Semi-Final 2 of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars was the second of two Semi-Finals which determined the Grand Finalists of Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars. Each Semi-Final had three initial battles, with a Losers Melee to decide which defeated robot would receive a second chance. The three first round winners and the winner of the Losers Melee would then pair off to decide which two robots would progress to the Grand Final. The episode featuring Semi-Final 2 was originally broadcast on May 23, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on October 25, 2002 on BBC Two.

Competing robotsEdit

Dominator 2
Dominator 2 (seeded 11th, winner of Heat F)
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 0.66 x 0.65 x 1.35m
Power 2 x 750W Electric Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Axe
Strengths Power & Speed
Weaknesses Accuracy of Axe
From: Huntingdon
Team Members: Peter Halloway, Elliot Smart, Chris Hall
Firestorm 3 (seeded 7th, winner of Heat D)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.05 x 0.90 x 0.31m
Power 2 Electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic flipping arm
Strengths Powerful flipper
Weaknesses Poor transmitter reliability
From: Durham
Team Members: Graham Bone, Alex Mordue & Hazel Heslop
Hypno-Disc S5
Hypno-Disc {seeded 3rd, winner of Heat B)
Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 0.9 x 0.55 x 0.25m
Power 24-36V DC motors
Weapons Large spinning disc
Strengths Destructive weapon
Weaknesses Vulnerable wheels
From: Middleton Cheney, Banbury in Oxfordshire
Team Members: Dave Rose, Derek Rose & Ken Rose
Panic Attack (seeded 6th, winner of Heat J)
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 1.00 x 0.97 x 0.37m
Power 2 x Wiper motors
Weapons Lifting forks
Strengths Experienced driver
Weaknesses Limited weaponry
From: Thornhill
Team Members: Kim Davies & Michael Davies
Pussycat s5 mag
Pussycat (seeded 2nd, winner of Heat L)
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.97 x 0.56 x 0.74m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Spinning blade
Strengths Always lands on its feet
Weaknesses Exposed tyres
From: Gloucester
Team Members: David Gribble, Robert Bettington & Alan Gribble
Wheely Big Cheese
Wheely Big Cheese (seeded 10th, winner of Heat H)
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 1.32 x 0.95 x 0.44m
Power 2 x 24V Motors
Weapons Titanium Flipper
Strengths Self-Righting Mechanism
Weaknesses Exposed Wheels
From: Langport
Team Members: Roger Plant, Jon McGugan, Murray Wharf

Round 1Edit

Wheely Big Cheese (10) vs Dominator 2 (11)Edit

Wheely Big Cheese vs Dominator 2

Wheely Big Cheese throws Dominator 2

Wheely Big Cheese begun the battle, charging at Dominator 2, which was near the flame pit, but Dominator 2 drove away. Dominator 2 drove over the flame pit as Wheely Big Cheese gave chase, before Dominator 2 escaped, moving towards the pit release. Wheely Big Cheese pursued, failing to slide underneath Dominator 2, but instead pressing the pit release, causing the pit to descend.

"Dominator 2 has the heavy axe, but doesn't want to get involved with Wheely Big Cheese's flipper."
— Jonathan Pearce as Dominator 2 retreats early on

On a drive at Dominator 2, Wheely Big Cheese used its spiked wheels to clamber up on top of Dominator 2, which fired its axe onto Wheely Big Cheese. The length of the axe struck Wheely Big Cheese, but the axe point did not. Dominator 2 made a more forceful axe attack afterwards, but this completely missed its target. Dominator 2, moving towards Wheely Big Cheese for an attack, found itself driving up the wedge of Wheely Big Cheese, which fired its flipper. Dominator 2 was launched skyward, sailing very high into the air, and landed with a huge crash, inverted.

"That must have sailed eight feet into the air!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Dominator 2 is sent airborne

Dominator 2 self-righted with a fire of its axe. Dominator 2 was still moving freely, as it charged at Wheely Big Cheese, but finding itself on top of Wheely Big Cheese's flipper again. Wheely Big Cheese was only slotted slightly underneath Dominator 2, so simply overturned it with great power, rather than launching it upwards.

