"'ve probably noticed that this issue feels a little lighter than previous issues of the magazine. By popular demand we've reduced the cover price, but the good news is we've still packed in as much battle coverage, tips and information on building robots, exclusive pictures and in-depth stuff about your favourite bots and teams as you've come to expect from the magazine"
— Opening message from Darryl, Mistress of Mayhem

Issue 5 of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine, cover dated March 2003, was released on the 13th of March 2003.


  • News: Three-Two-One Activate! - The latest Robot Wars news, including rumours of ideas being developed to improve the show, and a behind the scenes report from the filming of Techno Games. Also included dates and locations of upcoming live events (Robots Abroad), other robot news stories (Robowatch), Official Robot Wars Site News, and a list of other Robot Wars/roboteering sites (Wars On The Web) and a new feature, Cyber-Zone, where judge Martin Smith discusses the evolution of robotics.
  • Personnel Zone: Philippa Forrester - An interview with pit reporter Philippa Forrester.
  • Battle Zone - Reports of Heat L, Semi-Final 1, and Semi-Final 2 of Series 6.
  • Razer Sharp Subscription Offer! - 13 issues for the price of 12 or £9 a quarter by direct debit.
  • Q&A - Technical Consultant Derek Foxwell's section.
  • Back Issue Arena - Details on how to order back issues.
  • Meet The Roboteers: All In A Spin - An interview with the Hypno-Disc team.
  • Tech Round Up - Mike Franklin of Team 101 gives technical advice on creating robots, this issue focusing on axes.
  • Drop Zone - The section for letters from fans.
  • A Piece of Cake by Craig Charles - Part two of Craig Charles' story about the House Robots.
  • Crew Profile: Who's Who - An interview with George Francis, captain of Team Chaos and member of the Technical Support Team.
  • Coming Up... - A preview of Issue 6.


  • Win An Xbox! - The prizes were 10 copies of Extreme Destruction on the Xbox, one of which would come with an Xbox.
    • The question to win the prizes was "What is the name of the robotic referee introduced in the Fourth Wars", with the choices being A) The Ref, B) Refbot, C) Referee Robotech. The correct answer was Refbot.


  • Refbot


  • Rescue Robots and Techno Games (Page 2)
  • Titan Talks - Magazines and Books from Titan Magazines (Page 13)
  • Forbidden Planet (Page 21)
  • Simpsons Comics (Page 52)



  • This issue of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine saw the page count drop from 68 to 52 pages. This was done to reduce the cover price, and was achieved by reducing the amounts of adverts, merging the opening editorial with the page of contents, having one poster instead of two, and dropping some of the features.
  • Unlike previous issues of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine, which featured official photographs of battles exclusive to the magazine, this issue contained mostly screenshots from the televised broadcast.
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