Robot Wars: The Kick-Off was a special programme that preceded the first series of Dutch Robot Wars (also known as Robot Wars: The Dutch Battles). It was broadcast by BNN on Nederland 2 on December 24, 2001.


Presented by Rob Kamphues and Bridget Maasland, the special features the selection of competitors for the series at Eindhoven, the Robot Wars rules, and the journey they took to England. Also featured is behind-the-scenes footage of the shooting of Robot Wars. The House Robots also make an appearance. The programme also looks back on the early years of the original UK series and its then-current success. Finally the special also features the specifications of the Dutch robots.


The special also included a number of interviews with various Robot Wars personalities:

  • Dutch competitors on the preparations they made (including any setbacks), details on their robots and the expectations they have of the series.
  • UK competitors on their robots.
  • Steve Clark, designer of the sets including the arena.
  • Chris Reynolds, designer of the House Robots. He reveals their specifications and their specialties.
  • Bill Hobbins, producer. He brings up the popularity of the series in the UK.
  • Derek Foxwell, senior technical consultant on safety issues.
  • Craig Charles, presenter of the UK series. He talks about the development of the series and his admiration for the participants.
  • Rob Kamphues, presenter of the Dutch series.

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