The Middleweight Championship of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars (also referred to simply as the Middleweight Final) was a side competition broadcast during Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars, as the Special Event of Heat K. It was the fourth Middleweight Championship to be contested during the original UK Series, the third to consist of a single-battle event, and marked the third consecutive championship victory in this weight category for Typhoon. The Seventh Wars Middleweight Championship was also the only non-heavyweight competition in which robots had to pass through formal Qualifiers before appearing in televised combat.

Competing RobotsEdit

Weight 42kg
Dimensions N/A
Power N/A
Weapons Lifting Arm
From: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
Team Members: Kyle McBride, Connor McBride, Christy McBride
Steel sandiwch
Steel Sandwich
Weight 48kg
Dimensions 0.12m x 0.87m x 0.72m
Power 2 x 300W electric motors
Weapons Ramming spikes and Wedge
From: Lewes, East Sussex
Team Members: John Frizell, JJ Frizell, Zacky Frizell
Weight 48kg
Dimensions 0.44m x 0.93m x 0.93m
Power 3 x 1HP electric motors
Weapons 4 rotating hammers
From: Edinburgh, Scotland
Team Members: Peter Bennett, Gary Cairns

Middleweight ChampionshipEdit

Typhoon vs Phoenix vs Steel SandwichEdit

Typhoon Steel Sandwich 1

Typhoon attacks Steel Sandwich's left-hand wheel

Typhoon vs Phoenix

Typhoon knocks Phoenix out

Looking to defend its Middleweight crown once again, Typhoon moved away in an attempt to get up to speed. In the early moments, Steel Sandwich was the main pursuer of the Scottish machine, before Phoenix mistimed a charge on the full-body spinner - shooting across the arena floor and crashing into the side wall. Steel Sandwich then made contact with Typhoon, with a minor connection from Typhoon's teeth knocking Steel Sandwich aside. While Phoenix continued to move around in an uncontrollable manner, Typhoon came in with another attack on Steel Sandwich - this time clipping its back-left wheel. Then, Phoenix rejoined the fray, attempting to close in on Typhoon. In attempting to keep its distance from Phoenix, Typhoon erroneously bumped into the arena wall, which brought its weapon to a halt. The following period saw little in the way of contact between the competing machines, which prompted Refbot to activate the Pit Release Button.

"Now the name of the game, boys, is contact in Robot Wars - I don't know if anyone told you!"
— Jonathan Pearce during a quite period of the battle
Rise Like a Phoenix

Phoenix is thrown by the Floor Flipper

Typhoon vs Steel Sandwich

Typhoon pushes Steel Sandwich into the pit

After this, Typhoon began to spin up to speed again, and dealt an immediate knockout blow to Phoenix. The sudden revival of Typhoon's weapon continued to benefit Gary Cairns' machine, with it knocking into Steel Sandwich twice in quick succession. The second of these blows was to the side of Steel Sandwich, which left it immobile on one side. Typhoon's weapon stopped working again after this, but the damage was done. Phoenix was counted out by Refbot and then thrown by the Floor Flipper, before Typhoon finished off Steel Sandwich itself in a drawn-out pitting process to win the Middleweight title for a third time.

"Steel Sandwich, in the end, had to go down in the Pit - and Typhoon, once again: Robot Wars, the Middleweight champions!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Typhoon carries out its crowning moment

Middleweight Champion: Typhoon

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