"Already through to the Robot Wars semi-finals, reigning champions Chaos 2 with its formidable flipper bombing Atomic out of the competition. In our second heat, no shock as Pussycat ruffled Robochicken's feathers, but then a surprise as reigning world champs Razer were sliced. And last time, Firestorm our number five seeds stitched up Scar and then controversially killed The Morgue. Who dies in this heat?"
— Jonathan Pearce's introduction

Heat D of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars was the fourth of sixteen heats which determined the semi-finalists of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars. The episode featuring Heat D was originally broadcast on October 13, 2000 on BBC Two. The broadcast managed to attract 3.04 million viewers, a decrease of 940,000 viewers when compared with the previous episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked fifteenth in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 9-15 October 2000.

"What is it about fightin’? I go joggin’ to keep fightin’ fit, although mostly, I end up fightin’ for air. And like the Beastie Boys, I fight for my right to party, but these days, I’m mostly fightin’ to stay awake. And some say I’ve got a fightin’ chance of becoming the next Mr Universe! OK, so now I’m fightin’ reality. But when it comes to real fightin’, you can’t beat the six robotic thugs waiting to fight it out for a place in our series semi-finals."
— Craig Charles' introduction

Competing RobotsEdit


Crusader2 book
Crusader 2
Weight 78.9kg
Dimensions 0.76 x 1.10 x 0.26m
Clearance 0.05m
Power Electric powered motors
Weapons 2 x spikes attached to ram
Notes Unit is processor controlled
From: Loughton in Essex
Team Members: Richard Jessup, Reg Clayden & Chris Williams
Weight 79.3kg
Dimensions 0.70 x 1.00 x 0.70m
Clearance 0.08m
Power Electric powered motors
Weapons Large axe
Notes Made from packaging machinery
From: Low Ham in Somerset
Team Members: Gilbert Grimm & Rob Grimm
Weight 79.9kg
Dimensions 1.40 x 0.74 x 0.30m
Clearance 0.04m
Power 2 x Wheelchair scooter motors
Weapons Large spinning disc at front
Notes 3mm thick aluminium shell
From: Darlington
Team Members: Phill Sievers, Phil Neely & Richard Neely


Weight 80.3kg
Dimensions 0.63 x 1.03 x 0.63m
Clearance 0.04m
Power Electric powered motors
Weapons Pneumatic crusher
Notes Lifter capable of lifting a bus
From: Southampton
Team Members: Julian Raffle & Mark Raffle
Mortis (seeded 23rd)
Weight 79.3kg
Dimensions 0.36 x 0.76 x 0.91m
Clearance 0.05m
Power 3 x Electric motors
Weapons Axe and lifting arm
Notes Made from aerospace materials
From: Nottingham and Cambridge
Team Members: Rob Knight, Paul Ford & Arthur Chilcott
Steg 2 (seeded 7th)
Weight 80.0kg
Dimensions 0.33 x 0.85 x 0.66m
Clearance 0.08m
Power Electric powered motors
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Notes Aerospace aluminium body
From: Romsey
Team Members: Rob Heasman, Dan King & Peter Rowe


"Now remember, Sir Killalot. They don't like it up 'em. Let the wars begin!"
— Craig Charles

Steg 2 (7) vs Cronos vs Crusader 2Edit

Crusader 2 vs steg 2 vs dead metal

Crusader 2 topples Steg 2 into the clutches of Dead Metal

Steg 2 flips cronos

Steg 2 flips Cronos

Crusader 2 started the quickest, immediately flipping Steg 2 into Dead Metal's CPZ. Crusader 2 then chased down Cronos while Steg 2 flicked itself away from the arena wall. Steg 2 headed towards its opponents and attempted a thrust, but missed both robots. Steg 2 reversed away and near Dead Metal again, before thrusting Cronos, who landed right way up.

Steg 2 Crusader 2

Crusader 2 lifts Steg 2

Cronos vs crusader

Crusader 2 rams Cronos towards Dead Metal

"Cronos with a Razer type claw, now, we've seen Razer go out of the competition. Look at this power, though, by Steg 2! Cronos flipped, rolling, tumbling onto the arena floor! Great attack there, by the Steg team. Cronos surviving though."
— Jonathan Pearce

Crusader 2 forced Steg 2 into the arena wall and the top of Steg 2 caught fire. Crusader 2 continued to trouble Steg 2, dragging it around the arena. Crusader 2 then forced Cronos into Dead Metal, who sliced into Cronos.

