"I know it’s hard to imagine, but some people just aren’t gonna like Robot Wars: people who hand crafted the Ford Mondeo with fake leather interior, people who wear cardigans, people who use electric blankets in June! For some people, the thought of robots fighting it out in our spectacular high-tech arena has no appeal at all. That’s right, I’m talking about you madam! So, why not pour yourself a nice mug of cocoa, put on your tartan slippers and dust off your favourite Val Doonican album, while those of us with a pulse get down to some serious robotic carnage!"
— Craig Charles' introduction

Heat K of Robot Wars: The Second Wars was the eleventh of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Second Wars. The episode featuring Heat K was originally broadcast on February 5, 1999 on BBC Two. The broadcast made three Robot Wars ratings records; firstly, it managed to attract 6.13 million viewers, making it the first to not only top six million viewers, but also managed to beat the previous record holder, Heat C, by 180,000 viewers. According to BARB, the episode also became the first to top the thirty highest rated weekly programmes on BBC 2, during 1-7 February.

Competing RobotsEdit


Demon official image
Weight 71.9kg
Dimensions 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.5m
Speed 2mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 10mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons 10mm steel spikes
Notes Wheelchair motors. Aluminium shell and 2 wheel drive
From: Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire
Team Members: Dave Clutterbuck, Joanne Russell & Nick Adams
Enzyme official image
Weight 78.6kg
Dimensions 1.26 x 0.74 x 0.42m
Speed 6mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 15mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons 100kg forklift
Notes Took 7 months to build and cost £100. Chassis and motors from wheelchair
From: Eastbourne
Team Members: Murray Ballard, John Ballard, Andrew Wilkins & Angus Duncan
Megahurtz s2 official image
Mega Hurts
Weight 71.8kg
Dimensions 1.15 x 0.6 x 0.63m
Speed 4mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 40mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons Keyboard disguised lift
Notes 4 x drive motors salvaged from Ford Fiesta windscreen wipers
From: Preston
Team Members: Dave Lund, Tony Lund & Gordon Keeling
Weight 78.6kg
Dimensions 1.24 x 0.74 x 0.4m
Speed 15mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 112mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons Tungsten tipped blades
Notes Industrial motors 140A, 800W. Took 2-3 months to build. Cost £500
From: Elstead in Surrey
Team Members: David Croft, J.P. Abgrall & Charles Lavery
The Mule
The Mule
Weight 80.1kg
Dimensions 1.05 x 0.77 x 0.47m
Speed 8mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 0-100mm (Variable)
Power Unknown
Weapons 3 x Kicking Legs and forklift
Notes Lawnmower wheels and motors. Took 4 months to build at a cost of £400
From: Langport in Somerset
Team Members: Roger Plant


Plunderbird 2
Plunderbird 2
Weight 81.3kg
Dimensions 0.9 x 1.1 x 0.37m
Speed 10mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 20mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons Pneumatic steel screw ram
Notes Fought in the First Wars with Plunderbird 1
From: Borden in Hampshire
Team Members: Mike Onslow, Bryan Kilburn & Ken Burt


Left route: The Sentinel, Matilda and one pit.

Centre route: Spikes, static ramp, sphere, and Sir Killalot
Right route: Ramrig, flame pit, pendulum and Sergeant Bash.
Competing order: 1. Demon 2. Enzyme 3. Phoenix 4. The Mule 5. Mega Hurts 6. Plunderbird 2

Ranking Competing Robot Report Distance
The Mule The Mule took the Sentinel route in the Gauntlet, and managed to get Matilda to turn the wrong way. Then it attempted to flip Matilda. It failed, retreated and was briefly caught on the arena spikes. It then moved forwards again, dodging the Sentinel by moving between the arm and the machine itself, and then manoeuvring around Matilda. It completed the course to qualify first for the trial round. Completed
Mega Hurts Mega Hurts took the ramrig route in the Gauntlet, but got trapped by the ramrig half-way down, due to the robot's width. Eventually it managed to break free, before moving around Sergeant Bash and the pendulum. Then Sir Killalot blocked its way, managing to trap it against the wall. As Killalot moved away it managed to get around Matilda and reach the end zone. Completed
Demon Demon avoided the sphere in the gauntlet and was forced into the Sentinel's route. Matilda, held them onto the left side, next to the pit and the Sentinel. Demon tried to push past Matilda, and ended up almost falling in the pit. Sir Killalot arrived and tried to block them, but Demon managed to slip past and reach the end of the course. Completed
Enzyme Enzyme started quickly and immediately chose to take on the Sentinel. It managed to dodge the Sentinel's arm, whilst a piece of the Sentinel fell off and rolled into the pit. Enzyme was then pushed on to the edge of the pit by Matilda, where it got stuck and was then pushed in by Matilda. 10.5m
Plunderbird 2 Plunderbird 2 took the Sentinel route, and was immediately knocked upwards by the arena spike, but got away after the spike hit it a second time. It moved past the Sentinel quickly, but when it encountered Matilda, Plunderbird 2 drove straight into the pit. This still placed them further along the course than Phoenix however. This prompted the other teams to call Mike, Bryan and Ken "chickens" when they arrived in the pits, as they deliberately chose to avoid the House Robot. 10.5m
Phoenix Phoenix went for the middle route in the Gauntlet, and after some shaky steering, it managed to get up the ramp. After pushing through the barrels it fell off the ramp, and temporarily became stuck on the side. It was then freed by Sir Killalot, who pushed the large ball onto Phoenix. Phoenix then turned around and charged into Sir Killalot spike first, only to become trapped by the House Robot. Then one of its tyres got caught by Sir Killalot's jaws, and suffered minor damage. Phoenix travelled far, but not far enough and was eliminated. 8.9m
Eliminated: Phoenix

