"...and back, due to popular demand, is the second of our gruesome Annihilators. And what can I say about the robots gathered here today, only that they came, they saw, they kicked some serious bottom! Yes folks, this is a war between six of the most ferocious robots from Robot Wars so far... it's six down to five down to four, and so on, until two robotic hardnuts enter one decisive battle! This week, all robots are from the south, but these aren't no southern softies! Let's meet some mechanical muscle..."
Craig Charles' introduction

The Southern Annihilator was the second of two Annihilators broadcast as part of the Christmas Specials of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars. The Southern Annihilator was originally broadcast on December 30, 2000 on BBC Two. The broadcast managed to attract 3.96 million viewers, an increase of 1.22 million viewers when compared with the previous episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked first in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 25-31 December 2000.

Competing RobotsEdit

Atilla the drum
Attila the Drum
Weight 74.4kg
Dimensions 0.50 x 1.30 x 0.90m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 24V motors
Weapons Mace and pickaxe
Notes Fully floating electronics
From: Southampton
Team Members: Berny Ryder, Tony Knapp, Ayse Knapp
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 0.75 x 1.10 x 0.62m
Clearance 0.03m
Power 2 Wheelchair motors
Weapons Pneumatic scoop
Notes Titanium shell
From: Hemel Hempstead
Team Members: Anthony Pritchard, Michael Pritchard & Kane Aston
Weight 80.2kg
Dimensions 0.60 x 1.00 x 0.60m
Clearance 0.05m
Power Forklift truck motor
Weapons Pneumatic scooper
Notes Chassis is made of steel
From: Bedford
Team Members: Alan Wood, David Wood & Mark Holland
Weight 80.0kg
Dimensions 0.80 x 1.20 x 0.80m
Clearance 0.10m
Power Electric powered motors
Weapons 9 tonne hydraulic piercer
Notes 450 weight reducing holes
From: Bournemouth
Team Members: Ian Lewis, Simon Scott & Vincent Blood
Spawn of Scutter
Weight 78.8kg
Dimensions 0.30 x 1.25m x 1.15m
Clearance 0.01m
Power 2 x Starter motors
Weapons Flipping piercing spike
Notes Runs both ways up
From: Grays in Essex
Team Members: Darren Ball, Graham Warner & Luke Jackman
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 0.32 x 1.18 x 0.50m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x 750W motors
Weapons Axe & lifter
Notes Made of Kevlar & Lexan
From: The Isle of Wight
Team Members: Ian Gear, Alistair Curtis-Horsefall & Tom Curtis-Horsefall

Round 1Edit

Razer vs Vercingetorix

Razer crushes Vercingetorix

Vercingetorix axes razer

Vercingetorix axes Razer

Attila the Drum entered the arena using its pickaxe. The battle started quickly with all six robots converging in the arena centre, with Razer getting there the fastest. As Behemoth, Onslaught and Attila the Drum bumped together, Razer grabbed hold of Vercingetorix and crushed through its front. Vercingetorix's lifting arm and axe activated to no avail, and after being lifted slightly by Behemoth, Razer came in for another attack, puncturing deep into Vercingetorix's body, whilst Behemoth was lifted up by Onslaught. Attila the Drum landed a minor attack on Spawn of Scutter before attacking Onslaught to no effect. Vercingetorix then hit Razer with its axe, but this caused little damage, As Behemoth lifted Spawn of Scutter, it was attacked by Attila the Drum, causing it to change targets. Razer then proceeded to puncture another hole in Vercingetorix.

"Razer taking on poor old Vercingetorix again. Well, they've picked on them right from the start."
— Jonathan Pearce
Behemoth lifts Razer and vercingetorix

Behemoth lifts Razer as it crushes Vercingetorix

Onslaught and razer vs vercingetorix

Onslaught and Razer team up on Vercingetorix

Behemoth then snuck in from behind Razer and lifted it off the ground, but was unable to flip it. Onslaught then attempted to lift up Vercingetorix, but this was hampered by Razer holding onto the blue machine. Spawn of Scutter pushed against Onslaught, and it in turn was lifted by Behemoth. Behemoth and Onslaught continued to try and lift Razer as it attacked Vercingetorix, and in the melee, Spawn of Scutter got underneath Onslaught and flipped it over with its spike, as Vercingetorix landed an axe blow on Attila the Drum.

