"Wondered why the streets are so empty? It’s because everyone’s glued to their sofas for this: the second of our Robot Wars semi-finals! And what a semi-final it’s shaping up to be! We’ve got another eight qualifying robots who, since winning their heats, have been locked in a cupboard with nothing but a Celine Dion record. So, as you can imagine, they’re all very, very, very, very angry indeed! But anger’s just what we love on Robot Wars. As Master Yoda himself once said: “anger leads to hate, hate leads to fear, and fear leads to a very big queue outside the backstage toilet”!"
— Craig Charles' introduction

Semi-Final 2 of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars was the second of two semi-finals which determined the Grand Finalists of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, out of eight semi-finalists. The eight robots were paired off in Round 1, with the four victors pairing off in Round 2 to determine the two Grand Finalists. The episode featuring Semi-Final 2 was originally broadcast on February 16, 2001 on BBC Two. The broadcast managed to attract 4.95 million viewers, a decrease of 130,000 viewers when compared with the previous episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked fourth in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 12-18 February 2001.

Competing RobotsEdit


Hypno-Disc (seeded 2nd, winner of Heat P)
Weight 80.1kg
Dimensions 0.25 x 0.70m x 0.55m
Clearance 0.04m
Power 3 x 750W electric motors
Weapons 750rpm spinning disc
Notes Aluminium shell
From: Banbury
Team Members: Dave Rose, Derek Rose & Ken Rose
MouseTrap (winner of Heat K)
Weight 77.3kg
Dimensions 0.25 x 1.40 x 0.70m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x 24 Volt motors
Weapons Pneumatic mouse trap
Notes Chassis used to be a desk
From: Oxford and Bristol
Team Members: Jason Launchbury & Stan Launchbury
Panic Attack (seeded 4th, winner of Heat O)
Weight 80.6kg
Dimensions 0.16 x 1.00 x 0.70m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x Windscreen wiper motors
Weapons Electric lifting forks
Notes Shell is bullet proof
From: Cwmbran
Team Members: Kim Davies, Michael Davies & Christian Bridge
Spawn of Scutter (seeded 10th, winner of Heat L)
Weight 78.8kg
Dimensions 0.30 x 1.25m x 1.15m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x Starter motors
Weapons Flipping piercing spike
Notes Runs both ways up
From: Grays in Essex
Team Members: Darren Ball, Graham Warner & Luke Jackman
Splinter (winner of Heat I)
Weight 80.0kg
Dimensions 0.60 x 1.00 x 0.75m
Clearance 0.03m
Power 2 x 750W motors
Weapons Motor powered claws
Notes Made from plastic oil drum
From: Norwich
Team Members: Stuart Weightman & Craig Weightman
Stinger (seeded 30th, winner of Heat J)
Weight 77.1kg
Dimensions 0.37 x 0.70 x 0.60m
Clearance 0.05m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Swinging axe
Notes Steel shell
From: Lincoln
Team Members: Kevin Scott, Karl Skinner & Tim Mann
Wild Thing (seeded 11th, winner of Heat M)
Weight 76.4kg
Dimensions 0.46 x 0.76 x 0.92m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Lifting arm and lance
Notes Integral self-righting mechanism
From: Aldershot in Hampshire
Team Members: Nick Adams, Isabelle Adams & Jake Adams
X-Terminator 2 (seeded 22nd, winner of Heat N)
Weight 80.1kg
Dimensions 0.50 x 0.80 x 0.60m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x 750W industrial motors
Weapons Scoop bucket and axe or lifting arm
Notes Shell is aluminium
From: Hereford
Team Members: Marlon Pritchard, Simon Baldwin & Paul Lewis

Round 1Edit

Stinger (30) vs MouseTrapEdit

Stinger vs mousetrap

Stinger thwacks MouseTrap

Mousetrap vs Stinger

MouseTrap whacks Stinger

Mousetrap chain flamepit

MouseTrap loses a drive chain as it burns on the Flamepit

Mousetrap vs stinger

Stinger spins and thwacks the backend of MouseTrap

Stinger made the first charge and attempted to bring its mace into play, but was unable to, before MouseTrap closed in and brought its 11-kilo trap crashing down onto Stinger. MouseTrap took time retracting its weapon, so retreated, but Stinger landed two quick blows. MouseTrap slid its wedge beneath Stinger and attacked, but Stinger's weapon swung in at the same time, negating the spring and propelling Stinger off the wedge. Once again, Stinger dealt a powerful blow to the spring of MouseTrap, whose trap just missed the retreating 30th seed. Stinger hit with another attack, but MouseTrap raised its retracting weapon, hooking beneath Stinger's wheel and pushing it off to the side, causing Stinger to flail on one wheel briefly. Stinger backed away, and then stumbled up the wedge of MouseTrap, catching it with a glancing blow. Stinger continued to hassle MouseTrap, which missed with another attack of the trap.

