"They say if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing yourself, which is OK, until you need brain surgery. So when my roof sprung a leak, I got the builders in. Bad move. They were total cowboys. I knew they were bad when he turned up and said "We're here to fix the roof ... where is it?" That's why the six teams employed to fight for a place in our series semi-finals know exactly what they're doing. Plus, they don't have builder's bums ... at least I hope they don't."
— Craig Charles' introduction

Heat E of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars was the fifth of sixteen heats which determined the semi-finalists of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars. The episode featuring Heat E was originally broadcast on October 27, 2000 on BBC Two. The broadcast managed to attract 4.68 million viewers, an increase of 1.64 million viewers when compared with the previous episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked first in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 23-29 October 2000, becoming the first Series 4 episode to do so.

Competing RobotsEdit


Weight 80.2kg
Dimensions 1.20 x 0.30 x 1.70m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 3 x Bosch 750W motors
Weapons Flywheel on front
Notes Can run upside-down
From: York University
Team Members: Mark Marshall, Nick Bullock & Oliver Reed-Smith
Dominator 2
Weight 79.9kg
Dimensions 1.40 x 0.65 x 0.80m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x Industrial motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe
Notes Plasma nitride coated titanium
From: Huntingdon
Team Members: Peter Halloway, Chris Hall & Paul Tolliday
Major Tom
Weight 80.1kg
Dimensions 0.90 x 0.75 x 0.60m
Clearance 0.05m
Power 2 x Golf caddy motors
Weapons 1 x Golf caddy driven ramp
Notes Body made from water barrel
From: The Isle of Sheppey in Kent
Team Members: Henry Ryan, Gerald Morris & Arthur Robinson


101 (seeded 9th)
Weight 77.7kg
Dimensions 1.01 x 0.75 x 0.25m
Clearance 0.05m
Power 2 x Industrial motors
Weapons CO2 powered spike
Notes Shell is aircraft aluminium
From: Kettering
Team Members: Mike Franklin & Amy Franklin
Henry 2
Weight 83.4kg
Dimensions 1.01 x 0.85 x 0.50m
Clearance 0.03m
Power Petrol powered
Weapons Hydraulic ram
Notes Some parts from Reliant Robin
From: Woodridge in Suffolk
Team Members: Tom Moye, Leon Moye & Melanie Moye
Shadow of Napalm (seeded 25th)
Weight 75.3kg
Dimensions 0.90 x 0.75 x 0.45m
Clearance 0.05m
Power Electric motor powered
Weapons Large lifting spike
Notes Uses low profile wheels
From: Dartford
Team Members: David Crosby, Clare Greenaway & Victoria Allgood


"We have newcomers, Craig. Disc-O-Inferno and Major Tom against the number twenty-five seeds Shadow of Napalm and in the first of our battles, the number nine seeds 101 against two robots we've seen before, Dominator 2 and Henry the Second."
— Jonathan Pearce reviewing who the "professionals" in the heat are

101 (9) vs Henry 2 vs Dominator 2Edit

Henry 2 Dominator 2 101

Dominator 2 puts Henry 2 out straight away. Note: 101 smoking


Henry 2 gets immobilised by Dominator 2 in 2.6 seconds

On the activate, all three robots darted forward. 101 started to smoke as soon as it began. Henry 2 paused on its starting position, and the delay was enough for Dominator 2 to target it. Dominator 2's axe crashed down on Henry 2, piercing the top of Henry's wedge. This was enough to knock out Henry 2 immediately, and the blue robot rolled to a gentle stop with only a small amount of drive having been revved up before the damage was inflicted.

