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Heat G of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars was the seventh of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars. The episode was originally broadcast on May 14, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on August 23, 2002 on BBC Two.

Competing Robots[]


Weight 91kg
Dimensions 0.68 x 1.07 x 1.07m
Power 24V electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic trebuchet
Strengths Previous warzone experience
Weaknesses No self-righting mechanism
From: St John's
Team Members: David Sweeney, Bella Boyd & Jim Boyd
Evolution mag.png
Weight 95kg
Dimensions 0.95 x 0.91 x 1.78m
Power 24V electric motors
Weapons Rotating twin blades
Strengths Can pull a car
Weaknesses Lack of offensive weaponry
From: Ockwell Park
Team Members: Alistair Hare & Katie Hare
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.4 x 1.1 x 0.78m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Front scoop & central flipper
Strengths Powerful & durable
Weaknesses First time competitors
From: East Hagbourne
Team Members: Dennis Leadbetter, Andrew Leadbetter & Frances Leadbetter
Sabretooth S5.png
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.63 x 1.07 x 0.73m
Power 2 x 24V servo motors
Weapons Giant shredding blade
Strengths Destructive weaponry
Weaknesses Overall durability
From: Haslemere
Team Members: Gabriel Stroud, Rob Pickford & Polly Parr


Diotoir (no background).gif
Weight 93kg
Dimensions 1.17 x 1.04 x 0.39m
Power 36V Motor
Weapons Wedge & scoop
Strengths Low ground clearance
Weaknesses Flammable
From: Clondalkin, Ireland
Team Members: Peter Redmond, Joe Gavin & Dr Zulu
Gravedigger s5 mag.png
Weight 89kg
Dimensions 0.82m x 1.12 x 0.7m
Power 24V electric motors
Weapons Double headed axe
Strengths Good driving control
Weaknesses Reliability
From: Thorpe St. Andrew
Team Members: Jonathan Chaplin, Dave Chaplin & Chris Peacher
Spawn Again S5 R2.png
Spawn Again (seeded 13th)
Weight 79kg
Dimensions 1.25 x 0.85 x 0.5m
Power 12V electric motors
Weapons High powered flipper & spike
Strengths 4 Wheel drive
Weaknesses Comparatively light
From: East Tilbury
Team Members: Darren Ball & Luke Jackman
Tornado background.png
Tornado (seeded 12th)
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.85 x 0.7 x 0.25m
Power 2 x 750W motors
Weapons 2000RPM spinning disc
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Easily flipped
From: Huntingdon
Team Members: Andrew Marchant, David Gamble & Bryan Moss


"What a battle to start with. Tornado and Gravedigger, both previous semi-finalists. Diotoir, crowd favourite against a new machine Dome. Two newcomers, Evolution and Sabretooth and then back again, Spawn Again meeting up with the snake eyed Hydra."
— Jonathan Pearce reviewing the competitors in the heat and how they line up in the first round

Tornado (12) vs Gravedigger[]

The former semi-finalists lock horns

Gravedigger axes Tornado

Both robots charged forwards, but Tornado drove past Gravedigger, causing it to miss its first axe blow. Tornado quickly turned around and got behind Gravedigger. Tornado tried to push Gravedigger, but couldn't get any traction. Gravedigger fired its axe, the rear flipper lifting Tornado a little, and Tornado tried to get at Gravedigger's side and push, but Gravedigger turned around and fired the axe, landing a blow on one of the front wheels. This did not puncture the tyre however, and Tornado reversed, with Gravedigger following. Tornado drove around and drove at the front of Gravedigger, but Gravedigger fired the axe, pinning Tornado down, and pushed it back. However, Gravedigger pulled the axe back, and after reversing a little, Tornado rammed into Gravedigger, getting at the side and pushing it all the way up the arena, slamming it into the middle arena entry gate.

"Four-wheeled driven, Tornado, runs both ways up, for it to push and ram. It is very dogged around the arena, it is very swift as well, even though they say it can only muster top speeds of 10 miles per hour."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado rams Gravedigger up the arena

Tornado turned and drove away, and Gravedigger drove after it, getting close, but Tornado reversed, causing it to miss with the axe. Tornado drove around to the back of its opponent, and pushed it towards the side of the arena. At that moment, Sgt. Bash drove up the arena, and Tornado pushed Gravedigger into him. Sgt. Bash kept going, pushing past the two, so Tornado got behind Gravedigger before it could get away and pushed it up the arena, then pushed it across the arena, ramming it against the arena wall by Sir Killalot's CPZ.

