Heat H of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars was the eighth of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars. The episode featuring Heat H was originally broadcast on May 15, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on August 30, 2002 on BBC Two.

Competing RobotsEdit


Weight 99kg
Dimensions 1.25 x 0.8 x 0.38m
Power 36V Motor
Weapons 2 x Claws
Strengths Powerful Weaponry
Weaknesses First Time Contenders
From: Hale
Team Members: Ian Visser, Dominic Visser, Richard Hartley
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 1.14 x 0.71 x 0.33m
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Front Lifting Plough
Strengths Durable Outer Casing
Weaknesses Lacks Destructive Weaponry
From: Swanlea
Team Members: Gareth Dean, John Reason, Simon Reason


Weight 99kg
Dimensions 1.12 x 0.9 x 0.67m
Power 24V Electric Motors
Weapons Axe & Flipper
Strengths Dual Weaponry
Weaknesses Reliability
From: Langport
Team Members: Gilbert Grimm, Robert Grimm, Adrian Moore
Behemoth (seeded 15th)
Weight 95kg
Dimensions 1.1 x 0.62 x 0.57m
Power 24V Motor
Weapons Pneumatic Scoop & Axe
Strengths Self-Righting Mechanism
Weaknesses Low Impact Weaponry
From: Hemel Hempstead
Team Members: Anthony Pritchard, Michael Pritchard, Kane Aston
Granny's Revenge
Granny's Revenge
Weight 66kg
Dimensions 1.10 x 1.58 x 1.43m
Power 24V Wheelchair Motor
Weapons Pneumatic Flipping Arm
Strengths Fast & Maneuverable
Weaknesses Vulnerable Body
From: Charvil
Team Members: Trevor Andrew, George Andrew, Phillip Andrew
Robochicken s5 mag
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 1.42 x 0.89 x 0.77m
Power 24V Electric Motor
Weapons Axe & Pneumatic Flipper
Strengths Dual Weaponry
Weaknesses Will Not Be Taken Seriously
From: Tiverton
Team Members: Jason Snow, Farren White, Alec Dick
Supernova S5
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 1.07 x 0.71 x 0.26m
Power 36V Electric Motor
Weapons 2000rpm Spinning Disc
Strengths Destructive Weapon
Weaknesses Unreliable in the Past
From: Wallington
Team Members: Suren Balendran, Nishani Balendran, Thuvaaragen Balendran
Wheely Big Cheese
Wheely Big Cheese (seeded 10th)
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 1.32 x 0.95 x 0.44m
Power 2 x 24V Motors
Weapons Titanium Flipper
Strengths Self-Righting Mechanism
Weaknesses Exposed Wheels
From: Langport
Team Members: Roger Plant, Jon McGugan, Murray Wharf


Wheely Big Cheese (10) vs WolverineEdit

Wolverine vs Wheely Big Cheese

Wolverine flips Wheely Big Cheese up


Wolverine is hurled out

Wolverine made a fast start and managed to get underneath Wheely Big Cheese with its lifting plough, flipping it up on two occasions. Wheely Big Cheese was largely unaffected by the onslaughts since it was invertible. Wolverine backed Wheely Big Cheese into the wall, but after a missed attack, it drove next to the arena wall and Wheely Big Cheese capitalised fully, tossing Wolverine out of the arena.

"And Wolverine are over and out! Oh dear, Gareth Dean and John Reason, there's no reasoning with an attack like that by Wheely Big Cheese."
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Wheely Big Cheese

Axe-Awe vs Granny's RevengeEdit

Grannys Revenge fire

Axe-Awe axes the flaming Granny's Revenge

Due to the comic nature of its opponent, Axe-Awe made a slow start. Granny's Revenge and Axe-Awe avoided each other in the opening stages before Axe-Awe reversed into the front of its adversary. Axe-Awe cautiously backed Granny's Revenge towards Sgt. Bash who set Granny's Revenge alight. Granny's Revenge hit the pit release trigger as Axe-Awe finally started using its weaponry, landing an axe blow.

