"Your complete guide to Robot Wars! Meet the House Robots with Top Trump-style profiles and tour the battle arena. Become a Roboteer and learn how to engineer your own winning robot. Includes space for creating your own profiles and scribbling down inventor notes. Everything you could ever want to know about Robot Wars!"
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Robot Wars: The Official Handbook is a book based on the rebooted series of Robot Wars, published by Scholastic and written by Laura Jackson. The Official Handbook was released on October 5th 2017, in both print and e-book formats.

The book features statistics-based profiles of competitor and House Robots from the rebooted series, as well as behind-the-scenes information on the Robot Wars Arena and The Pits, interviews, and information on how to enter, design and build a competitor robot. As with the Fun Fax, The Official Handbook includes sections allowing readers to make notes and draw sketches of their own robot designs.


  • 1-12: Introduction - Introduces the book, and features a small gallery of images.
  • 13-18: This is Robot Wars - Gives details on the Robot Wars Arena.
  • 19-28: The Wars - Details the competition format for Series 8-9 and Series 10, ways of winning a battle, the Judging criteria, and profiles for Dara Ó Briain, Angela Scanlon, Jonathan Pearce, Noel Sharkey, Sethu Vijayakumar and Lucy Rogers.
  • 30-40: The House Robots - Profiles for Sir Killalot, Shunt, Matilda and Dead Metal.
  • 41-120: Robot A-Z Seasons 8-10 - Profiles with statistics for every robot to compete in Series 8, 9 and 10. Uses the official images from Series 9 for any robot which competed in that series, reserving official imagery from Series 8 and 10 for the robots exclusive to those series.
  • 121-138: Roboteers, Stand By - Details the 2-hour repair window that roboteers are given during filming, and interviews Team Eruption, Team MAD and Team Carbide. Provides information on the final battles of Series 8 and 9, Carbide's respective battles with Apollo and Eruption. In With the Roboteers, profiles are given on Memento Mori and Jason Marston. Test Your Knowledge is a short quiz, and Share Your Knowledge allows readers to write down their favourite robots and their most destructive moment.
  • 139-154: The Build - Detailed information on the official ruleset for Robot Wars, and advice on how to build a robot. Continues the interviews with Team MAD and Team Eruption, and analyses the design of TR2. Closes the chapter with a template to allow readers to design their own robot with regard to the official rules and restrictions.
  • 155-168: Notebook - Five pages of lined paper, and seven pages of graph paper.
  • 169-176: Glossary, Answers & Index - A glossary of the terms used in the book, an index of the competitor robots' pages, and the answers to the quiz.


  • The handbook features a variety of spelling and printing errors. For example, Trolley Rage's name is misspelt as Trolley Range in the 'Season 9 Champion' section.
  • Tauron's bar weapon is described as a spinning drum, an error which was previously shared with the Robot Wars website.
  • The Heat Final stages of Series 10 are erroneously described as "Redemption Knockouts", the same name used by Round 2.
  • The handbook's image of Jonathan Pearce is not up-to-date.
  • The Corner Patrol Zones (CPZs) are frequently and erroneously referred to as ‘corner panel zones’.
  • The ‘Mishaps’ note on Carbide and Shockwave's Group Battle in the Series 8 Grand Final completely ignores Apollo's appearance in the same battle.
  • Some of the images used for Sir Killalot and Shunt's profiles are mirrored.
  • Sir Killalot's weight is listed as 741kg. This statistic refers to his weight in Series 8, ignoring his subsequent weight increase to 750kg for Series 9.
  • Apocalypse’s ‘Weapon’ section ignores its grabbing arms.
  • Big Nipper’s lifting/crushing claws are not mentioned in its ‘Weapon’ section, although their lifting capacity is cited as the robot’s ‘Super Strength’.
  • ‘Disc’ is frequently spelt as ‘disk’ on many competitor profiles, including those for Crazy Coupe 88, Kill-E-Crank-E and M.R. Speed Squared.
  • Both ‘discs’ and ‘disks’ are used on The General's profile.
  • Foxic's lifting arm and King B Remix's forks are referred to as ‘flippers’.
  • ‘Spikes’ are listed as one of Shockwave's interchangeable lifting weapons; however, they were not implemented until after its appearance in Series 8.
  • Thor's weapon is listed as a ‘Hammer’ in its profile, instead of the interchangeable axe heads which replaced the hammer for Series 8, 9 and 10.
  • Vulture is listed after Wyrm in the Robots A-Z instead of before. In addition, it is missing completely from the Index.
  • Many of Apollo and Carbide’s Head-to-Head battles in Series 8/9 are omitted from the ‘Season 8 Champion’ and ‘Season 9 Champion’ sections respectively.
  • The ‘With the Roboteers’ section on Thor completely ignores its performance in the Extreme 2 New Blood Championship, despite referencing the robot’s appearances in Series 6-7.


  • Aside from the Series 8 DVD/Blu-ray release, this was the first piece of merchandise based on the reboot to be sold via retail - the remaining merchandise items are only sold online and at filming.
  • The Official Handbook is the first Robot Wars publication to be sold in a digital format; it is available as an e-book in addition to the printed version.
  • This book was the first source to officially reveal the competitors in Series 10, as well as the format.

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