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"...some of our roboteers have long memories, and they whinge in The Pits, about "Sir Killalot did this to me!" and "Shunt did that to me!", and "Bash burnt my tyres!" They think they can go head-to-head with the House Robots... well, shall we let them?"
Craig Charles

The House Robot Rebellion of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars (also simply referred to as the Robot Rebellion) was the second UK House Robot Rebellion, which was broadcast during the Annihilator of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. Similar to the previous House Robot Rebellions, two competitors (Behemoth and then-recent Series Semi-Finalist Gravity) would fight as a team against the three newest House Robots - Mr. Psycho, Growler and Cassius Chrome. Unlike the Extreme 1 event, the side which defeated the other first would be declared the winner.

Competing robots[]

Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.62 x 1.05 x 0.65m
Power 2KW electric motor
Weapons Pneumatic flipper & axe
Strengths 6 Wheel drive
Weaknesses Falls into pit too often
From: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
Team Members: Anthony Pritchard & Kane Aston
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.43 x 1.20 x 0.75m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Strong construction
Weaknesses Weak armour
From: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Team Members: WJ Dijkstra, Alex Ruschen & Jeroen van Lieverloo

House Robot Rebellion[]

Gravity & Behemoth vs Growler, Cassius Chrome & Mr. Psycho[]

Jayne Middlemiss: "What are you gonna do in there?"
WJ Dijkstra: "We'll flip them all out, of course."
WJ Dijkstra establishes his tried-and-tested strategy
Anthony Pritchard: "We've got some payback to do! It's been... over the years, they've got us in places where it's hurt, so..."
Jayne Middlemiss: "Nobody would want to go to places that the House Robots take them... they're very big, they're very tough, they're very strong!"
Kane Aston: "So are we!"
Team Make Robotics rise up to the challenge

Growler after being overturned

Cassius Chrome gets stranded over the pit

Upon 'Activate', Growler rammed Gravity, with the Dutch machine missing a retaliatory flip. In the background, Behemoth drove into and was deflected towards the wall by a spinning Cassius Chrome while Refbot reversed into the pit release button. Behemoth and Cassius Chrome continued their duel as the pit started to descend, before the latter drove towards and got stuck over the hazard himself. Growler, having also narrowly avoided being pitted, was thrown over onto his back by Gravity.

"Gravity thinks he can take on our... dog of war! Oh, and he can! Ah! Growler's rolled over for a... tummy tickle! Err, this... is not going according to plan... "
Jonathan Pearce as Gravity flips Growler over

Gravity flips Cassius Chrome onto his side

Gravity proceeded to attack a now-stranded Cassius Chrome, but was unable to flip him from the front. Moments later, it drove round and flicked Cassius Chrome over from the back, the House Robot slowly sinking into the descending pit.

"And in this House Robot Rebellion, the House Robots are taking a tanking!"
— Jonathan Pearce as two House Robots are downed

Behemoth begins its battle against Mr. Psycho

Mr. Psycho smashes the top of Gravity

While Gravity attempted to wedge underneath and pursue Refbot across the arena, Behemoth began axing the back of Mr. Psycho, and tried to lift him as it was being pushed backwards into an empty CPZ. Behemoth dug up part of the arena floor as it was released, speeding past Gravity as it was hammered and pushed onto the Floor Flipper by Mr. Psycho.

"...well, that's a puny little axe compared to Mr. Psycho's weaponry, but I tell you, Behemoth can get in behind. They can lift Mr. Psycho up and over..."
— Jonathan Pearce, shortly after Behemoth's first attack on Mr. Psycho

Behemoth attempts to axe and lift Mr. Psycho simultaneously

Cassius Chrome spins to fend off Behemoth

Another brief tussle between Behemoth and Cassius Chrome

Behemoth dents the back of Mr. Psycho

The Floor Flipper fires on Behemoth

These hammer blows disabled Gravity's drive, leaving Behemoth to fight on alone as it tried lifting and axing Mr. Psycho from the side. One of Behemoth's axe blows caught Mr. Psycho's hammer arm as his weapon repeatedly hit – and was thrust back several times by - Gravity's still-active flipper. Meanwhile, the pit had been raised to enable Cassius Chrome to rejoin the fight, with an additional push from Refbot putting him back on his wheels. Behemoth thus resumed its initial fight with a spinning Cassius Chrome, whose spears deflected the Team Make Robotics machine away towards an angle grinder.

