"...congratulations on tuning in to what is going to be the mechanical mother of all wars - the Annihilator! Yes, gathered here today are the most destructive, brutal and downright devastating robots from the last four series of Robot Wars. If Vinnie Jones was a robot, he'd be cowering in his toolshed!"
Craig Charles' introduction

The Northern Annihilator was the first of two Annihilators broadcast as part of the Christmas Specials of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars. The Northern Annihilator was originally broadcast on December 29, 2000 on BBC Two. The broadcast managed to attract 2.74 million viewers, an increase of 1.04 million viewers when compared with the previous episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked ninth in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 25-31 December 2000.

Competing RobotsEdit

Chaos 2
Weight 79.4kg
Dimensions 0.38 x 0.90 x 0.71m
Clearance 0.01m
Power Electric powered motors
Weapons High powered gas flipper
Notes Cost £250 to make
From: Ipswich
Team Members: George Francis, Ian Swann & Richard Swann
Dominator 2
Weight 79.9kg
Dimensions 1.40 x 0.65 x 0.80m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x Industrial motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe
Notes Plasma nitride coated titanium
From: Huntingdon
Team Members: Peter Halloway, Chris Hall & Paul Tolliday
Weight 80.0kg
Dimensions 0.30 x 1.20 x 0.80m
Clearance 0.04m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe and steel blade
Notes Car style steering
From: Oxford
Team Members: John Reid, Dominic Parkinson & Rebecca Reaston-Brown
Weight 80.0kg
Dimensions 0.30 x 1.45 x 0.65m
Clearance 0.04m
Power 4 x 750W electric motors
Weapons 2 x spikes and ramming bar
Notes Can travel up to 17mph
From: Manchester
Team Members: Stuart Pearson, Andrea Whittle & Lee Ainscough
Weight 77.1kg
Dimensions 0.37 x 0.70 x 0.60m
Clearance 0.05m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Swinging axe
Notes Steel shell
From: Lincoln
Team Members: Kevin Scott, Karl Skinner & Tim Mann
Suicidal Tendencies
Weight 80.0kg
Dimensions 0.30 x 1.30 x 0.58m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x 1400W motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe, forklift
Notes Has steam engine whistle
From: Derby
Team Members: Andrew Jeffrey, Charles Binns & Martin Jeffrey

Round 1Edit

"This is gonna be chaos, good luck everyone!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the Northern Annihilator gets underway

Suicidal Tendencies flips Dominator 2


Killerhurtz hits Spikasaurus

As the battle started, all of the robots drove towards the top left side of the arena, with Killerhurtz missing an axe blow on Spikasaurus. Dominator 2 managed to use its axe to clamp down on Chaos 2, who had reversed onto it, but was flipped over by Suicidal Tendencies, who overturned itself in the process. As Dominator 2 self-righted, Killerhurtz had succeeded in axing Spikasaurus and the two robots drove over the flame pit. It let go and the other four robots gave chase. Chaos 2 missed a flip on Suicidal Tendencies, who in turn pushed back Stinger and Spikasaurus.

Chaos 2 vs suicidal tendencies vs stinger vs dominator 2

Chaos 2 fails to flip Suicidal Tendencies as Dominator 2 chases after it

Dominator axes chaos2 killerhurtz axes spikasaurus

Dominator 2 axes Chaos 2 while Killerhurtz axes Spikasaurus

Chaos 2 then charged the length of the arena and slammed into the side of Suicidal Tendencies, but again failed to flip it. Killerhurtz used its axe to penetrate Spikasaurus whilst Dominator 2 did the same to Chaos 2, axing through the top armour. Chaos 2 broke free as Stinger came in for an attack, before trying to flip Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus together, but only managing to separate them. It wasn't long before Killerhurtz penetrated Spikasaurus again. Chaos 2 tried another flip and managed to lift Spikasaurus, only to be buffeted by Stinger.