"Dominator on the left making the first move. Oh! Look at that, a slam immediately from the axe down on Henry 2 which is a petrol driven robot don't forget, and I think the drive motors are there or thereabouts. The axe has gone in and I think that's destroyed Henry 2's chances straight away! Look, immobilised! What an attack from Dominator 2!"
— Jonathan Pearce
101 vs dominator w henry

101 attacks Dominator 2 from behind as Henry lays immobile

101 shunt henry

101 and Shunt push Henry into oblivion

101 came charging in, not to be outdone, and bulldozed Dominator 2 away from Henry's dead form. 101 then pushed Henry, and Dominator 2 struck with its axe, but the swift 101 caught the axe blow on the run and the attack was deflected. Dominator 2 and 101 continued to fight, with only one axe blow and several ramming attacks being landed by each robot. However, the battle was insignificant, as Henry 2 was clearly immobile, and Sir Killalot and Shunt moved in on the attack. Killalot tried and failed to lift Henry with its pincer, so Shunt pushed it towards the pit with very little effort. 101 charged into Henry, trying to push it into the pit, but catching Henry side on made it hard. Shunt finished the battle by pushing forward and pitting Henry 2.

"Well, Henry immobilised. Our seed gets taught a lesson from the newcomer. 101 and Dominator 2 go through."
— Craig Charles

Qualified: 101 & Dominator 2

Shadow of Napalm (25) vs Disc-O-Inferno vs Major TomEdit

Major tom vs disc-o-inferno vs shadow of napalm

Major Tom clashes with Shadow of Napalm and Disc-O-Inferno

Major tom vs shadow of napalm

Major Tom attacks Shadow of Napalm from the side

All three robots were very slow to begin, and none directly attacked another for several moments. After the lull, Disc-O-Inferno and Major Tom closed in on Shadow of Napalm simultaneously, although the disc and flipping ramp both failed to work against the seed. Shadow of Napalm pushed Disc-O-Inferno, but the newcomer spun around and its disc gouged into Shadow of Napalm's weak side armour. However, this blow caused the disc to stop, and Disc-O-Inferno struggled immensely to get it started again. With the disc not working, Major Tom attacked Shadow of Napalm and Disc-O-Inferno, pushing Disc-O-Inferno away and allowing it to push the seeded robot around. Disc-O-Inferno spun and came back on the attack, but its disc was still not spinning at any speed at all, and was stopped when it came into contact with Shadow of Napalm. Shadow of Napalm clamped its lifter on top of the spinning disc, preventing it from regaining momentum.

Shadow of napalm discoinferno

Shadow of Napalm pins down Disc-O-Inferno's disc

Disc-O-Inferno flipped

Disc-O-Inferno gets flung by the floor flipper

"And there's Disc-O-Inferno, wedged in on Shadow of Napalm. Locked tight in battle."
— Jonathan Pearce

Major Tom rammed Shadow of Napalm away, but Disc-O-Inferno had stopped moving, and Shadow of Napalm was not showing much more. However, it was Shadow of Napalm who was able to move away, and Major Tom and Dead Metal positioned Disc-O-Inferno on the arena floor flipper. The robot was hurled away, and the battle was ended.

Julia Reed: "Absolutely gutting really. What happened?"
Oliver Reed-Smith: "Well, you can see that black wire that runs through our aerial. Well, it's gotten rather killingly caught behind our receiver switch, and when we hit the other robot, it just pushed it forward and turned all our electronics power, couldn't move at all."
Julia Reed: "I think that is the worst thing that can happen in Robot Wars. And you haven't even got any war wounds, juicy wounds to tell your mates about."
Oliver Reed-Smith: "No, we haven't got any damage at all to the robot, it's just been turned off."
— The post mortem of Disc-O-Inferno

Qualified: Major Tom & Shadow of Napalm


"This is how they line up, Craig. Shadow of Napalm against Dominator 2 and the number nine seeds 101 against Major Tom. Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you hear me?"
— Jonathan Pearce recapping the heat semi-finals