Spawn of scutter vs onslaught

Spawn of Scutter uses its spike to throw Onslaught over

Onslaught self-rights

Onslaught self-rights

"Over goes Onslaught! Last time they didn't have a self-righting mechanism. They say they have one this time..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Onslaught is flipped

Spawn of Scutter then rammed underneath Behemoth, whilst Razer abandoned Vercingetorix to try and attack Onslaught, but the Bedford-based machine quickly self-righted and rushed away from Razer.

"...and they do! Away from Razer in spectacular fashion, look at that!"
— Onslaught self-rights
Behemoth and spawn vs vercingetorix

Behemoth lifts Vercingetorix as Spawn of Scutter fires its spike

Onslaught lifts behemoth lifts spawnofscutter rams vercingetorix

Onslaught lifts Behemoth who attempts to lift Spawn of Scutter who rams Vercingetorix

The six robots drove around the arena for a little while before Vercingetorix was rammed by Behemoth, Onslaught and Spawn of Scutter simultaneously. Attila the Drum was then driven into Behemoth by Razer in an attempt to crush through its body, but this failed. Spawn of Scutter then rammed into Onslaught, overturning it using its wedge, but Onslaught self-righted as Razer and Behemoth had a small duel. Spawn of Scutter then turned its attention to Vercingetorix, which appeared to have broken down. Razer again attempted to pierce Attila the Drum's body, this time using Onslaught as a block, but again it failed. Behemoth then lifted up Vercingetorix's immobile form, allowing for Spawn of Scutter to fling it aside with its spike. It then pushed Vercingetorix towards the flame jets. Behemoth then lifted up Spawn of Scutter from behind, only for Onslaught to come in and lift up Behemoth itself at the same time.

"This is Behemoth, and look at little Onslaught! Behemoth had a go at Spawn of Scutter, "Anything you can do, I can do better!""
— Jonathan Pearce as Onslaught lifts Behemoth
Razer vs Attila the pickaxe

Razer attempts to snap Attila the Drum's pickaxe

As the three robots backed away from Vercingetorix's immobile form and fought each other, Razer continued its attack on Attila the Drum. Unable to grab the body, it managed to get a grip on Attila the Drum's pickaxe, but was unable to break it and Attila the Drum escaped just as "Cease" was called.

"I think Vercingetorix are out."
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle ends

Despite the fact that Vercingetorix was the only robot not moving, the battle went to a judges decision, but Vercingetorix was eliminated nevertheless.

In the pits, it was revealed that the tip of Vercingetorix's aerial had been damaged, shorting out on the bodywork and preventing the team from controlling it properly. It was also later shown that Razer had managed to pierce through one of its batteries.

"Well that is the cruelty of Robot Wars - a tiny thing goes wrong and you're out"
— Julia Reed

Eliminated: Vercingetorix

Round 2Edit

Behemoth onslaught vs spawn of scutter

Onslaught lifts Spawn of Scutter

Attila the drum vs behemoth

Behemoth attempts to flip Attila the Drum who gets away in time

Attila the Drum entered with its mace replacing its pickaxe. All five robots quickly converged into the centre of the arena with Razer turning to attack Spawn of Scutter. Onslaught raced in from behind and pushed Razer up Spawn of Scutter's front wedge, before lifting Spawn of Scutter up slightly.

"In comes Onslaught! Oh ho! As plucky as ever, to take on Razer!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Southern annihilator

Onslaught lifts both Razer and Spawn of Scutter

Behemoth razer flamepit

Behemoth pushes Razer and Spawn of Scutter onto the Flame Pit

Behemoth missed a flip on Onslaught as Attila the Drum spun defensively. Razer attempted to crush into Behemoth's scoop, but missed and instead turned its attention to Spawn of Scutter whilst Behemoth pushed Attila the Drum back and tried to lift it up, to no avail. Razer easily crushed through Spawn of Scutter's side, but Onslaught got underneath Razer and lifted both robots up. Behemoth abandoned Attila the Drum to lift up Spawn of Scutter and both scoop-wielding robots forced Razer and Spawn of Scutter over the flame pit, nearly turning them over.

