"Tonight, a robot's worst nightmare comes true, as we bring you the return of the Annihilator!"
— Craig Charles

The Annihilator of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars was the first of the three special episodes to air at the end of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. This episode originally aired on March 14, 2004 on Five. As with the other Annihilators, it featured six robots going into the arena and battling until one was immobilised. The survivors would then be given time for repairs and would do battle again. Another robot would be eliminated. This process would repeat until only one robot was left standing. This episode also included the House Robot Rebellion, as a Special Event to break up the main event.

Competing Robots[edit | edit source]

Ewe 2
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 0.42m x 0.91m x 0.66m
Power 24v Motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Very Strong Steel Frame
Weaknesses No Armour Underneath
From: Northamptonshire
Team Members: Ian Lockhart, Scott Lockhart, Tony Tobbell
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 0.21m x 1.00m x 0.89m
Power Electric Motors
Weapons Rotating Drum & Lifting Arm
Strengths Rotating Steel Drum
Weaknesses Wheels Use Drive Chain
From: Oregon, United States of America
Team Members: Joe Murawski
KO Series7.png
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 0.24m x 1.63m x 1.17m
Power 2x 750w Motors
Weapons Hydraulic Jaws
Strengths Interchangeable Jaws
Weaknesses Never Got Past 1st Round
From: Northamptonshire
Team Members: Andy Kane, Tom Kane, Alistair O'Neill
Raging Knightmare
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 0.25m x 0.96m x 0.83m
Power 2 x 750w Electric Motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths High Powered Weaponry
Weaknesses Lightweight Body Armour
From: Leicestershire
Team Members: Nigel Paget, Lee Summers, Malcolm Summers
Ripper 7.png
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.64m x 1.38m x 1.15m
Power 2x 750w Motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Good Driver
Weaknesses Thin Armour
From: Staffordshire
Team Members: John Findlay, Steven Johnson, David Findlay
Headless Robochicken.png
Weight 99kg (with head attached)
Dimensions 0.74m x 1.35m x 0.95m
Power 750W Electric Motor
Weapons Flipper & Spinning Disc
Strengths Weaponry
Weaknesses The Team
From: Devon
Team Members: Jason Snow, Farren White & Alec Dick

Round 1[edit | edit source]

All six robots in the arena, notice the overturned Robochicken

Ripper tosses Ewe 2 onto Flippa and nearly out of the arena

Ripper flipped Robochicken over straight away, before lifting defending champions Kan-Opener up. Then, the green robot flipped Ewe 2 on top of Flippa so its flipper hung over the arena wall, immobilising Ewe 2 and Flippa.

"Is Flippa moving? Goodness me it'll be for the first time in Robot Wars history if it is..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Kan-Opener then charged Raging Knightmare into the CPZ and was flipped twice by the previous Annihilator runner-up. The second flip caught Kan-Opener on the arena side wall and it was stuck there. Ripper then came in and flipped Raging Knightmare so it too was stuck on the arena side wall. Raging Knightmare fell off the wall, but got stuck upside down. Dead Metal came in, and Ripper attempted to flip it too, but it was too heavy. Ripper then flipped Kan-Opener so that it nearly went out of the arena, but instead came back down and landed on Dead Metal. Dead Metal attacked Ripper, causing sparks to fly, but both it and Kan-Opener escaped and resumed their fight in the centre of the arena.

Kan-Opener finds itself in big trouble inside the CPZ

Ewe 2, pitted by Kan-Opener

"These are the best three for me."
— Jonathan Pearce as Kan-Opener, Raging Knightmare and Ripper continue to jostle

Raging Knightmare then suddenly self-righted and rejoined the action and was quickly flipped over again by Ripper. The pit release button was pressed, but then Refbot finally began to count out Robochicken, and Ewe 2 was rescued from the arena side wall, although it was never given a chance to self-right. Refbot counted Robochicken out moments before Ewe 2 was pitted by Kan-Opener. Cease was then called.

Eliminated: Robochicken

Round 2[edit | edit source]

Ewe 2 enters the arena. Notice Flippa, with its arm raised, is visible in the background.

Flippa never made it into the arena due to technical difficulties and was therefore eliminated by default. Despite a robot already going out in the second round, the third round immediately proceeded.

"Here comes Flippa... Here comes Flippa... Here comes Flippa... Ah, red card. No entry."
— Jonathan Pearce as Flippa fails to make it into the arena

Afterwards, it was announced that Flippa couldn't enter the arena due to its aerial being accidentally broken off by Ewe 2 as the robots powered up to start.