Dominator II vs Wheely Big Cheese

Dominator strikes Wheely Big Cheese with its axe

Wheely Big Cheese span in circles with its flipper still open, as Dominator 2 was directly inverted. After two failed attempts, Dominator 2 could overturn itself, digging into the arena floor with its axe point. Wheely Big Cheese lingered over a flame jet, only making mere turns, rather than driving away. Dominator 2 came for another axe attack, striking the front of Wheely Big Cheese's wedge.

"They've got to get some damage in on that Wheely Big Cheese flipper and stop it operating. Otherwise, you get the sense that Roger Plant is going line up a broadside attack and come in and flip Dominator once again."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Cheese fled to the opposite side of the arena, as Dominator 2 pursued. Dominator 2 missed with an axe attack once more. The two robots both drove to a new section of the arena, with Wheely Big Cheese accidentally driving under the front of Refbot. Wheely Big Cheese and Dominator 2 sized each other up, and Wheely Big Cheese then drove towards and under Refbot again. Dominator 2 used this as an opportunity to get underneath Wheely Big Cheese, but still could not make contact with its axe. Dominator 2 rammed into the arena side wall, as Wheely Big Cheese appeared to be slowing down.

"Thought about an attack on Wheely Big Cheese, which momentarily...has stopped! What has happened to Wheely Big Cheese? It has stopped!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Dominator 2, right before realising Wheely Big Cheese's immobility

Wheely Big Cheese had then completely stopped, as Dominator 2 got behind Wheely Big Cheese, axed it, and pushed it towards the pit. Dominator 2 axed Wheely Big Cheese six times before Refbot closed in to count Wheely Big Cheese. As Wheely Big Cheese was being counted out, Dominator 2 struck Wheely Big Cheese with its axe another two times, before pushing it into Dead Metal's CPZ. Refbot finished its count, and Wheely Big Cheese was eliminated from the battle.

"Wheely Big Cheese, has gone out. Grated! Shredded!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dead Metal brought Wheely Big Cheese into the arena and sliced Wheely Big Cheese titanium wheels with its circular saw, causing sparks to fly. Dead Metal repeated this attack three more times, and cease was called.

Winner: Dominator 2

Hypno-Disc (3) vs Firestorm 3 (7)Edit

Firestorm Immobile

Firestorm rolls towards the arena side wall, immobilised.

Hypno-Disc and Firestorm 3 were aligned with each other on the word activate. Both robots drove forward, with them both missing the other. Hypno-Disc and Firestorm 3 turned on the spot, and Firestorm 3 drove straight into Hypno-Disc, which remained idle near the flame pit. Firestorm 3, on this charge, made contact with Hypno-Disc's flywheel. Firestorm 3 was deflected, and rolled partially over the flame pit, as Hypno-Disc backed away. After this singular blow, Firestorm 3 had been immobilised. Hypno-Disc slammed into Firestorm 3 with the flywheel, sending it rolling towards the CPZ below the flame pit.

"I think it's done its damage there."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc pushes the immobile Firestorm 3

As Firestorm 3 remained idle, Hypno-Disc attacked with the flywheel again, before using its rear end to push Firestorm 3 further into the empty CPZ. Shunt came into the CPZ, as Hypno-Disc pressed the pit release. Shunt did not attack Firestorm 3, as it was being counted out by Refbot. During this process, Hypno-Disc and Sir Killalot seemed to clash, but Hypno-Disc fled.

Firestorm and Killalot

Sir Killalot pits Firestorm 3

"What an anticlimax. Beaten by Hypno-Disc's first charge."
— Jonathan Pearce

Shunt pushed Firestorm 3 over the flame pit, and then onto the floor flipper. The floor flipper flung Firestorm 3 into the air, as it landed back in front of the CPZ where it was counted out earlier in the battle. Firestorm 3 had been inverted offscreen, after which Sir Killalot used the Jaws of Life to pick up Firestorm 3, and place it into the pit.

Winner: Hypno-Disc

Pussycat (2) vs Panic Attack (6)Edit

Pussycat vs. Panic Attack

Pussycat slices Panic Attack's lifting forks.