"Crusader 2 doing all the work here, and very, very impressive."
— Jonathan Pearce
Deadmetal vs cronos

Dead Metal shoves Cronos into the CPZ

Cronos pitted

Sir Killalot gets rid of Cronos

Crusader 2 and Steg 2 danced next to Sgt. Bash, with Cronos showing no signs of escaping Dead Metal's clutches. By this stage, Cronos had lost all control. Sir Killalot came in, lifted Cronos up and dropped it into the open pit.

"Cronos, out of control and out of the competition."
— Craig Charles

Qualified: Crusader 2 & Steg 2

Mortis (23) vs Mazakari vs Iron-AweEdit

"Ever present through Robot Wars history, Mortis... is this their year?"
— Jonathan Pearce
Ironawe vs mortis

Iron-Awe axes Mortis after being slammed against the arena wall

Mortis Mazakari locked

Mortis and Mazakari locked together

Mortis immediately targeted Mazakari and shoveled it into Sergeant Bash's CPZ, before going after Iron-Awe and hitting it once with the axe. Mazakari escaped, as Mortis lifted the front of Iron-Awe and moved it towards the arena wall. Iron-Awe slammed down onto Mortis with its hammer and Mortis flicked Mazakari over, who had just rejoined the action. Mortis continued to focus its attacks on Mazakari, and lifted it up, which also allowed Iron-Awe to hit it with its weapon.

"This is Mortis underneath Mazakari once again. The lifting arm takes a grappling hold; turning and twisting, and then pushing onto Iron-Awe. They're almost twinning up, here, against poor old Mazakari."
— Jonathan Pearce
Ironawe killalot and dead metaal

An Immobile Iron-Awe picked up by Sir Killalot

Sirkillalot vs ironawe

Sir Killalot uses its lance to spin and throw Iron-Awe

Mortis' lifting arm appeared to get stuck on Mazakari, allowing it to easily carry it across the arena and into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Mortis - with Mazakari still stuck on its lifting arm - gave a seemingly immobile Iron-Awe a couple of shunts. Mortis continued to carry Mazakari around the arena, this time offering it to Shunt, who axed into it. Meanwhile, Iron-Awe was still sat motionless next to a now open pit, and Dead Metal tried to push it in, but Killalot lifted it up with the lance and spun it round a bit.

"Iron-Awe dangerously close towards the pit... Dangerously close towards the pit... Dead Metal and Killalot combine; over the pit for Iron-Awe. Spinning around, Killalot, look at this, toying with it, slamming it to the ground in the arena floor."
— Jonathan Pearce

Sgt Bash came in on Mazakari, grabbing it, lifting Mortis off the ground as well. It went to the judges and Mazakari was voted out, despite its wheels visibly spinning, unlike the immobile Iron-Awe.

"Well. The decision is unanimous. Mazakari is eliminated."
— Craig Charles

Qualified: Mortis & Iron-Awe


"So the seeded robots remaining, Mortis against Crusader 2 and Steg 2, seeded seventh against Iron-Awe."
— Jonathan Pearce recapping the heat semi-finals

Steg 2 (7) vs Iron-AweEdit

Steg 2 Iron-Awe

Steg 2 attempts to slide under Iron-Awe

Steg 2 flipper

Steg 2's flipper in action

The fight started slowly, with both robots sizing each other up. Iron-Awe then tentatively offered an axe blow, before Steg 2 threw Iron-Awe over.

"Oh goodness me, that's power from Steg 2's CO2 powered flipper!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Shunt vs iron-awe

Shunt penetrates the armour of Iron-Awe

Steg 2 vs matilda

Steg 2 flips Matilda over

It self-righted, though - becoming the first robot to do so with an axe. Steg 2 then flicked Iron-Awe up again, but not over, and Iron-Awe fought back with an axe blow from behind. Steg 2 once again thrust Iron-Awe away, but missed with its next flip. Iron-Awe then attacked with the axe, but also missed. Steg 2 failed to throw Iron-Awe over with its next attack, but Iron-Awe appeared to stop moving, with only the axe still working.

"Very tentative stuff, though. They may be leaping around a little bit, but it's ponderous."
— Jonathan Pearce

Steg 2 flipped it over, but it self-righted. The House Robots came in and dragged Iron-Awe away; Shunt slammed its axe into Iron-Awe's top. Steg 2 subsequently flipped Matilda over, whilst Sir Killalot sliced off Iron-Awe's axe with his claw.

