"Twelve heats, two semi-finals and seventy-two robots later, and here it is, the Robot Wars Grand Final. World leaders have cut short official engagements, fighting in the Middle-East has stopped, and don't try and order a pizza because you just won't get one. Yes folks, here it is. When ancient prophets spoke of an almighty conflict towards the end of a millennium, this is what they were talking about! And now we all know what Nostradamus meant by "a well-wickered piece of robotic action in 1999". Judgement Day is upon us. This is the road to Armageddon."
— Craig Charles

The Grand Final of Robot Wars: The Second Wars was the final set of battles which determined the Grand Champion of Robot Wars: The Second Wars. It was fought between the four robots that had progressed through their heats and the Semi-Finals. There were two Grand Final Eliminators to decide which robots would make the Grand Final, followed by a playoff for third and fourth. Finally, the Grand Champion would be determined in the Grand Final.

The episode featuring the Grand Final was originally broadcast on March 5, 1999 on BBC Two. The broadcast set a new Robot Wars ratings record of 6.94 million viewers, an increase of 730,000 viewers when compared with the previous record holder. According to BARB, this meant it ranked in first the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 1-7 March, beating Red Dwarf by 20,000 viewers.

Competing robots Edit


Panic Attack S2
Panic Attack (winner of Heat F, qualified from Semi-Final 1)
Weight 81.8kg
Dimensions 1.25 x 0.7 x 0.2m
Speed 9mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 25mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons Electric lifting spikes
Notes Spider graphics by a Year 7 pupil
From: Cwmbran, Wales
Team Members: Kim Davies, Kevin Pritchard & Lee Wicombe


Cassius S2
Cassius (seeded 5th, winner of Heat H, qualified from Semi-Final 2)
Weight 79.3kg
Dimensions 1.45 x 0.84 x 0.35m
Speed 25mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 0-110mm (Variable)
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons 1.5 tonne gas powered ram
Notes Controlled with 2 microprocessors, weapon powered with CO2
From: Stowmarket
Team Members: Rex Garrod, Simon West & Edward Bull
Killertron offical image series 2
Killertron (seeded 4th, winner of Heat E, qualified from Semi-Final 1)
Weight 75.0kg
Dimensions 1.45 x 0.7 x 0.6m
Speed 15mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 100mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons Pick axe
Notes A veteran of Robot Wars - but no longer tickled pink!
From: Bromley in Kent
Team Members: Richard Broad, Abdul Degia & Ian Degia
Roadblock S2
Roadblock (seeded 1st, winner of Heat G, qualified from Semi-Final 2)
Weight 80.9kg
Dimensions 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.45m
Speed 5mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 5mm
Power 4 x 12V batteries
Weapons 12' tungsten tipped circular saw
Notes Reigning Robot Wars Champion, seeded number one
From: Bodmin Community College
Team Members: Hender Blewett, Chris Kinsey & Peter Kinsey


Cassius (5) vs Roadblock (1)Edit

Roadblock cassius

Roadblock shoving Cassius around

Roadblock drove forward, and Cassius rushed to meet it. When the wedges came together, Roadblock's was the lower and it managed to get beneath, but the impact tore one of Roadblock's drive circuits loose. Cassius retreated for another attack, but Roadblock's wedge once again got beneath Cassius briefly. Cassius rushed away, crashing briefly into the giant pendulum. Roadblock quickly caught it and with help from Matilda, Cassius was pushed all the way up Roadblock's wedge. Roadblock pushed it in an attempt to topple it, but Matilda was obstructing Roadblock's forward momentum, and Cassius almost shifted free. Roadblock remained on the offensive, pushing Cassius out of the PPZ and around the arena.

"Matilda turns to try and get her chainsaw into position. If anything, Roadblock just helping Cassius avoid the chainsaw."
— Jonathan Pearce
Cassius self-right

Cassius self-righting

Roadblock's push led to it running into Dead Metal's pincers, crumpling the top armour plate slightly, but Cassius remained beached on the reigning champion. Shunt came in and pushed Dead Metal away, freeing Roadblock. As Roadblock pushed, Cassius' blade-tipped wedge was gouging parts of the arena floor out.