"Spikasaurus in major trouble. It seems to me that Killerhurtz is holding on"
— Jonathan Pearce
Chaos 2 vs spikasaurus and killerhurtz

Chaos 2 flips both Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus

Killerhurtz vs spikasaurus

Killerhurtz is toppled by Spikasaurus spinning

As Stinger got itself caught in Chaos 2's flipper, Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus, still caught together, spun around each other. However, one of these spin-attacks caused Killerhurtz to drive up Dominator 2's bi-wedge, overturning itself and releasing its grip from Spikasaurus. Killerhurtz tried to self-right, but intervention from Dominator 2, who snagged its axe head with its own weapon, and then Spikasaurus ramming into it, meant it was only able to right on the second attempt, with Spikasaurus providing some assistance as Chaos 2 flipped Suicidal Tendencies over.

"Axe to axe, metal to metal, bash and crash! Smash! What is happening out there? The hopes and dreams about to be scuppered of one in the annihilator!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Chaos 2 vs killerhurtz annihilator

Chaos 2 chucks Killerhurtz

Dominator 2 axes chaos 2

Dominator 2 axes Chaos 2

Chaos 2 then managed to flip Stinger away, before flipping up Killerhurtz, but not getting it over. It tried carrying Killerhurtz to the arena wall, but dropped its target and got its flipper stuck on the wall, allowing Dominator 2 to axe it. However, in trying to take advantage, the Cambridgeshire based machine manage to free Chaos 2. It managed to land a blow on the champion's flipper, only to be flipped aside.

"The object, boys, is to destroy each other! I wonder if Dominator 2 will rue that little bit of friendship"
— Jonathan Pearce
Chaos 2 vs killerhurtz close oota

Killerhurtz is almost thrown out of the arena


Killerhurtz and Dominator 2 axe Chaos 2

Eventually Chaos 2 turned on Killerhurtz again, managing to flip it over. Killerhurtz tried to right itself, but the first attempt failed and it was too close to the arena wall to manage a second attempt. Chaos 2 pushed Killerhurtz into an unoccupied CPZ and tried to flip it out of the arena, but its flipper appeared to have lost too much power to manage this. Eventually, the BattleBots legend was finally able to right itself with some help from Chaos 2, but was still stuck in the CPZ and still under pressure from the double British champion.

Spikasaurus impales suicidal tendencies

Spikasaurus impales Suicidal Tendencies as Dominator 2 hits it

Dominator 2 vs chaos2 vs killerhurtz

Dominator 2 removes the back panel of Chaos 2 as Killerhurtz punctures a hole through the flipper

The remaining four robots were engaged in their own duel near the other side of the arena, with Spikasaurus having impaled itself in the sides of Suicidal Tendencies, whilst having its rollcage bent by Stinger. Sgt Bash managed to grip hold of Suicidal Tendencies' front, but let go moments later. As Chaos 2 and Killerhurtz left the CPZ, Dominator 2 rushed out to attack them, reaching Chaos 2 first, which in turn allowed Killerhurtz to drive at Chaos 2 and axe its flipper twice. Dominator 2 landed an axe blow on Killerhurtz before turning on Chaos 2 itself. Dominator 2 eventually broke away to attack the other three robots, who were still fighting their own battle, but Killerhurtz would not let go.

"And suddenly it's the Chaos, top seed, reigning UK champions, who are up against it!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the tables turn
Shunt vs killerhurtz dominator vs suicidal tendencies

