"So far on Robot Wars, seven winners. Chaos 2 pressed the Atomic button and out went the yellow peril. Pussycat, Pussycat, We love you. Robochicken didn't. Neither did the Razer. Firestorm raged. The Morgue died a death. Steg 2 left Mortis in a stew. Dominator 2 was double the strength of 101. Tornado blew away Gemini despite facing double jeopady from the clusterbot. And sending into hibernation, Kronic the Wedgehog, Thermidor 2. Now, I want more!"
— Jonathan Pearce's introduction

Heat H of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars was the eighth of sixteen heats which determined the semi-finalists of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars. The episode featuring Heat H was originally broadcast on November 17, 2000 on BBC Two. The broadcast managed to attract 3.36 million viewers, a decrease of 20,000 viewers when compared with the previous episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked thirteenth in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 13-19 November 2000.

"Now, I’ve seen a few fashions in my time. In the seventies, you could get flares so big that boy scouts would set camp on my inner thigh. Then, it was platform shoes; my heels were so high, the cat would use the laces to go bungee jumping. In the eighties, it was all ‘fellas wearing make-up’, which played havoc with my complexion. But, as fashions come and go, robots are here to stay, just like the six technological trainspotters about to battle for a place in the Series Semi-Finals. You’ll all be doing it next year!"
— Craig Charles' introduction

Competing RobotsEdit


Weight 79.8kg
Dimensions 0.40 x 0.88 x 0.74m
Clearance 0.06m
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons Pneumatic front flipper
Notes New to the competition
From: Southampton
Team Members: Francis Gallagher, Brett Skinner & Kevin Gallagher


Weight 80.0kg
Dimensions 0.70 x 1.10 x 1.15m
Clearance 0.08m
Power 2 x 24V motors
Weapons Big axe
Notes Came 3rd in Series 2
From: Maidstone in Kent
Team Members: Richard Broad, Abdul Degia & Ian Degia
Prizephita MK2
Weight 78.9kg
Dimensions 0.50 x 1.00 x 0.95m
Clearance 0.05m
Power Lawnmower motor powered
Weapons CO2 pneumatic flipper, spikes
Notes Uses wheelchair controllers
From: Ipswich
Team Members: Roy Alcock, Phillip Chaplin & Sharon Alcock
Suicidal Tendencies (seeded 32nd)
Weight 80.0kg
Dimensions 0.30 x 1.30 x 0.58m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x 1400W motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe, forklift
Notes Has steam engine whistle
From: Derby
Team Members: Andrew Jeffrey, Charles Binns & Martin Jeffrey
Weight 76.0kg
Dimensions 0.75 x 1.50 x 1.50m
Clearance 0.05m
Power Strimmer petrol engine
Weapons Brushwood cutter, spikes
Notes Attacked Sergeant Bash in Series 2
From: Guildford in Surrey
Team Members: Peter Gibson
Wheely big cheese
Wheely Big Cheese (seeded 15th)
Weight 79.4kg
Dimensions 0.42 x 1.43 x 1.07m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x Golf cart motors
Weapons Throwing device, spiky wheels
Notes Has tungsten golf shoe spikes
From: Langport in Somerset
Team Members: Roger Plant, Paul Otten & Jon McGuigan


"And as always, Craig, we have two seeds. Number thirty-two Suicidal Tendencies against Killertron and Maverick. Wheelosaurus against Prizephita against the fifteenth seeds Wheely Big Cheese, dumped, in the last series, by Killalot, and I can tell you, after revenge, big time!"
— Jonathan Pearce reviewing the "fashion victims" in the heat

Wheely Big Cheese (15) vs Prizephita MK2 vs WheelosaurusEdit

"Well. I think we've worked up an appetite for destruction. So, let the wars begin!"
— Craig Charles

The battle got off to a very tentative start, with Prizephita MK2 and Wheelosaurus not moving for a few seconds. Both robots then made a move towards each other, with Prizephita MK2 flicking Wheelosaurus over.

