"They come with chrome and steel to test fates, fickle wheel, metal meets metal, eight robots compete, the aim of the game to bash, buckle and beat here on Heat K of Robot Wars! Only one machine can survive, the question is how as we thrash 'em and bash 'em as only we can! We've booby traps to make 'em fly, devilish demons to 'em cry, and if anyone misses a trick, the house robots will sweep up!"
— Jonathan Pearce's introduction

Heat K of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars was the eleventh of sixteen heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. The episode featuring Heat K was originally broadcast on January 11, 2004 on Five.

"Oh. This is Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. Which is proving to be one of the most explosive wars yet. And it's not surprising. Cos this year, the robots are fighting for a cash pot of over twenty thousand pounds! Yes. It's made them more determined, more aggressive and more destructive than ever before! And have you picked yourself a winner yet? Well. There's a lot more robots to come."
— Craig Charles

Competing robots[edit | edit source]

Newcomers[edit | edit source]

Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.34 x 0.60 x 0.85m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Armour
Weaknesses Unprotected wheels
From: Kampenhout, Belgium
Team Members: Geert Kevaerts, Jan Huyan & Frank van Rist
Weight 91kg
Dimensions 1.05 x 1.18 x 0.75m
Power 2 x 200W electric motors
Weapons Spinning blade
Strengths Fast, heavily armoured
Weaknesses High ground clearance
From: Top Valley, Nottinghamshire
Team Members: Kevin Graham-Askew, Denise Askew & Mick Ohre
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.24 x 1.63 x 1.17m
Power Electric motor
Weapons Hydraulic crush & lift
Strengths Massive lift capability
Weaknesses Unprotected wheels
From: Balderton, Nottinghamshire
Team Members: Duncan Chan-Pensley, Jonathan Leversedge & Chris Barber
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 0.23m x 1.10m x 1.10m
Power Electric motors
Weapons Rotating body with teeth
Strengths Indestructibility
Weaknesses None!
From: Wellow, Northamptonshire
Team Members: Graham Lawrence, Graham Farquman & Anne Lawrence

Veterans[edit | edit source]

Bulldog Breed.png
Bulldog Breed (seeded 12th)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.34 x 0.93 x 0.71m
Power 2 Electric motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Tough
Weaknesses Absolutely none!
From: Cannock, Staffordshire
Team Members: Tony Somerfield, Robert Somerfield & Karl Asplin
Infernal Contraption S7.png
Infernal Contraption
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.42m x 0.70 x 0.84m
Power 3 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Rotating drum
Strengths Vicious weapon
Weaknesses Random control
From: Washingborough, Lincolnshire
Team Members: Jonathan Pillai, Gary Ewer & Ray Thompson
Kat 3 S7.jpg
Kat 3
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 1.16 x 1.25 x 0.82m
Power 2 x 1000W electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe
Strengths Strong armour
Weaknesses Driver
From: Addlestone, Surrey
Team Members: Keith Williams, Georje Williams & Julie-Ann Williams
Velocirippa S7.jpg
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.70 x 1.10 x 0.64m
Power 2 x 800W electric motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Self righting
Weaknesses Weak armour
From: Clifton, Nottinghamshire
Team Members: Trevor Wright, Matthew Wright & Anthony Hiller

Round 1[edit | edit source]

"In our first fight, look out for the number twelve seeds Bulldog Breed, let off their leash to growl and prowl. We've new machines in Mantis and Jabber. Infernal Contraption too. Will the bulldog still go through? Then in our second fight, the experienced Velocirippa will cut loose, and as Hard and Kat 3 let off steam, T-Wrecks will have to dodge the hammer blows!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Mantis vs Infernal Contraption vs Bulldog Breed (12) vs Jabber[edit | edit source]

Bulldog Breed charges Infernal Contraption

Bulldog Breed almost flips Infernal Contraption out

Infernal Contraption began the attack, by slamming into Jabber. Mantis meanwhile, ran into Refbot. Infernal Contraption spun away, flailing uncontrollably, and Bulldog Breed rushed it from behind, charging into a CPZ and almost flinging it out. Meanwhile, Mantis had pierced Jabber and raised it off the ground. Mantis stuck Jabber on the grinders, whilst Bulldog Breed continued to flip Infernal Contraption, who was showing not much control. Bulldog Breed then attacked Mantis and Jabber, as Mantis could not dislodge Jabber.

"And still, Mantis can't finish Jabber off. So we know they can clutch and pick a machine up off the arena floor, but can they dump, can they release a machine?"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mantis ponders around the arena while still holding onto Jabber

Mantis raises Jabber

Mantis carries Jabber to the arena wall

Bulldog Breed pushes Infernal Contraption onto Mantis

Bulldog Breed became wedged between Jabber and the lifters of Mantis, before Infernal Contraption sped over and struck Mantis' rear. Bulldog Breed broke away and fled, with Mantis carrying Jabber over to the CPZ of Sgt. Bash and dropping it. Sgt. Bash closed in on Jabber, who appeared to have restricted mobility. Meanwhile, Mantis and Bulldog Breed double teamed Infernal Contraption, who ran into the path of Mr. Psycho and Sgt. Bash. Bulldog Breed and Mantis attacked each other, with Bulldog Breed pushing Mantis into the pit release. However, at this point, something became dislodged. On examination, it appeared to be an interior mesh, now dragged behind Bulldog Breed.