"...and Behemoth and Razer now against Spawn of Scutter, but that was the push from Onslaught, which shows tremendous power! Razer takes Spawn of Scutter in a grizzly grip, and Attila the Druuuuuuum.....keeps on trundling on"
— Jonathan Pearce
Attila the drum vs behemoth vs razer spawn of scutter

Attila the Drum thwacks the side of Behemoth who holds Razer and Spawn of Scutter on the flame pit

Attila the drum onslaught vs razer

Attila the Drum and Onslaught gang up on Razer and prevent it from self righting

Razer was eventually forced to let Spawn of Scutter go, and Behemoth kept pushing, resulting in Razer falling onto its side with Spawn of Scutter landing on top of its crusher. Refbot dislodged Spawn of Scutter whilst Onslaught lifted it up, before Attila the Drum came in and rammed Razer's underside in an attempt to stop it self-righting. Onslaught then flipped Razer as its wings reached their highest degree, turning it onto its other side. Behemoth then intercepted, but the inverted Razer clung onto its scoop, even when Onslaught lifted it up. Spawn of Scutter eventually separated Razer from Behemoth and pushed it back towards the flame pit, where it eventually righted itself. It then grabbed hold of Onslaught just underneath its scoop, but Behemoth broke the two apart. Razer turned its attention to Behemoth, but just missed crushing through its side armour.

"Razer trying to exact some sort of revenge on Behemoth, and there goes Attila the Drum! If in trouble, run away, run away, live to fight another day."
— Jonathan Pearce
Behemoth razer onslaught

Razer on its side crushes Behemoth's scoop as Onslaught lifts the two

Behemoth flips razers onslaught

Behemoth flips Razer and Onslaught

Attila the Drum attempted to attack Behemoth whilst Razer turned its attention to Spawn of Scutter, who appeared to only be able to move in reverse. Onslaught overturned Razer whilst it was distracted, only for Behemoth to turn it over too. Onslaught was the first to right itself, but Razer landed on top of Spawn of Scutter's wedge and was overturned again by the Essex machine's spike.

"Those are the two impressive robots for me so far in this Annihilator, the most impressive"
— Jonathan Pearce picks early favourites
Spawn of Scutter spike Razer

Onslaught self rights as Spawn of Scutter prevents Razer self righting

Razer behemoth annhilator

Razer crushes the side of Behemoth

Attila the Drum and Behemoth again attempted to block Razer's attempts at righting itself, whilst Onslaught's srimech appeared to have jammed open. It barged underneath Attila the Drum regardless as Spawn of Scutter pushed Razer back onto its wheels. Razer dodged away from the other robots as Spawn of Scutter pushed underneath Attila the Drum, before turning on Behemoth, who seemed to be lacking full mobility. It managed to grab Behemoth right behind its scoop, but only managed to crumple it a bit. Razer let Behemoth go, only to attack from the side and cut straight through its side panel. As the other three robots engaged in a minor shoving match, Razer let Behemoth go again, but its mobility problems meant it could do nothing to prevent Razer crushing through the side panel again.

"It will not let it alone, it's trying to worry it to robot-oblivion!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth takes crucial damage
Razer spawn of scutter attila

Razer crumples the lifter of Spawn of Scutter

Onslaught vs attilha

Onslaught slams into Attila the Drum

Razer continued to drag Behemoth around the arena and eventually let go after Onslaught and Spawn of Scutter rammed into the two robots. Behemoth was now showing no signs of mobility and Razer pushed it across the arena as the other three robots stayed out of the way. This was until Spawn of Scutter, still stuck in reverse, rammed into Razer, followed by Onslaught and Attila the Drum. Razer abandoned Behemoth and effortlessly crushed into Spawn of Scutter's rear wedge, pushing it back. As Razer released it, Behemoth gained a minimal amount of mobility, but Spawn of Scutter suddenly stopped moving after Razer let go of it. Onslaught rammed into Attila the Drum, narrowly missing a mace blow, whilst Sgt Bash grappled hold of Behemoth just before Cease was called.

