"It’s been a long time comin’, but rev yourselves up for the biggest display of total destruction ever: the Grand Final of the Fourth Wars. Yes folks, this is what sixteen heats and two semi-finals have all been about. Forget the “it’s takin’ part that counts”; it was takin’ your opponent apart that mattered, and boy did some robots do just that."
— Craig Charles' introduction

The Grand Final of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, also referred to as Robot Wars: The Armageddon, was a series of battles to determine the Grand Champion of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, between the four robots that had progressed through their heats and the Semi-Finals. There would be two Grand Final Eliminators to decide which robots would make the Grand Final, followed by a play-off for third and fourth. Finally, the Grand Champion would be determined in the Grand Final.

The episode featuring the Grand Final was originally broadcast on February 23, 2001 on BBC Two. It managed to attract 5.21 million viewers, an increase of 260,000 viewers when compared with the previous episode, the highest rating of any Series 4 episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked fifth in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 19-25 February 2001.

Competing RobotsEdit


Chaos 2 (seeded 1st, winner of Heat A, qualified from Semi-Final 1)
Weight 79.4kg
Dimensions 0.38 x 0.90 x 0.71m
Clearance 0.01m
Power Electric powered motors
Weapons High powered gas flipper
Notes Cost £250 to make
From: Ipswich
Team Members: George Francis, Ian Swann & Richard Swann
Hypno-Disc (seeded 2nd, winner of Heat P, qualified from Semi-Final 2)
Weight 80.1kg
Dimensions 0.25 x 0.70m x 0.55m
Clearance 0.04m
Power 3 x 750W electric motors
Weapons 750RPM spinning disc
Notes Aluminium shell
From: Banbury
Team Members: Dave Rose, Derek Rose & Ken Rose
Pussycat (seeded 19th, winner of Heat B, qualified from Semi-Final 1)
Weight 79.7kg
Dimensions 0.56 x 0.76 x 0.43m
Clearance 0.04m
Power Electric powered motors
Weapons Blade
Notes Hand painted by Alan
From: Gloucester
Team Members: David Gribble, Robin Herrick & Alan Gribble
Stinger (seeded 30th, winner of Heat J, qualified from Semi-Final 2)
Weight 77.1kg
Dimensions 0.37 x 0.70 x 0.60m
Clearance 0.05m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Swinging axe
Notes Steel shell
From: Lincoln
Team Members: Kevin Scott, Karl Skinner & Tim Mann

Jonathan Pearce Series RecapEdit

"If you missed any of the carnage of the past few months, then first, expect Sir Killalot around to your house to give you a brain transplant, and second, you'd better relive the road to Armageddon!"
— Craig Charles

For the second series in a row, Jonathan Pearce gave a recap of an abridged version of the Fourth Wars. The fights featured were:


Hypno-Disc (2) vs Pussycat (19)Edit

Pussycat vs Hypno-Disc 1

Pussycat attacks the wheel of Hypno-Disc straight away

"This is the moment of truth, and we're going to cream them! We're going to kill them....and if we don't, we're going to go out fighting."
— Alan Gribble

Pussycat swiftly closed the gap as Hypno-Disc turned side-on, and its blade slashed at part of the rear wheel hub on Hypno-Disc's right side.

Hypno-disc vs pussycat

Pussycat attacks Hypno-Disc

"Ooh, something has come of there, it's caused damage to Hypno-Disc straight away!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Shunt pierces Hypno-Disc's flywheel

Pussycat fiercely dug into the disc from behind Hypno-Disc - bending Pussycat's blade in the process - and the second seed could not turn around to fight back. Pussycat gouged up the body and stood on its four wheels, before reversing and charging again. By now, it became clear that Hypno-Disc was unable to drive forwards or backwards, and Pussycat shoved it into Shunt.
"If Pussycat can push Hypno-Disc into the CPZ...yes, the House Robots can take over, they can attack."
— Jonathan Pearce
Hypno-Disc's blade knocked Shunt aside briefly, but with help from Pussycat, Shunt gained dominance over Hypno-Disc and brought its axe crashing down onto the aluminium shell. Finally, Hypno-Disc was able to drive away, but its jammed wheel hampered its turning, and it ended up only repositioning itself beside Shunt. Shunt then brought its axe slamming down, halting the flywheel of Hypno-Disc in one blow, with the pent up kinetic energy causing Hypno-Disc and Shunt to jump off the ground.
Hypno-Disc vs Pussycat 2

The beaten Hypno-Disc is pitted by Sir Killalot

"This is a real shock in the making; I can't quite believe it! No one really gave Pussycat a prayer against Hypno-Disc!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Hypno-Disc was rendered immobile by this attack, after its own flywheel had brought Shunt's axe into its main body. Sir Killalot then grabbed Hypno-Disc, carried it across the arena, and dropped it into the pit, making Pussycat the surprise winner.
"Well, well, well, that's a difficult sporting gesture from the Rose family. Alan Gribble, Robin Herrick and David Gribble are through! Do not quibble with the Gribbles!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Pussycat

Stinger (30) vs Chaos 2 (1)Edit

Chaos 2 vs stinger

Chaos 2 flips Stinger

Chaos 2 started quickly, getting underneath and throwing Stinger airborne straight away. Chaos 2 then tried to drive Stinger towards the arena wall, but Stinger spun itself away from danger and Chaos 2 missed with a flip. Stinger slammed down onto Chaos 2 twice in quick succession with its mace. Chaos 2 missed with two flips, as Stinger spun once more. Chaos 2 moved away to line up another attack, but Stinger continued to fend Chaos 2 off, swinging the mace around into Chaos 2. Chaos 2 then attempted to shovel Stinger in Matilda's CPZ, but drove into trouble itself; it reversed away quickly, but as it did, it suffered damage from the rotating Stinger, with the back panel of Chaos 2 sent flying off, leaving the inner mechanics exposed.

