Heat F of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars was the sixth of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars. The episode was broadcast on May 13, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on August 16, 2002 on BBC Two.

Competing RobotsEdit


Corkscrew S5
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 1.12 x 0.44 x 0.71m
Power 2 x 750W Electric Motors
Weapons Revolving Body & Twin Blades
Strengths Scottish Spirit
Weaknesses First Time Competitors
From: Selkirk
Team Members: John Heatlie, Lewis Heatlie, Laurance Heatlie
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.57 x 0.91 x 0.83m
Power 2 x 750W Electric Motors
Weapons Lifting Arm, Spikes & Disc
Strengths Multi Weaponry
Weaknesses Warzone Experience
From: Astmoor Industrial Estate
Team Members: Ian Rotheram, Frank Rotheram, Andrew Groves


13 Black5
13 Black
Weight 95kg
Dimensions 0.34 x 1.74 x 0.7m
Power 4 x 750W Electric Motors
Weapons 2 x Spinning Discs
Strengths High Destructive Potential
Weaknesses Mechanical Durability
From: Hinckley
Team Members: John Denny, Richard Morris, Ken Wilson
Dominator 2
Dominator 2 (seeded 11th)
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 0.66 x 0.65 x 1.35m
Power 2 x 750W Electric Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Axe
Strengths Power & Speed
Weaknesses Accuracy of Axe
From: Huntingdon
Team Members: Peter Halloway, Elliot Smart, Chris Hall
Immortalis mag
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 0.68 x 1.56 x 1.17m
Power 24V Electric Motor
Weapons Saw, Spikes & Pneumatic Shovel
Strengths Bulldozer Style Shovel
Weaknesses Durability of Outer Casing
From: Ossett
Team Members: Colin Scott, Steve Keating, Jordan Keating
King B Powerworks
King B Powerworks
Weight 88kg
Dimensions 1 x 0.77 x 0.25m
Power 36V DC Motor
Weapons Front Disc & Rear Lifter
Strengths Extremely Powerful
Weaknesses Exposed Tyres
From: Havant
Team Members: Simon Harrison, Grant Hornsby
Kronic 2
Weight 92kg
Dimensions 0.5 x 1.20 x 0.72m
Power 2 x 12V Electric Motors
Weapons Flippers & Titanium Spikes
Strengths Powerful Weaponry
Weaknesses Limited CO2 Supply
From: Beer in Devon
Team Members: Dave Lang, John Lang, Mike Gardener
X-Terminator 5
X-Terminator (seeded 14th)
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.80 x 0.60 x 0.50m
Power 24V Electric Motor
Weapons Pneumatic Axe
Strengths 37kg Axe & Base
Weaknesses Poor Maneuverability
From: Belmont
Team Members: Marlon Pritchard, Simon Baldwin, Paul Lewis


"Looks feisty to me. Dominator 2, beaten in the semi-finals of the last series against a shiny newcomer Derek. King B Powerworks, previous semi-finalists against an ugly looking Kronic 2. 13 Black, a roulette wheel robot trying its luck against Corkscrew. And X-Terminator, semi-finalists in the last series against new machine Immortalis."
— Jonathan Pearce reviewing the competitors in the heat and how they line up in the first round

Dominator 2 (11) vs Derek!Edit

Dominator 2 derek

Dominator 2 and Shunt assail Derek! together

As was to be expected, Dominator 2 closed the gap and Derek! dodged. Dominator 2 attacked, but its axe went wide and missed. Derek!'s attack also went wide, and the robots separated. They came together and attacked, but once again, neither blow landed on the opponent. Dominator 2 drove around, trying to line up Derek!, and Sgt. Bash rammed it whilst it travelled into a CPZ closer to the action. Dominator 2 axed Derek! at last, and Derek!'s lifter fired, pushing it off the ground and onto Dominator 2's wedge. The spikes of its lifter carved into the wooden floor as Dominator 2 drove in a circle.