"It's a little irritant in the arena, Tornado, basically. Whips up a little storm of its own, and you see here, it's pushing Gravedigger away, with formidable force there."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado continues to shove Gravedigger and rams it into the arena wall

Gravedigger is "cremated" on the Flame Pit by Sir Killalot

Gravedigger is "buried" in the pit, this marking its last appearance on Robot Wars

Tornado reversed, then slammed into Gravedigger's side. Sir Killalot came out of his CPZ, pinning Gravedigger against the side wall with his claw, and Tornado drove down the arena to open the pit. Gravedigger could not move away from the wall as it had lost power to the reciever[1], so Sir Killalot grabbed it by the axe head with his claw, lifting it up and pulling it away from the wall, then pulled it back close to his CPZ. Refbot began to count it out, and Tornado drove back up the arena and got at Gravedigger's side, pushing it against Refbot. Tornado reversed and tried to push Gravedigger, but couldn't move it, and Sir Killalot got his lance under the back of Tornado and lifted it up. As Refbot finished his count, Gravedigger and drove away.

"They already have their grave dug by Tornado, and Sir Killalot is about to conduct the cremation of the Gravedigger... and Gravedigger about to be placed six feet under."
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot drags Gravedigger over to the flame pit.

Sir Killalot picked Gravedigger up by the axe head and carried it over to the flame pit. After holding it over the flames, Sir Killalot dragged it over to the edge of the pit, then reversed so that Tornado could push it in.

""RIP" in Robot Wars terms means "rust in pieces". Gravedigger, in a ball of smoke, no more."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado pits Gravedigger

Winner: Tornado

Diotoir vs Dome[]

The Dome rolls into submission

The two robots approached each other rather sluggishly, with Diotoir driving straight at Dome, whilst Dome tried to drive around Diotoir. Diotoir got under the side of Dome, and its high ground clearance allowed Diotoir to flip it over. Dome rolled up, but couldn't quite roll over, leaving it stuck on its top.

"Immediately flipped up and over by Diotoir, it doesn't have a self-righting mechanism. Look at this, a nudge from the scoop with the leering grin was enough, and over went the Dome! The Dome at the moment, a crashed white elephant, of Robot Wars, you understand."
— Jonathan Pearce as Diotoir flips Dome over

Diotoir drove around and gave Dome a push, but couldn't right it, so drove away to hit the pit release button. The pit opened, and Diotoir drove up past Dome. Diotoir gave it a little nudge, then gave it another push, causing it to roll into the pit and fall in.

"Dome... about as successful as the Millennium Dome."
— Craig Charles on Dome's poor performance

Winner: Diotoir

Evolution vs Sabretooth[]

Sabretooth damages Evolution, but loses its weaponry

Before activate, Evolution got its turret up to speed, and Sabretooth slowly approached it as the battle started, getting its own spinning blades up to speed. With the blades up to speed, Sabretooth charged at Evolution, but as it got close, it was struck by the spinning turret. Evolution reversed away, hooking one of Sabretooth's rollbars with the end of its spinning turret. Evolution let go and reversed, before ramming back at Sabretooth. Sabretooth clipped the side of Evolution, ripping off the side rope and ripping the wooden armour, but suddenly its weapon broke.

"You could see them whirling away, caught on the body of Evolution, and then stopped turning."
— Jonathan Pearce on Sabretooth's weaponry

Sergeant Bash attacks Evolution

Sir Killalot grapples with Evolution

Evolution pushed against the front of Sabretooth, forcing it up the arena to the top arena wall by Sir Killalot's CPZ. Sabretooth got away from the wall, and Evolution drove past it. Sabretooth weakly drove into the side and tried to push, but Evolution turned away. Sir Killalot had driven out of his CPZ and followed the two competitors near the arena centre. Evolution drove behind Sabretooth, but as it reversed, it drove into Sir Killalot. It managed to turn away, and Sabretooth drove into it, but then it broke down. The House Robots came in to separate the two, with Sir Killalot pushing Sabretooth away, but then Sgt. Bash grabbed the front of Evolution, ripping through the side. Refbot gave him a yellow card, but then Sir Killalot grabbed Evolution by the turret, breaking it with his claw and spun the robot around. Sir Killalot put it down and was also given a yellow card by Refbot.

"What have they got against Evolution!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot buckles Evolution's turret shaft

With neither robot truly active at the end, the battle was sent to a Judges' decision. The judges viewed the House Robot attacks as unfair, so judged the battle up to that point.

"Killalot and Sergeant Bash both get yellow cards! They were obviously not happy with that fight; it was a little bit like... handbags at dawn. We're going to the judges."
— Craig Charles on the House Robots' reactions to the fight.

On the benefit of the doubt, the Judges awarded the victory to Evolution.