Panic Attack made a hesitant start, while Pussycat drove straight into the fray. Panic Attack's lifting forks were raised, in an effort to use the weaponry for pushing or spike damage, as lifting Pussycat would have minimal effect on it. Panic Attack prodded Pussycat, overturning it, as Pussycat then fled. Facing the wrong direction, Pussycat turned 180°, damaging Panic Attack's lifting forks as the two weapons clashed.

On a ram, Panic Attack overturned Pussycat again, and pushed it over the flame pit. Pussycat escaped, and damaged the front of Panic Attack with a spinning disc attack. Panic Attack pressed against Pussycat's wheels, pushing it into an empty CPZ. Pussycat escaped the CPZ, but Panic Attack did not move away, and was slammed by Sergeant Bash, pushing Panic Attack into a corner, and firing its flamethrower.

"Well that is very surprising that Kim Davies left himself open for a Sergeant Bash attack!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack only turned slowly, as Sergeant Bash came behind Panic Attack and pressured it. Panic Attack found an opening to escape Sergeant Bash, but only to drive straight into Shunt, which struck Panic Attack with its axe. After these attacks, Panic Attack slowly made its way into the centre of the arena, where Pussycat could inflict minor damage again.

Both robots skirted around each other, before Pussycat drove at Panic Attack, inflicting damage and overturning itself. Panic Attack was only turning in circles, not escaping Pussycat's attacks, which got a notable attack on Panic Attack's lifting forks. Panic Attack backed away, and then drove towards Pussycat, which merely drove away again. As Panic Attack remained idle near Pussycat, Pussycat could turn into Panic Attack, tearing Panic Attack's side skirts using its blade. Pussycat followed this up with another attack on Panic Attack's lifting forks.

Pussycat vs. Panic Attack 2

Both robots meet face-to-face.

Both robots backed away from each other, with Pussycat kicking up onto its four wheels, and landing straight back down on Panic Attack, inflicting more damage. Panic Attack had lowered its lifting forks again by this point, and tried to slot under Pussycat. Pussycat was too slippery, however, and could get yet another damaging hit on Panic Attack's side skirts.

Pussycat got around the back of Panic Attack, and tried to slice into the rear plating of Panic Attack, scarring it. It was now visible that Panic Attack's lifting forks had been broken, as they were angled and dislodged. Pussycat made another fast charge at Panic Attack. Panic Attack slammed into Pussycat, causing it to spin on the spot, and upend itself onto its four wheels.

"This is Pussycat's fight so far, and Panic Attack has a lot to do."
— Jonathan Pearce

Both robots collided once more, and Pussycat's blade ripped Panic Attack's skirt straight upwards, before missing on another very fast charge. Yet another fast attack on Panic Attack caused Pussycat to flip itself onto its side, where it tipped back down again.

"And its claws look more sharper and venomous than Panic Attack's weaponry."
— Jonathan Pearce on Pussycat

Pussycat made another attack before keeping its distance as the timer ran down. In the last few seconds, Pussycat made two more attacks on the side of Panic Attack, giving it a clear Judges' Decision.

Winner: Pussycat

Losers MeleeEdit

Panic Attack (6) vs Firestorm 3 (7) vs Wheely Big Cheese (10)Edit

"Oh my goodness, the three yellow perils!"
Philippa Forrester describes the line-up

Firestorm 3 made the first onslaught of the match, rushing at Wheely Big Cheese, slotting its wedge in between the baseplate and flipper of Wheely Big Cheese, opening up the front of it. While Firestorm 3 and Wheely Big Cheese were connected, Panic Attack got underneath one of Wheely Big Cheese's spiked wheels, and lifted it up. Wheely Big Cheese slipped off, causing Firestorm 3 to instead land on Panic Attack's lifting prongs, before both backed away.

"The three yellow machines, a banana skin battle developing."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Cheese drove into the front of Panic Attack, not getting underneath, before Firestorm 3 was able to get underneath the rear of Wheely Big Cheese. Firestorm 3 drove Wheely Big Cheese into the arena side wall, seemingly unable to fire its flipper after damage sustained from previous battles. Firestorm 3 made another charge at the side of Wheely Big Cheese, before crashing into the arena side wall near the pit release.