"Somewhere down in that pit of doom, you know what's down there, don't you? There's an empty beaker with some teeth in it - all Granny's have them."
— Jonathan Pearce

Axe-Awe pits Refbot on top of its burning opponent

Granny's Revenge, which now looked unrecognisable and was completely engulfed in flames, drove onto the edge of the pit where the Refbot pushed it in. Axe-Awe shoved the Refbot down the pit along with Granny's Revenge.

"Granny's got hold of the Refbot! What a dreadful thought!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Axe-Awe

Robochicken-Evo vs CrushtaceanEdit


Robochicken-Evo gets a flip on Crushtacean

Robochicken almost immediately got a flip on Crushtacean, flicking it a few feet away. Crushtacean came back, grabbing the rear end of Robochicken-Evo, although Crushtacean wasn't able to hold on for long. Robochicken was grabbed once again by Crushtacean and pushed Robochicken-Evo towards the CPZ of Sir Killalot, where the house robot grabbed its axe and squeezed one of its boggle eyes.

"Who is going to topple the balance of the natural habitat down there?"
— Jonathan Pearce as the crab and the chicken continue to tussle
Crushtacean vs Robochicken-Evo

Crushtacean pins Robochicken-Evo in the CPZ

Robochicken-Evo reversed away and got a successful flip on Crushtacean. Crushtacean slammed Robochicken into Sergeant Bash's corner patrol zone, but they both escaped.

"Have they run out of c-luck?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Robochicken is put on the back foot

Crushtacean clawed onto the flipper of Robochicken, but it was Crushtacean that ended the battle in the claws of Sir Killalot after Robochicken pushed back. A two to one split judges' decision gave the win to Crushtacean.

Winner: Crushtacean

Behemoth (15) vs SupernovaEdit

Supernova vs Behemoth

Supernova scatters sparks

Supernova initially ran away from Behemoth to get its powerful disc up to speed, and when it did come on the attack it caused sparks to fly from the impact with Behemoth. Supernova came in for another attack and this time both robots spun away due to the energy of Supernova's weapon on impact. Behemoth's scoop had been bent slightly to the side, but the machinery and weapon were fully operational. Behemoth lifted Supernova over when Team Oblivion's robot drove near the arena side wall. Behemoth was pressured by Sir Killalot in a CPZ, but managed to get away and push Supernova near to another CPZ.

"And as this battle has gone on, Behemoth has gotten stronger."
— Jonathan Pearce

Supernova hangs on the edge of a "Black Hole" courtesy of Behemoth

Supernova then drove straight into Matilda's flywheel, ripping off its top armour plating before another whack from the house robot caused another piece to fall out. Supernova was immobilised from this point onwards, allowing Behemoth to use its axe and scoop combination to drag Supernova into the pit of oblivion.

"The Supernova, about to become a dark star, and of course to go down our very own black hole, from which no roboteer ever emerges."
— Jonathan Pearce as Supernova is pitted

Winner: Behemoth


Wheely Big Cheese (10) vs Axe-AweEdit


Wheely Big Cheese scoops up Axe-Awe...


...and catapults it out

"Good battle, here. Wheely Big Cheese is the quicker, both 99kg, both from Langport in Somerset."
— Jonathan Pearce notes the robot's similarities and differences.

Axe-Awe attempted to dodge the flipper of Wheely Big Cheese and landed an axe blow, which did no damage. Wheely Big Cheese replied by simply getting underneath Axe-Awe in the middle of the arena and throwing it roughly 15 feet into the air and out of the arena, in one of the most famous moments in the history of Robot Wars.