101 (9) vs Major TomEdit

Major tom vs 101

101 rides up Major Tom

101 vs major tom

101 pushes Major Tom into Matilda

Death of major tom

Major Tom's head is obliterated


Shunt and Dead Metal put Major Tom on the floor flipper

101 was the far quicker and more aggressive, nudging its opponent over the flame pit and then trying to push it across the arena. Major Tom escaped, but 101 attacked it, running up the ramp and sliding back down. The second attack from 101 pushed it up the body of Major Tom, knocking the head askew. 101 then pushed Major Tom into the side wall, bending the ramp and pushing it onto Matilda's tusks. Matilda flicked Major Tom off the ground, and Major Tom began to show signs of immobility. Matilda came out of her CPZ and sliced open the head of Major Tom, before Shunt joined in and shattered the head to pieces.

"Oh! There goes the head, cleaved away. Ooh, when all around you are losing their heads, can you keep yours, no."
— Jonathan Pearce
Major tom series 4 pitted

Major Tom about to be finished off

With the head gone, Shunt began to attack the body of Major Tom, axing through the barrel. Dead Metal joined in, and Major Tom was placed on the arena floor flipper and thrown. It was then placed on the pit by Sir Killalot and pitted by Matilda.

"Well, ground control to Major Tom, goodness me, it's all gone wrong. The winner is 101!"
— Craig Charles

Winner: 101

Shadow of Napalm (25) vs Dominator 2Edit

Shadow of Napalm Dominator 2

Dominator 2 breaches Shadow of Napalm's ground clearance

Dominator 2 shadow of napalm

Dominator 2 axes Shadow of Napalm

Dominator 2 manoeuvred to the side of Shadow of Napalm, who was very slow off the start, and brought its axe crashing down onto the seed's wedge. Dominator 2 pushed it a few feet, then struck again. Dominator 2 hammered at Shadow of Napalm several times, and only after Refbot pushed Dominator 2 back did Shadow of Napalm show weak signs of moving away. Dominator 2 attacked Shadow of Napalm near the CPZ, managing to hit its opponent despite being up on its wedge. Shadow of Napalm was caught by Sir Killalot and its arm dislocated, but managed to pull away and avoid major damage. Dominator 2 managed to get its wedge beneath Shadow of Napalm, axing it twice and pinning it in place.

"The axe crashes down, once, twice, into the very belly of Shadow of Napalm. No, a shake of the head, he [David Crosby] fears the worst here, he thinks they're dead."
— Jonathan Pearce
Shadow of napalm pitted

Dominator and Sir Killalot pit Shadow of Napalm

Shadow of napalm pit

Shadow of Napalm breaks into pieces

The pit descended and Sir Killalot advanced. Dominator 2 pushed Shadow of Napalm onto the very brink of the pit, but was unable to push it in. Matilda also attempted to do so, but was no more successful than Dominator 2. Sir Killalot and Matilda then took advantage and pushed Shadow of Napalm from both sides, nudging it into the pit. As the 25th seed fell in, the shell broke away from the rest of the robot, shattering Shadow of Napalm.

Craig Charles: "Well you called your robot Shadow of Napalm, and you must admit, that was a shadow of previous performances, really. What went wrong?"
David Crosby: "Well, I don't know, it came from a shadow, it became trash.'s just a bad robot. Claire should have been driving."
Craig Charles: "Claire, I mean you went so far last time and this time, you've just kind of fallen at the first hurdle. I mean why is it a bad robot? Aren't you supposed to improve the robots?"
Claire Greenaway: "Hahaha, No, we've come back and it's definitely a wreck of Napalm now. It's not a shadow anymore."
— The post mortem for Shadow of Napalm

Winner: Dominator 2


101 (9) vs Dominator 2Edit

Julia Reed: "Realistically, at times like this, what can you do?"
Mike Franklin: "Hope. Haha. Pray. The usual things."
Julia Reed: "Adopt a new religion? They're a ferocious machine, aren't they? Plasma coated, nitride titanium, I mean, that's just showing off."
Mike Franklin: "That's just showing off, yeah."
— 101 discusses Dominator 2 with Julia Reed

101 jumped on the attack, slamming into Dominator 2's wheel and pushing it, keeping clear of the axe. Dominator 2 countered, however, with a damaging axe blow that pinned Dominator 2 to it. Dominator 2 was then heaved around by the much stronger 101.

