"I know it’s hard to imagine, but some people just aren’t gonna like Robot Wars. People who hand craft their Ford Mondeo's with fake leather interiors, people who wear cardigans, people who use electric blankets in June! For some people, the thought of robots fighting it out in our spectacular high-tech arena has no appeal at all. That’s right, I’m talking about you madam! So, why take that steaming hot cup of cocoa, put on your tartan slippers and dust off your favourite Val Doonican album, while those of us with a pulse get down to some serious robotic carnage!"
— Craig Charles' introduction

Heat K of Robot Wars: The Second Wars was the eleventh of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Second Wars. The episode featuring Heat K was originally broadcast on February 5, 1999 on BBC Two. The broadcast made three Robot Wars ratings records; firstly, it managed to attract 6.13 million viewers, making it the first to not only top six million viewers, but also managed to beat the previous record holder, Heat C, by 180,000 viewers. According to BARB, the episode also became the first to top the thirty highest rated weekly programmes on BBC 2, during 1-7 February.

Competing RobotsEdit


Demon official image
Weight 71.9kg
Dimensions 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.5m
Speed 2mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 10mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons 10mm steel spikes
Notes Wheelchair motors. Aluminium shell and 2 wheel drive
From: Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire
Team Members: Dave Clutterbuck, Joanne Russell & Nick Adams
Enzyme official image
Weight 78.6kg
Dimensions 1.26 x 0.74 x 0.42m
Speed 6mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 15mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons 100kg forklift
Notes Took 7 months to build and cost £100. Chassis and motors from wheelchair
From: Eastbourne
Team Members: Murray Ballard, John Ballard, Andrew Wilkins & Angus Duncan
Megahurtz s2 official image
Mega Hurts
Weight 71.8kg
Dimensions 1.15 x 0.6 x 0.63m
Speed 4mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 40mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons Keyboard disguised lift
Notes 4 x drive motors salvaged from Ford Fiesta windscreen wipers
From: Preston
Team Members: Dave Lund, Tony Lund & Gordon Keeling
Weight 78.6kg
Dimensions 1.24 x 0.74 x 0.4m
Speed 15mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 112mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons Tungsten tipped blades
Notes Industrial motors 140A, 800W. Took 2-3 months to build. Cost £500
From: Elstead in Surrey
Team Members: David Croft, J.P. Abgrall & Charles Lavery
The Mule
The Mule
Weight 80.1kg
Dimensions 1.05 x 0.77 x 0.47m
Speed 8mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 0-100mm (Variable)
Power Unknown
Weapons 3 x Kicking Legs and forklift
Notes Lawnmower wheels and motors. Took 4 months to build at a cost of £400
From: Langport in Somerset
Team Members: Roger Plant


Plunderbird 2
Plunderbird 2
Weight 81.3kg
Dimensions 0.9 x 1.1 x 0.37m
Speed 10mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 20mm
Power 2 x 12V batteries
Weapons Pneumatic steel screw ram
Notes Fought in the First Wars with Plunderbird 1
From: Borden in Hampshire
Team Members: Mike Onslow, Bryan Kilburn & Ken Burt


Left Route Centre Route Right Route
The Sentinel, Matilda and one pit Spikes, static ramp, sphere, and Sir Killalot Ramrig, flame pit, pendulum and Sergeant Bash.



Demon only just escapes the pit

Demon crawled out of the start zone, turning on the spot and heading towards the left route, just avoiding the sphere which was rolled towards it. Demon edged past the first pit, but had to pass between Matilda and The Sentinel. Matilda blocked the path ahead and cut down into Demon's wedge with the chainsaw. Demon pushed Matilda back, but Matilda resisted, and Demon broke free, but went sideways just after the second pit, stopping precariously near falling in.

Matilda retreated and spun around, whacking the side of Demon with her tusks, but with all the weight at the back of Demon, the front swung over the pit and didn't cause it to fall in. Demon reversed at Matilda, pushing the House Robot back and getting closer to the end. Sir Killalot pushed Matilda to try and hold Demon back, but Demon used the opportunity to sneak past the giant House Robot and get its nose across the line by the middle fence, where Cease was called.



Enzyme falls in the second pit

Enzyme headed towards the left route upon exiting the start zone and quite quickly passed the first pit. As Enzyme passed The Sentinel, a large barrel prop fell off the side of the House Robot, which Enzyme had to push past to get through.