"Derek, digging into the arena floor. Well, we don't take kindly to that Derek!, with your little fangs, cutting up our lovely carpet as it were! Dominator 2, you are now on a mission for us then! To tidy things up!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Derek bash shunt

Derek! is teamed up on

As the robots drifted near Shunt's CPZ, Dominator 2 axed into the heart of Derek!, not causing any damage to the armour, but allowing it to grip the robot well. It pushed Derek! into the side wall and released it. Derek! fired its flipper, but missed, and Dominator 2 reversed it into the arena floor. Derek! did not move off the arena wall, and Shunt drove across and attacked with its axe, as did Dominator 2. Dominator 2 did most of the work, axing the motionless Derek! several times. Dominator 2 retreated, and Refbot counted Derek! out. As Sgt. Bash and Shunt closed in, cease was called.

"Oh. Derek! just stopped working. Dominator 2 go through!"
— Craig Charles

Derek's immobilisation was caused by a series of events edited out of the televised battle, where Derek drove up the wedge of Dominator 2, and its rear spinning disc made contact with the arena floor, causing its battery connectors to overheat following an electrical surge.

Winner: Dominator 2

King B Powerworks vs Kronic 2Edit

"The axe had it. Dominator 2 through. Derek out. Next up, King B Powerworks and Kronic 2."
— Jonathan Pearce
King b vs kronic

King B Powerworks rams into Kronic 2

King b powerworks kronic

King B Powerworks slams Kronic 2 into an angle grinder

King b vs kronic flamepit

Kronic burns on the flame pit after an attack from King B

King b powerworks kronic 2

Skewering Kronic 2, King B Powerworks carries it towards Sgt. Bash

Kronic 2 was the aggressor in the opening moments, attacking and flicking King B Powerworks into the air. King B recovered from the attack and drove up the side of Kronic 2, sitting there until Kronic 2 fired its flipper, upon which King B drove off. King B attempted a charge, disc first, at Kronic 2, but the flipper negated the attack and tossed King B off to Kronic 2's right. The second charge was much more successful, as it struck Kronic 2's rear and allowed King B to slam it into the side wall at a tremendous speed. Kronic 2 successfully retreated across the flames, but slowed down significantly, and King B rammed it into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. King B's spikes had pierced the side armour of Kronic 2 by now, and, after Kronic 2 trundled slowly out of Sgt. Bash's reach, King B used the spikes to pierce and lift Kronic 2 slightly, driving it back into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Shunt intercepted and separated the pair with its axe, but King B nudged Kronic 2 back onto the flames. Kronic 2's spikes caught fire, and, despite King B losing control points for driving into an angle grinder at the end, it lost the judges' decision.

David Lang: "I think we've got a slight problem with it."
Craig Charles: "Well, what went wrong?"
David Lang: "The electrics, it doesn't work very well."
Craig Charles: "Never a good thing in Robot Wars."
— After the battle

Winner: King B Powerworks

13 Black vs CorkscrewEdit

"Good decision by the judges. King B Powerworks get it against Kronic 2. Next up, 13 Black and the Corkscrew."
— Jonathan Pearce
Corkscrew 13 black

The two heavy spinners, before a collision

In a battle between two heavy spinners, 13 Black darted around the arena to get speed up, whilst Corkscrew drove across the arena, sat still and started spinning. 13 Black attacked first, with the flywheel and the rotating blades colliding and causing both robots to dart aside briefly. 13 Black then mistakenly crashed into Shunt, and Corkscrew crashed into it, ramming it against the House Robot and stopping all three spinning weapons. 13 Black and Corkscrew both pulled away and regathered speed, before colliding and driving away - both robots landed glancing blows on Shunt as they retreated. Corkscrew then landed a glancing blow on 13 Black's side.

Corkscrew vs 13 black

Shunt attempts to separate Corkscrew and 13 Black

"Its all mad, whirling and twirling out there, a Highland fling for Corkscrew!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The two spinners continued to land blows on each other, but only the weapons collided and no damage was inflicted on the robots themselves. The battle turned when 13 Black crashed into an angle grinder and took blows from Corkscrew as it pulled away - one of its discs stopped moving from Corkscrew's blow. Corkscrew attacked again, and its lower blade caught in the framework.

"Now for me, whilst 13 Black has looked on the surface the more aggressive, I think Corkscrew has been the more controlled here."
— Jonathan Pearce

The two robots spun in a large circle, trying to dislodge Corkscrew's weapon, but not even intervention from Shunt's plough could separate the robots. Cease was called with both robots pinned together, and Corkscrew was declared the winner.

