"They have the dancers, the prancers with a glint in the eye and a ready smile. We have grimness and bile as the war zone awaits eight bots to the slaughter! Welcome to Heat I of Robot Wars. A slam, bam, thank you mam! Punishment party! Some will spin to win! Others will be counted out in the war zone of terror!"
— Jonathan Pearce's introduction

Heat I of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars was the ninth of sixteen heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. The episode featuring Heat I was originally broadcast on December 27, 2003 on Five.

"Welcome to Robot Wars. And casting a dark cloud over the opposition tonight is Storm 2, winner of the Robot Wars New Blood Championship and that was for brand new robot with no fighting experience to win instant qualification to this, the Seventh Wars. So, you've seen Storm 2 in action, do you think they've got a chance against the big boys?!"
— Craig Charles

Competing robots[edit | edit source]

"It turned out that we were in the 'Heat of Doom (or Death)' as various people had called it, being grouped with some nasty spinners such as Shredder and Supernova. Storm 2 was also in this heat and was a very powerful rambot. As it turned out, the first fight of the group was between Supernova, Storm 2, Mayhem and Rhino, which kept us out of the worst of it, thank goodness. There were some awful noises coming out of the arena from where we were standing."
— John Willoughby

Newcomers[edit | edit source]

Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.35 x 1.02 x 0.60m
Power 750W electric motor
Weapons High energy disc
Strengths Strong armour
Weaknesses Exposed wheels
From: Great Dunmow, Essex
Team Members: Richard Wenham & Alan Wenham
Storm II S7.png
Storm 2 (seeded 16th)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.67 x 0.78 x 0.68m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Lifting arm
Strengths Unrivalled speed
Weaknesses Often hard to control
From: Ipswich, Suffolk
Team Members: Ed Hoppitt, Tim Bence & Meral Kolac
Sub-Version 1.1
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.75 x 1.43 x 0.63m
Power 1.5HP cart motors
Weapons Pneumatic spike & cutter
Strengths Self righting
Weaknesses Armour thin at rear
From: Argyll and Bute, Scotland
Team Members: Jamie Walker, Mitchel Hamilton & Jones Watton
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.82 x 1.20 x 0.76m
Power 2800W electric motor
Weapons Flipper & axe
Strengths Unique flipper
Weaknesses None found
From: Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
Team Members: Shane Swan, Andrew Shepard & Paul Morton

Veterans[edit | edit source]

Weight 98kg
Dimensions 0.67 x 1.32 x 0.79m
Power 36V electric motor
Weapons High pressure flipper & disc
Strengths Very destructive weapon
Weaknesses Driver needs more practice
From: Birstall, Leicestershire
Team Members: Russell Orton, Martin Crouch & Daniel Orton
Shredder Evolution.png
Shredder Evolution
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.34 x 0.84 x 1.01m
Power 24V electric motors
Weapons Twin counter rotating discs
Strengths Solid build
Weaknesses Hasn't got any
From: Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Team Members: Paul Hunt, Samuel Jones & Chris Organ
Steel Avenger.png
Steel Avenger
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.74 x 1.34 x 0.66m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe
Strengths Tough with powerful axe
Weaknesses High ground clearance
From: Colchester, Essex
Team Members: John Willoughby, Tony Bates & Jacky Willoughby
Weight 95kg
Dimensions 0.26 x 1.02 x 0.68m
Power 750W electric motor
Weapons Spinning disc
Strengths Fast with powerful weapon
Weaknesses Thin armour
From: Wallington, Surrey
Team Members: Suren Balendran, Nishani Balendran & Thuvaaragen Balendran

Round 1[edit | edit source]

"Storm 2 seeded sixteen but given a stiff task in our opening battle. Four rampaging robotic mashing machines bashing and trashing. Then four more hit the arena floor. All tubes firing. Only one survives the heat to make the series semi-finals."
— Jonathan Pearce

Mayhem vs Rhino vs Storm 2 (16) vs Supernova[edit | edit source]

Storm 2 rams Rhino

Mayhem has one of its wheels ripped off by Supernova

Rhino lifts Storm 2. Note Supernova with Mayhem's destroyed wheels in the background

The destroyed Mayhem is counted out

Mayhem is thrown by Matilda's flywheel

Storm 2 pushes Supernova into Sir Killalot

The damage caused to Sir Killalot by Storm 2 and Supernova's combined attack

Supernova is slammed into the CPZ by Storm 2

Storm 2 ran into Rhino tentatively, before circling around and slamming it at full force into the side wall, lifting the hefty robot clean off the ground. Rhino moved away and was attacked by Mayhem. However, Supernova came in and slammed Mayhem, cleaving a tyre off and halving Mayhem's manoeuvrability, before knocking the remaining tyre off to immobilise it.