Chaos 2 vs Stinger 2

Chaos 2 fights back after losing its back cover

"As they go into Stinger here... look, the back plate comes off! That's what Kevin Scott said he'd do - knock the back plate off, and George Francis now knows that the very innards of Chaos 2 are vulnerable and exposed. Surely not another major surprise here! Are both the favourites, the seeds, to crash out?!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Chaos 2 vs Stinger 1

Chaos 2 forces Stinger into the grip of Dead Metal

Chaos 2 continued to be pressured, as it found itself in the CPZ again, where Matilda lifted it up. Chaos 2 came back with a flip, and rolled Stinger into the arena wall. Chaos 2 then bundled Stinger into Dead Metal's clutches, but Stinger escaped unharmed.

"This is a good drive, here, by Chaos 2 - digging in deep"
— Jonathan Pearce as Chaos 2 finishes strong

Both robots were mobile at the end of the battle and the decision went to the judges. They decided that the two robots were equal on style, damage and aggression but Chaos 2 was ahead on control and was therefore awarded the victory.

Winner: Chaos 2


Hypno-Disc (2) vs Stinger (30)Edit

The eliminated robots were due to battle for third place, but Hypno-Disc was forced to withdraw due to the damage it had taken from Pussycat and Shunt in the previous round. Shunt's axe attack had penetrated Hypno-Disc's front drive system and left the gears badly bent, and the team could not fix the damage in time for the battle. Stinger was therefore awarded third place by default.

Winner (by default): Stinger


Chaos 2 (1) vs Pussycat (19)Edit

Chaos 2 vs Pussycat 3

Chaos 2 throws Pussycat into the air

Chaos 2 charged after Pussycat, which moved away, before turning and scratching Chaos 2 with the blade as Chaos 2 missed with a flip. Chaos 2 backed off to line up another drive, and was able to get underneath and flip Pussycat into the air twice in quick succession and onto its side.

"Aggressive work, here, from Chaos 2 - learning its lesson from a nervy battle against Stinger."
— Jonathan Pearce
Chaos 2 vs Pussycat 2

Pussycat sends a strip from the back of Chaos 2 flying

Pussycat moved back onto its front, but Chaos 2 continued to trouble Pussycat, narrowly missing with another flip. Both robots then spun around, locked side by side, until Chaos 2 managed to flip Pussycat over, and followed that up with two more flips. Chaos 2 flipped Pussycat again, before getting temporarily wedged in on the floor flipper. Pussycat then managed to sneak in behind Chaos 2 and ripped a strip off of the back panel. Pussycat then drove up the front of Chaos 2, whose flipper blade was now noticeably bent.

Chaos 2 vs Pussycat

Chaos 2 rams into Pussycat

"Chaos 2 has had a bumping, though, and a bruising."
— Jonathan Pearce as Pussycat fights back

Pussycat continued to ram and nag Chaos 2, but its blade had stopped. It then fell onto its side, and because its blade was no longer working, Pussycat took a long time to self-right.

"Both of them limping - war-weary. Veterans of battle, after battle, after battle scar."
— Jonathan Pearce

Chaos 2 finished strong, as it attempted, but failed to flip Pussycat out of the arena, before forcing Pussycat into Shunt's CPZ. Pussycat escaped and both robots survived to the end of the battle. The judges decided that Chaos 2 had won on all four criteria and had retained the Robot Wars UK Championship.

Fourth Wars Grand Champion: Chaos 2

Craig Charles: "Light the fires"
Julia Reed: "Cue the applause"
Craig Charles: "We've got a brand new champion"
Both: "On Robot Wars!"
— Craig and Julia's sign-off

Chaos 2, The Fourth Wars Grand Champion

Trivia Edit

  • The Fourth Wars Grand Final was the first and only time that all four Grand Finalists were seeded machines.
  • Despite Jonathan Pearce saying that ninety-six robots were in Series 4, the accompanying crawl actually listed ninety-seven, as Onslaught was included despite withdrawing from its eliminator due to technical problems and therefore not taking part in the main competition.
  • During the Jonathan Pearce recap, only two heats had every single fight recapped - Heats H and K. Both semi-finals also had all six fights showcased.
  • During Jonathan Pearce's recap, upon Evil Weevil's elimination, he referred to the Floor Flipper as the 'Evil Ejector'. He did the same on Millennium Bug's loss.
  • During Jonathan Pearce's recap, he referred to Shadow of Napalm as Son of Napalm.
  • Team Chaos and the Cold Fusion Team were the only two remaining teams from the Series 1 Grand Final that entered Series 4. Coincidentally, this episode ensured that both met in the Grand Final of the same series as well.
  • The Grand Final battle between Chaos 2 and Pussycat was the first of five consecutive Grand Finals to go to a judges' decision.
  • After beating Pussycat in the Grand Final, Chaos 2 became the first ever robot to win two UK Championships in Robot Wars, as well as being the first and only robot to win two consecutive UK Championships in the show's history.
  • An extended cut of the Grand Final battle was also included in the Chaos 2 Ultimate Warrior Collection DVD as the "Cut Your Own Battle" feature. This version of the battle uses raw footage including alternate camera angles, and lacks commentary, post-production sound effects or battle music.
  • The Grand Final battle was the last UK Championship fight prior to the 10 Robot Rumble of Series 10 to feature more than two House Robots.
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