Mantis hoists Bulldog Breed. Note the mesh dangling towards the bottom of the frame

The battle ends with all four robots still mobile

"Oh what's happened there, something's come out of Bulldog Breed? Looked like mess or webbing of some sort. Now they should not have any webbing, or mesh, or net inside their machine. I don't know what it is, i'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but it's trailing across the arena floor, it can snag spinners and blades, that's why they're not allowed."
— Jonathan Pearce as Bulldog Breed's mesh slips out and creates a talking point

In the closing seconds, Bulldog Breed flipped over Jabber before being raised off the ground by Mantis. The judges' decision gave Bulldog Breed the benefit of the doubt, and the seeded machine progressed through with Mantis.

Qualified: Bulldog Breed & Mantis

The objectionable mesh

Note: In the pits, technical consultant Derek Foxwell asked the Bulldog Breed team about the mesh, which was against the rules due to it potentially entangling spinners. Tony Somerfield told Derek Foxwell that the mesh was to protect the cylinders. Foxwell told them not to use it again, so Bulldog Breed went through to the next round on a yellow card.

Hard vs Velocirippa vs T-Wrecks vs Kat 3[edit | edit source]

Kat 3 impales itself

Mr Psycho hammers T-Wrecks

Hard flips Velocirippa

Velocirippa charged over Hard, before shunting it and T-Wrecks into the side wall. Kat 3 took a swing but missed. Velocirippa charged up Kat 3's wedge, almost landing on its side. T-Wrecks, meanwhile, took a hammer blow from Mr. Psycho after being caught beneath the hammer. Velocirippa ran up Kat 3 again, with the orange machine missing another axe blow and getting its axe stuck in the floor flipper. Velocirippa charged up Hard, who flipped it up, with Velocirippa remaining on the flipper. Hard then charged into the side wall, flipping again, but failing to get Velocirippa out of the arena. Velocirippa broke away and fled, with Kat 3 finally freeing itself, only to axe the side wall on another failed attack. Cassius Chrome shunted Hard out of its CPZ, and the other three robots fled as well. After ramming Refbot, Velocirippa rammed over Hard, only to have Kat 3's axe crash down on it, pinning it.

"Fibreglass, in what is basically a snake pit, a flame pit, a den of thieves, are they sure?"
— Jonathan Pearce questions Velocirippa's armour

T-Wrecks is pitted by Hard

More pushing and shoving ensued, and Velocirippa released the pit. Hard reversed into T-Wrecks, almost pitting it, but the toothed spinner fled again. Kat 3 continued to attack, but the axe point had come off, rendering the weapon useless.

Hard shunts Velocirippa

Two pitted robots

"This is a really good fight, very even, very open, and one of the best of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars thus far."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hard flipped T-Wrecks, causing it to land on the rear of Hard. Hard then reversed, shunting T-Wrecks into the pit. Meanwhile, Velocirippa appeared to have run itself out, and Hard slid beneath it and pitted it.

"What a fantastic fight. A right royal rumble. Two robots in the pits, gives us two clear winners, Kat 3 and Hard. They go through!"
— Craig Charles

Qualified: Hard & Kat 3

Round 2[edit | edit source]

"Craig. This is how they line up in Round 2. In a minute, Mantis against Kat 3 but first up, Hard against the number twelve seeds Bulldog Breed. Jayne's in the pits with them."
— Jonathan Pearce on the Round 2 line-up

Bulldog Breed (12) vs Hard[edit | edit source]

Bulldog Breed's attempts to get Hard out of the arena

Bulldog Breed charged Hard, but swerved aside at the last moment. Sliding beneath Hard's 2cm ground clearance, it threw it over, but Hard landed on its wheels. Hard then pushed Bulldog Breed into the side wall, but was moving quite sluggishly. Bulldog Breed lined up Hard, but failed to flip it out of the arena. However, the impact from the flip caused Hard to break down.

"Bulldog Breed wanted someone to pay, and the Belgium team from Kampenhout being made to pay."
— Jonathan Pearce as Hard lies motionless

Mr. Psycho holds Hard high

Hard survives the Drop Zone

Bulldog Breed continued to flip the lifeless Hard around, but failed to flip out the smaller robot. Finally, Mr Psycho hammered at Hard, but instead raised it and placed it on the floor flipper. A gas cooker was then dropped on Hard, who managed to hold up against the damage.