"Behemoth are out of it! Spawn of Scutter, have they survived?"
— Jonathan Pearce as the fight ends
Behemoth vs sgt bash

Sgt. Bash crushes and torches Behemoth as the round ends

The judges were called to make a decision and they declared that whilst Behemoth was still showing some signs of life, Spawn of Scutter was completely immobilised, and as a result eliminated from the competition.

Julia Reed: "You must be gutted"
Darren Ball: "Yeah, we are a bit. It wasn't even Razer that's knocked us out, so..."
Julia Reed: "Who was it then, what happened?"
Darren Ball: "We don't know. We just seem to have lost either reception or power from the receiver to the rest of the robot."
— Spawn of Scutter's post-mortem

Eliminated: Spawn of Scutter

Round 3Edit


The irreplaceable gear

Although Behemoth was able to fix most of the damage Razer had caused in the previous round, one of the gears inside its gearbox had slipped out of place. As the spare would take too long to swap over, Behemoth was forced to withdraw.

Julia Reed: "But you haven't got time to put it in?"
Anthony Pritchard: "No, it takes about half an hour to swap them over"
— Behemoth's withdrawal

Eliminated: Behemoth

Round 4Edit

"Well, I would imagine Attila the Drum very much up against it here, unless Razer or Onslaught decide to take the other favourite out, because I make them co-favourites at the moment for this"
— Jonathan Pearce
Attila razer side wheel

Attila the Drum rips off Razer's side wheel

The battle began quickly with all three robots driving around each other, with Razer immediately in pursuit of Onslaught. Attila the Drum ran into Razer, but missed a strike of its mace, before flailing about away from the other two robots, who were continually dodging around each other, only coming into contact briefly.

"They can win this, by doing very little in the entire Annihilator!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Attila onslaught

Onslaught rams into Attila the Drum as Razer chases it

Razer continued targeting Onslaught, but Onslaught's slightly faster speed allowed it to evade. Attila the Drum then began spinning on the spot, forcing Razer to slow down to evade it. This gave Onslaught the chance to lift up Razer slightly from the side before the two robots began driving around the arena again whilst Attila the Drum continued spinning. After a little more dodging, the three robots met in the centre of the arena, with Onslaught missing a flip and instead using its raised scoop to push Razer away, whilst Attila the Drum continued to spin. After pushing Razer back, Onslaught's scoop did not reset all the way down, so it reversed into Attila the Drum, knocking it away. Eventually, Razer managed to get Attila the Drum's mace in its claw, but didn't crush down. Onslaught's scoop had reset and it tried another flip, but missed and the scoop locked again. It then drove Attila the Drum towards Sir Killalot's CPZ, rolling it over, but Attila the Drum managed to escape before Razer could launch an attack.

"Humdrum? Not this one, and the tempo of the drum is beating ever quicker, it would seem"
— Jonathan Pearce as Attila the Drum begins to show its potential
Attila spin

Onslaught flips Attila the Drum causing it to spin

Attila the Drum was forced over one of the flame jets by Razer, who raised its claw as high as possible to try and puncture the body, but Attila the Drum continued to spin, preventing Razer from attacking, until Onslaught pushed into both robots again. Razer attempted to attack Onslaught again, but couldn't catch its faster opponent, whilst Attila the Drum continued to strike at thin air.

"This is very close, y'know. It has not been the most punishing of Annihilator rounds"
— Jonathan Pearce
Attila the drum vs razer

Attila the Drum strikes Razer

Eventually, Razer and Onslaught turned on Attila the Drum again, trying to control its movements, but once again Razer could not puncture its body. Despite being boxed in, Attila the Drum continued to spin, striking the World Champion and causing shards of metal to break off. Razer was forced to retreat once again before coming in for another attack, but Attila the Drum landed another hard blow on its side. Onslaught suffered a few blows itself attempting to stop Attila the Drum, although its scoop proved slightly more resilient, as it ran into the side of Razer but failed to lift it.