Winner: Evolution

Spawn Again (13) vs Hydra[]

Hydra is hurled by Spawn Again

The two robots started by charging at each other, but Hydra tried swerving around Spawn Again as it got close. This allowed Spawn Again to get under the side and flip it over. Hydra swiftly self-righted and drove forwards, but nearly drove into Matilda, so quickly reversed away. It turned around, driving away from Spawn Again, then reversed. Hydra drove at Spawn Again, but drove onto the flipper. Fortunately for Hydra, Spawn Again turned too far, causing Hydra to slip off the side and Spawn Again to miss with the flipper. Hydra tried to flip Spawn Again, but failed to get the edge under the front, causing it to miss. Both robots reversed, then charged at each other, and Hydra drove straight up Spawn Again's flipper, allowing Spawn Again to flip it over again. Hydra self-righted straight away again, and both robots turned around to face each other.

"Hydra – it's a roly-poly sort of a display, isn't it? Again they tumble, again they self-right – this is great stuff! Jack-in-the-box stuff here!"
Jonathan Pearce as Hydra is repeatedly flipped by Spawn Again

Spawn Again drove at Hydra, but Hydra turned and drove away to dodge the flipper, causing Spawn Again to miss. However, as Hydra drove away, it nearly drove into Matilda. It managed to reverse away, driving past Spawn Again. It drove straight at Spawn Again, but rode straight up the flipper again. Hydra fired its flipper, and Spawn Again flipped it over. Once again, Hydra self-righted straight away, but before it could get away, Spawn Again drove straight under the side and flipped Hydra over again. Hydra flipped itself back onto its wheels again, but did not move away.

"I wonder if all the rough and tumble in the end, was too much..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Hydra finally grinds to a halt

Spawn Again's attempt to flip Hydra out of the arena

Spawn Again tried to flip Hydra again, but did not get the flipper under its opponent properly, causing it to miss. Spawn Again drove under Hydra, pushing it to the arena side wall, and tried to flip it out, but didn't manage to flip it over the fence. Matilda came over, and reversed into Hydra with her flywheel spinning. Spawn Again rammed into Hydra repeatedly, trying to get the flipper under the side, but couldn't get under Hydra's ground clearance. Matilda reversed into the side of Hydra with her flywheel spinning, but failed to do any damage. Spawn Again got under the back of Hydra and flipped it over, and this time Hydra did not self-right. Matilda reversed into the side of Hydra again, and Spawn Again got its flipper under Hydra and flipped, but instead of throwing it over the fence, merely lifted it up, and it fell off the flipper. Hydra landed between Sir Killalot and Matilda, and Sir Killalot tried to grab it with his claw whilst Matilda hit it with her flywheel. Refbot counted Hydra out, and Sir Killalot grabbed the back of Hydra with his claw, picking it up as Matilda attacked it some more with her flywheel, causing CO2 to leak. Sir Killalot pulled Hydra away, and turned it around, hitting Refbot as he turned. Sir Killalot dropped Hydra, only to pick it up again, spin it around and toss it aside. Matilda finished Hydra off by pushing it into the pit. quickly overturned Hydra but Hydra immediately recovered before driving onto the front of the Essex machine where it was thrown again but then self-righted for the second time. Spawn Again then threw Hydra on its back twice more where afterwards it stopped moving. Spawn Again then pushed Hydra near the wall where it was attacked by Matilda.

"Well, well... Hydra take a hiding!"
Craig Charles announces Hydra's elimination from Series 5

Winner: Spawn Again


Tornado (12) vs Diotoir[]

Tornado had the quicker start, driving at Diotoir as it slowly moved forwards. Diotoir turned to face Tornado, but as it did so, Tornado drove around Diotoir's scoop. Diotoir turned, but Tornado reversed. Tornado drove at Diotoir's scoop, but reversed before it could flip. Diotoir reversed, but Tornado chased after it, getting under the flipper before it could close, and rammed it into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Diotoir drove out before the House Robot could attack, and as it drove away from the CPZ, Tornado rammed into it, then got at the side and started pushing it down the arena, pushing it all the way to an empty CPZ at the bottom of the arena. Sgt. Bash came over, but Diotoir reversed out of the CPZ before he got to the CPZ. Tornado drove up to the top the arena, and charged at Diotoir as it drove up the arena. Tornado got under Diotoir's flipper, which was stuck in the fired position, but couldn't push Diotoir because of the ramp under the flipper, which lifted its front wheels off the ground[2]. Tornado reversed and rammed into the front repeatedly, but could not get a pushing advantage, and Diotoir kept driving at Tornado. Tornado managed to push Diotoir near one of the top CPZs, but Diotoir pushed back. The two struggled to get an advantage, and Sgt. Bash came over, blasting Diotoir with his flamethrower.