Dominator 2 101

101 drags Dominator 2

101 Dominator 2 Dead Metal

101 caught between Dead Metal and Dominator 2. Note the huge number of axe holes in 101.

"Now that's interesting. Mike Franklin may well be able to use that tactic again; draw Dominator 2 on, get the axe caught on top of the shell, drag it towards the pit!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 retracted its axe and released it, striking it quickly once more before 101 pulled away. 101 drove forward and pushed itself up the wedge, pressing against Dominator 2's axe mechanism, and managing to push Dominator 2 into a CPZ. Escaping Matilda, Dominator 2 attempted to attack 101, but missed several times and was pushed in retaliation. Dominator 2's axe blows continued to miss, until 101 drove onto its wedge and allowed Dominator 2 to slam its axe down.

101 dominator 2

101 runs up Dominator 2

"Dominator 2, madly flailing away with that axe. Do not try this at home, children, with a toothpick on your brother's favourite model car. Wait until Christmas Day and do it then!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 pinned on the spike


Shunt attacks 101 despite it not being near the CPZ.

Dominator 2 pushed 101 into Matilda, but the tracked robot shouldered its way out. Dominator 2 caught 101 and axed its track, but not puncturing the shell. Dominator 2 then repeated its attack and pushed 101 into Dead Metal, trapping the seeded machine between claws and axe. 101 escaped after a while, and ran into Dominator 2's side, driving up the wedge and interfering with the axe. However, 101 drove too high and Dominator 2's retracting axe pushed it backwards, causing 101 to land on its back. It attempted twice to repeat that attack and right itself, but was unsuccessful. 101 then drove into a side spike and pinned itself against the arena wall. Dead Metal nudged it free and 101 ran into Dominator 2. However, Shunt intervened and attacked 101, causing damage. Refbot sent Shunt away, and time ran down to the cease.

"I'm going to have a word with - no, I'm not, I'm terrified of Shunt!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 was declared the winner, due to the damage sustained by 101, which could not be matched due to 101's weapon not working.

Heat Winner: Dominator 2

"Well you can keep your Chihuahuas, and your cute Labradors, cos we only have pitbulls, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off



Spawn of Scutter hits the 75 point buffer


X-Terminator and Shunt hit deadlock


Maverick is defeated

During the Fourth Wars, alongside the main competition, a Pinball Warrior Tournament and Sumo Basho Competition were also held. Unlike the similar competitions of the Third Wars, these trials featured successful qualifiers for Series 4. In between the first and second rounds of each heat, a Pinball run took place, and two sumo attempts took place in between Round 2 and the Heat Final in each of the first eight heats. For Heat E, the Pinball featured Spawn of Scutter and the Sumo featured Maverick and X-Terminator.

Pinball Warrior Tournament - Spawn of ScutterEdit

Score: 245 points

Sumo BashoEdit

  • X-Terminator - 60 seconds (survived)
  • Maverick - 9.07 seconds

Trivia Edit

  • In the first battle of this heat, Dominator 2's knockout of Henry 2 broke the record for the fastest immobilisation at 2.6 seconds - a record which stood until Series 10.
  • Four out of six robots' later incarnations in this Heat would be featured in the Ultimate Guide. Only the robots who went out in the first round were not in the Ultimate Guide.
  • Four of the six competing teams would appear in an Annihilator. Ironically, the only robot that won its Annihilator went out in Round 1.
  • In both eliminators, the third robot usually introduced was introduced second and the second robot usually introduced was introduced third. It is unknown if this was an error and was done for unknown reasons.
  • Dominator 2 became the first robot to defeat both seeds that were in the heat.
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