Wheely Big Cheese flips Panic Attack

Panic Attack was pushing against Wheely Big Cheese before Firestorm interrupted, slotting underneath Wheely Big Cheese, and then finding itself wedged onto the side of Panic Attack. Panic Attack lingered around the pit release, where Wheely Big Cheese could get underneath the front of it, directly overturning it, and causing it to crash into the arena side wall. As Wheely Big Cheese's flipper remained open, Firestorm 3 drove under Wheely Big Cheese, buffeting it, before ramming Panic Attack, and then Wheely Big Cheese again.

Panic Attack was making little movement, still remaining beside the pit release, as Wheely Big Cheese fired its flipper again with no target on top of it. This caused Wheely Big Cheese to bounce on the arena floor, an opportunity Firestorm 3 used to push Wheely Big Cheese into the CPZ. While Wheely Big Cheese was in the CPZ, Firestorm 3's flipper activated for the first time in the match, pushing Wheely Big Cheese slightly.

"Trying to toss 99 kilos of cheese out of the arena."
— Jonathan Pearce as Firestorm 3 thrusts Wheely Big Cheese into the arena wall

Both robots lingered in the CPZ as Sgt. Bash came in. Firestorm 3 was then able to get fully underneath the wedge of Wheely Big Cheese, flipping it against the arena side wall twice, as Sgt. Bash fired its flamethrower.

Wheely Big Cheese Angle Grinder

Wheely Big Cheese is attacked by Firestorm 3 while wedged under an angle grinder

Once Wheely Big Cheese was able to come off Firestorm 3's wedge, it drove straight under an angle grinder, where it could not free itself. Firestorm 3 slotted underneath Wheely Big Cheese, firing its flipper, before backing away. Sgt. Bash used its flamethrower again, while it became evident that Wheely Big Cheese's wheels were turning, though the robot was unable to drive away from the angle grinder. Refbot was able to free Wheely Big Cheese from the angle grinder, but Wheely Big Cheese only drove straight back into the arena side wall and Sergeant Bash again.

Panic Attack was still merely twitching beside the pit release, making minimal movement. Sgt. Bash tried to close its jaws on Wheely Big Cheese, but was not fast enough to crumple the machine before it could escape. Firestorm 3 nudged Panic Attack, which was eventually able to reverse away, and was then able to trap Firestorm 3 in an empty CPZ, raising its lifting prongs to no avail.

"Firestorm has done all the work, for me, thus far."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack reversed away into the centre of the arena, but Firestorm 3 charged towards Panic Attack, buckling a side skirt by driving at the front of it. Panic Attack then reversed into an angle grinder beside the flame pit, allowing Firestorm 3 to get completely underneath Panic Attack. Firestorm 3 did not flip Panic Attack, however, instead just remaining idle over the flame pit itself.

"OH, Firestorm is in underneath! Can we see a flip here!? No, they've missed an opportunity."
— Jonathan Pearce
Wheely Big Cheese Out

Wheely Big Cheese is counted out

Panic Attack lifts Firestorm 3

Panic Attack's final onslaught. Note one of its skirts bent upwards

Wheely Big Cheese was then shown to be immobile against an arena side wall, as Refbot began to count it out. While Wheely Big Cheese was being counted out, Firestorm 3 had pushed Panic Attack into Dead Metal's CPZ, getting underneath one of its side skirts, bending it upwards. Refbot's count reached 10, and Wheely Big Cheese was eliminated from the Losers' Melee.

"I thought Wheely Big Cheese were the big number, oh no they're not."
— Jonathan Pearce as Wheely Big Cheese is counted out

Firestorm 3 got underneath Panic Attack again, raising it with its flipper, with Panic Attack driving into another angle grinder afterwards. Panic Attack aligned itself with Firestorm 3, getting underneath the wedge of Firestorm 3 using its own lifting prongs, where Panic Attack could then lift Firestorm 3 against the arena side wall, before Dead Metal pushed both away, causing minor damage to Panic Attack with the static spike on the rear of Dead Metal.

