The Crusher Crunch Up was a one-off Special Event broadcast in Heat H of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. One of three weapon-based side events to take place throughout the series, it consisted of a single three-way melee between robots armed with vertical crushing weapons.

Competing robotsEdit

Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.24 x 1.63 x 1.17m
Power Electric motor
Weapons Hydraulic crush & lift
Strengths Massive lift capability
Weaknesses Unprotected wheels
From: Balderton, Nottinghamshire
Team Members: Duncan Chan-Pensley, Jonathan Leversedge & Chris Barber
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.67 x 1.30 x 0.88m
Power 690W electric motor
Weapons Hydraulic crushing arm
Strengths Titanium body
Weaknesses High centre of gravity
From: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Team Members: Steve Davis, Luke Davis & Jake Davis
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.88 x 1.06 x 1.15m
Power 300W electric motor
Weapons Hydraulic crushing beak
Strengths Powerful crusher
Weaknesses Lack of armour
From: Darlington, County Durham
Team Members: Colin Sievers, Karl Sievers & Jacqui Sievers

Crusher Crunch UpEdit

Mantis vs Pinser vs R.O.C.S.Edit

Crusher crunch up

Pinser crushes into R.O.C.S.

All three robots started very cautiously, with Pinser and R.O.C.S. eventually engaging in battle, before Mantis came up behind R.O.C.S., lifted it and pushed it into the CPZ. As R.O.C.S. became cornered and was attacked by the hammer of Mr. Psycho, Mantis drove up onto Pinser and was gripped by Pinser's crushing weapon.

"That's a good, good shove by Mantis! 750 watt motors out there, and R.O.C.S. between one and a hard place."
— Jonathan Pearce as R.O.C.S. finds itself in Mr. Psycho's CPZ

R.O.C.S. escaped from the CPZ and rejoined the battle, as Pinser held Mantis over a flame jet before eventually releasing it. Mantis then got underneath Pinser and slammed it into the arena wall, activating the pit in the process. Mantis then tried to force R.O.C.S. towards the pit, but its opponent moved out of harms way, which saw Mantis nearly overshoot and drive into the pit itself. Mantis tried to regain some composure, but then slammed into the arena wall as Pinser grabbed hold of R.O.C.S. and crumpled its armour.

Crusher Crunch Up 3

Pinser crumples down into R.O.C.S.

"And the very innards of R.O.C.S. being surgically removed by Pinser's crushing arm."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pinser reversed towards the flame jet with R.O.C.S. still beached on its wedge, before it managed to free itself. Mantis then nudged Pinser over the flame jet, and a huge explosion of fire shortly followed from the arena hazard, as Pinser began to drip hydraulic fluid and had stopped moving.

"A great spew of flame from the arena floor, and that's hydraulic fluid dropping from the beak."
— Jonathan Pearce

Meanwhile, Mantis had slipped itself underneath R.O.C.S. and lifted it up against the arena wall. Pinser had finally managed to regain movement and snuck behind Mantis, before parking itself over the flame jet once more, where it began to smoke. All three robots were still boxed in next to the arena wall so Cassius Chrome attempted to break them up.

Crusher Crunch Up 2

All three robots at close-quarters against the arena wall

"Who's burning? Who's moving? Certainly flame underneath Pinser..."
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle comes to a standstill

Finally, with time ticking down, Mantis loosened its grip on R.O.C.S. and moved away to prove its mobility as the other two robots slipped around with limited mobility in the hydraulic fluid on the arena floor. Cease was called with Mantis spinning with delight in the centre of the arena, and it was awarded the victory by the judges.

Crusher Crunch Up Champion: Mantis


  • Out of the three weapons-themed Special Events to take place in Series 7, the Crusher Crunch Up was the only one to end in a Judges' decision.
  • Despite the event's name, the eventual winner (Mantis) was also armed with a lifting weapon.
  • The battle was aired during the course of Heat H of the main competition, prior to the main competition appearances of all three participants, however, the battle was actually filmed long afterwards.Citation?

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