"Stinger, for me, and Kevin Scott, doing all the work."
— Jonathan Pearce
Shunt vs mousetrap

Shunt axes MouseTrap

Mousetrap pitted

MouseTrap sinks into oblivion

Stinger began to spin on the spot, banging MouseTrap's wedge and sides repeatedly, until a chain used to control the trap became dislodged. MouseTrap tried to fight back, and drove Stinger up its wedge, but it suddenly stopped next to the floor flipper.

"Stan certainly does look perplexed...This does not look good for MouseTrap"
— Jonathan Pearce

The House Robots advanced, and Sir Killalot roasted MouseTrap on the flames, before dropping it into the pit.

Winner: Stinger

Spawn of Scutter (10) vs Panic Attack (4)Edit

Panic attack vs spawn of scutter

Panic Attack lifts and carries Spawn of Scutter

Panic attack vs spawn of scutter vs shunt

Panic Attack slams Spawn of Scutter into the axe of Shunt

Panic Attack vs Spawn of Scutter

Panic Attack pushes Spawn of Scutter against the arena wall

Deadetal vs spawnofscutter

Dead Metal slices into Spawn of Scutter

The two robots rammed each other, with Panic Attack's forks slipping beneath Spawn of Scutter both times. The second time, it raised Spawn of Scutter off the ground, but didn't have sufficient purchase, so it fell back down. The former champion raised Spawn of Scutter up again and fed it to Shunt, who axed it whilst it was still raised up. Spawn of Scutter came back down and tried to escape, but Panic Attack forced it back in towards Shunt, with the House Robot missing with another axe blow. Spawn of Scutter escaped as Panic Attack retreated, before both robots met head on. Panic Attack tried to lift Spawn of Scutter, but this time the forks were not underneath the 10th seed, which meant it temporarily rode up the front of Spawn of Scutter. Spawn of Scutter fired its spike, but Panic Attack managed to move away from danger in time. Panic Attack raised Spawn of Scutter up once more, and positioned itself to ram Spawn of Scutter against the side wall, stranding it on its wedged end. Panic Attack attempted to lift Spawn of Scutter again, but once it was clear that it couldn't, it backed away for the House Robots to come in.

"Look at all the House Robots, all waiting to respond and come in. They're poised like vultures to come in for the kill...predators, to pick up the pieces of the carnage."
— Jonathan Pearce
Panic attack lifts shunt

Panic Attack hoists Shunt

Sgtbash deadmetal vs spawnofscutter

Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal pit Spawn of Scutter

Dead Metal was the first to attack, knocking Spawn of Scutter from the wall and slicing in. It was quickly joined by Shunt and Sergeant Bash, the latter of whom dragged the beaten Spawn of Scutter to the pit. Meanwhile, Panic Attack raised Shunt from the ground, catching its forks in the frame, but was unsuccessful in toppling the House Robot. Sir Killalot had also broken one of his hydraulic pipes, causing him to spill fluid on the arena floor just as cease was called.

"Spawn of Scutter will say goodbye to their competition hopes - great battle. But I'm more worried about my pal, Killalot, I must admit. Get some sort of Robot Wars medic down there. Sort out my hero."
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Panic Attack

Hypno-Disc (2) vs SplinterEdit


Splinter Rams into Hypno-Disc in the opening seconds

Splinter vs hypnodisc

Splinter stops the blade of Hypno-Disc as it pressures them against the sidewall


Hypno-Disc tears off the front scoop of Splinter

Hypno-Disc vs. Splinter official

Hypno-Disc tears into its opponent

Splinter employed the tactic of using its scoop weapon to negate Hypno-Disc's weapon, and held a surprising resistance against the second seed in the opening moments. Despite running into the side wall and taking a slam from the disc, Splinter fought back and rammed Hypno-Disc into the side wall, stopping the disc and allowing Dead Metal to catch it. However, all changed when Hypno-Disc's weapon merely tore off the scoop entirely.