"We have a judges decision, and there's one thing I can assure you of, the winners are wearing yellow!"
— Craig Charles before announcing the result

Despite Panic Attack finishing the stronger, the Judges awarded the victory to Firestorm 3 on the basis of a stronger performance throughout.

Winner: Firestorm 3

Round 2Edit

Hypno-Disc (3) vs Dominator 2 (11)Edit

Hypno-Disc vs. Dominator 2 - 1

Hypno-Disc lands its critical attack

The battle begun with Dominator 2 rushing forward at the more statuesque Hypno-Disc, but narrowly avoided driving straight into the flywheel, before spinning on the spot and charging at Hypno-Disc again. Dominator 2 got underneath Hypno-Disc, but continued to drive forwards, and Hypno-Disc was dropped down again.

Dominator 2 came up to Hypno-Disc more slowly on the next attack, getting its own armour glazed by Hypno-Disc's flywheel, before Hypno-Disc reversed away. Dominator 2 turned on the spot, exposing its rear to Hypno-Disc, which took the opportunity to strike the rear armour of Dominator 2 with its flywheel. Hypno-Disc's attack made connection, causing sparks to fly, and making a dent in Dominator 2's armour. Hypno-Disc directly followed up this attack with a bigger slam from the flywheel, sending Dominator 2 reeling away.

Straight after these attacks, it was apparent Dominator 2's movement had been hindered, as it was only turning on one wheel. Hypno-Disc lingered in front of Dominator 2, allowing the latter to attempt a strike with its axe. This attack merely bounced off the surface of the flywheel, and Hypno-Disc backed away.

Hypno-Disc vs. Dominator 2 - 2

Hypno-Disc signals the discontinuation of its attacks

On another charge, Hypno-Disc made another slam at the side of Dominator 2, sending it spinning away, with more sparks flying. Hypno-Disc made one final attack at the wedge of Dominator 2, before the Hypno-Disc team seemed to realise Dominator 2 was immobilised on one half, due to a wheel impediment. Upon this realisation, Hypno-Disc backed away, facing Dominator 2 parallel on the other side of the arena.

"It's ripped the sides of Dominator 2, it's got through the armour, and Hypno-Disc on top here now."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc considered pressing the pit release before deciding against, before Hypno-Disc made one last drive towards Dominator 2. This attack completely missed, allowing Dominator 2 to make another attempt at striking its opponent with its axe, but this also missed.

Hypno-Disc then backed away, remaining parallel to Dominator 2, moving its srimech up and down, as if to cheer for victory, or to signal that Hypno-Disc was to inflict no more damage on Dominator 2. For the entire remainder of the five-minute match, Hypno-Disc kept its distance. Whether this was to be sporting, or to avoid damage, is unknown, though Jonathan Pearce's commentary implied the latter.

"Do you know what I think's happening here; Hypno-Disc think they've won it and they don't want to sustain any damage, so they're staying out of harms reach from Dominator 2."
— Jonathan Pearce

After a long wait, cease was called after five minutes had passed, sending the match to a Judges' decision. The battle was followed by boos from the audience, and the Judges declared it the most boring fight they'd ever witnessed on Robot Wars. This battle has also been criticised for inconsistency with immobilisation, as Dominator 2 was clearly unable to drive away, but as it was still mobile on one wheel, Dominator 2 was considered mobile, when other robots in the same situation had been counted out by Refbot. Despite the controversy, Hypno-Disc was the clear winner of the battle.

"Crowd didn't like it, but it was the result that counted."
— Dave Rose

Winner: Hypno-Disc

Pussycat (2) vs Firestorm 3 (7)Edit

Both robots clashed immediately, with Firestorm 3 bumping Pussycat off the ground. Firestorm 3 followed this up straight afterwards by getting underneath Pussycat. However, Firestorm 3 drove all the way through Pussycat, failing to flip. Pussycat span up its blade, which made contact with Firestorm 3 as it was being pushed onto its back by the wedge of Firestorm 3. Firestorm 3 got behind Pussycat and drove it all the way across the arena, slamming it into an angle grinder near the flame pit, overturning it with the flipper.

