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"Eight competitors, five fights, nine House Robots, dozens of weapons, hundreds of thrills, one big countdown! Our last heat featuring the great Firestorm, can they make the series semi-finals? Also coming up, the featherweight final!"
— Jonathan Pearce's introduction
"Tonight sees the return of one of my favourite robots, are there any Firestorm fans in tonight?! If any robot, deserves to win this championship, it's Firestorm, who after years of nearly getting there, still haven't got their hands on the title, well, have they come back with what it takes?"
— Craig Charles

Heat P of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars was the sixteenth and last heat which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. The episode featuring Heat P was originally broadcast on February 15, 2004 on Five.

Competing robots[]


Bamm bamm.JPG
Bamm Bamm
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.85 x 0.78 x 0.78m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe
Strengths Powerful axe
Weaknesses Slow mover
From: Haarlem, The Netherlands
Team Members: Erik Cornelissen, Rien Groenenwegen & Con Taal
Daisy cutter.JPG
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.60 x 0.70 x 0.70m
Power 3 x 600W electric motors
Weapons Rotating outer shell
Strengths Compact & destructive
Weaknesses No srimech
From: Balta, Scotland
Team Members: Graham Adams, Simon Parkes & Jacqueline Corgan


Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.36 x 1.38 x 1.03m
Power 2 x 500W electric motors
Weapons Hydraulic flipper & cutter
Strengths High tensile armour
Weaknesses None
From: Dorking, Surrey
Team Members: Peter Leach, Bob Leach & Jon Leach
Black and Blue
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.13 x 0.47 x 0.65m
Power 2 x 1KW electric motors
Weapons Spinning drums
Strengths Unbreakable construction
Weaknesses Easily shunted
From: Fishponds, Bristol
Team Members: Stan Launchbury & Jason Launchbury
Firestorm 5.png
Firestorm 5 (seeded 2nd)
Weight 94kg
Dimensions 0.33 x 1.10 x 0.93m
Power 3KW electric motor
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Fast & manoeuvrable
Weaknesses 2 Wheel drive only
From: Langley Moor, County Durham
Team Members: Graham Bone & Hazel Heslop
Reptirron the second.JPG
Reptirron The Second
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.60 x 0.90 x 0.82m
Power 2 x 1200W electric motors
Weapons High pressure lifter & disc
Strengths Manoeuvrability
Weaknesses Previously unreliable
From: Drybrook, Gloucestershire
Team Members: Gordon Townley & Cheryl Townley
Ripper 7.png
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.64 x 1.38 x 1.15m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Good driver
Weaknesses Thin armour
From: Newcastle, Staffordshire
Team Members: John Findlay, Steven Johnson & David Findlay
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.52 x 1.08 x 1.08m
Power 2 x 460W electric motors
Weapons Spinning cleaver
Strengths 4 Wheel drive
Weaknesses High power usage
From: West Cranmore, Somerset
Team Members: Alex Cotterell, Andrew Cotterell & Fox Abrahams

Round 1[]

Firestorm 5 (2) vs Daisy-Cutter vs Bamm Bamm vs Black and Blue[]

Firestorm 5 flips Blue and Bamm Bamm together

Daisy-Cutter attacks Black

Firestorm 5 immediately flipped Black over, and then drove at Blue and Bamm Bamm and thrust them both over. Black and Blue were invertible so they carried on going, but Bamm Bamm couldn't self-right.

"Bamm Bamm hasn't been able to self-right, with what looks like a dentists drill axe, rather spindly I feel, and they're on the pit already, so, that's what happens when the release was activated - bye, bye, Bamm Bamm."
— Jonathan Pearce

Black then drove at Firestorm 5 and flew over the top of it, before the number 2 seed engaged with Black again and threw it into the angle grinder, next to Blue. Daisy-Cutter then came across and hit Black twice, while Firestorm 5 pushed Bamm Bamm onto the closed pit, before pushing the release button, which saw Bamm Bamm descend into oblivion.

