Robot Wars: The First World Championship was the video release of The First World Championship, released initially on VHS on March 13, 2000, but also later on DVD on January 10, 2005. With a length of 70 minutes, this video featured all fourteen matches of the First World Championship that were recorded shortly after the end of the Third Wars.

Nowadays the VHS release is moderately common upon eBay listings, although the DVD release is much harder to find. Also note that the DVD release included no special features.

The VHS release was also available as part of the Robot Wars: Special Edition Double Pack box set.

The video was also released on video in the Scandinavian region (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) by PAN Vision in 2004. In Swedish the video was titled Robot Wars: Det Första Världsmästerskapet and in Finnish it was titled Robot Wars: Ensimmäinen Maailmanmestaruus. Other than different cover art the only other change is the addition of Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles.

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