Unfazed, Behemoth rammed and briefly lifted a reversing Cassius Chrome, before turning away and axing Mr. Psycho's back panels a few more times. However, as it struck a moving Mr. Psycho from the side, the axe snapped off completely, and Behemoth was briefly caught in Mr. Psycho's claw before being thrown onto its side by the Floor Flipper in its escape.

"Behemoth, nagging away there like a little gnat at the back... of Mr. Psycho, who turns. "What on earth was that tickling me?", he says – AND, the Floor Flipper! Oh yes, competing brave robots! We are not just about our House Robots that are mobile..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Behemoth loses its axe and is thrown by the Floor Flipper

Behemoth spent several seconds trying to self-right as Mr. Psycho closed in, but eventually succeeded as the latter nudged it closer towards the Flame Pit. Bumping into Refbot and Cassius Chrome, the Hemel Hempstead machine survived a hammer blow from Mr. Psycho before positioning itself behind Gravity on the other side of the arena.

"Gravity...stopped. Behemoth, pushing Gravity, towards... Mr. Psycho... to take the punishment, I think? Maybe to use it as some sort of a battering ram? They hinted at this in The Pits, didn't they?"
— Jonathan Pearce speculates as Behemoth pushes Gravity in the final moments

Behemoth pushes Gravity, attempting to make use of the Dutch competitor's flipper

Mr. Psycho immobile in the last few seconds and Behemoth and Cassius Chrome survive

Behemoth gets a final lift on Cassius Chrome

Behemoth pushed Gravity slowly over the edge of the CPZ, seemingly as added defence against Mr. Psycho, but in actuality to try and capitalise on Gravity's greater CO2 reserves. With less than ten seconds remaining, Cassius Chrome forcibly separated the two competitors, leaving Gravity beside an angle grinder. Mr. Psycho had completely lost mobility over the Floor Flipper by this time, sparks flashing from beneath his breastplate as Cassius Chrome gave him a few cursory rams. Behemoth lifted Cassius Chrome one last time before 'Cease' was called.

In place of the regular Judges' decision, the House Robot Rebellion went to an audience vote, the winner being whichever side had received the loudest cheers. While the House Robots were jeered, the competitors received unanimous applause from the crowd, rendering Behemoth and Gravity victorious.

Craig Charles: "I consider you to be the unluckiest robot in the history of Robot Wars. Something always goes wrong with the robot at an inopportune moment."
Anthony Pritchard: "Yes."
Craig Charles: "But out there, you proved that you can do it!"
Anthony Pritchard: "Yeah, it proves that, you know, we had a bad state of luck through the years..."
— Post-Rebellion interview, commenting on Behemoth breaking its typical spell of misfortune

Afterwards, both teams reaffirmed to Craig Charles their intention to team up against Mr. Psycho during the later stages of the fight. Team Make Robotics explained that Behemoth's gas supply had run low towards the end and was pushing Gravity in an attempt to use its teammate's higher-pressure flipper. However, an oil spill caused Behemoth's wheels to spin, reducing its traction on the floor, hence its slow speed while pushing Gravity around the edge of the CPZ.

House Robot Rebellion Winners: Behemoth & Gravity


  • The Series 7 House Robot Rebellion was one of the few battles in the UK Series to be decided by an audience vote.
  • It was the only House Robot Rebellion in any series where all of the competitor robots were declared outright winners.
  • Gravity became the only robot ever to flip Growler and Cassius Chrome in this battle.
  • Under regular combat rules, Behemoth technically would have been the only robot still considered mobile, with Cassius Chrome having been flipped over and pitted at an early stage.
  • Bigger Brother was originally due to take part in this battle, but was replaced with Gravity after helping other competitors to immobilise Shunt and Cassius Chrome in the All-Stars tournament.
  • The House Robot Rebellion was the last fight to be held in the traditional wooden Robot Wars Arena, and the last battle to be filmed before Robot Wars entered its hiatus. It was filmed after all the other battles from Series 7 as the producers did not want the House Robots to be too damaged for other fights.
  • This House Robot Rebellion was the last battle in the original series to feature more than two House Robots in the arena, and the last to do so until the 10 Robot Rumble in Series 10.