"That's the end of Mayhem - tyre off... about to be re-tyred, I think... re-tyred into oblivion."
— Jonathan Pearce

Storm 2 was flicked by Rhino's flipper, but did not land on its back. Rhino's flipper did not lower again, and Storm 2 charged into it, slamming it into the side wall once more, and then into Matilda's CPZ. Matilda turned, and her flywheel shattered the arena wall, lifting a section of it into the air. As Mayhem was counted out and thrown by the floor flipper, Rhino attempted to lift Storm 2, but the weight was greater and Rhino was raised off the ground itself, as Supernova charged in for an attack. Storm 2 now pushed the Sri Lankan machine into Sir Killalot, whose spinning disc sheared through Sir Killalot's right track. Storm 2 then got behind Supernova and slammed it into the side wall, where it shook itself loose and promptly broke down.

"And very few robots in his heat, let alone this battle, and I think in this series of Robot Wars, will survive this machine, Storm 2, on what I've seen already."
— Jonathan Pearce

Qualified: Rhino & Storm 2

Shredder Evolution vs Steel Avenger vs Sub-Version 1.1 vs Trax[edit | edit source]

Sub-Version 1.1 barely avoids the pit

Steel Avenger drags Shredder Evolution over the flame pit

Sub-Version 1.1 bore the brunt of the initial attacks, as Trax slid straight beneath it and Shredder Evolution slammed its disc's into its side. Steel Avenger then entered the fray, shoving Shredder Evolution into the CPZ, aided by Sub-Version 1.1. Shredder Evolution flew out of the CPZ, skidding to a halt against the opposite wall.

"Oh, look at the speed of it, look at the speed of it!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Shredder Evolution darts across the arena

Trax rams Sub-Version into the wall

Shredder Evolution cuts into Sub-Version 1.1

Sub-Version 1.1 is pitted at the last second

Meanwhile, Steel Avenger drove onto Trax's wedge and landed an axe blow, just before Trax threw Steel Avenger over, with Steel Avenger self-righting. Shredder Evolution attacked Sub-Version 1.1 again, before Steel Avenger shoved them apart and axed Shredder Evolution's exposed wheelguard. Trax shoved Sub-Version 1.1 into the side wall and activated the pit, whilst Shredder Evolution was pushed onto, and held over the flame pit by Steel Avenger. Upon release, it attacked Sub-Version 1.1 whilst Trax fought Steel Avenger, flipping it over again, with Steel Avenger self-righting again. Steel Avenger then turned, and struck its axe twice more on Shredder Evolution, pinning and dragging it briefly. Shredder Evolution soon freed itself, and its disc hit back on Steel Avenger's axe, leaving a large S-bend in the arm, as time ran out. Meanwhile, Trax pitted Sub-Version 1.1 just before the cease call, and the judges chose Shredder Evolution to be eliminated as well.

"Oh, Sub-Version has gone down, just before cease was called!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Qualified: Steel Avenger & Trax

Round 2[edit | edit source]

"The spell over the flames did it for Shredder Evoultion. They're out with Sub-Version. Trax and Steel Avenger through to our second round tonight. Let's see how they'll line up then. Well Steel Avenger will meet Rhino and Trax will be up against Storm 2, fast emerging as the heat favourites."
— Jonathan Pearce

Storm 2 (16) vs Trax[edit | edit source]

Storm 2 raises Trax

Storm 2 slammed Trax into the side walls, lifting it off the ground from the impact. It then pushed it around, tentatively lifting it with its weapon, but continuing to slam it from all sides.

Storm 2 sends Trax flying

Trax narrowly avoids a hammer blow from Mr. Psycho

"Trax okay. Durable, sturdy, but being pushed all over the shop here. This is a question, surely, of when, not if."
— Jonathan Pearce as Storm 2 dominates the battle

Storm 2 pinned Trax against the side wall, lifting it off the ground, before slamming into the pit release and ripping it from the side wall. Storm 2 shoved Trax around until the end of the battle, and the subsequent judges' decision eliminated Trax.

Winner: Storm 2

Rhino vs Steel Avenger[edit | edit source]

"Confirmation that Storm 2 is through to the Heat I Final. They'll meet either Rhino or Steel Avenger."
— Jonathan Pearce

Rhino with the "Ouch" and That Hurt" armour panels

Steel Avenger litters Rhino with dents and holes

Rhino entered the arena with panels with "Ouch" and "That Hurt". In the battle itself, Rhino activated its flipper in an attempt to get through quickly, but it missed and Steel Avenger landed five successful axe blows, pushing Rhino into the CPZ.