The prop dropped in the pit after bouncing off Enzyme, and Enzyme tried to squeeze through a shrinking gap between Matilda and the pit, but a small nudge from Matilda was enough for one side of Enzyme to get caught over the pit. Matilda turned around, threw out a shower of sparks for show before finally pushing Enzyme into the pit.



Sir Killalot crushes Phoenix's tyre

Phoenix wobbled forwards out of the start gate, zig-zagging drastically as the team figured out how to steer it. Phoenix passed the spikes of the middle route before wildly missing the ramp and having to back up and make a second attempt. Phoenix crept up the ramp, forcing a barrel off the top and getting through the hazard, but an ill-timed burst of speed at the wrong angle saw Phoenix drive off the edge. It stopped with a wheel still touching the ground, so drove on to try and escape, but the rear bodywork protrusion was caught on the ramp still, leaving Phoenix pinned in position with no wheels on the ground. Sir Killalot rolled the large sphere into Phoenix, which was enough to dislodge the robot, but the sphere's position blocked the line-of-sight back to the control booths.

"Phoenix has gone behind the ball, how can he [David Croft, the driver] see his robot now?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Unable to accurately steer, Phoenix found itself driving back to the start-line. Now it was in sight of the control booths, Phoenix stopped and reversed, but drove straight into Sir Killalot, who pushed back, trapped Phoenix and began to cut through Phoenix's tyre with its claw. Sir Killalot pinned phoenix in place until time ran out.

The MuleEdit


The Mule makes it into the end zone

The Mule headed down the left route off the start and aimed for the gap between Matilda and a pit, but feinted away at the last second to try and trick the House Robot. Matilda raised the tusks to hold the Mule back, and The Mule used its forklift on thin air in response. The Mule reversed and was caught on a floor spike, which gave Matilda time to retreat behind The Sentinel. The Mule passed The Sentinel easily and aimed at Matilda, where the House Robot seemed to jump out of its way, allowing The Mule to pass the finish line easily.

Craig Charles: "It looked like Matilda was scared of you there, didn't it?"
Roger Plant: "I should think so too. I'd kick the whatsit out of Matilda"
— Fighting talk from Roger Plant

Mega HurtsEdit


Mega Hurts having completed The Gauntlet

Mega Hurts turned towards the right route straight away and drove towards the ramrig, all the while its CD drive was constantly ejecting and returning. Mega Hurts drove into the ramrig at an awkward angle, getting slightly caught on the angle grinders as the other side squeezed in. Mega Hurts was trapped temporarily, but escaped when the side retreated. Mega Hurts survived a slam from Sergeant Bash and managed to get the other side of the pendulum to the House Robot. Mega Hurts drove over the flame pit and was blocked by Sir Killalot. Matilda and Sir Killalot did their best to hassle Mega Hurts, but Sir Killalot reversed which allowed mega Hurts to cross into the end zone and complete the Gauntlet.

Plunderbird 2Edit


Plunderbird 2 descended deep down the pit

After a rendition of their "theme song", Plunderbird 2 lined up on the start line. It cautiously edged out and headed to the left route, where it was lifted twice by the first spike. The Sentinel spun its arm wide, so Plunderbird2 stayed close and swept underneath it. Plunderbird was faced with Matilda blocking the way forward, so it turned and accelerated straight into the pit.

Philippa Forrester: "They [the other Roboteers] are all calling you chickens over there"
Mike Onslow: "We're not chickens, we just wanted to get through to the next round, but most of all we wanted to have a go at the House Robots."
The other roboteers in the pits: "'Chicken noises'"
Mike Onslow: "SILENCE! How dare you. We're back and we're gonna stay. More violence!"
Philippa Forrester: "Now just between you and me, did you dive in that pit to avoid the House Robots?"
Mike Onslow: "Absolutely NOT!"
— The hilarious post-run interview after Plunderbird 2 was accused of deliberately pitting itself


Rank Robot Distance
The Mule Completed
Mega Hurts Completed
Demon Completed
Enzyme 10.5m
Plunderbird 2 10.5m
Phoenix 8.9m

Trial (King of the Castle)Edit



Sergeant Bash takes Demon down with it

Demon was quite happy to stay still as the two House Robots drove up the ramp towards it. Demon turned towards the faster starting Dead Metal to get its wedge into play, but Dead Metal opened its claws and grabbed Demon, cutting down with the saw. Sergeant Bash circled behind Dead Metal, and began pushing Demon back from the side as Demon's wedge was getting cut into by Dead Metal's saw.

