"...this issue we have more exclusive columns, revelations, revelations and insights from the experts than ever before. ... So whether you want tech talk, robot revelations, team truths, Arena action, behind-the-scenes buzz, or just the latest warring words from King of Carnage Craig Charles, it's all here in the pages of Robot Wars Magazine. Enjoy it!"
— Opening message from Darryl, Mistress of Mayhem

Issue 3 of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine, cover dated February 2003, was released on the 9th of January 2003.


  • Designing Robot Wars: For Your Eyes Only - The Look of Robot Wars! - An interview with the three judges, Noel Sharkey, Martin Smith and Mat Irvine.
  • In Their Own Words: Running For An Earning - A feature about the making of Robot Wars, including interviews with Lighting Crew Chief Gus Kiddstanton, Production Designer Julian Fullalove and Construction Manager Paul Duff.
  • Running the House Robots: Doing The House Work - Editor Darryl Curtis recounts her experience working with the other House Roboteers.
  • International Mayhem - Robot Wars Germany - Simon John Gerrard looks at the new German Robot Wars that was soon to air over in Germany.


  • Editorial - An introduction to the magazine from editor Darryl Curtis.
  • News: Three-Two-One Activate! - The latest Robot Wars news, including the filming of a new series of Techno Games, Growler being upgraded to have a flamethrower and Primo the Robot, a realistic humanoid robot used to raise money at the filming of Extreme 2. Also included dates and locations of upcoming live events (Robots Abroad), other robot news stories (Robowatch), airing dates for Robot Wars episodes around the world (Wars Watch) and a list of Robot Wars websites (Wars On The Web).
  • Personnel Zone: Bill Hobbins - An interview with Bill Hobbins, Robot Wars series producer.
  • Battle Zone - Reports of Heat F and Heat G of Series 6.
  • Q&A - Technical Consultant Derek Foxwell's section.
  • Meet The Roboteers: Reign of Fire - An interview with Graham Bone and Hazel Heslop of Team Firestorm.
  • Merchandise: Pits Stop - A look at the Robot Wars Merchandise available, this issue featuring reviews of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (PC/Xbox) and Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide.
  • Razer Sharp Subscription Offer! - 13 issues for the price of 12.
  • Back Issue Arena - Details on how to order back issues.
  • Crew Profile: Who's Who - An interview with contestant coordinator Neil Charlwood.
  • Drop Zone - The section for letters from fans.
  • Craig Charles: Master Of Mayhem! - Craig Charles' column, giving an insight to his role on the show.
  • Next Issue - A preview of Issue 4.


  • Live & Flipping! - The prize was tickets to the Magna Science Adventure Centre, where the Living Robots exhibit, created by Noel Sharkey, was being held. 8 family of five tickets and 6 doubles (2 adults or adult and child) were available to win.
    • The question to win the prizes was "Which one of the following robots is not one of the House Robots?", with the choices A) Chaos 2, B) Shunt, C) Mr Psycho. The correct answer was Chaos 2.


  • Mr Psycho and Firestorm
  • Growler


  • Dreamwatch magazine (Page 2)
  • Star Wars magazine and comic (Page 4)
  • Transformers books (Page 15)
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer magazine and Angel magazine (Page 33)
  • Farscape: The Illustrated Season 3 Companion (Page 39)
  • Titan Talks - Magazines and Books from Titan Magazines (Page 46)
  • Farscape magazine (Page 66)


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