Bamm Bamm descends to defeat

Firestorm 5 slides Blue down into the pit

"Some debris showers onto the top of Firestorm 5 - keeping out of damage way, and then levering Black and Blue towards the precipice. One goes, both go, altogether, over and out."
— Jonathan Pearce

Meanwhile Black and Blue were hardly moving and Daisy-Cutter attacked Blue, before Firestorm 5 came in and pitted it, thus eliminating Black and Blue from the competition.

Qualified: Daisy-Cutter & Firestorm 5

Reptirron The Second vs Ripper vs Aggrobot vs Zorro[]

Ripper throws Zorro over

Ripper flips Aggrobot

Aggrobot drove at Zorro, but Zorro's blades deflected it away and something flew off from one of the machines, and then Reptirron The Second immediately flipped Aggrobot over. Aggrobot kept going, but Ripper flipped Zorro over and it was unable to self-right. Ripper spectacularly flipped Aggrobot numerous times and Reptirron The Second pushed it around while Refbot counted Zorro out.

"There's Ripper, looking powerful again."
— Jonathan Pearce on Ripper's impressive start

Reptirron The Second flipped Aggrobot also, before getting beached on top of it. Mr. Psycho put Zorro on The Drop Zone, but it landed the right way up and drove away, as Mr. Psycho gave chase. Meanwhile Aggrobot activated the pit release button and Reptirron The Second flipped it again.

Reptirron The Second pressures Aggrobot

Mr. Psycho hoists Zorro

"I think they've [Ripper] done enough anyway to go through. It's between Reptirron and Aggrobot for me, the second place"
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle draws to a close

Mr. Psycho finally caught Zorro and pitted it. Time ran out and the judges put Reptirron The Second and Ripper through.

Qualified: Reptirron The Second & Ripper

Round 2[]

Firestorm 5 (2) vs Reptirron The Second[]

Firestorm 5 slides underneath Reptirron The Second straight away

Firestorm 5 forces Reptirron The Second deep into the CPZ

Firestorm 5 immediately got underneath Reptirron The Second and pushed it around before flipping it into Shunt's CPZ. Shunt attacked Reptirron The Second as it tried to right itself, and Firestorm 5 threw it towards the arena wall.

"Reptirron The Second is in deadly peril here, in that CPZ."
— Jonathan Pearce as Reptirron fails to self-right

Reptirron The Second is axed by Shunt

Firestorm 5 throws Reptirron The Second out

The Second still couldn't self-right and Firestorm 5 tried to throw it out of the arena twice without success, before taking a run-up and throwing up against the side wall. Firestorm 5 took another run-up and finally threw Reptirron The Second over the arena wall, with steam emitted out of Reptirron the Second.

"CO2 venting, sparks flying in the arena, and that's the end, Firestorm 5 through to the Heat Final, and in impressive style."
— Jonathan Pearce as Firestorm 5 finishes off Reptirron The Second

Winner: Firestorm 5

Daisy-Cutter vs Ripper[]

Ripper instantly ends Daisy-Cutter's hopes

Ripper attempts to flip Shunt

Ripper immediately threw Daisy-Cutter up and over, leaving it unable to self-right. Refbot quickly counted Daisy-Cutter out and Ripper tried to flip Shunt without success.

"And the Daisy Cutter, never bloomed."
— Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot came to the rescue and pinned Ripper into the CPZ as Shunt activated the pit release button. Ripper escaped from Sir Killalot and flipped Refbot over as Shunt came on the attack.

"Fortune favours the brave they say, but this is being churlish. They've flipped the Refbot!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Ripper's assault on the House Robots continues

Ripper flips over Refbot, with a little help from Shunt

Sir Killalot finally ends Ripper's reign of terror over the House Robots

Sir Killalot pushed Refbot, causing the RefCam to fall out and Refbot showed him the red card. Ripper then flipped Shunt and, somehow, Sir Killalot's breastplate fell off. Ripper drove over the floor flipper, which was activated and threw it across the arena. Ripper was finally pitted by Sir Killalot, but went through anyway as Daisy-Cutter had long been immobilised.