Dominator 2 axes Suicidal Tendencies while Shunt attacks Killerhurtz

Dominator 2 vs stinger

Dominator 2 axes Stinger in the closing seconds as Chaos 2 lays immobile

By now, both Sgt Bash and Shunt had gotten involved, with the latter axing Killerhurtz. As Dominator axed Spikasaurus, Killerhurtz and Chaos 2 were pushed into the CPZ where the other robots were, causing Dominator 2 to go back to attacking Chaos 2 again, landing numerous blows on its rear perspex armour and eventually tearing it off, whilst Killerhurtz wrenched the champion's flipper open trying to free its axe. It eventually succeeded and rammed underneath Chaos 2, whilst Dominator changed targets again and axed Suicidal Tendencies, shattering the perspex from Chaos 2 still stuck on its axe. As Dominator 2 and Spikasaurus, still stuck on Suicidal Tendencies, moved away, Shunt axed Killerhurtz before doing the same to Chaos 2, making a hole right through its flipper. Stinger landed a few blows on the rear of Chaos 2 with its mace, before doing the same to Shunt as the house robot pushed the UK champion aside. By the end of the round, Killerhurtz had run into the arena wall whilst Dominator 2 clutched hold of Stinger, but Chaos 2 was fully immobilised and eliminated as a result.

"Well, that was an Annihilator round and we got annihilated...we are vulnerable to axes and we got hit by just about every axe in the house"
— George Francis after the first round

Eliminated: Chaos 2

Round 2Edit

Stinger vs dominator killerhurtz suicidal tendencies

Dominator 2 strikes Stinger as Killerhurtz and Suicidal Tendencies battle each other


Spikasaurus rams into Stinger

As soon as the battle started, Killerhurtz drove straight at Stinger, rolling it over. Stinger managed to recover, but it took a while before anyone made a worthwhile attack. Eventually, Spikasaurus pushed back on Suicidal Tendencies and Stinger rushed out to attack, only to be attacked itself by Dominator 2, who clutched hold of its axle before hitting the tyres. Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus then rammed into Stinger together, knocking it over again.


Killerhurtz attacks Spikasaurus

Suicidal tendencies vs killurtz vs dominator2

Killerhurtz almost topples Dominator 2 as Suicidal Tendencies lifts Killerhurtz

Eventually, Dominator 2 turned its attention to Killerhurtz, trying to hit it with its axe but missing. Killerhurtz turned on Spikasaurus again, axing through its shell. Whilst it was distracted, Dominator 2 attacked Killerhurtz, punching straight through its perspex armour. Spikasaurus tried to push back, and all three robots, still locked together, moved away from the nearby CPZ, with Suicidal Tendencies investigating but not attempting to attack. Dominator 2 managed to free itself from Killerhurtz and axed Suicidal Tendencies.

"Killerhurtz freeing itself with its axe, not the first time we've seen that in the Annihilator. It's dogged and determined, to say the least"
— Jonathan Pearce on Killerhurtz
Immobile stinger vs dominator2

An immobile Stinger tries to attack Dominator 2

Sgt bash vs killerhurtz

Sgt. Bash frees Killerhurtz

Killerhurtz pulled itself free from Spikasaurus too and tried to axe Dominator 2. The attack failed to do any damage, but it nearly managed to pull Dominator 2 over when the axes became interlocked. Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus fled, the latter colliding with Sgt Bash.

"Spikasaurus is game, isn't it? Haha!!..unwise to take on the Sergeant in the big game, though"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 then drove past Stinger, who had contributed very little throughout the fight and appeared to be immobile on one side, only spinning in slow circles. Killerhurtz had driven into the CPZ and was attacked by Bash. Killerhurtz retaliated and struck Bash on the flamethrower with its axe.

NorthernAnnihilatorRound2 2

Killerhurtz is grilled on the flame pit


Dominator 2 axes Killerhurtz as it pushes Sgt. Bash onto the flame pit

Killerhurtz then landed a strike on Bash's shell, whilst getting axed itself by Dominator 2 and was nudged towards the flame pit. Despite intervention from Matilda, Killerhurtz refused to let go of Sgt Bash, who himself appeared to be immobilised, so Suicidal Tendencies pushed the house robot away. Eventually, Matilda was able to force Killerhurtz away and flipped it over with her tusks. After a bit of struggle, Killerhurtz was able to right itself, before charging at the arena wall again.