Eliminated: Flippa

Round 3[edit | edit source]

Ewe 2 and Raging Knightmare lie upside down

Early on, both Ripper and Ewe 2 flipped Raging Knightmare over, the robot being able to self-right on each occasion. Ripper flipped the robot again, and Kan-Opener grabbed it before it could self right. Ripper wasn't able to flip the combined weight of them both over, so it flipped Ewe 2 over instead.

"Look at Ripper, that is immensely powerful."
— Jonathan Pearce as Ripper flings Ewe 2

Ewe 2 and Kan-Opener and Ripper and Raging Knightmare had separate bouts for a few moments, before Ripper twice and Ewe 2 once flipped Raging Knightmare over in quick succession, before Ripper flipped over Ewe 2. Raging Knightmare was able to self-right, but Ewe 2 didn't appear to be able to.

"Still, statue-esque, Ewe 2."
— Jonathan Pearce as Ewe 2 shows little signs of self-righting

Raging Knightmare hovers over the pit while Ewe 2 is being counted out

While the other three robots clashed, Refbot looked at Ewe 2, and began to count it out, as Kan-Opener opened the pit. The suddenly, Kan-Opener shoved Raging Knightmare over the descending pit, but it didn't fall in because it was caught on one of Kan-Opener's arms. Refbot reached 10, Ewe 2 was whacked by Matilda's flywheel, while the lucky survivor Raging Knightmare finally fell in the pit, and cease was called.

Eliminated: Ewe 2

Round 4[edit | edit source]

"Two machines ready to come in, Kan-Opener, the first. Why do I say two? It's significant. Out comes Ripper, the second. The teams very close friends I can tell you. Will they gang up on Raging Knightmare?"
— Jonathan Pearce before the battle begins

Ripper hoists Raging Knightmare

Ripper began by hoisting up Raging Knightmare, which was able to quickly self-right. Kan-Opener also attacked it, and Ripper flipped it twice more. The two robots appeared to be ganging up on Raging Knightmare, not attacking each other. Raging Knightmare managed to get a flip in on Kan-Opener, but was flipped twice more by Ripper and shoved onto the flame pit by Kan-Opener. After self-righting, Raging Knightmare was flipped by Ripper again.

"Well if Raging Knightmare is beaten here, and the other two teams go through, will friendships end there? Will rivalry, intense rivalry take over?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Raging Knightmare hangs above the pit.

Kan-Opener dragged it away from Dead Metal as Ripper activated the pit. Again, Raging Knightmare got stuck over the pit on Kan-Opener's claws and was looking to survive to a judges decision. Ripper though, had other ideas. It reversed into Kan-Opener several times until it was able to release Raging Knightmare, which duly fell into the pit.

Eliminated: Raging Knightmare

Final[edit | edit source]

Kan-Opener grabs Ripper

Ripper straight away flipped Kan-Opener over several times. Ripper then got stuck on the arena wall, but was dragged away by Kan-Opener. As Kan-Opener went to open the pit, it could be seen that Ripper could no longer achieve forward motion.

Kan-Opener buckles Ripper's armour

"What's happened to Ripper? Ripper can't get out from the arena wall, has their control gone? I think it might have done, you know."
— Jonathan Pearce

Mr. Psycho drove Ripper into the CPZ, but also drove it straight out again. Kan-Opener grabbed it, and crumpled the armour of Ripper's side. Smoke then started to billow from Kan-Opener's side, and Refbot counted out Ripper, as Kan-Opener buckled away more of its armour, and cease was called. Kan-Opener was proclaimed as Annihilator Champion, retaining the trophy from Extreme 2, and also becoming the only Annihilator Champion to defend its title.

Annihilator Champion: Kan-Opener

"Six robots came through the war zone doors, but only one survived, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Raging Knightmare and Kan-Opener were the only Annihilator veterans in this episode.
    • This was also Team Knightmare's third Annihilator competition, making them the only team to ever fight in that many Annihilators.
    • Panic Attack, who had previously competed in an Annihilator before, was offered a space in the competition, but missed out after the team were unable to confirm quickly enough that it could compete.
  • This was the first and only time a previous Annihilator champion returned to defend its title, which Kan-Opener was successful in doing so.
  • As the third-to-last episode to air as part of the original series, Kan-Opener was the only competitor in the Annihilator to appear in a later episode.
    • However, Behemoth (which took part in the House Robot Rebellion) would feature in the following episode, but the House Robot Rebellion was actually filmed afterwards.
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