Cassius vs roadblock

Cassius flips over Roadblock

"Oh! How sharp is that blade! Digging into the surface of the arena."
— Jonathan Pearce

Finally, as Roadblock passed the pit, Cassius was freed from the wedge. However, it ran straight into Killalot, who promptly lifted it onto its back. In response, Cassius self-righted.

"Killalot's flipped them - are we going to see it, are we going to see it? Yes! We've seen it! They love the bunny hop!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Meanwhile, the result of the loose drive circuit had Roadblock run into the PPZ, and was trapped there by Dead Metal and Shunt. Cassius came in and used its flipping arm to propel Roadblock onto its side. Killalot then came in and dragged Roadblock away from the wall, dropping it on its back. Matilda, Dead Metal and Killalot attacked, but Cassius - whose arm was stuck open - rammed them in an attempt to defend its fallen opponent. Cassius pushed Roadblock into the relative safety of a CPZ, and cease was called.

Craig Charles: "That self-righting arm! Its amazing!"
Rex Garrod: "Well, it gets me through a lot of battles."
Craig Charles: "You’re on your back, you flip yourself over, and then you used it to whack Roadblock out of the game."
Rex Garrod: "Its a good weapon, but it could be improved."
Craig Charles: "It could be improved?"
Rex Garrod: "It could be improved. There’s lots of room for improvement."
Craig Charles: "Ever a perfectionist. You’re through to the Grand Final, how do you think you’re going to fare?"
Rex Garrod: "Oh, it’ll be a good fight."
— After the battle

Winner: Cassius

Killertron (4) vs Panic AttackEdit

Panic Attack vs Killertron

Panic Attack darts away from the immobile Killertron

"So, we have the first of our finalists. But it takes two to tango. So to find out whose going to join them in the ultimate dance of death, get ready for Semi-Final 2."
— Craig Charles
"We've just shortened the axe a bit because of slight bending. Its so powerful in this setup that the pickaxe kept bending, so its very short now."
— Richard Broad

Panic Attack charged into Killertron, knocking it back several paces and immobilising it straight away – the impact had torn free a tiny pin inside Killertron, which immobilised the robot.

"Panic Attack immediately on the attack...and I think that’s caused problems to Killertron immediately!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Panic attack bash pit

Panic Attack pushes Bash into the pit and falls in itself

Killertron killalot

Killalot bathes Killertron in fire

Panic Attack rammed Killertron into the PPZ, and Dead Metal clamped it with its pincers, trapping it. Dead Metal pushed Killertron into Killalot, and both House Robots attacked. Shunt ventured closer, but Killalot knocked out Killertron by turning it over with his lance.

"Killalot with that deadly lance to turn it up on its side and over! And all the fears about Killertron have come true! And it’s Panic Attack the surprise package here."
— Jonathan Pearce

Panic Attack left Killertron in the hands of the House Robots, and slammed into Shunt, pushing it into the side wall. Shunt fought back against Panic Attack, pushing it in circles, whilst Killalot carried Killertron over the flames. Bash reinforced Shunt, but Panic Attack pushed Bash into the pit. It fell in afterwards, but was declared the winner.

Craig Charles: "You’ve been expecting to get knocked out every round since you got here! But you’re through! Are you feeling confident?"
Kim Davis: "No."
Craig Charles: "Still not confident! Give them a round of applause!"
— After the battle

Winner: Panic Attack


Killertron (4) vs Roadblock (1)Edit

"Roadblock and Killertron, no strangers to each other, this a repeat of a battle in the First Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce
Roadblock killertron house robots

Killertron and Roadblock, boxed in by five House Robots

Roadblock and Killertron moved towards each other, with Roadblock's wedge again managing to push beneath Killertron. Roadblock began to guide Killertron towards the PPZ, and Killertron's axe came crashing down, but was deflected by the hard armour of Roadblock. Roadblock circled around, trying to lever Killertron on its back, but Killertron managed to escape. Roadblock pushed Killertron into the PPZ, and Killertron's axe was again unable to strike. Roadblock cut into Killertron with its circular saw. Matilda then propped Killertron up on her tusks, but it was released. Roadblock continued guiding Killertron forward, whose repeated axe blows had bent the axe. Roadblock then pushed Killertron into the Sentinel, using its saw to inflict damage.