"Oh, and immediately flipped up and over by Prizephita!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Prizephita vs wheelosaurus

Prizephita MK2 flips Wheelosaurus

WBC Prizephita

Wheely Big Cheese nudges Prizephita MK2 into Sir Killalot's CPZ

Prizephita MK2 continued to flip Wheelosaurus while Wheely Big Cheese went straight for Sir Killalot (seeking revenge for the team's predecessor, The Big Cheese). Shunt came across, so Wheely Big Cheese moved away, joining its fellow competitors. Using the traction of its studded wheels, Wheely Big Cheese reversed into Prizephita MK2, pushing it across the arena with ease and slamming it into the arena wall. Wheelosaurus seemed to have control problems, as it lost a spike from one of its pram wheels. It still managed to attack one of Wheely Big Cheese's wheels with its strimmer blade, but ineffectively. Wheely Big Cheese tried to flip Prizephita MK2, but could only lift it low off the ground, having merely breached the narrow ground clearance. Prizephita MK2 continued to have problems itself, as it hung dangerously near Sir Killalot's CPZ.

"Is Prizephita immobilised on the arena wall? Dangerously near a CPZ."
— Jonathan Pearce
WBC Killalot

Wheely Big Cheese attempts to flip Sir Killalot

Wheelosaurus vs shunt vs prizephita

Shunt axes Prizephita MK2 as Wheelosaurus attempts to slice Shunt's wheel

Dead Metal attacked Wheelosaurus as Wheely Big Cheese forced Prizephita MK2 further into the CPZ, along with a second improper flip, before Shunt came across and axed into Prizephita MK2 and dragged it around. Wheelosaurus tried to intervene on Shunt briefly, but nothing more as control problems resumed. Wheely Big Cheese then attacked Sir Killalot again, this time managing to slide underneath, but it couldn't lift the exceedingly heavy House Robot.

"Wheely Big Cheese can toss 800 kilos, they tell us. Come on then, throw Killalot! Go on, throw Killalot! You can't! You can't! The pit descends. 1-0 to the House Robots, I think there, Roger Plant, don't you?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Cheese is pushed into the pit as is Prizephita MK2


All three of the competitors end up in the pit

Dead Metal brought its circular saw down onto Wheely Big Cheese as Roger Plant's machine struggled to move away from Sir Killalot. The pit opened with Wheely Big Cheese going in first, followed by Prizephita MK2, and Shunt finishing off Wheelosaurus by nudging it on top of the pile.

"Ooh, into the pit! Who's gone into the pit first? It's mayhem out there, utter confusion! Who went in first? They're all in!"
— Jonathan Pearce

However, the judges ruled that since Prizephita MK2 had lost drive for more than 30 seconds, Wheely Big Cheese and Wheelosaurus went through.

Qualified: Wheely Big Cheese & Wheelosaurus

Suicidal Tendencies (32) vs Killertron vs MaverickEdit

"Hard to take, but I think they [Prizephita] were definitely immobilised for too long. Next up, Maverick, Killertron and the thirty-two seeds Suicidal Tendencies."
— Jonathan Pearce
Killertron suicidal tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies slams into Killertron

Suicidal Tendencies attacks Killertron

Killertron is attacked from all angles

Maverick drove straight into Killertron, narrowly missing an axe blow, before Suicidal Tendencies pushed Killertron and axed it. Maverick then drove at Killertron and forced it back, until Suicidal Tendencies took over and flicked away at Killertron with its axe.

"Little flick again of the toothpick. Comes out at a blur of speed, there!"
— Jonathan Pearce describes Suicidal Tendencies's axe
Maveric vs suicidal tendencies

Maverick is shoved into the CPZ by Suicidal Tendencies

Killertron vs suicidal tendencies

Killetron axes Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies then attacked Maverick and carried it towards Matilda. Matilda brought her chainsaw into play, but caused little trouble for Maverick. Killertron swung its axe into Suicidal Tendencies, who continued to attack Maverick and carried it around again. Killertron axed Maverick, before being lifted by Suicidal Tendencies's forks. All three robots were locked together, with Refbot coming in to break it up.