Dead Metal stayed still, cutting into Demon repeatedly, but seemingly unable to push Demon back. Sergeant Bash went around and began to push the rear of Dead Metal, which in turn moved Demon closer to the edge. Demon was propped on one of the barrels on the side, keeping it in place, but Sergeant Bash pushed the side of Demon, which was enough to break its traction, allowing Dead Metal to thrust forwards, as both Demon and Sergeant bash toppled off the side.



Enzyme is pinned between the House Robots

Enzyme spun on the spot in the middle as the House Robots appeared, giving Dead Metal a whack as it came in. Enzyme kept spinning, and Dead Metal circled the competitor, trying to get behind to push. Dead Metal spotted, which in turn stopped Enzyme spinning when it connected. This allowed Sergeant bash to slide in behind and hold the rear of Enzyme in place. Dead Metal pushed forwards, moving Sergeant bash out of the way and releasing pressure on Enzyme.

However, despite being freed, the Enzyme team seemed unable to move their robot. Enzyme sat motionless for a few seconds, seemingly stuck. Sergeant Bash pushed the corner of Enzyme, but unable to get into a good angle, it couldn't push it off. Enzyme skidded with its wheels locked as the House Robot kept pushing at a bad angle, until time was up and Enzyme had survived.

The MuleEdit


The Mule holds the House Robots back

The Mule stood firm as Dead Metal flew up the ramp and into it. Dead Metal gripped The Mule with its pincers and tried to bring the saw down to cause damage, but The Mule fired its forklift, which caught the saw in mid-air. The Mule took advantage and drove forwards, almost forcing Dead Metal off the platform, but the House Robot fought back and drove forwards, where The Mule backed into Sergeant Bash's saw. The Mule's forklift kept Dead Metal's saw off the main body, while the rear "kicking leg" held Sergeant Bash at bay. The Mule and Dead Metal continued their embrace and pushing match until time ran out and The Mule had survived the 30 seconds.

Mega HurtsEdit


Dead Metal drops Mega Hurts off the platform

Mega Hurts spun around with its weapons raised as the House Robots took a slow approach up the ramps. Dead Metal turned away from Mega Hurts, driving into a barrel, but used the change to get at Mega Hurts from a different angle. It opened its pincers and grabbed Mega Hurts from the side, but the saw didn't reach the computer monitor on top, so Dead Metal let go and reversed, allowing it to slam back into Mega Hurts. Mega Hurts was freed and began to drive forwards, but went too far and got close to the edge. Dead Metal poked the back of Mega Hurts, which balanced precariously on the edge, before driving through Mega Hurts, rolling it off the platform, and Dead Metal landed on top of Mega Hurts off the platform. Sergeant Bash also drove off, but as Mega Hurts was the first to fall, it didn't count as a victory, but a defeat.

Plunderbird 2Edit


Plunderbird 2 watches the fallen Dead Metal

Plunderbird 2 stayed in the middle of the platform with its ramming scoop down to minimise ground clearance. Dead Metal drove at Plunderbird 2, but the pincers slid up the front of the wedge effortlessly. Sergeant Bash pushed Plunderbird 2 from the back, which in turn spun Dead Metal around and pushed it closer to the edge. Plunderbird 2 escaped the grip and drove round both House Robots into the centre of the ring, edging around Sergeant bash. It aimed the wedge towards Dead Metal, which was spinning on the spot, and slid under the House Robot, driving it forwards and dropping the House Robot off the side.

Plunderbird 2 had been pressured all the while by Sergeant Bash, which had been pushing the side of Plunderbird 2. After dumping Dead Metal off, Plunderbird 2 turned left and drove forwards, which released the Sergeant's grip on the competitor. A sudden burst of unrestricted acceleration, and Sergeant Bash toppled off the side, after Plunderbird 2 had cleverly driven into the entry ramps, thus being able to lead Sergeant Bash off the edge.