Craig Charles: "Daisy-Cutter...It was over in seconds, wasn't it?"
Simon Parkes: "It was."
Craig Charles: "What happened?"
Simon Parkes: "I blinked!"
— Daisy-Cutter's entire contribution to the battle

After the battle, Refbot had to undergo repairs due to the damage caused by Ripper's attacks.

Winner: Ripper


Firestorm 5 (2) vs Ripper[]

Prior to the match, Team Firestorm told Team Roaming Robots that if Ripper won the battle, they should not attack the House Robots, and if Firestorm 5 won, it pledged to destroy Ripper, with assistance from the House Robots, as vengeance for Ripper's attacks on Shunt and Refbot.

Ripper was at an immediate disadvantage due to damage sustained from the House Robots in the previous battle. Firestorm 5 immediately threw Ripper into the arena wall and turned it over, but then helped it to self-right. Firestorm 5 pursued Ripper but couldn't get underneath and Ripper tried to flip Firestorm 5, but missed its target. This allowed Firestorm 5 to get underneath and flip Ripper up against the arena wall, where it was left stranded.

Firestorm 5 reverses Ripper onto its back

Ripper misses with an attempted flip

"I hope Ripper gets its big thrusting flipper working as well, because we haven't really seen it, or are they just waiting their moment, like that! But they missed! And Firestorm 5 gets underneath again and they hit! That's the difference in experience between the two, perhaps."
— Jonathan Pearce as Firestorm 5 leaves Ripper stranded on the arena side wall after dodging Ripper's attack

Firestorm 5 finishes Ripper off

Refbot's faulty counter

Refbot counted Ripper out (a problem with the counter caused it to go from '21' up to '29' before reaching '10') and Firestorm 5 finally flipped Ripper out of the arena, ironically saving it from further harm.

"Wait a minute. What's happened to the count? ...Refbot, have you gone Euro? I don't know. 28, 29, 10? He's gone daft! Firestorm 5 are the winners and Ripper out of the arena."
— Jonathan Pearce on Refbot's faulty count, before Firestorm 5 throws Ripper out of the arena

Heat Winner: Firestorm 5

"They seem such a lovely couple, but no-one ignores, the damage they cause, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Special Event[]

Main article: Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Featherweight Championship

Between Round 1 and Round 2 of each heat (except Heat I), a 'Special Event' was shown. For Heat P, it was the 'Featherweight Final' between the six robots that had qualified from their battles earlier in the series.

DTK vs Rip vs Prince of Awe vs Whipper vs Bernard vs Rampage 2

Featherweight Champion: DTK


  • Heat P was the final heat in Robot Wars, prior to its 11-year hiatus.
  • Firestorm 5 scored two Out of the Arena flips in this heat, tying Chaos 2's record of six.
  • Bamm Bamm's loss in Round 1 (without the wildcard system) made it the worst performance of that robot.
  • This heat saw the second and last time that the Arena Floor Flipper flipped a robot out of the arena, flipping out the featherweight Rampage 2 in the Special Event.
  • Ripper's immobilisation of Daisy-Cutter in the second round took only three seconds. This became the second quickest immobilization in Robot Wars. The full battle took thirty seconds, making it equal 24th in Shortest Battles in UK Robot Wars.
  • This episode marked Team Mousetrap and Aggrobot's last appearances.
  • This was the first and only time that Reptirron passed Round 1.
  • In this heat, the Floor Flipper was activated on a mobile robot, when Ripper started attacking the House Robots.
  • In the Ripper vs Daisy-Cutter fight, the Pit's smoke plumes went off when the pit was activated, rather than when a robot fell into it.
  • This episode was released on DVD by The Daily Express to promote Jetix and Fox Kids.
  • Johnathan Pearce incorrectly states that Firestorm finish in 3rd place twice, where it actually finished 3 times in that place.