Killertron vs roadblock

Roadblock pits Killertron

"Look at that saw! The noise it makes! Gotta go to the dentist soon?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Killertron escaped The Sentinel, but became stuck between Killalot and Dead Metal. Roadblock scooped up Killertron and tried to escape, but although its opponent escaped, Roadblock was pinned down by Killalot. Roadblock shouldered out past Dead Metal, and it and Killertron became trapped beneath the pendulum and four of the six house robots present. Killalot joined the other four, and Dead Metal dragged Killertron out of the PPZ. Roadblock intercepted and pushed Killertron straight into the pit.

Third Place: Roadblock


"After months of nuts and bolts, circuit boards and switches, its Cassius against Panic Attack for the title."
— Jonathan Pearce

Cassius (5) vs Panic AttackEdit

Panic attack cassius dead metal

Panic Attack pushes Cassius beneath Dead Metal

Cassius vs panic attack

Panic Attack pits Cassius

Philippa Forrester: "Rex, I've been calling you the King of Roboteers, this is the time to prove yourself. Do you think you can beat Panic Attack?"
Rex Garrod: "They're a very good team, no question about that. If I go down to them, I will be...not disappointed, because I think they deserve to win as much as anyone. I'll do my best - as long as its a good show and I don't chicken out, that's alright."
— Pre-match interview
Panic attack cassius

"A flyover from Panic Attack"

The start was very tentative, with both robots moving forward to nudge, rather than the bravado charge both would usually open with. Cassius slipped beneath Panic Attack, but did not fire its flipper, and Panic Attack slid off the wedge. Cassius rushed in but missed, and retreated.

"Go on, kill each other!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Both machines charged, and Panic Attack flew over the wedge of Cassius, landing on its wheels, before Cassius had a chance to flip it. Panic Attack then pushed Cassius into Dead Metal, with Rex Garrod's machine wedging beneath the House Robot. Cassius flipped Dead Metal off it and retreated. Both machines rammed together, and Cassius retreated close to the pit. Cassius moved forward to escape Shunt, and Panic Attack slammed into its side, pushing Cassius into the pit and winning The Second Wars.

"The more powerful of the two, but Panic Attack underrated. Look at that! Oh, what an upset! Panic Attack the winners! That is a huge upset!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Second Wars Grand Champion: Panic Attack

Craig Charles: "They don't like losing!"
Philippa Forrester: "They don't like draws!"
Craig Charles: "We've found a winner, on Robot Wars!"
Both: "Goodbye!"
— The Second Wars sign-off
Panic Attack Original

Panic Attack, the Second Wars Grand Champion

Trivia Edit

  • The Grand Final marked the first time that Roadblock lost a battle, after six consecutive combat victories and six Gauntlets and Trials.
  • The Series 2 Grand Final marked the only time in Robot Wars history that the third-place playoff took place between two fully-functional robots. The playoffs planned for Series 3-4 were cancelled due to one competitor withdrawing, and the playoffs held in Series 5-7 were either determined by mechanical issues or featured one competitor that was partially-damaged following an earlier battle.
  • Interestingly, this Grand Final featured the first ever 'Grudge Matches', with both Killertron and Team Cassius facing the defending champion Roadblock again at some point. While Cassius achieved vengeance by knocking out the reigning champion in its eliminator, Killertron failed to emulate this feat in the playoff.
  • The Grand Final battle between Panic Attack and Cassius marked the first of three occasions in which the UK Championship was decided by a knockout victory. The other two occasions would occur in Series 3 and Series 9 respectively.
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