"Onslaught has been busy, Attila the Drum has been potentially destructive and Razer here is suddenly up against it and needs to work hard!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Killalot attila

Sir Killalot hold Attila the Drum

Attila the Drum continued to spin on the spot and both Razer and Onslaught seemed hesitant to attack before Onslaught finally rammed into it. The two co-favourites turned on each other once again, leaving Attila the Drum to spin, but as soon as it slowed down, Attila the Drum was rammed simultaneously by both of its opponents and forced into Sir Killalot's CPZ. The house robot's jaws managed to puncture its body and lift it up, whilst Razer's claw snagged the fur on its wheel, ripping it.

"Attila the Drum went into the CPZ, the Corner Patrol Zone, and that meant it was game for Sir Killalot! What a shame! Oh, what a shame for Berny Ryder and the team, because I thought they were doing so well!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot grabs Attila the Drum
Onslaught side razer

Razer crushes Onslaught after being flipped by Matilda

Eventually, Sir Killalot let Attila the Drum go, but it appeared to be slower than before. Onslaught rammed into Attila the Drum and it rolled straight back into Sir Killalot's CPZ, allowing him to grab hold of its weapon and lift it up again, whereupon it appeared only one of its wheels was working. Onslaught rammed into Sir Killalot as it and Razer tried to dodge each other. Attila the Drum was let go once again and it drove into Onslaught once more before slowly rolling backwards and coming to a halt just inside Sir Killalot's CPZ. During the scuffle, Razer finally managed to grab hold of the rear of Onslaught, whose rear tyre appeared to have been damaged. Onslaught managed to dodge away from Razer behind Matilda, but she managed to lift it onto its side with her tusks, allowing Razer to grab hold of it. Despite this, Onslaught took very little damage from Razer's crusher. "Cease" was called and Attila the Drum was declared immobilised, eliminating it from the competition.

"Attila the Drum forced into Killalot's CPZ...immobilised...Attila the Drum annihilated!"
— Craig Charles

Eliminated: Attila the Drum


"But after all the mayhem, two robots have somehow survived, but only one can be crowned Annihilator champion of the South. This should be a classic. Let the final begin!"
— Craig Charles
Onslaught lifts Matilda

Onslaught lifts Matilda

Razer got off to the faster start of the two, but as with the previous round was unable to catch hold of the quicker Onslaught. The two dodged around each other before making a small collision, but neither was able to capitalise. As Razer tried to close in, Onslaught drove into Matilda's CPZ and easily dodged behind her and out the other side before the House Robot could react.

"Dodging around Matilda, how about that!? 'Tildy, you were far too slow there! They went in behind Matilda and totally left her for dead!"
— Jonathan Pearce in delight
Razer onslaught

Razer crushes down on Onslaught's back tire

Onslaught tried to continue dodging, but Razer was able to slightly wedge under its side. With Onslaught not far enough up the wedge to use its crusher, Razer forced it back towards Matilda, who pushed Onslaught back and separated the two. Onslaught continued to drive around until it drove straight up Razer's wedge, allowing Razer to grab hold of it just behind the shovel Razer was unable to damage Onslaught's tough scoop armour and forced it over one of the flame jets, before eventually letting it go.

Razer vs onslaught

Razer crumples Onslaught

"They know now they've got Onslaught, they can do with Onslaught exactly what they want...and that is to let them go"
— Jonathan Pearce

However, before Onslaught could get away, Razer caught it from behind and forced it into the arena wall. Razer tried to grab hold of one of Onslaught's wheels, but it was too far back for the beak to connect, and Onslaught managed to escape and run away as Razer moved back. Onslaught tried to dodge again, but Razer was able to wedge slightly under it again briefly. Onslaught then made a run-up and charged head-on into Razer's crusher, forcing it back and nearly into Dead Metal's CPZ. The two engaged in a pushing match, but Razer was still unable to crush through Onslaught's armour.

