"Now, as a comedian, I used to do a routine about bird watchers, peeping toms and look-out men. It was mainly observational comedy, but it got me thinking. There are two types of people in life: watchers and doers. Me: I’m a watcher, ‘cause it saves getting off the couch doesn’t it? But the six competitors, here to fight for a place in our series semi-finals, are most definitely doers. In fact, they’ll do you over; they’ll do you in."
— Craig Charles' introduction

Heat L of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars was the twelfth of sixteen heats which determined the semi-finalists of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars. The episode featuring Heat L was originally broadcast on December 22, 2000 on BBC Two. The broadcast managed to attract 3.64 million viewers, an increase of 930,000 viewers when compared with the previous episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked twelfth in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 18-24 December 2000.

Competing RobotsEdit


Fat Boy Tin
Weight 77.1kg
Dimensions 1.20 x 0.90 x 0.80m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x 24V motors
Weapons 2 Spikes
Notes Built for under £200
From: Leighton Buzzard
Team Members: John Lewis & Richard Lewis
Weight 79.7kg
Dimensions 0.45 x 0.70 x 0.15m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x 750W industrial motors
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Notes Took 12 weeks to make
From: Leicester
Team Members: Nigel Pagett, Lee Summers & Malcolm Summers


Weight 80kg
Dimensions 0.90 x 1.00 x 1.00m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons 4 Lathe tools
Notes Body revolves
From: Huddersfield
Team Members: Graham Walker, Richard Jackson & Alan Marchington
Plunderbird 4 (seeded 26th)
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 0.40 x 0.65 x 0.93m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Slicer Dicer (crushing arm)
Notes Aeroplane aluminium shell
From: Alton in Hampshire
Team Members: Mike Onslow & Bryan Kilburn
Spawn of Scutter (seeded 10th)
Weight 78.8kg
Dimensions 0.30 x 1.25m x 1.15m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x Starter motors
Weapons Flipping piercing spike
Notes Runs both ways up
From: Grays in Essex
Team Members: Darren Ball, Graham Warner & Luke Jackman
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 0.32 x 1.18 x 0.50m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x 750W motors
Weapons Axe & lifter
Notes Made of kevlar & lexan
From: The Isle of Wight
Team Members: Ian Gear, Alistair Curtis-Horsefall & Tom Curtis-Horsefall


Spawn of Scutter (10) vs Knightmare vs BansheeEdit

Spawn of Scutter Banshee

Spawn of Scutter topples Banshee

Knightmare vs Spawn of Scutter

Knightmare shepherds Spawn of Scutter into a CPZ

At first the robots simply nudged each other about. Banshee tried attacking Spawn of Scutter with its rotating body and blades, which simply deflected off the seeded robot's wedge. Knightmare was unable to to breach Banshee's ground clearance, but this was until Spawn of Scutter and Knightmare both combined a pincer movement on Banshee. Knightmare had Banshee obstructed by its side, leaving Spawn of Scutter to slip underneath Banshee. Then just after Knightmare drove away, Spawn of Scutter fired its pneumatic spike, which threw Banshee onto its side as well as partially dislodging its head.

"Thrust away by that spike, there. Venomous, Spawn of Scutter."
— Jonathan Pearce

Knightmare and Spawn of Scutter were then involved in a pushing match with each other, while Shunt brought its axe down onto Banshee's head and pulled it off before throwing it down on to the flame pit, to Jonathan Pearce's amusement.

"Headache? I don't think any pills are going to make that one feel better."
— Jonathan Pearce as Shunt axes into Banshee's head
Banshee head axed

Shunt axes Banshee's head

Bannshee Shunt FlamePit

The head of Banshee getting roasted like a marshmallow

Sir Killalot and Dead Metal subjected Banshee to further punishment, while Shunt picked up Banshee's head once more and spun on the spot with it in celebration. Knightmare and Spawn of Scutter continued their tussle, with Knightmare forcing Spawn of Scutter into a corner and using its flipper to pin it against the arena wall. Banshee was then placed onto the floor flipper, with cease called after Banshee was thrust away.