"Axe Awe flipped! Oh goodness me, by Wheely Big Cheese! That has to a Robot Wars record flip! Look at the distance achieved here! That is immense! Out of the arena, out of the Robot Wars galaxy! Huge power!"
— Jonathan Pearce
"Well, I've seen it all now! Did you see how high that robot flew?! It must've been... twelve seconds and fifteen feet!"
— Craig Charles on both the flip and the fight's length

Roger Plant said after the battle that for a while he had been planning to build a robot with a flipper capable of the record breaking flip seen in this battle.

Winner: Wheely Big Cheese

Behemoth (15) vs CrushtaceanEdit

Behemoth Crushtacean

Crushtacean seizes the helpless Behemoth...

Almost right from the start, Crushtacean went for the pit release tyre. Behemoth hit with the axe a couple of times, followed by several missed chances to flip over Crushtacean. After one of those opportunities Behemoth's scoop pressed down on top of Crushtacean's claws, causing the former's front to be raised off the the floor, and was pushed onto its back by Crushtacean and against an angle grinder.

"What a good drive by Crushtacean!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth is toppled against the angle grinder

... and dumps it in the pit

Crushtacean held it there for a little while, before turning around with Behemoth still firmly in its grip and dumping the seeded machine into the pit.

"They're trying to self-right, Behemoth, using the axe to do so, and they won't have a chance, they're in the pit! What a famous victory for Crushtacean!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Crushtacean


Wheely Big Cheese (10) vs CrushtaceanEdit

"They've got the cheese grater, and we've got the greater cheese!"
— Roger Plant
Wheely Big Cheese vs Dead Metal

Wheely Big Cheese lifts Dead Metal

Crushtacean entered the battle with a cheese grater attached to its claw. When the fight started, Crushtacean turned away from Wheely Big Cheese at the beginning and went towards the arena wall. Wheely Big Cheese got underneath Crushtacean but wasn't able to get it out of the arena. Crushtacean drove into a CPZ and Dead Metal attacked with the circular saw, although Wheely Big Cheese almost flipped the house robot over.

"And the cheese in this trap is not to catch a mouse, it's to catch a crab."
— Jonathan Pearce
Wheely Big Cheese vs Crushtacean

Wheely Big Cheese throws Crushtacean, causing its aerial to fall off

Crushtacean got away from the CPZ but grabbed onto an angle grinder with one of its claws. After getting away from the hazard, Crushtacean was flipped across the arena near the flame pit by Wheely Big Cheese. Another flip by Wheely Big Cheese knocked the radio transmitter aerial from Crushtacean, leaving it immobile.

"He really is the big cheese around these parts with that flipper."
— Jonathan Pearce on Roger Plant and his machine

Wheely Big Cheese gets its potted crab

Wheely Big Cheese set about about flipping it around the arena before pushing Crushtacean into the pit of oblivion.

Heat Winner: Wheely Big Cheese

"It's the most fun a robot can have indoors, it's here, it's now, it's Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

Philippa Forrester and Wolverine

Philippa Forrester interviews Wolverine's team, an exclusive feature of Heat H

  • This was the only heat in Series 5 where Philippa Forrester would interview teams in The Pits prior to their first-round battles, and discuss tactics with them ahead of the battle.
  • This heat featured Wheely Big Cheese's record breaking out of the arena flip of Axe-Awe, which is ranked equal sixth with the original record in Shortest Battles in UK Robot Wars, and was joint fourth prior to the reboot.
  • The heat also saw:
    • Behemoth fail to reach the heat final for the first time.
    • Newcomers Crushtacean become one of only three new teams to reach a heat final in the entire series.
    • Both of Behemoth's opponents in this heat went on to become semi-finalists of The Third World Championship where incidentally they would fight each other.
  • After Wheely Big Cheese's battle against Axe-Awe, Roger Plant jokingly claimed that he'd "reread the rules" and learnt that "flying robots are allowed". This statement is actually true; flying robots were permitted as long as they did not have an exposed rotating airfoil. Aside from plans for a House Robot of the nature, no flying robot actually appeared on Robot Wars.
  • Behemoth's team introduction was skipped when the episode was aired on TechTV, although Crushtacean's was not.
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