"We've been promising more and more cool stuff in the magazine over the past few months, and you'll see from this issue that we've made some really exciting changes and new additions to the magazine. ... the magazine has had a bit of a face lift and we've added more cool stats and facts about your favourite bots to satisfy your metal-hungry minds."
— Opening message from Darryl, Mistress of Mayhem

Issue 7 of Robot Wars: The Official Magazine, cover dated June 2003, was released on the 15th of May 2003. It proved to be the final ever issue of Robot Wars Magazine.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Building Bots: Build A Mini Firestorm - Part One: Getting Started - Mike Franklin of Team 101 gives instructions on how to build a mini robot just like Firestorm. (This was supposed to be a regular feature, but the magazine was cancelled, so this was the only part released.)
  • House Robots: The Rise Of The Machines - An article on the origins of the House Robots.

Regulars[edit | edit source]

  • News: Three-Two-One Activate! - The latest Robot Wars news, including the announcement that Robot Wars was to move to Channel Five, Craig Charles' new daughter and a voucher for a free Kids Meal at Little Chef, which were offering Kids Meals with Minibots and accessories. Also included dates and locations of upcoming live events (Robots Abroad), other robot news stories (Robowatch), Official Robot Wars Site News, and Cyber-Zone, where judge Martin Smith discusses the evolution of robotics.
  • Personnel Zone: Robot Wars Man Of Mystery - An interview with Robot Wars' Executive Producer Steve Carsey.
  • Battle Zone: All Stars - Reports of both Heats and the Grand Final of the All-Stars Championship.
  • Razer Sharp Subscription Offer! - 13 issues for the price of 12 or £9 a quarter by direct debit.
  • Q&A - Technical Consultant Derek Foxwell's section.
  • Battle Zone: Annihilator - A report of the Annihilator.
  • Meet The Roboteers: Bigger Brother Is Watching You! - An interview with Team Big Brother.
  • Drop Zone - The section for letters from fans.
  • Back Issue Arena - Details on how to order back issues.
  • Coming Up... - A preview of the planned Issue 8 (which was ultimately never released).

Competition[edit | edit source]

  • Say Cheese! - 3 l'espion Xtra digital cameras were available to win.
    • The question was "Which Competitor Robot's Weaponry Consists Of A Horizontal Disc?", with the choices being A) Firestorm, B) Hypno-Disc, C) Sir Killalot. The correct answer was Hypno-Disc.

Poster[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Killalot

Adverts[edit | edit source]

  • Robot Wars on TechTV (Page 2)
  • Forbidden Planet (Page 25)
  • Titan Talks (Page 48)
  • Star Wars Magazine (Page 49)
  • Wallace & Gromit - Catch of the Day (Page 51)
  • Simpsons Comics #80 (Page 52)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the last issue of the original run of the magazine, this issue did have a preview of the next issue at the end, as it was not known at the time of publishing that the magazine would be cancelled before that issue was released.
  • This issue was released before the second heat of the All-Stars and the Annihilator, which it covered, were aired on BBC2.
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