Qualified: Knightmare & Spawn of Scutter

Plunderbird 4 (26) vs Vercingetorix vs Fat Boy TinEdit

Plunderbird vs fatboytin

Plunderbird 4 crushes Fat Boy Tin

Fat Boy Tin toppled

Vercingetorix tips Fat Boy Tin into Sir Killalot

Before the battle, the Fat Boy Tin team had to remove the extending spikes from their robot as it was overweight, leaving it defenceless. Vercingetorix immediately tried to lift Fat Boy Tin, but couldn't gain any purchase, and Fat Boy Tin then pushed Vercingetorix back. Vercingetorix tried again, and this time placed the lifting arm under the front of Fat Boy Tin, but could only lift it slightly.

"Plunderbird 4 with the 'slicer dicer', Vercingetorix with the axe and lifter, Fat Boy Tin with the, err, smile."
— Jonathan Pearce
Vercingetorix vs fatboytin

Vercingetorix axes the bottom of Fat Boy Tin

FBT Axed

Shunt axes Fat Boy Tin in the face

Fat Boy Tin then pushed Plunderbird 4 back slightly, before Plunderbird 4 and Vercingetorix forced Fat Boy Tin towards the arena wall. Sir Killalot came out and lifted Fat Boy Tin slightly with its claw, while Plunderbird 4 brought its 'slicer dicer' down onto Fat Boy Tin. Vercingetorix lifted Fat Boy Tin and pushed it onto Sir Killalot, with Fat Boy Tin finally falling over once the House Robot reversed.

"Timber! Ooh, bounced onto Sir Killalot's face, and eventually, over she goes."
— Jonathan Pearce

Vercingetorix flips Plunderbird 4 on its side


Fat Boy Tin and Vercingetorix are flipped together

Vercingetorix axed the base of the overturned Fat Boy Tin, before the House Robots closed in. Meanwhile, Vercingetorix and Plunderbird 4 continued to fight with each other, with Vercingetorix toppling Plunderbird 4 onto its side, before knocking it back onto its tracks. Sir Killalot then placed Fat Boy Tin onto the floor flipper, with Vercingetorix then axing into Fat Boy Tin again just before the floor flipper was activated, which caused both robots to be thrown from it. Vercingetorix however slowly managed to self-right by use of its lifting arm, while Shunt then came in to deal one last blow to Fat Boy Tin, axing through its smiley face.

"Right through the smile - he's not smiling now."
— Jonathan Pearce

Qualified: Vercingetorix & Plunderbird 4


Spawn of Scutter (10) vs VercingetorixEdit

Vercingetorix rammed

Spawn Of Scutter rams and spikes Vercingetorix


Spawn of Scutter pushes Vercingetorix into Sir Killalot

Spawn of Scutter came onto the attack immediately, forcing Vercingetorix back, who tried to respond by axing the top of Spawn of Scutter. Vercingetorix was pushed back against the arena wall, before Spawn of Scutter forced it towards a CPZ, and then launching the pneumatic spike to knock Vercingetorix into Sir Killalot .

"And that's great tactical awareness by Darren Ball, the driver - pushing them into the CPZ."
— Jonathan Pearce
Vercingetorix vs spawn of scutter

Vercingetorix axes Spawn of Scutter

Spawn of scutter vs vercingetorix

Spawn of Scutter pressures Vercingetorix against the side wall

The House Robot grabbed hold of Vercingetorix and crumpled the side of it, but Vercingetorix managed to escape after axing Sir Killalot. Vercingetorix then axed into the top of Spawn of Scutter, but Spawn of Scutter was still able to push Vercingetorix around, and rammed it into the arena wall again. Refbot came across to help free the jammed axe of Vercingetorix, before Spawn of Scutter forced Vercingetorix towards Sir Killalot and against the arena wall, again with help from its spike.

"And I think Darren Ball, Graham Warner and Luke Jackman believe - like I do - Vercingetorix is almost finished."
— Jonathan Pearce
Dead metal vs vercingetorix

Dead Metal slices into the back end of Vercingetorix


Vercingetorix at the end of the battle

Vercingetorix struggled to move away from the arena wall, as Spawn of Scutter consistently rammed into it. Eventually, Refbot helped move Vercingetorix away from the arena wall, but Vercingetorix couldn't move freely, so the House Robots decided to come in. Dead Metal cut a wound into Vercingetorix, and Shunt added an axe blow before Sir Killalot picked it up, spun it around and tossed it aside. The floor flipper then threw Vercingetorix onto its back, and Dead Metal came in and caused further damage, before cease was called.

