"It's hard to believe this is only the fourth issue of Robot Wars Magazine. The experience of working on the magazine has been so amazing and given me so much food for thought that it feels like far longer. ... we've only been able to do this tanks to the amazing dedication and enthusiasm of the people who work behind the scenes on the show, all of whom have supported us every step of the way."
— Opening message from Darryl, Mistress of Mayhem

Issue 4 of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine, cover dated March 2003, was released on the 13th of February 2003.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Costume And Make-Up: If Looks Could Kill - An interview with costume designer Daniel Poole, costume assistant and make-up designer Lyn Short.

Regulars[edit | edit source]

  • Editorial - An introduction to the magazine from editor Darryl Curtis.
  • News: Three-Two-One Activate! - The latest Robot Wars news, including the filming of Series 4 of Techno Games, and an interview with John Findlay of Team Roaming Robots. Also included dates and locations of upcoming live events (Robots Abroad), other robot news stories (Robowatch), airing dates for Robot Wars episodes around the world (Wars Watch) and a list of Robot Wars websites (Wars On The Web).
  • Personnel Zone: Derek & Val Foxwell - An interview with Derek Foxwell and his wife Val, Senior Technical Consultant and Transmitter Controller on Robot Wars.
  • Battle Zone - Reports of Heat H, Heat I, Heat J and Heat K of Series 6.
  • Q&A - Technical Consultant Derek Foxwell's section.
  • Tech Round Up - Mike Franklin of Team 101 gives technical advice on creating robots, this issue focusing on spinning weapons.
  • Meet The Roboteers: Animal Magic - An interview with Keith Williams and Georje Reed of Team Katerkiller.
  • Merchandise: Pits Stop - A look at the Robot Wars Merchandise available, this issue featuring a list of the merchandise currently available, and announcing the release of the Robot Wars Toiletries Set, with a special introductory offer for Robot Wars Magazine readers.
  • Razer Sharp Subscription Offer! - 13 issues for the price of 12.
  • Back Issue Arena - Details on how to order back issues.
  • Crew Profile: Who's Who - An interview with production coordinator Karen Fillingham.
  • Drop Zone - The section for letters from fans.
  • Craig Charles: Master Of Mayhem! - Craig Charles' column, giving an insight to his role on the show.
  • Next Issue - A preview of Issue 5.

Competition[edit | edit source]

  • Robots In Disguise - The prizes were 10 Maxcon Transformers, and 5 sets of Transformers graphic novels.
    • The question to win the prizes was "Who is the leader of the Autobots?", with the choices A) Megatron, B) Optimus Prime], C) Cyclonus. The correct answer was Optimus Prime.

Posters[edit | edit source]

  • Shunt and Kat 3
  • The House Robots

Adverts[edit | edit source]

  • Transformers books (Page 2)
  • Titan Talks - Magazines and Books from Titan Magazines (Page 4)
  • Simpsons Comics (Page 33)
  • Dreamwatch magazine (Page 37)
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer magazine (Page 43)
  • Simpsons Comics Madness (Page 47)
  • Farscape magazine (Page 66)
  • Futurama Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis (Page 53)
  • Star Wars Magazine, Comic and Fan Club (Page 67)
  • Star Trek Magazine (Page 68)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Errors and Omissions[edit | edit source]

  • In the Tech Round Up section, Mike Franklin incorrectly claims the first two robots defeated by Hypno-Disc were Axios and Toe Cutter, when those robots never fought Hypno-Disc, having fought Panic Attack in Series 3. Robogeddon and Stealth were the first two robots to fight Hypno-Disc.
  • In the report for the Heat J Final, the picture of Dominator 2 and Hydra in the CPZ is actually from their first round battle.
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