"We lined up next to Craig Charles to wait for the judges decision, we thought we had it as we were the ones still moving and had been so aggressive compared to Corkscrew, but they gave it to them because of the damage we had taken. We were a bit shocked and I think it showed on the TV when I was a bit stuck for words! I was trying to say it was a well matched fight, two spinners in together, but it just wouldn't come out!"
— Richard Morris on the 13 Black website[1]

Winner: Corkscrew

X-Terminator (14) vs ImmortalisEdit

Immortalis x-terminator

X-Terminator forward-flips

X-Terminator Refbot

X-Terminator fires its axe at Refbot

X-Terminator was much quicker off the mark, closing the gap and watching as Immortalis turned side-on. It immediately took an opportunity to attack, slamming its axe onto the large body of its opponent. It struck again, hitting Immortalis' head, and managing to negate the lifting plough with its own lifter. However, as Immortalis drove back, X-Terminator's axe remained buried in it, and X-Terminator was flipped onto its front, resting its bulk on Immortalis, leaving both unable to move. Refbot arrived and rammed X-Terminator, allowing it to self-right and pull its axe free. X-Terminator lashed out at Refbot briefly as Immortalis trundled away.

"Hey, X-Terminator, you're not fighting the Refbot! You may be angry at his decision, but you don't take on the Refbot!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Immortalis shunt

Shunt shatters the globe

Shunt immortalis

Shunt pits Immortalis

Whilst X-Terminator bumped into Refbot, Sgt. Bash had caught Immortalis and was slowly dragging it out of its CPZ. Shunt closed in as well, and with one axe blow, shattered Immortalis' globe tail.

"Immortalis - ohh! And off goes the...the...bumblebee bot, the only thing I can think it resembles out there. Immortalis, the ghastly innards exposed to all."
— Jonathan Pearce

After being counted out by Refbot, Immortalis was smashed by Shunt and Sgt Bash, before being pitted by the former.

Winner: X-Terminator


Dominator 2 (11) vs King B PowerworksEdit

Dominator 2 king b powerworks

King B runs up the wedge

Dominator 2 king b powerwork

Dominator 2 penetrates King B Powerworks above the forks

King B Powerworks ran onto Dominator 2's wedge, sliding up the length, and Dominator 2's axe crashed down onto the top of it. Dominator 2 pushed it into a CPZ, then released it, allowing both machines to separate and dash across the arena. King B Powerworks was caught by Shunt, but managed to dodge its attacks and dash around the arena, dodging Dominator 2's axe. Dominator 2 was more successful following up, and hit King B Powerworks several times on the top armour after catching it. King B reversed into Dominator 2, sending sparks flying when the disc struck, but Dominator 2 used its wedge to scoop up King B and push it around.

"How can it attack Dominator 2, though? It's a major problem. Side by side, no place to duck or hide!"
— Jonathan Pearce

It pushed King B free with its axe and missed an attack, but inevitably caught King B again, the axe now piercing through King B's plexiglass top, right above the forks. It freed King B, and it was able to escape, but King B was unable to succeed in attacks and Dominator 2 landed several more. The match ended with Dominator 2's axe buried in King B Powerworks.

Dominator2 king b powerworks

The robots after cease

Craig Charles: "Sometimes it looked like it'd gone in so deep, they couldn't actually get it out again."
Simon Harrison: "It's tough, it's tough, it'll keep going if it's got a lot of damage."
Craig Charles: "Well you guys're tough too, because I mean, that's one of the best axes in the business, and you were still going, and a lot of times it was just bouncing off your casing."
Simon Harrison: "Well, we didn't want to stop, you know, we wanna just keep trying to go, trying to go, there's no point giving it up, you never give up in this game, it's not worth it, you just never know what's going to happen."
— Gracious in defeat

Winner: Dominator 2

X-Terminator (14) vs CorkscrewEdit

Simon Baldwin and Paul Lewis had to go to work, so X-Terminator's axe was controlled by Michael Davies of Panic Attack who previously joined him for X-Terminator's Mayhem against Panzer Wraith and Cataclysmic Variabot in Extreme Series 1.