"Diotoir over the years has become much more durable, you know, and this is a... terrific, sustained fight between two... stouthearted machines!"
— Jonathan Pearce comments on Diotoir's resilience as it and Tornado ram each other

Diotoir overpowers Tornado to cause a major upset

Smoke began to rise, but the fur did not catch fire. The two competitors continued to push against each other, struggling to get an advantage, until Diotoir managed to turn Tornado around, and pushed it to the centre the arena. Tornado reversed away, and charged back at Diotoir, but hit the scoop. It reversed and rammed Diotoir again, then reversed, and rammed into Diotoir again, causing sparks with the drum. However, Tornado still could not get a pushing advantage, and Diotoir kept driving after it. Tornado drove away, driving around Diotoir, and tried to get at the side, but Diotoir turned. Tornado drove around Diotoir, getting at the side and pushing, nearly getting it onto the flame pit, but Tornado reversed too early. Diotoir opened the pit, and Tornado seemed to have lost power, and Diotoir pushed it in the pit, almost falling in on top.

"Diotoir, did they sense that Tornado was on its last leg, as it were? What a shock this is! Diotoir nearly went in, but Tornado crash out! The twelfth seeds have gone! What a win for Diotoir!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Diotoir pits Tornado

Immediately after the battle, Team Tornado claimed that Tornado's drum kept snagging on Diotoir's fur, causing them to constantly reverse the drum. They also stated on their website that Tornado itself ended up losing drive on one side in the later stages, allowing Diotoir to pit it.[3]

Winner: Diotoir

Spawn Again (13) vs Evolution[]

Evolution goes out in 21 seconds

Before the battle, a brick was placed in the blade mechanism of Evolution to make the weapon more powerful. As the battle started, Evolution spun its blade to defend itself from the Essex machine, but Spawn Again quickly came in and threw Evolution on its back where it couldn't self-right. Spawn Again then pushed the tank-like machine towards the arena wall and threw it clean out of the arena, even launching Spawn Again's flipper blade off in the process.

"Evolution, the tank has crashed out, I would imagine at this stage - it has now! You're not coming back from that!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Spawn Again throws over Evolution before catapulting it out of the arena

The brick had reduced the effectiveness of the Evolution weapon by making it too heavy to spin properly.

Winner: Spawn Again


"What a performance by Spawn Again. Evolution out of the arena. This is how the Heat G Final lines up. Diotoir against Spawn Again. Should be fun."
— Jonathan Pearce

Spawn Again (13) vs Diotoir[]

Diotoir is overturned.

As soon as activate was called, Spawn Again flipped Diotoir up and over, where the Irish robot then, in a failed attempt to right itself, made both of its eyes fly off. After Spawn Again pressed the pit release, the Refbot counted Diotoir out.

"A worthy battle through this heat to the final, but no further from the lads from Clondalkin in Dublin."
— Jonathan Pearce as Diotoir is counted out

Diotoir suffers a familiar fiery finale to its run, courtesy of Sgt. Bash

Prior to the match, Team Scutterbots and Team Nemesis had made a Gentleman's Agreement that after Spawn Again immobilised Diotoir, Spawn Again would then push Diotoir into the pit, to save it from punishment from the house robots. As a result, Spawn Again attempted to push Diotoir towards the pit, but seemingly broke down in the process.

"Diotoir, crowd favourites, are being taunted by the crowd now!"
Jonathan Pearce

With Spawn Again unable to save Diotoir any longer, Sgt. Bash came in and set the Irish machine on fire. Refbot extinguished the flames, before Sgt. Bash set it alight again, where Diotoir was also attacked by Matilda's flywheel. Spawn Again was the heat winner despite having its flipper jammed open throughout the majority of the fight after Diotoir had been overturned.

"Diotoir gets one in the eye! Spawn Again through to the series semi-finals!"
Craig Charles

Heat Winner: Spawn Again

"If you're gonna burn a robot, then Diotoir's the one to burn, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off


  • Heat G was the fourth and last time that a lower seed won the heat, the other occasions being Heats B, J, and N of the Fourth Wars.
  • This heat was the only time Tornado failed to get past the heats, and it was the only top 12 seeded robot not to reach the heat final that series.
  • This marked Diotoir's last appearance in the main competition.
  • Heat G was the marked occasion of several robots using weapons for one time, as Hydra wielded a flipping arm (without an axe), Sabretooth wielded a shredding weapon, and Gravedigger wielded a spiked axe.
  • Spawn Again vs Evolution is ranked equal 16th, at twenty-one seconds, in the Shortest Battles in UK Robot Wars. This battle was also Spawn Again's first Out of the Arena flip.
  • Evolution's battle with Sabretooth was a subject of controversy, because the House Robots attacked Evolution for no reason. As compensation, the judges put it through to Round 2.
  • This was the only episode of Series 5 where Shunt did not appear.
  • This heat was the first time that two previous semi-finalists fought each other in the first round of a heat (in this case, Tornado and Gravedigger).
  • Footage from this heat would be used in both episodes of the World Series.