"And the pink one, at the moment, is the meat between the sandwich."
— Jonathan Pearce as Killertron is locked between Suicidal Tendencies and Maverick
Maverick flipped

Maverick toppled by Suicidal Tendencies

Shunt vs maverick

Shunt penetrates through the bottom of Maverick

Killertron flailed away with its axe as Suicidal Tendencies got underneath Maverick once more and eventually toppled it over. Shunt came across to inflict damage on the beaten machine, and axed into the underbelly of Maverick.

"Like taking the top off a boiled egg!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt penetrates the bottom of Maverick

Dead Metal then sliced into it before placing it onto the floor flipper, where Maverick was flung back onto its wheels, and cease was called.

Qualified: Killertron & Suicidal Tendencies


Wheely Big Cheese (15) vs KillertronEdit

WBC flips killertron transistion

A transition of Wheely Big Cheese's flips against Killertron

Wheely big cheeses flipper

Wheely Big Cheese flips Killertron

The fight started with Killertron's front scoop stopping an initial Wheely Big Cheese attack. Wheely Big Cheese then moved towards the other end of Killertron and flipped it over.

"That was a sensational flip from Wheely Big Cheese!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Matilda vs killertron

Matilda slices Killertron

Killertron flamepit

Killetron burns on the Flame Pit

Shunt carried Killertron back into the centre of the arena, where Wheely Big Cheese threw Killertron back onto its wheels. Killertron then drove straight onto the flipper of Wheely Big Cheese, swung its pickaxe but it was too long and not low enough to land on Wheely Big Cheese, which resulted in Killertron being catapulted into the air, bouncing on the axe-head and onto its back.

"Look at this - Wheely Big Cheese underneath; wahey, up and over you go!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Dead metal vs killertron

Dead Metal slices into Killertron

Killertron pit escape

Killertron flails with the axe as it is pitted

Matilda re-righted Killertron but to no avail as Wheely Big Cheese came in again and once more flung the pink bot up and over. Killertron tried to self-right with the axe, but couldn't, so the House Robots closed in. Killertron was roasted on the flame pit and then sliced by Matilda and Dead Metal. Eventually, Sir Killalot dropped Killertron in the pit, with the axe still swinging to the very end.

Winner: Wheely Big Cheese

Suicidal Tendencies (32) vs WheelosaurusEdit

Suicidal tendencies vs wheelosaurus

Suicidal Tendencies slams Wheelosaurus against the side wall

Wheelosaurus vs Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies torches Wheelosaurus

"Peter, you are totally to blame for it, Peter it's your fault, Peter move the thing!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Wheelosaurus' lack of mobility

Suicidal Tendencies straight away went for Wheelosaurus, who was not moving. With Wheelosaurus seemingly immobile, Suicidal Tendencies attacked with no worries, causing one of the spikes on the pram wheels to fall off, and then pushed Wheelosaurus to the far end of the arena, slamming it into the side wall. Suicidal Tendencies also punctured Wheelosaurus with the "toothpick" axe, resulting in Wheelosaurus spewing petrol onto the arena floor.

"There is petrol spewing from the back of Wheelosaurus! That's the end for Peter Gibson's machine."
— Jonathan Pearce
Wheelosaurus on fire

Wheelosaurus on fire

As Wheelosaurus was leaking petrol, Suicidal Tendencies lifted and pushed it over the flame pit, setting it on fire and leaving it to burn. Wheelosaurus was then counted out shortly after, sealing the win for Suicidal Tendencies.

