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"These guys almost made it onto the show, but didn't quite get in. But now, thanks to Grudge Match, they finally made it."
Craig Charles

The Reserve Rumble was a one-off battle featured in the Grudge Matches episode of Robot Wars: The Second Wars. The battle was a melee between five heavyweight robots which applied for the main series, but were not selected to compete for various reasons.

Competing Robots[]

Bumblebot s2 stats.png
Weight 81.1kg
Dimensions Unknown
Power Unknown
Weapons Hammer
From: Reading
Team Members: Andy Noyes, Mat Jarvis, Sarah Corps
Weight 55.4kg
Dimensions Unknown
Power Unknown
Weapons Forklift
From: Ipswich
Team Members: John Benton
Jim struts stats.png
Jim Struts
Weight 175.9kg
Dimensions Unknown
Power Unknown
Weapons Lifting feet
From: High Wycombe
Team Members: Ian Inglis, Kerry Inglis
Lateral Thought.JPG
Lateral Thought
Weight 56.2kg
Dimensions Unknown
Power Unknown
Weapons Spikes
From: University of Glamorgan
Team Members: Phil Hardwick, Unnamed students
Malice stats.png
Weight 68.4kg
Dimensions Unknown
Power Unknown
Weapons Cutting disc
From: Unknown
Team Members: Unknown

Reserve Rumble[]

Lateral Thought vs Malice vs Bumblebot vs Forklift vs Jim Struts[]

Bumblebot and Jim Struts duel

Malice is picked up by Killalot

The robots all made for the middle of the arena at the start, with Jim Struts waddling and keeping its distance. Lateral Thought on the other hand was limited to straight line movements, and soon wandered into the PPZ, where it was blocked between Dead Metal and Shunt. Unable to escape, Lateral Thought reversed into the scoop of Shunt who punctured the shell. Meanwhile, Malice having barely driven a few feet became motionless, and already immobilized, and was then picked up by Sir Killalot, whilst Shunt dumped Lateral Thought in the pit, and Malice soon followed.

"And Shunt, he-ho - cheerio for Lateral Thought. This is Malice, surely to go the same way. Killalot means business, over... and out, for you. Into the smoke and flames and cauldron of hell; they've gone."
— Jonathan Pearce as Lateral Thought and Malice are pitted inside seconds.

This left only Bumblebot, Forklift and Jim Struts. Bumblebot, as it had at the start, attempted some hammer blows on Jim Struts, but these were off target. Jim Struts backed into Forklift as it nudged from behind, and tried to use its lifting prongs, but these weren't strong enough against the walkerbot's excessive weight. Forklift then dodged a hammer blow from Bumblebot, and consequently drove into Dead Metal's pincers waiting in the PPZ as a result of its move. Whilst Bumblebot and Jim Struts duelled, Forklift was clutched by Dead Metal and punctured half a dozen times by Shunt. Sir Killalot then overturned Forklift and picked it up, and the shell came loose, hanging limp as Sir Killalot dragged it over the flame grid. A brick, which is believed to maintain Forklift's traction, also fell out. Its electrics were set ablaze and smouldered as Sir Killalot shoved its remains into the pit.

Shunt pepperpots Forklift

Shunt punctures a hole in Lateral Thought

"It's on fire, Forklift! A fiery forklift! Well, I don't think we've seen a robot mashed up quite like this one! That's the end of Forklift! Well, do you think so? I do."
— Jonathan Pearce as Forklift catches fire and its remains are pitted.

Bumblebot, one of only two surviving machines, was circling round Jim Struts after it had been stuck briefly on the floor spike trap, it appeared to have broken its axe mechanism and was using it instead as a battering ram. At this point Jim Struts used its unique weapon, a manipulation of its walking mechanism allowing it to 'flick' the feet to overturn opponents, but failing to make any difference to Bumblebot, only managing to catch its hammer and poke the side armour.

"Jim Struts, I think trying to flick... Yes, trying to flick Bumblebot into the air, then, trying to get those feet into play. You'll be drawing your pension by the time Jim Struts gets into a gallop."
— Jonathan Pearce as Jim Struts attempts to attack Bumblebot

The innards of Forklift

A damaged Sir Killalot attacks Bumblebot

However, Bumblebot was guided away from the arena centre by Jim Struts, and strayed close the PPZ's border on its own accord, before it was knocked out from a swing of the arena mace, and was set on by the House Robots. It is noticeable that, by the end of the fight, Sir Killalot's head appeared to have been dislodged from its bracket, and was hanging loose.

"And meanwhile, Jim Struts, alone, undaunted, unmarked, and, I think, a very curious winner!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Jim Struts

Jim Struts, the first walking robot on Robot Wars and the winner of the Reserve Rumble.


  • This battle not only marked the first appearance of a walking robot on Robot Wars - Jim Struts - but also the first victory by one.