"Killalot exacts revenge, and Iron-Awe's weapon goes. Snapped off like some flower stalk, there."
— Jonathan Pearce

Time ran out and the judges gave Steg 2 the win.

Winner: Steg 2

Mortis (23) vs Crusader 2Edit

Crusader 2 vs mortis

Crusader 2 is penetrated by Mortis

Mortis vs crusader 2

Crusader 2 is axed by Shunt while being rammed by Mortis

Crusader 2 house robots

The House Robots get hold of Crusader 2

Mortis vs crusader 2

Mortis lifts Crusader 2 against the arena side wall

Crusader 2 started well, lifting Mortis up. Mortis responded by forcing Crusader 2 against the arena wall and hitting down with its axe. Mortis' axe then got stuck in the top of Crusader 2, who lifted Mortis up.

"The axe is certainly working there. Now they can drag Crusader wither they want on this arena floor. Maybe towards the House Robots - Dead Metal awaits... Crusader 2, though, getting away."
— Jonathan Pearce

The two were separated after slamming into Dead Metal. Mortis forced Crusader 2 into Shunt's CPZ, causing a bit of armour to fall off the bottom of Crusader 2.

"Crusader is in trouble here. Not punishing enough, perhaps. Mortis, certainly more punitive."
— Jonathan Pearce

Shunt repeatedly slammed his axe into the top of Crusader 2. Dead Metal came in, slicing into the back of Crusader 2; Killalot came in too. Cease was called and Mortis was the clear winner.

Winner: Mortis


Steg 2 (7) vs Mortis (23)Edit

"Which is the fitter robot here, to survive the Heat Final?"
— Jonathan Pearce
Mortis vs steg 2

Mortis slams Steg 2 against the arena side wall

Steg 2 vs mortis

Mortis axes Steg 2

Mortis went on the attack immediately, but neither of its weapons seemed to be working, and Steg 2 did not seem to be running smoothly either. Mortis tried to force Steg 2 in towards Dead Metal, but Steg 2 angled away. Mortis pushed Steg 2 back again, this time, against the arena wall. Mortis managed to raise its lifting arm, but it became jammed open.

"Now the Mortis lifting arm is raised on high and could well be jammed up there."
— Jonathan Pearce
Steg 2 flips Mortis

Steg 2 flips Mortis

Mortis pitted

Another hopeful run for Mortis ends

Mortis met Steg 2 broadside on, moving it over a flame jet, before Steg 2 retreated. Mortis' axe then drooped down before striking Steg 2 several times.

"There goes the axe now; they were simply holding the axe back, Mortis, were they?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Steg 2 finally mustered a charge of its own, and responded by flipping Mortis over. Mortis was unable to self-right due to landing on its front wedge, and soon, the pit opened right on cue for Steg 2 to push Mortis in, allowing it to qualify for the Semi-Finals.

"Robot Wars ever presents, and they deserve our applause for that, but it's gonna to be more disappointment for the Nottinghamshire and Cambridge team. Not a lot to talk about for Mortis. Steg 2 have won the heat!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Heat Winner: Steg 2

"We've had hundreds of robots banging on the doors, but only the best get on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off



Stinger drives into the pit


S.M.I.D.S.Y. drives off the ring


Shunt about to push Kater Killer off the ring

During the Fourth Wars, alongside the main competition, a Pinball Warrior Tournament and Sumo Basho Competition were also held. Unlike the similar competitions of the Third Wars, these trials featured successful qualifiers for Series 4. In between the first and second rounds of each heat, a Pinball run took place, and two sumo attempts took place in between Round 2 and the Heat Final in each of the first eight heats. For Heat D, the Pinball featured Stinger and the Sumo featured Kater Killer and S.M.I.D.S.Y.

Pinball Warrior Tournament - StingerEdit

Score: 75 points

Sumo BashoEdit

  • S.M.I.D.S.Y. - 14.11 seconds
  • Kater Killer - 14.03 seconds

Trivia Edit

  • This was Mortis' last appearance in the main competition.
  • This heat marked the first appearance of Iron-Awe.
  • Mazakari was erroneously credited with Mortis' statistics during its introduction.
  • Both seeds in this heat fought Gravedigger in the previous series, though it was only shown in a review of Mortis' previous series performance.
  • Along with Heat K, none of the competing robots in this heat competed in the Pinball Warrior or Sumo Basho. However, Iron-Awe and Mortis did compete in the Celebrity Special and War of Independence respectively.
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