Winner: Suicidal Tendencies


"Ah. Shame to see Peter Gibson go out. He's one of the most respective roboteers here. But not strong enough to fight off Suicidal Tendencies. That's why we seed robots, look, they meet in the Heat H Final. Wheely Big Cheese, Suicidal Tendencies."
Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Cheese (15) vs Suicidal Tendencies (32)Edit

Wheely big cheese vs suicidal tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies slams Wheely Big Cheese in the side wall, hitting it with their axe as it does

Wheelybigcheese vs dead metal

Dead Metal slices into Wheely Big Cheese

Before this fight, Wheely Big Cheese had some gearbox problems, but the team managed to finish the repairs in time. Suicidal Tendencies went on the attack immediately, using its axe and lifting Wheely Big Cheese, before pushing it into Dead Metal, where the House Robot attacked one of Wheely Big Cheese's wheels and caused sparks.

"In comes Dead Metal to attack the studded wheels. Grating metal, did you hear that? Sounded painful."
— Jonathan Pearce
Wheelybigcheese vs suicidal tendencies

Wheely Big Cheese is caught by Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal tendencies vs wheely big cheese

Wheely Big Cheese is flipped by Suicidal Tendencies who become immobile on one side

Wheely Big Cheese fired its flipper to help itself escape, but Suicidal Tendencies continued to attack, holding Wheely Big Cheese by one of its wheels before getting underneath Wheely Big Cheese's front and flicking it up. Unable to get under Suicidal Tendencies's low ground clearance, Wheely Big Cheese decided to reverse into Suicidal Tendencies, but got hooked by a wheel again.

Suicidal tendencies vs wheely big cheese close pitting

Wheely Big Cheese almost pits itself trying to pit the immobile Suicidal Tendencies

Wheely Big Cheese vs ST Controversial end

The controversial end

"There's been good aggression all the way through from Suicidal Tendencies"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Cheese wriggled free and Suicidal Tendencies's left track then locked up, which left it floundering by the pit, going round in circles. The pit opened, and Wheely Big Cheese tried to force Suicidal Tendencies down, but on two occasions nearly went in itself.

"That is brinkmanship to the extreme! They are dancing with death out there, the two of them."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Cheese tried one more time to finish Suicidal Tendencies off, but this time went into the pit. The Suicidal Tendencies team thought they had won, but the judges took the controversial view that Suicidal Tendencies had been immobilised and Wheely Big Cheese won instead.

"And the judge says that Suicidal Tendencies' track wasn't working for a long time during that fight. So he didn't have control. So the judges have gone... for Wheely Big Cheese!"
— Craig Charles

Heat Winner: Wheely Big Cheese

"If there's one thing that your television license ensures, It's robot mayhem, it's Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off



Matilda blocks the target


Shunt disposes of Bigger Brother


Shunt disposes of Thermidor 2

During the Fourth Wars, alongside the main competition, a Pinball Warrior Tournament and Sumo Basho Competition were also held. Unlike the similar competitions of the Third Wars, these trials featured successful qualifiers for Series 4. In between the first and second rounds of each heat, a Pinball run took place, and two sumo attempts took place in between Round 2 and the Heat Final in each of the first eight heats. For Heat H, the Pinball featured S.M.I.D.S.Y. and the Sumo featured Bigger Brother and Thermidor 2.

Pinball Warrior Tournament - S.M.I.D.S.Y.Edit

Score: 70 points

Sumo BashoEdit

  • Bigger Brother - 6.43 seconds
  • Thermidor 2 - 5.03 seconds

Trivia Edit

  • Heat H was one of very few heat finals in Series 4 to feature both seeds.
  • This Heat also featured the return of two robots who had not appeared since the Second Wars, Killertron and Wheelosaurus.
  • Wheely Big Cheese was involved in two controversial decisions in this heat where it drove into the pit.
  • Twice in the heat, Killertron was said to have finished third in Series 2, when in fact it finished fourth. The third place playoff from that year in which it lost to Roadblock was even shown, but Jonathan Pearce mistakenly said that this was when Killertron was eliminated from the competition.
  • For some reason, the bottom seed Suicidal Tendencies was featured in this heat in place of Centurion.
  • Before the first heat semi-final, Richard Broad of Killertron referred to Wheely Big Cheese as its predecessor, The Big Cheese.
  • This was one of two heats of Series 4 where both robots in the heat final lost at that stage in Series 3, the other being Heat N.
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