"D'you know, I...I'm not too sure whether they've got full crushing ability, or whether they have done throughout."
— Jonathan Pearce, doubting Razer
Onslaught tire shred

Onslaught's tire shreds

However, as the two robots pushed, Onslaught's left rear tyre suddenly pealed off its wheel. This didn't seem to deter Onslaught as it continued to push back before Razer released it again. Another grab was quickly executed, but still with little damage, although this time it was Razer who managed to force Onslaught back. Onslaught was released and it reversed into Matilda before dodging away from Razer again. It once again drove into Matilda's CPZ in an attempt to evade Razer, but drove onto the House Robot's tusks. Matilda flipped it onto its side against the arena wall, which managed to dislodge a drive chain.

"Oh, what are they doing!? What are they doing!? Straight back into the CPZ!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Onslaught's fatal mistake
Matilda flips onslaught

Matilda flips Onslaught

Onslaught's srimech was unable to right it whilst it was on its side, rendering it stuck. Both Razer and Matilda nudged it slightly before the two met head on and Matilda pushed Razer back with her raised tusks. As she turned to Onslaught, Razer retaliated by grabbing her from behind and crushing through her rear armour with ease. Sgt. Bash tried to nudge Razer in retaliation, but the undeterred World Champion dragged Matilda towards the flame jet and punctured another hole in her armour. Matilda promptly caught fire over the arena hazard.

"The rear of Matilda has never been seen quite like this before and I have to say, thank goodness-Matilda is on fire!!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer turns on Matilda
Razer kills matilda

Razer destroys Matilda

Razer vs matilda flame pit

Matilda flips in fury as flames erupt inside her while Razer crushes

Matilda shuffled back and forth slightly, but this did little to put Razer off as it managed to claw another hole in her side. Sir Killalot approached, but appeared to make no effort to stop the destruction, aside from briefly pushing Razer away. Sgt Bash and Dead Metal began attacking the immobilised Onslaught, whilst Razer attempted to break Matilda's chainsaw. Unable to do so, Razer pushed Matilda away just as the pit was descended and punctured a hole in her head. Sir Killalot now appeared to have stopped taking on Razer and helped it push Matilda towards the flame pit. Sgt Bash left Onslaught to join in, and all three managed to push Matilda onto the flame pit, where she caught fire again and finally broke down.

"Poor old Matilda, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, what on earth has happened to the darling of Robot Wars? Matilda...yes, I know it's sad, isn't it, but she is our darling"
— Jonathan Pearce
Onslaught vs sgtbash dead metal

Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal dispose of Onslaught

Matilda remains

Matilda in ruins

After a moment, Sgt Bash nudged Matilda off the flame pit, just as Onslaught was finally pushed into the pit by Dead Metal. With Matilda now immobilised, Sir Killalot attacked Razer and drove it into the arena wall. Sgt. Bash and Refbot pushed Matilda across the arena away from the hazards and the latter used his fire extinguisher to put out the flames, finally bringing an end to Matilda's destruction.

"Will this be the last we ever see of Matilda, I wonder? Razer, strong enough to be our Southern Survivors!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the annihilator concludes

Southern Annihilator Champion: Razer

"From a robot that's prettier than all of the Corrs, pure annihilation, from Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles signs off

Razer, the Southern Annihilator champion


"Matilda, created at the dawn of Robot Wars. R.I.P., rust in peace. D.I.A., destroyed in action"
— Jonathan Pearce provides Matilda's last rites...
Matilda tribute

Matilda's tribute

The damage caused to Matilda by Razer had proven severe. During the post-match highlights and interviews, both Jonathan Pearce and Craig Charles showed concern that she had been terminally damaged and, during a post-credits scene, a funeral service was held in her honour.


Matilda back in action

However, immediately afterwards, it was revealed that the damage was not terminal at all, as a heavily bandaged Matilda entered the arena once again fully operational.

"D.Y.W.B., do you wanna bet!? Oh yes! The matriarch of mayhem, the sister of slice-and-dice, the grandmother of grinding metal...will be back!!"
— ...and the surprise reveal

Trivia Edit

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