"If they keep attacking on a frontal collision with that disc, they'll protect their more vulnerable sides...and maybe, who knows - oh no, they won't!"
— Jonathan Pearce just before the scoop goes
Hypno-disc vs splinter

Splinter is annihilated at the hands of Hypno-Disc


The entire side panel of Splinter is torn off by Hypno-Disc


Sir Killalot spins Splinter around

Splinter carcass

"Back to the old drawing board, with not enough pieces to build on for next time around"

A subsequent attack rendered both axes useless and severed the remains of the scoop from the machine's body. Hypno-Disc repositioned itself and tore off a side panel, quite literally reducing Splinter into sawdust. Splinter vainly tried to stay alive, but broke down terminally by the Arena wall, allowing Hypno-Disc to batter it more and more in the sides, ripping the exposed mechanics away at the same time. After Dead Metal finished attacking, Sir Killalot raised the carcass of once-proud Splinter and hurled it across the arena, strewing wreckage everywhere, before eventually pitting it.

"Very close fight. We're gonna have to go to the judges on that one. Only joking. Splinter, splattered. Hypno-Disc march on!"
— Craig Charles

Hypno-Disc was well and truly through.

Winner: Hypno-Disc

Wild Thing (11) vs X-Terminator 2 (22)Edit

Xterminator vs wildthing

X-Terminator slams Wild Thing towards Sir Killalot

Sir killalot topless

The breastplate of Sir Killalot comes off

Wild thing and x-terminator

Wild Thing rams X-Terminator 2

Xterminator2 vs wildthing

X-Terminator 2 lifts Wild Thing

Prior to this battle, X-Terminator 2's front scoop had needed significant repairs after the Behemoth battle. Other changes included modified side skirts, the blade on the flipping arm being enlarged, and a top-mounted rollbar that was designed to aid self-righting.

Wild Thing took the offensive first and pushed X-Terminator 2 backwards, but was not able to get its lifter underneath X-Terminator 2, and the 22nd seed retaliated, using its four-wheel drive to overpower Wild Thing and slam it into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Wild Thing bumped Sir Killalot and fled the CPZ, knocking Sir Killalot's breastplate off in the process.

"As Wild Thing just squeezed away, it caught Killalot's breastplate and pulled it off! So now we see a nude Killalot, which is a new for Robot Wars! Don't get too excited!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Deadmetal vs xterminator

Dead Metal slices through X-Terminator 2

Wild thing vs xterminator vs deadmetal

Wild Thing flips X-Terminator 2 into the clutches of Dead Metal

Wild Thing pressed its advantage and slammed X-Terminator 2 into the side wall. X-Terminator 2 seemed unable to move away, so Wild Thing rammed it whilst it sat idle. X-Terminator 2 finally revved up and pulled away, before managing to flick Wild Thing up, but not over. Wild Thing drove X-Terminator 2 into the arena wall again, before narrowly avoiding the clutches of Dead Metal. Wild Thing then drove at X-Terminator 2 broadside on and forced X-Terminator 2 into Shunt's CPZ, where its rollbar became bent. X-Terminator 2 escaped, but for some reason, both the lifting scoop and the flipper were locked open for several seconds after its escape. Wild Thing dodged more attacks and shunted its opponent into Dead Metal, who carved a long and deep cut into X-Terminator 2.

"For me, if this one goes to the judges, Wild Thing are just getting on top now."
— Jonathan Pearce
X-Terminator vs sir killalot

Sir Killalot picks up X-Terminator

X-Terminator pitted

X-Terminator 2 is pitted by Sir Killalot

X-Terminator 2 was under pressure as it escaped, and Wild Thing took advantage once more, finally managing to get beneath the ground clearance of X-Terminator 2 and toss it over into Dead Metal. X-Terminator 2's position against the side wall, and angle of its shape meant that its self-righting arms - which were also bent - did not work properly, and it was left flailing whilst Dead Metal, Bash and Shunt attacked. Finally, Killalot seized X-Terminator 2 and pitted it.

"X-Terminator - exterminated!"
— Craig Charles' cliché

Winner: Wild Thing

Round 2Edit

Stinger (30) vs Panic Attack (4)Edit


Stinger thwacks the top of Panic Attack


Stinger spins into Panic Attack

Panic Attack made the first move towards Stinger, with Stinger fending off Panic Attack with multiple slams of the mace. Panic Attack then slid under the axle of Stinger, but Stinger brought its mace down once more and moved away. Panic Attack then rammed Stinger against the arena wall, before Stinger started spinning on the spot, dealing two powerful hits to Panic Attack and knocking it aside. Panic Attack came in on another drive and forced Stinger back, but suffered from more heavy blows from Stinger.