Rhino is axed by Steel Avenger

Steel Avenger almost drives into the pit

Rhino flicks Steel Avenger up...

...but is eventually pitted

"They wanted to come into this series of Robot Wars with a new machine - they've gone with the old guard, and it's served them well so far."
— Jonathan Pearce on Steel Avenger

Rhino pulled away and flipped again, missing but managing to catch Steel Avenger in the gap between floor and flipper. Rhino pushed back, but Steel Avenger landed more axe blows, chopping a hole in Rhino's side. It activated the pit release and pushed Rhino near Mr. Psycho, who missed an hammer blow.

"The Rhino, very much an endangered species out there in the warzone."
— Jonathan Pearce

Steel Avenger managed to chop at Rhino again, before dragging it around the pit. Steel Avenger nudged Rhino tentatively, trying to line it up, lifting it toward the pit, and almost drove in itself. Rhino flicked Steel Avenger, but Steel Avenger charged in beneath the flipper and pitted Rhino.

Winner: Steel Avenger

Final[edit | edit source]

"It's the number sixteen seeds Storm 2 against the wily grizzled old Steel Avenger. Err. I mean the machine, John Willoughby. Honest."
— Jonathan Pearce

Storm 2 (16) vs Steel Avenger[edit | edit source]

"This is what the war zone was made for. This is the heat final!"
— Craig Charles

Steel Avenger pins itself in the arena floor

Storm 2 effortlessly shoves Steel Avenger

Storm 2 drives Steel Avenger across the arena...

Both robots started by circling round each other, before Steel Avenger went up and over Storm 2, missing its axe blow, and pinned itself onto the arena floor. Steel Avenger however managed to wriggle its axe free momentarily. From there, Storm 2 attacked the sides of Steel Avenger and rammed it around the arena, before shoving Refbot back several paces. The two robots charged, but Storm 2 evaded an axe attack from Steel Avenger, slid beneath the latter's side and effortlessly ran on.

...and Steel Avenger topples out

Storm 2 charges Steel Avenger into the CPZ and rams it out of the arena

"Let me remind you. They were New Blood champions, Storm 2, they won that title to qualify for this, the UK series, the Seventh Wars, and they're taking it by Storm."
— Jonathan Pearce

Storm 2 then charged into Steel Avenger and ran straight into the side wall. The impact was so great that Steel Avenger flew over the arena wall, bouncing onto the ground and rippling the sheet of protective plexiglass that surrounded the arena.

"Steel Avenger running away, and again, turning, for safety and space, in the warzone pursuit! Crumpled out! Gone!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Storm 2 crashes Steel Avenger out of the arena

Heat Winner: Storm 2

"If I was you, I'd stay indoors. There's a Storm 2 brewing, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Special Event[edit | edit source]

Main article: Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Special Events

There was no special event for Heat I, with a summary of the first eight heats being shown in its place.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Storm 2's statistics board

  • Because robots are considered newcomers if they have never fought in the UK Championship, Storm 2 became the only newcomer in history to be a seeded machine.
    • On a similar note, both Sub-Version and Trax were considered newcomers, despite having fought in different series of Robot Wars Extreme.
    • Mayhem was the only robot in this heat that had never fought in a battle before.
  • Heat I was nicknamed the "Heat of Doom" by Team Steel Avenger, due to the presence of Supernova, Shredder Evolution, and Storm 2. Ironically, two of the robots who gave the heat its nickname lost in Round 1.
  • Heat I was the first (and only) occasion that a robot was thrown out of the arena without the use of a moving weapon.
  • Storm 2's statistics board showed it had 'interchangeable weapons', which was erroneous, with Jonathan Pearce making the same mistake as well in this heat. In contrast, the interchangeable weapons of Tornado were listed only as a 'chain flail'.
  • At two points in the heat, Rhino was referred to as a newcomer despite it appearing in Series 4 and 5 as Reactor. The team later mentioned they had appeared before with a different robot, this being Reactor, but did not mention its name.
  • An editing error before Steel Avenger's battles against Rhino and Storm 2 showed the two house robots in the same CPZ (Growler and Mr. Psycho in the former and Growler and Cassius Chrome in the latter).
  • Storm 2 and Supernova would meet again in the final of The Third World Championship, with the arena getting damaged again in that battle.
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