X-terminator vs corkscrew

Corkscrew's mechanism deflects X-Terminator's axe

The two robots collided, and Corkscrew was knocked slightly off balance. The robots pushed either way, but when X-Terminator fired its axe, the cork on Corkscrew deflected the blow and knocked the axe aside. X-Terminator tried again with the same result on three occasions. Meanwhile, it became clear that Corkscrew's spinner was not working, leaving it only with ramming power to defeat its opponent. X-Terminator stopped near the flame pit, and Corkscrew rammed into it. X-Terminator could only go in reverse, and it drove in a large circle and ran into a side wall. Corkscrew pushed it free, but X-Terminator had very little forward drive. Corkscrew charged, but again the axe was unable to strike due to the cork.

"Oh! An onward thrust, almost into oblivion!"
— Jonathan Pearce
X-terminator shunt

Shunt drags X-Terminator around

Corkscrew rammed into X-Terminator several times, using its blades as rams, until it briefly ran into Shunt, who was able to hit Corkscrew but not damage it. Meanwhile, X-Terminator was driving in small circles, firing its axe, until it ventured too close to Shunt. Corkscrew pushed it into the CPZ, and Shunt caught it with its axe. Shunt's axe dug deep into the axe resting place, allowing the house robot to drag X-Terminator around, and also preventing the axe from retracting fully. Corkscrew slammed into X-Terminator, who was carried by Shunt to the flame pit as time ran out.

"He's smiling, but it could be a death smile of Robot rigamortis! Because X-Terminator - in real peril. Not from the flame pit, but from the judges I think!"
— Jonathan Pearce on the cease

The judges gave the decision to Corkscrew.

Winner: Corkscrew


Dominator 2 (11) vs CorkscrewEdit

Philippa Forrester: "And what did they do earlier?"
Lewis Heatlie: "Called our kilts skirts!"
Philippa Forrester: "That's enough to make them angry! And enough to give us a very good fight!"
— Pre battle talks
Dominator 2 corkscrew

Dominator 2 tips Corkscrew over

Corkscrew refbot

Corkscrew is counted out

Broken corkscrew

Corkscrew starts burning, with Shunt's axe buried in its handle and the robot breaking apart

Both robots charged, and Dominator 2's axe went wide. Corkscrew deflected itself from the arena wall and dodged Dominator 2's charge, causing the seed to ram the side wall. Dominator 2 cornered Corkscrew in a CPZ, and struck with its axe, but the blow did not do any damage and it slid off quickly. Corkscrew was quickly closed in on by Sir Killalot and Shunt, but the little Scottish robot managed to move out and flee.

"How about that for a little turn away from danger? Nipped between the two there!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Corkscrew's escape

Corkscrew's spinner was not working, and Dominator 2 rammed into it several times, trying to use its wedge. Corkscrew activated the pit, and fled at a high speed. However, Dominator 2 caught Corkscrew, using its wedge at last to slip beneath Corkscrew and tip it on its side. With the spinner not working, Corkscrew was unable to self-right. It was promptly counted out by Refbot. With the count-out official, Sir Killalot seized Corkscrew and sliced through the corkscrew handle.

"That corkscrew will open no more bottles of vintage wine in celebration...the bubbly belongs to Dominator 2."
— Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot positioned it on the floor flipper and Corkscrew was thrown. Shunt axed into the ruined handle and pulled it back on its side, whilst the kilt had caught on fire. Refbot extinguished the flames, and cease was called.

Heat Winner: Dominator 2

"The world is governed by rules and laws, but we burn the book, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

  • This heat featured only two newcomers. Corkscrew was one of only three newcomers in the entire series to reach a heat final.
  • For the only time in five wars, X-Terminator failed to reach at least the heat final.
  • Derek! went on to win the Best Engineered Award for this series, despite being knocked out in the first round by Dominator 2, which was also nominated for the award. This was the only occasion where a robot defeated another, but the losing robot won an award for which the winning robot was also nominated.
  • Only three House Robots were featured in Heat F; Sgt. Bash, Sir Killalot and Shunt. Shunt featured in all seven battles, with Sgt. Bash in all first round battles, and Sir Killalot in the remaining three.
  • While Dominator 2 won this heat, 13 Black would win Heat F of Series 6 and X-Terminator would win Heat F of Series 7.


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