash, and The Alien progressed.

Winner: The Alien

Napalm 2 vs WarhogEdit


Napalm 2 pushes Warhog


Napalm 2 reverses Warhog into the wall

Both machines started sluggishly, with Warhog's full body spinner not working. Napalm 2 nudged it around the arena, scoring points for aggression. Napalm 2 turned around and tried to get its rear axe into action, but didn't cause much damage to the top of Warhog. Napalm 2 pushed Warhog towards Matilda, however she chose not to strike Warhog with her flywheel.

"Are we watching this is slow motion?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Napalm prods Warhog towards Matilda

Matilda reverses into Warhog


The two clash whilst time ticks down

Warhog was chased by Napalm 2 into the side wall where once again, Napalm 2 used its spiked axe, causing a small dent on the top armour of Warhog. Matilda this time hit Warhog, and Warhog drove onto the flame pit.

"This is most curious..."
— Jonathan Pearce as both robots show limited mobility

Napalm 2 got stuck on the arena wall, so both machines were immobile at the end of the battle and the judges gave the win to Napalm 2.

Winner: Napalm 2

Thermidor 2 (16) vs Prizephita Mach 2Edit

Thermidor vs Prizephita

Thermidor 2 throws Prizephita

Thermidor 2 immediately came on the attack, tossing Prizephita Mach 2 through the air, though it landed on its wheels. Thermidor 2 flicked Prizephita Mach 2 again but failed to flip its opponent. From then on, it was clear that Thermidor 2 was having difficulty of getting its flipper underneath Prizephita Mach 2 because of Prizephita Mach 2's low ground clearance. Prizephita Mach 2 used this to its advantage and flipped over Team Lobster's robot and it chose to self-right to keep the functionality of its weapon though it was invertible. Prizephita Mach 2 turned Thermidor 2 over again and it self-righted.

Prizephita vs Thermidor

Prizephita turns the battle around

"This is flipping good stuff, isn't it!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The two locked flippers, with neither gaining an advantage. Prizephita Mach 2 flipped over the seeded robot once more, and in order to self right this time, Thermidor 2 had to drive backwards while upside down to gain enough momentum. Yet another flip by Prizephita Mach 2 lead to Thermidor 2 being overturned, and needed to gain the momentum to self-right. When it landed on its wheels, Thermidor 2 broke down, with its newly-installed PCM radio breaking down.


Prizephita Mach 2's final flip

"This is another major surprise in this heat. Ian Harvey and David Harding - splendid competitors in the past, are to go at the first hurdle."
— Jonathan Pearce as Thermidor 2 is counted out

Refbot counted out the Series 4 semi-finalists, the only one to fall at the first hurdle in this wars. Sgt. Bash then grabbed Thermidor 2 in his pincers and dropped it into the pit before spinning round in circles and shooting fire everywhere.


Shunt and Sgt. Bash pit Thermidor 2

"Thermidor 2 roasted in the pit! Prizephita 2 go through!"
— Craig Charles

Winner: Prizephita Mach 2


Wild Thing (9) vs Napalm 2Edit


Wild Thing pushes Napalm 2 into the pit

Wild Thing simply slammed into Napalm 2 as soon as activate was called and this collision immobilised Napalm 2.

"Vicky, who loves her computer programming, trying to program a response from Napalm."
— Jonathan Pearce
Wild Thing caused damage to Napalm 2's side armour with its flywheel before steering the foe into the pit for an easy ticket into the heat final.
"And that was on the cards from the word 'activate'."
— Jonathan Pearce on Wild Thing's easy win

Winner: Wild Thing

Prizephita Mach 2 vs The AlienEdit


Prizephita Mach 2 overturns The Alien

The Alien and Prizephita Mach 2 met and spun in circles, with The Alien's hammer unable to come into serious contact with Prizephita Mach 2. Prizephita got in underneath The Alien and tipped it over.

Prizephita vs The Alien

Prizephita stops The Alien's srimech from working

"They have a pneumatic self-righter, but they seem to be stuck, and off balance."
— Jonathan Pearce as The Alien struggles to self-right

The Alien tried to self-right but got stuck on its own srimech, so it was counted out by Refbot. Only then did it use its srimech successfully, get back on its wheels and start fighting again, however it was too late to have a chance of staying in the competition.


Dead Metal pulls The Alien free of Shunt's axe

Winner: Prizephita Mach 2


"Two robots think they're hard. So let's settle this the hard way. Let the heat final begin!"
— Craig Charles

Wild Thing (9) vs Prizephita Mach 2Edit

Prizephita vs Wild Thing

Prizephita Mach 2 starts promisingly

This was a rematch of the Series 3 fight where Thing 2 easily got the best of the original Prizephita. Wild Thing charged straight away, but Prizephita Mach 2 flipped the heat favourites. Wild Thing attacked Prizephita Mach 2's rear and sides a few times with its disc, failing to cause any damage. Prizephita got in two more flips, with the second lifting the number nine seed onto its back for the first time in the heat.

Prizephita vs Wild Thing 2

Prizephita Mach 2 flips Wild Thing around the arena

"Prizephita - dodging, dancing around the ring, and waited for the opportunity to get that jab in. Good boxing in the Robot Wars arena. Wild Thing now, is seeing stars."
— Jonathan Pearce as Prizephita Mach 2 topples Wild Thing onto its back

Prizephita Mach 2 flipped it again before it could self-right. Prizephita Mach 2 flipped Wild Thing over again, but once more the seeded machine self-righted using its lifting arm. After escaping Shunt, Prizephita Mach 2 turned over the opposition again. Prizephita Mach 2 prevented Wild Thing from self-righting, then lifted it onto its side, where Wild Thing appeared to be stuck. While Wild Thing was spinning on one wheel while on its side, Prizephita Mach 2 hit the pit release tyre.


Wild Thing struggles to right itself

"Wild Thing, twice a series semi-finalist, but I don't think will be going through to the series semi-finals this time around."
— Jonathan Pearce as Wild Thing struggles to get back onto its wheels

Wild Thing finally self-righted, and clashed with Prizephita Mach 2 again. Wild Thing began to fight back, shoving Prizephita Mach 2 around the arena for a short time before almost pitting it.


Wild Thing fights back

"What a good battle this has been! A fitting heat final."
— Jonathan Pearce as Wild Thing fights back late on

In the closing seconds Wild Thing rammed Prizephita Mach 2 into an angle grinder, and the late spurt of aggression was deemed enough by the judges to put the Adams family into the semi-finals for the third successive time.

Heat Winner: Wild Thing

"William Tell made noise with his overtures, but we make more, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

  • This episode saw Thermidor 2 become the first seeded robot to fall in Round 1 of the Fifth Wars, while Prizephita Mach 2 who defeated it, got past the first hurdle for the first time in three attempts.
    • This Heat would also be the only time Prizephita won a battle, having reached the Heat Final, because the team never returned again after this, withdrawing from Series 8.
  • Wild Thing's victory over Napalm 2 proved to be the last ever time that the former won a battle, without the use of a judges' decision.
  • The Heat Final was:
    • A grudge match between the Prizephita and Wild Thing teams, who met in The Third Wars.
    • The only one to go to the Judges in the whole of the Fifth Wars.
  • Strangely, Thermidor 2's weakness on its statistics board was listed as "Experienced Competitors", a statement that would usually be considered a strength, instead of "Fragile Shell" as it had been during the first series of Robot Wars Extreme.
  • When Jonathan Pearce was reading through the Round 1 line-up, he did not read through it sequentially and also failed to mention Trouble 'n' Strife.
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