Trial (King of the Castle)Edit

Competing order: 1. Demon 2. Enzyme 3. The Mule 4. Mega Hurts 5. Plunderbird 2

Ranking Competing Robot Report Result
Plunderbird 2 Plunderbird 2 made several attempts to get underneath Dead Metal and push it off the podium, and on the third attempt managed to push the House Robot off the side. Then Sergeant Bash tried to respond, but mistimed his charge and clipped Plunderbird 2 before driving off the podium next to Dead Metal. Victorious
Enzyme Enzyme stayed on the spot in the middle to defend its place against Sergeant Bash and Dead Metal. Dead Metal moved forwards first, but Enzyme stayed side-on so Dead Metal could not get a grip on the robot. When Sergeant Bash arrived, both House Robots were too close to each other to get a good push on Enzyme, and they lasted until the timer ran out. Survived
The Mule Dead Metal and Sergeant Bash both attacked The Mule right at the start. The Mule held off Dead Metal, using its forklift to negate the blade, and pushed him right back to the edge of the podium. Then The Mule moved back towards the centre and hit Sergeant Bash's blade; using its forklift and legs it managed to survive all the attacks and stay in the centre until the timer ran out. Survived
Demon Both House Robots attacked Demon straight away, with Dead Metal grabbing and cutting into Demon as it slowly moved it towards the edge. Once it got close enough to the edge, Sergeant Bash charged in, taking both itself and Demon off after 27.47 seconds. 27.47 seconds
Mega Hurts Dead Metal and Sergeant Bash both charged into Mega Hurts at the start as it spun slowly around in circles. Neither House Robot was able to push Mega Hurts off straight away because they were pushing from opposite directions; then Mega Hurts drove onto the edge of the podium and got itself stuck. Dead Metal and Sergeant Bash drove forwards and knocked it off, with both of them falling off in the process. 22.20 seconds
Eliminated: Mega Hurts



The Mule vs DemonEdit


Demon is driven over by Sir Killalot

At first neither robot could get underneath the other. The Mule managed to lift Demon up, but then tried to push Demon into the PPZ. However Demon managed to push The Mule into the PPZ where it was attacked by the house robots. Sir Killalot wedged himself on top of Demon around the time it became immobilised and was later the cause of the breakdown. As The Mule had been pinned by the House Robots, and therefore had not made any significant movement, the judges were called to make a decision. They ruled that The Mule was still mobile and Demon was not, putting The Mule through.

"Well, I think it's fair, we weren't very aggressive, we were having a bit of trouble with the drive"
— Nick Adams, gracious in defeat

Winner: The Mule

Plunderbird 2 vs EnzymeEdit

"You've got to be cruel to be kind. We're cruel, but we're not very kind"
— Mike Onslow 'justifies' his mercilessness

Plunderbird pushes Enzyme

Both robots charged at each other at the start, with Plunderbird 2 managing to get underneath Enzyme. It then tried to push it, but Enzyme drove off the wedge. Plunderbird 2 managed to get underneath Enzyme again, and quickly pushed it into the PPZ. Sergeant Bash attacked with his saw while Plunderbird 2 stopped Enzyme from escaping. The other House Robots came in and pushed both competitors to the back of the PPZ, however they escaped. Plunderbird 2 then tried to push Sir Killalot, but decided to try and push Enzyme instead. Cease was called, and the judges decided that Plunderbird 2 had won the fight.

Winner: Plunderbird 2


Plunderbird 2 vs The MuleEdit

"A little bit of stratagy as it were, but a lot of violence"
— Mike Onslow talks tactics

Plunderbird 2 pushes The Mule

Plunderbird 2 got beneath The Mule straight at the start and pushed it back towards the PPZ. The Mule escaped and tried to use it's lifter, but missed Plunderbird. The Mule tried to push Plunderbird onto the spikes, but they got away and once again tried to push the Mule back into the PPZ. The Mule's low ground clearance meant that it was scraping along the floor and was hard for Plunderbird to push around, however they kept doing this going near to the pit and the PPZ again. The Mule slipped around Plunderbird 2, who had strayed inside the PPZ themselves and were axed by Shunt. Both robots sped to the middle of the arena, and cease was called just as Plunderbird 2 got underneath The Mule again. The Judges decided that Plunderbird 2 had been more active throughout the fight.

"We just had to kick ass"
— Mike Onslow

Heat Winner: Plunderbird 2

"We've got more presents than Santa Claus, and the beards are real, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

  • Of all the robots to be eliminated at the Gauntlet, Phoenix's run was the furthest.
  • This was the first episode to feature more than one judges decision - in fact, all three battles went to the judges.
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