Firestorm 3 then pushed Pussycat into another arena side all, this time near the pit release, lightly lifting Pussycat with its flipper again. Both robots circled around each other, before Firestorm 3 finally got underneath, but to no significant avail. Pussycat glanced Firestorm 3 with its blade, but Firestorm 3 was left relatively unharmed.

"Firestorm here, doing all the driving."
— Jonathan Pearce

Both robots only made slight connections with each other, until Firestorm 3 got underneath Pussycat and lifted it with its flipper, where Pussycat balanced precariously on top of Firestorm 3's flipper, before being tossed away. Pussycat charged at Firestorm 3 again, but merely drove straight up Firestorm 3's wedge, and was flipped again. Pussycat lingered by the flame pit, and was flipped again.

Firestorm 3 vs. Pussycat

Firestorm 3 traps Pussycat in the CPZ

Firestorm 3 pushed Pussycat towards an empty CPZ, before turning in circles and crashing into the arena side wall. Firestorm 3 then pushed Pussycat into the pit release, activating the pit, before flipping Pussycat again. Both robots moved to the opposite end of the arena, where Firestorm 3 could flip Pussycat again. Pussycat fled, but only into Shunt's CPZ, where Firestorm kept it in place for Shunt to attack with its axe. While Shunt's axe remained on top of Pussycat, Firestorm 3 flipped again, but this allowed Pussycat to escape. Shunt, having activated its axe with Pussycat still in front of it, inadvertently attacked Firestorm 3.

"Pussycat away, but will previous victories in this series against The Executioner, Clawed Hopper, Fluffy and Panic Attack mean nothing? Will Pussycat fall at this stage, because for me Firestorm are well on top."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat buffeted Firestorm 3 again, inflicting damage, before Firestorm 3 retaliated, knocking Pussycat almost onto its side. Firestorm 3 accidentally drove into Shunt's CPZ, which immediately fired its axe upon Firestorm 3. Pussycat drove into the same CPZ, where Firestorm 3 flipped it twice, pressing it against the arena side wall, while being axed again by Shunt, and then lifted by Shunt's scoop. Firestorm 3 was axed again as Pussycat moved away. Shunt continued to axe Firestorm 3, lifting it with its scoop and pushing it into the main arena again. By this point, Firestorm 3's movement was minimal, and Pussycat attacked again.

"Oh no! Oh no! What's happened to Firestorm? For a minute I thought they were immobilised."
— Jonathan Pearce as Firestorm 3 progress momentarily slows
Firestorm 3 vs. Pussycat (2)

Pussycat breaks through Firestorm 3's armour.

Firestorm 3 gained a sudden boost of energy again, but only drove back into Shunt's CPZ, where Pussycat landed a heavy blow on Firestorm 3. Firestorm 3 tried to move its way into the centre of the arena, but Pussycat attacked the side of Firestorm 3, jamming its blade into Firestorm 3's armour.

"Late onslaught here by Pussycat, for me it's come too late."
— Jonathan Pearce

After a few seconds, Firestorm 3 freed itself and rammed Pussycat one last time, putting Pussycat onto its side, as the time ran out. Despite Pussycat's late comeback, Firestorm 3 was awarded the victory by the Judges.

Winner: Firestorm 3

"Another robot, that everyone adores, has made the final, of Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

  • All six competing robots were seeded, having also reached the semi finals of the Fourth Wars.
  • Firestorm 3's campaign in this semi-final marked a number of events.
    • It was the only time, out of both the Fifth and Sixth Wars, that a winner of the losers' melee made it into the Grand Final.
    • It was the third time that Firestorm and Panic Attack fought, with Firestorm 3 victorious, making the rivalry 3-0 in favour of Firestorm. However, Wheely Big Cheese was present, preventing it from being a true grudge match.
  • This was the final appearance of Wheely Big Cheese, and David Gribble of the Cold Fusion Team, who died shortly after this episode was filmed.
  • This was the 100th episode of Robot Wars to be broadcast, though this was not noted in any way in the episode.
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