"Up, up, up and over! And that could be crucial, Killerhurtz could just have survived right at the end!"
— Jonathan Pearce in delight as Killerhurtz rights itself

Dominator 2 had managed to tear a panel off of Spikasaurus, but the battle was stopped moments later. As Stinger was only mobile on one wheel, it was declared immobilised and as a result eliminated.

Back in the pits, it was revealed that one of Stinger's tyres had been spiked, which had damaged the aerial inside and crippled reception in the wheel.

Kevin Scott: "These tyres were always the potential weak-bit"
Julia Reed: "They carry the aerials in there, don't they?"
Kevin Scott: "We hadn't told anybody about that before, but that's it, it's taken out the aerial and killed the wheel"
— Stinger's post-mortem

Eliminated: Stinger

Round 3Edit


Killerhurtz misses an axe blow, but pushes Dominator 2 onto a flame jet

Spikasaurus and dominator2 vs killerhurtz

Killerhurtz drives up Dominator 2's slope as Spikasaurus charges from behind

The battle began rather tentatively, with Killerhurtz and Dominator 2 bumping into each other but not doing much more than that. Killerhurtz launched another attack on Dominator, but drove up its wedge, allowing for a ram by Spikasaurus.


Spikasaurus impales Suicidal Tendencies


Killerhurtz is pressured by Spikasaurus and Dominator 2

"More room on the arena floor. I wonder if the tactics will change"
— Jonathan Pearce as the robots drop

Eventually, Suicidal Tendencies managed to get into the action and lifted Killerhurtz up, but the axe wielder escaped to be attacked by Dominator 2, and Spikasaurus was able to puncture Suicidal Tendencies' left side. As Killerhurtz launched an attack on Dominator, Spikasaurus rammed Suicidal Tendencies into an arena wall before driving away and slamming it into another one, which knocked the tracked robot free.

Suicidal tendencies vs spikasaurus vs dominator vs killerhurtz

Dominator 2 slams into Suicidal Tendencies as Spikasaurus reverses into Killerhurtz

Suicidal tendencies and spikasaurus vs killerhurtz

Suicidal Tendencies lifts and pushes both Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus onto a flame jet

The four quickly converged together, with Killerhurtz still aiming its attacks on Dominator 2, landing nothing meaningful. Dominator 2 then landed an attack of its own, hitting Killerhurtz right on its axe. After some more driving around, Spikasaurus and Suicidal Tendencies managed to catch Killerhurtz and lift it up, but Dominator 2 was not able to land an axe blow.

"Spikasaurus could yet spring a surprise in the Annihilator"
— Jonathan Pearce foreshadows

Killerhurtz was able to escape, but its axe appeared to be stuck in the "fired" position, allowing Spikasaurus to give chase and slam into it, before both side-slammed Dominator 2. This team-up didn't last long, as Spikasaurus quickly punctured Killerhurtz's shell, allowing Dominator 2 to turn on Killerhurtz once again.

"Throughout the three battles that we've seen, it's all been about "Take on Killerhurtz""
— Jonathan Pearce as Killerhurtz comes under pressure again
Killerhurtz Flame Pit

Killerhurtz is held over the Flame Pit by Spikasaurus and Dominator 2

St immobile dominator 2 and spikasaurs vs killerhurtz

Suicidal Tendencies lays immobile as the others continue fighting

As the two forced Killerhurtz onto the flame pit, it was clear that Suicidal Tendencies had broken down on the far side of the arena. Killerhurtz was able to break free, and Dominator 2 tried to give chase, but in doing so was forced by its fellow axe-wielder into Matilda's CPZ, who flipped it with her tusks. As with Killerhurtz in the last round, Dominator 2 managed to right itself just before the battle ended.

In the pits, it was revealed that Suicidal Tendencies had lost because one of its battery leads had broken off.