Winner: Spawn of Scutter

Plunderbird 4 (26) vs KnightmareEdit

Knightmare vs plunderbird

Knightmare pushes Plunderbird 4 around

Plunderbird vs knightmare

Plunderbird 4 grabs hold of the side bars of Knightmare

Knightmare sped away at the start, as Plunderbird 4 - which appeared to have control issues - spun on the spot. Knightmare failed with two attempted flips, while Plunderbird 4 continued to move around in circles. Knightmare then drove up the front of Plunderbird 4, but Plunderbird 4 couldn't bring its weapon into play since it wasn't in an exact position. Refbot barged the two robots apart, before Knightmare finally caught Plunderbird 4 broadside on and flicked it onto its side.

"At the controls, Mike Onslow, a sculpture model maker. Loves his flying, loves his paragliding - ooh, but can he glide Plunderbird 4 back down to earth?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Plunderbird 4 is put on its side
Knightmare Plunderbird 4

Knightmare tips Plunderbird 4

Plunderbird vs house robots

The House Robots gang up on Plunderbird 4

Matilda came in and knocked Plunderbird 4 onto its back, with the other House Robots joining in to inflict further punishment to Plunderbird 4. Shunt axed into it and righted it, before Dead Metal and Matilda joined in.

"They've been amazing fun, they arrived by helicopter, great design, they can sing a little too - don't ask them to, it's horrendous. But they're wonderful competitors, Mike Onslow and Bryan Kilburn, it has been a privilege to have them with us once again. But, boys, after that big buildup - get out of here! Go on home! We don't want you anymore! Because you're beaten, and there's no place on the Robot Wars history board or hall of fame for losers."
— Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot then put Plunderbird 4 onto its back once more, before picking it up and dropping it into the pit.

Winner: Knightmare


Spawn of Scutter (10) vs KnightmareEdit

Shunt vs spawn of scutter vs knightmare

Spawn of Scutter pushes Knightmare into Shunt but gets axed in the process

Knightmare vs shunt

Shunt axes Knightmare

Knightmare initially got underneath Spawn of Scutter, but the latter backed away, with Knightmare seemingly immobilised. Spawn of Scutter then used its familiar tactic by spearing and pushing Knightmare towards Shunt. The House Robot caught Spawn of Scutter with its axe, before it damaged Knightmare as well.

"Look, there's no drive in those wheels, there's nothing going on!"
— Jonathan Pearce as he notices Knightmare's immobility
Knightmare floor flipper

Knightmare is thrown by the floor flipper

Knightmare pitted

The House Robots pit Knightmare

Shunt moved the immobile Knightmare out of its CPZ, with Spawn of Scutter shovelling it back into Shunt, who axed down again. Knightmare was placed on the floor flipper and subsequently thrown over, settling on its useless inverted side.

"It might be a nightmare to you; it's a dream to the House Robots!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Knightmare is punished by the House Robots

Knightmare was then placed onto the flame pit by Dead Metal and attacked by Matilda and Shunt, before Sir Killalot picked it up and Shunt pitted it.

Heat Winner: Spawn of Scutter

"The crowds go mad when Robbie Williams soars, but it can’t match the screamin’ on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off



Diotoir - burning again

During the Fourth Wars, alongside the main competition, a Pinball Warrior Tournament and Sumo Basho Competition were also held. Unlike the similar competitions of the Third Wars, these trials featured successful qualifiers for Series 4. In between the first and second rounds of each heat, a Pinball run took place, and two sumo attempts took place in between Round 2 and the Heat Final in each of the first eight heats. For Heat L, the Pinball featured Diotoir.

Pinball Warrior Tournament - DiotoirEdit

Score: 180 points

Trivia Edit

  • This heat was the first of two occasions in which Team Scutterbots and Team Knightmare met in a heat final, the second being Heat N of the Seventh Wars. Although Team Scutterbots won on this occasion, Team Knightmare got its revenge in the Seventh Wars when Raging Knightmare threw Spawn Again out of the arena.
  • This heat marked the only time that all of the robots in the battle were flipped by the floor flipper, in the second of the first round melees, where Fat Boy Tin was flipped, along with Plunderbird 4 (which was partially over the flipper panel itself) and Vercingetorix (which had axed Fat Boy Tin as it was flipped).
  • The Plunderbird team arrived at the studio for this heat in a Chinook Helicopter.

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