"Stinger proving the more wild pattern than Panic Attack - steadier progress by Kim Davies."
— Jonathan Pearce
Panic attack vs stinger

Panic Attack finally gains purchase on Stinger

Panic attack vs stinger vs matilda

Panic Attack attempts to push Stinger into Matilda's CPZ

Panic Attack then pushed Stinger into the side wall and pressured iit there. Stinger spun and slid off Panic Attack, but Panic Attack continued to attack and shoved Stinger into Matilda's CPZ, although it drifted in itself. Both machines escaped, with Panic Attack scooping Stinger and torching it with one of the external flame jets, holding it in the flames.

"Panic Attack doing more of the work now."
— Jonathan Pearce
Matilda vs stinger vs panic attack

Matilda flips Stinger onto its side as it thwacks Panic Attack

Panic attack vs stinger

Panic Attack lifts Stinger against the flame jet

Stinger escaped, but Panic Attack slipped beneath and pushed it around, with Stinger pulling away and running to safety just as cease was called. The judges went for Stinger on aggression, which proved to be an unpopular decision with the audience.

"Listen to that crowd, they don't agree! You've got them split down the middle; you've got people shouting 'Stinger', and you've got people booing the decision from the Panic Attack side!"
— Craig Charles to the Panic Attack team

Winner: Stinger

Hypno-Disc (2) vs Wild Thing (11)Edit

WildThing spin

Hypno-Disc makes Wild Thing spin on impact

Hypnodisc vs wildthing

Hypno-Disc is pushed back by Wild Thing

Wild Thing's lifter was raised to its absolute highest point in order to maximize its wedge. Hypno-Disc avoided it whilst raising its disc's speed, with Wild Thing in hot pursuit, at one point slipping the wedge beneath Hypno-Disc, but unable to complete the attack. Having finished its warm-up, Hypno-Disc slammed into Wild Thing, sending it spinning uncontrollably in response.

"Look at this - bang and crash, like a spinning top out there, but balanced on that little rear wheel.."
— Jonathan Pearce
Hypnodisc vs wildthing wheel

Hypno-Disc impacts and buckles Wild Thing's wheel

Hypno disc vs wildthing

Wild Thing rams Hypno-Disc

Wild Thing settled back and once again drove its wedge at the rear and sides of Hypno-Disc, but the second seed's retaliation was much more deadly, carving chunks of the wedge from Wild Thing, in addition to rupturing the left wheel.

"Look at the damage sustained there, on the side. Really bent and buckled, Wild Thing. And now wobbling and hobbling, somewhat, and now crumped and dented; and Hypno-Disc senses that victory and a place in the series final is just around the corner."
— Jonathan Pearce
Wild thing vs hypno-disc

Hypno-Disc attacks Wild Thing


Wild Thing pushes Hypno-Disc into Dead Metal

A hobbled Wild Thing valiantly attempted to respond, managing once again to use its wedge, but Hypno-Disc escaped. Wild Thing still refused to give in, managing to push Hypno-Disc into Dead Metal, and then into the side wall by use of its wedge. As time expired, Hypno-Disc pulled away, and the audience burst into applause for the valiant Wild Thing.


Wild Thing slams Hypno-Disc against the side wall


Hypno-Disc manages to tear into Wild Thing one last time

"And in the end, it was so brave, and the applause was for that team!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Despite taking lots of damage, Wild Thing scored well on the other criteria, but Hypno-Disc was unable to be denied, and it claimed the last spot in the Grand Final.

Winner: Hypno-Disc

"Two robots are ready to enjoy the applause, but will they clap out in the final, of Robot Wars?!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

  • This Semi-Final consisted entirely of veteran robots, but only one of the previous year's Grand Finalists.
  • Hypno-Disc's battle against Splinter was deemed by Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide to be the Most Violent Battle of Robot Wars, with Splinter completely obliterated.
  • Hypno-Disc's battle against Splinter was also chosen as the "Cut Your Own Battle" feature for the Ultimate Warrior Collection Hypno-Disc DVD using raw footage including alternate camera angles and lacking commentary or music.
  • Stinger's victory over Panic Attack was very unpopular with the audience. The battle was extremely close, with the judges awarding Stinger the battle by just one aggression point.
  • X-Terminator blamed Panic Attack's attack on Sir Killalot for their poor performance against Wild Thing, which is one of the factors that led to their Vengeance battle in Extreme 1.
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