Julia Reed: "Now you've got to go home, boys, but is there anybody you'd like to come back and have a pop at?"
Charles Binns: "Dominator, definitely"
Julia Reed: "Watch out, Dominator, it might be a grudge match!"
— After the battle

Eliminated: Suicidal Tendencies

Round 4Edit

"The axes, again, will be favoured...and will they try to knock each other out?"
— Jonathan Pearce in the early stages
Dominator2 axes killerhurtz vs spikasaurus

Dominator 2 axes Killerhurtz as it rams into Spikasaurus

Killerhurtz axed

Dominator 2 axes Killerhurtz causing it to start smoking

All three robots had a quick start, but it didn't take long for Dominator 2 to turn its attention on Killerhurtz once again, hitting it with its axe. Two more hits in quick succession managed to puncture Killerhurtz's gas canister, rendering its own axe inoperable. Dominator 2 managed to land a few more blows before Spikasaurus was able to separate them, but Killerhurtz looked much more sluggish than before, and Spikasaurus rammed into it from behind, impaling it.

"Poor old Killerhurtz. Throughout this great heave-ho upheaval of a contest, everyone seems to have had it in for poor old Killerhurtz"
— A sympathetic Jonathan Pearce
Spikasaurus impales killerhurtz

Spikasaurus impales Killerhurtz

Dominator2 tears off killerhurtz pannel

Dominator 2 takes off a panel from Killerhurtz

With Killerhurtz stuck on Spikasaurus' spikes, Dominator 2 took advantage and axed it some more times, breaking off a small piece of polycarbonate armour. Sir Killalot then came in and tried to separate Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus, but Spikasaurus' weapon was too deeply embedded in Killerhurtz's armour to do so. Sir Killalot then used his crushing arm to try and cut the spikes off, but missed the first attempt and crumpled Spikasaurus' front before a follow-up buckled the spikes and finally released Killerhurtz.

"I wonder if Spikasaurus CAN free itself from Killerhurtz, or if the spike has embedded itself so deeply into the back of Killerhurtz they can't get away. Well Killalot could have a remedy for that - I'll cut your spike off"
— Jonathan Pearce
Sirkillalot vs spikasaurus and killerhurtz

Sir Killalot damages Spikasaurus

Dominator2 punchures killerhurtz

Dominator 2 punctures through Killerhurtz's CO2 tank

Killerhurtz, still moving only very slowly, drove into Sir Killalot, but the house robot was unable to grab the stricken robot. Eventually letting it go, Killerhurtz drove over to the far end of the arena and rammed into the House Robot entry gate.

"What a rotten way to end, really the victim of arena bullying"
— More sympathy from Jonathan Pearce

Killerhurtz hits the entry gate

Killerhurtz did not move after this and cease was called before the House Robots could come in, finally ending its torture.

"Killerhurtz, turned into a teabag by Dominator 2, Killerhurtz annihilated!"
— Craig Charles post battle

Eliminated: Killerhurtz


"Two robots have battled for survival, either that, or they kept well out of the way! But there's no hiding place now, no hiding at all, as we decide who will be crowned our Annihilator champion of the North. Let the final annihilation begin!"
— Craig Charles introduces the final
Dominator2 vs spikasaurus rollbar

Dominator 2 hooks onto Spikasaurus' rollbar

Spikasaurus impaled dominator 2 vs deadmetal

Spikasaurus impaled in the side wall as Dead Metal attacks Dominator 2

The two robots got off to a fairly quick start, although Spikasaurus seemed slightly more sluggish than in previous rounds. The two drove around each other for a little while, with Spikasaurus trying to get around Dominator 2's side, whilst Dominator 2 kept its bi-wedge pointing at it at all times to prevent that. Eventually, it was able to land an axe blow, hooking one of Spikasaurus' rollbars. Spikasaurus quickly took advantage and drove Dominator 2 back into Dead Metal's CPZ, but as the house robot snatched Dominator 2 away, Spikasaurus managed to impale itself against the arena wall. Dominator 2 landed an axe blow as Dead Metal pushed it away, sawing into its side. The house robot released Dominator 2, revealing a puncture in its back from where his pincers had gone.