"Hard. More like easy. Bulldog Breed, they go barking on!"
— Craig Charles

Winner: Bulldog Breed

Mantis vs Kat 3[edit | edit source]

"Bulldog Breed through to the Heat K Final to fight either Mantis or Kat 3."
— Jonathan Pearce

Kat 3 axes Mantis

Kat 3 began landing unsuccessful blows again, but then it stuck its spiked axe through the exoskeleton of Mantis.

"I said right at the start of the programme, I thought that exoskeleton, the exposed parts of Mantis, the bones, would be susceptible to a hook, a grapple."
— Jonathan Pearce as Kat 3 sticks its axe into Mantis

Kat 3 causes more damage

Mantis flips Kat 3

Kat 3 tried to retract its axe, but it was stuck beneath a rib of Mantis, hooking the robot, and allowing it to pull. When the axe finally did retract, Mantis shot out of reach before Kat 3 could follow up with another axe blow. Mantis reversed into the pit release, but Kat 3 struck with its axe again. Kat 3 chased Mantis around the arena, landing and missing blows with its axe. Mantis slid beneath Kat 3, but the crusher missed its target. Mantis then flipped over Kat 3, which self-righted promptly. Retaliating, Kat 3 then axed Mantis, but Mantis flipped Kat 3 in return, which self-righted once more. The two robots finished beside each other, and a very close match was sent to the judges, who edged in favour of Kat 3.

"Well. The judges have made their decision. You know the criteria. Style, control, damage, aggression. They've gone for Kat 3!"
— Craig Charles

Winner: Kat 3

Final[edit | edit source]

"The number twelve seeds Bulldog Breed there. Some might say they're lucky to still be in this competition after the earlier controversy."
— Jonathan Pearce reviewing the heat final and only mentioning Bulldog Breed

Bulldog Breed (12) vs Kat 3[edit | edit source]

"So. The question is, who'll taste victory and who will bite the dust? Get ready. This is the heat final!"
— Craig Charles

Kat 3 slams Bulldog Breed

Neither robot landed much damage in the opening, as both tried to manoeuvre into a better position to attack the other. Kat 3 axed Bulldog Breed in the centre of the flipper, before the pair swerved to avoid each other again.

"Oh that's a good attack by Kat 3! That's one in the eye for the Bulldog."
— Jonathan Pearce as Kat 3's axe comes down onto Bulldog Breed's flipper

Kat 3's precarious position

Kat 3 missed an axe blow, and Bulldog Breed flipped it over. Kat 3 tried to self-right, but Bulldog Breed pushed it onto its wheels. Kat 3 then activated the pit. Kat 3 and Bulldog Breed both missed their attacks, before Bulldog Breed flipped Kat 3 into Killalot, who shunted it into the arena centre. The angle it sat on made it unable to self-right. Bulldog Breed then threw Kat 3 over Sir Killalot and onto its wheels.

Kat 3 lands on Sir Killalot

"Sir Killalot, with all the reflexes of a dodo, has only just realised to be honest."
— Jonathan Pearce as Bulldog Breed thrusts Kat 3 up and over Sir Killalot

Bulldog Breed then charged Kat 3 into the side wall, but failed to flip it out. Kat 3 attacked Bulldog Breed, and sparks flew. The two continued to chase each other until the judges were required to make a third judges' decision in the heat.

Two of the judges in fact descended to the pits to examine the axe blows on Bulldog Breed. Upon discovering that the blows were merely superficial, they awarded the win to Bulldog Breed, securing its place in its first series semi-final.

"Well. The judges have made their decision. You know the criteria. Style, control, aggression and damage. Now they've been down there looking at the robots, arguing with Miss Jayne Middlemiss and they've come to a decision. They've gone for Bulldog Breed!"
— Craig Charles

Heat Winner: Bulldog Breed

"There were cats and dogs with metal paws, but the dog had its dinner, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Special Event[edit | edit source]

Main article: Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Middleweight Championship

Between Round 1 and Round 2 of each heat (except Heat I), a 'Special Event' was shown. For Heat K, it was the 'Middleweight Final', in which two middleweights challenged the reigning middleweight champion Typhoon.

Typhoon vs Phoenix vs Steel Sandwich

Middleweight Champion: Typhoon

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Heat K was the heat with the highest number of robots which would compete in side events across the series, with half making appearances elsewhere; Kat 3 in the Axe Attack and All-Stars, Infernal Contraption in the Battle of the Spinners, Mantis in the Crusher Crunch Up, and Hard in The Third World Championship.
  • This was the last UK Championship heat not to feature a semi-finalist or grand finalist from a previous series in the line-up.
  • The heat final was a rematch from the second melee of Heat K of Series 6 where Bulldog Breed and Kat 3 both qualified but in this heat, Bulldog Breed secured victory on its own.
  • This heat featured both robots who were undefeated in both series of Robot Wars Extreme (Bulldog Breed and Typhoon).
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