Rank Robot Time
Plunderbird 2 Victorious
Enzyme Survived
The Mule Survived
Demon 27.47s
Mega Hurts 22.20s



The Mule vs DemonEdit

Mule vs demon

The House Robots close in on The Mule after The Mule was pushed into the PPZ


Demon is driven over by Sir Killalot

Demon slowly moved forwards as The Mule took a more angled approach into the centre of the arena. The two met in the centre, but neither could push the other, so The Mule backed off. The Mule survived a flick of flame from Sergeant Bash and drove in at Demon, lifting the front of the robot with its forklift. Demon dropped down and turned around, driving towards The Mule. The Mule was faster though, and began to push Demon from the side, pushing it halfway across the arena before Demon escaped and spun around. Demon managed to get under The Mule and forced it all the way across the arena and into a PPZ by the wall. Dead Metal and Shunt began to attack The Mule, but Sir Killalot also began to attack Demon, which had started the attack and wasn't in the PPZ itself. Sir Killalot drove up the front of Demon, which had been showing signs of immobility itself.

In the end, the judges unanimously awarded the battle to The Mule, which had been more aggressive throughout the battle, as both robots had broken down at similar times.

"Well, I think it's fair, we weren't very aggressive, we were having a bit of trouble with the drive"
— Nick Adams, gracious in defeat

Winner: The Mule

Plunderbird 2 vs EnzymeEdit

Plunderbird vs enzyme

Plunderbird 2 gets under Enzyme


Plunderbird pushes Enzyme into the PPZ

Enzyme wiggled slightly as it drove towards the faster-starting Plunderbird 2, and Plunderbird 2 slid under the front of Enzyme as they met in the centre. Plunderbird 2 turned towards the front of Enzyme, keeping it on the wedge for longer, but Enzyme managed to bounce down and drive away. Enzyme tried to spin and whack the front of Plunderbird 2, but went too soon, allowing Plunderbird 2 to wedge easily under Enzyme and push it towards Sergeant Bash in the PPZ. Bash tried to extricate Enzyme from Plunderbird 2's grip, but was unable after a few attempts and resorted to driving in saw-first and sending sparks flying.

Sgt bash vs enzyme

Sgt. Bash saws into Enzyme as Shunt axes

Plunderbird vs sirkillalot

Plunderbird 2 chases Sir Killalot

After some help from Shunt and Sir Killalot, Plunderbird 2 was able to escape, leaving Enzyme at the mercy of the House Robots. Enzyme, however, escaped and followed Plunderbird 2 as it chased Sir Killalot. Plunderbird 2 noticed and reversed into Enzyme as time ran out and Cease was called. The judges quickly awarded victory to Plunderbird 2.

"You've got to be cruel to be kind. We're cruel, but we're not very kind"
— Mike Onslow 'justifies' his mercilessness

Winner: Plunderbird 2


Plunderbird 2 vs The MuleEdit


Plunderbird 2 pushes The Mule

As the two robots met in the centre of the arena, Plunderbird 2 slid underneath The Mule and pushed the multi-coloured robot back. The Mule had its forklift positioned underneath Plunderbird 2's wedge, and fired the forklift, which lifted the wedge up and allowed The Mule to escape. The Mule drove forwards, before reversing at Plunderbird 2 and stopping. The Mule spun around trying to spin Plunderbird 2 around by pushing its side.


The Mule pushes Plunderbird 2 into Shunt

They separated and moved apart, giving Plunderbird 2 a chance to drive in with its wedge. Plunderbird 2 slid under The Mule and tried to push it towards a PPZ, but the back armour stayed stuck in the floor and resisted. The Mule frantically bucked its kicking legs as Plunderbird 2 eventually got The Mule moving towards the pit, but the resistance from the scraping corner spun The Mule safely away from the pit. Plunderbird 2 dropped The Mule down and started pushing the side as they approached a PPZ. Shunt axed the top of Plunderbird 2 before The Mule reversed into the centre of the arena and had one last attack. The Mule ended up on top of Plunderbird 2 as Cease was called.

The judges gave the victory to Plunderbird 2 after the fight was over.

Heat Winner: Plunderbird 2

"We've got more presents than Santa Claus, and the beards are real, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

  • Of all the robots to be eliminated at the Gauntlet, Phoenix's run was the furthest.
  • This was the first episode to feature more than one judges decision - in fact, all three battles went to the judges.
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