"They may be spinning, they may be grinning, but who has sustained punishment there? Who is in trouble?"
— Jonathan Pearce reviews the first charge
Dominator2 vs spikasaurus

Spikasaurus goes up Dominator 2's wedge

Dominator 2 axes Spikasaurus

Dominator 2 axes Spikasaurus just prior to its immobilisation

Eventually, Dead Metal managed to free Spikasaurus, damaging one of his pincers in the process. Spikasaurus seemed very sluggish in retaliation, and Dominator 2 eventually chased after it, bending another rollbar.

"Dominator 2 just waiting to see if Spikasaurus can come out to play. Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Spikasaurus tried to keep to the side of Dominator, and for a while was successful in staying out of the range of its opponent's axe, but Dominator 2 was eventually able to capitalise on Spikasaurus' sluggish movement and axed it again. Several more axe blows rained down on Spikasaurus who was unable to move away quickly enough.

Spikasaurus lives

Spikasaurus gets away as Dominator 2 lays immobile

Eventually, Spikasaurus drove within range of Shunt's CPZ, and the house robot also axed it, lifting it off the ground as well, before releasing it and allowing Dominator 2 to land more axe blows. Dominator 2 then wedged underneath Spikasaurus and pushed it across the arena, using its axe to clamp down on its opponent. As they drove across the closed pit, Spikasaurus was able to pull away, although only very slowly, but it suddenly became apparent that Dominator 2 had suddenly lost all mobility.

"Have they been immobilised? It would be a major surprise!"
— Jonathan Pearce on the shock turnaround
Sirkillalot dominator annhilator

Sir Killalot crushes down on Dominator 2 axe

The house robots quickly turned on the fallen Dominator 2, with Dead Metal cutting into its rear with his saw. Sir Killalot then managed to pick Dominator 2 up by its axe and spun it around before placing it on the floor flipper.

"You came to annihilate, and Dominator 2, in the ultimate and final reckoning, you are annihilated!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Dominator 2 pitted

The House Robots finish Dominator 2 off

The flipper managed to throw Dominator 2 across the arena and onto its side, right towards Dead Metal. The pit descended moments later as the house robots continued to attack.

"The Spikasaurus team look on in victory, unlikely...I must admit it's taken me totally by surprise. I thought this would win it, Dominator 2, but not when you've got Killalot, and not when you've got Shunt and not when you've got some problem with the mechanics."
— Jonathan Pearce as the Northern Annihilator concludes

Sir Killalot tried to knock Dominator into the pit but ended up knocking it away and back onto its wheels. With a little assistance from Shunt, Sir Killalot grabbed Dominator 2's axe and dropped the robot into the pit, leaving the battered Spikasaurus as the unlikely victor.

Craig Charles: "Did you ever think you'd win the Annihilator?"
Stuart Pearson: "No chance. Never in a million years"
— The post battle interview with the winners

Northern Annihilator Champion: Spikasaurus

"There are prettier ways, to settle old scores, but they're not as much fun, as Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles signs off

Spikasaurus, the Northern Annihilator champion

Trivia Edit

  • Despite its name of the Northern Annihilator, the only robot in the competition to originate from the North of England was Spikasaurus. Suicidal Tendencies and Stinger represented the Midlands, while the remaining competitors were southern.
  • This was the only Annihilator where all six competing robots took part in the corresponding main series. In addition, it was the only one where all that competed finished the main series in different places.
  • 5 of the 6 competing robots would be seeded at some point, the joint highest number in an Annihilator with the first Annihilator of Extreme 1.
  • The episode presented Spikasaurus with a chance to avenge its Series 4 loss to Stinger, and for both Killerhurtz and Stinger to avenge losses against Chaos 2.


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