Heat A of Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars was the first of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars. The episode featuring Heat A was originally broadcast on September 16, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on November 8, 2002 on BBC Two.

Competing RobotsEdit


Brutus Maximus
Brutus Maximus
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.75 x 1.6 x 1.02m
Power 2 x 750 Watt electric motors
Weapons Triple rotating discs
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Wooden construction
From: Bradford
Team Members: Joe Laustina, Benjamin Laustina & Jim Laustina
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.43 x 1.47 x 0.98m
Power 2 x 24V motors
Weapons Spinning disc and tail spike
Strengths Strong Chassis
Weaknesses Light Armour
From: West Hampsted in London
Team Members: Rod Williams, Edward Kelly & Chris Foord


Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.00 x 1.35 x 0.75m
Power 4 x 330W electric motors
Weapons Pick axe & flipper
Strengths Very powerful weaponry
Weaknesses Inexperienced competitors
From: North Pickenham in Lincoln
Team Members: Paul Wilcox & Ryan Pettefer
Raging Reality
Raging Reality
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.45 x 1.30 x 0.90m
Power 2 x 750 Watt electric motors
Weapons Flipper and 4 ramming spikes
Strengths Highly tested & reliable
Weaknesses Lightweight body armour
From: Hugglescote in Leicester
Team Members: Nigel Paget, Lee Summers & Malcolm Summers
Razer S6
Razer (seeded 1st)
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 0.55 x 1.10 x 0.63m
Power 2 x 1000W electric motors
Weapons Hydraulic Piercer (According to the statboard, a spike)
Strengths Nimble & very accurate
Weaknesses Slow self-righting
From: Bournemouth in Dorset
Team Members: Ian Lewis, Simon Scott & Vincent Blood
Ruf Ruf Dougal
Ruf Ruf Dougal
Weight 92kg
Dimensions 0.65 x 1.32 x 1.00m
Power 2 x 1KW electric motors
Weapons Spike
Strengths High integrity safety cage
Weaknesses Flammable coat
From: Shrivenham in Oxfordshire
Team Members: Peter Sturgess & Martin Sturgess
Tetanus II
Tetanus 2
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.76 x 1.60 x 1.20m
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons Spike, ram and fork lifter
Strengths Big & strong
Weaknesses Slow self-righting
From: Ludlow in Shropshire
Team Members: Paul Snook, Conrad Snook & Luke Angell
Weld-Dor 3
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.55 x 1.16 x 0.85m
Power 2 x Electric motors
Weapons Flipper and rotating blade
Strengths Very experienced team
Weaknesses Untested in battle
From: Newry in Northern Ireland
Team Members: David Lundy, Damian Kilgalon & Jonathan Coates

Round 1 Edit

Razer (1) vs Brutus Maximus vs Raging Reality vs W.A.S.P.Edit

Killalot wasp

Sir Killalot drills into W.A.S.P.

Razer vs Raging Reality R1

Razer warns Raging Reality

The battle started quickly with Brutus Maximus pushing W.A.S.P. into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Razer made several charges at Brutus Maximus but missed, before finally grabbing it and crushing the sides of the wooden machine. Raging Reality then flipped W.A.S.P. onto Razer and then onto Sir Killalot's lance. Killalot didn't show life and W.A.S.P. simply rested on his lance until Razer knocked it off as it attacked Raging Reality, but it didn't move afterwards.

Razer vs Brutus Maximus

Razer crushes Brutus Maximus

Razer vs WASP

Razer picks on the beaten W.A.S.P.

Razer then pushed Raging Reality against Sergeant Bash as it tried to crush its exposed wheels, but it escaped and Razer instead attacked Brutus Maximus. Raging Reality then flipped W.A.S.P. back into Sir Killalot's CPZ, who used his lance to drill a huge crevice in the side of W.A.S.P.
"Buzz off, and out of here."
— Jonathan Pearce on W.A.S.P.
Brutus Maximus OotA

Shown through the Ref Cam, Brutus Maximus is flipped out of the arena

Raging Reality flipped Brutus Maximus over before being attacked by Razer, which pushed it against the pit release, but Razer retreated and dislodged out one Brutus Maximus' bicycle wheels which then came loose as Raging Reality tried to flip both of them and it rolled into the pit. Brutus Maximus was then pushed onto the flame pit and was counted out.
"Come into the arena with wooden bicycle wheels and petrol driven, what were they thinking about!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Razer then crushed the immobile W.A.S.P., who Refbot began to count out. Raging Reality then threw Brutus Maximus from the arena and Refbot finished the countdown on W.A.S.P., ending the battle.

Qualified: Raging Reality & Razer

Cyrax vs Ruf Ruf Dougal vs Tetanus 2 vs Weld-Dor 3Edit

RRD on Fire

Ruf Ruf Dougal is burned

Tetanus 2 immediately grabbed Weld-Dor 3, who was venting a lot of gas, and pushed it around the arena. Ruf Ruf Dougal collided with Cyrax and then drove over the flame pit and its tail caught fire, which soon spread to the main bodywork. Cyrax flipped Ruf Ruf Dougal and tried to push it into Sir Killalot, but Ruf Ruf Dougal escaped, its coat now mostly destroyed by the fire. Cyrax axed Ruf Ruf Dougal several times as Weld-Dor 3 finally escaped from Tetanus, although Tetanus caught it up again and pushed it into Dead Metal. Tetanus then pressed the pit release button and quickly shoved Weld-Dor 3 down the open pit, putting the Northern Irish team out.

Wel-Dor pitted

Weld-Dor 3 is pitted by Tetanus 2

"They fought in Series 3, they fought in Series 4, and they're out in Series 6, gone."
— Jonathan Pearce as Weld-Dor 3 is pitted

Tetanus and Cyrax ganged up on a now completely burned, but still mobile, Ruf Ruf Dougal, but cease was called, so it went to the Judges, who put Cyrax and Tetanus 2 through.

Qualified: Cyrax & Tetanus 2

Round 2Edit

Razer (1) vs CyraxEdit

Razer vs Cyrax

Razer pierces the shell of Cyrax

Psycho vs Cyrax

Cyrax becomes Mr. Psycho's first victim

Razer got hold of Cyrax straight away and pierced the back twice. Cyrax tried to attacking Razer with its axe, but Razer still grabbed it and pushed it onto the flame pit. Cyrax was pushed into Growler's CPZ and got stuck on the arena wall, but got free before Growler could damage it. Razer then crushed Cyrax again and pushed it back into Growler's CPZ who clamped onto it and dragged it along the floor. Razer momentarily lost its grip but regained it as Growler retreated back to its CPZ. Cyrax managed to escape, but once again, Razer crushed it and pushed it towards Mr. Psycho, who bought its hammer down on Cyrax twice. Cyrax escaped and axed Razer, but caused only superficial damage before flipping Razer over.

Razer vs cyrax flamepit

Razer holds Cyrax over the flame pit

Cyrax vs Razer

Cyrax flips Razer over

"Are we about to have one of the great Robot Wars upsets?!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Cyrax topples Razer

Razer eventually managed to right itself and managed to crush Cyrax once again before cease was called, but Razer had done more than enough to win the judges' decision.

Winner: Razer

Raging Reality vs Tetanus 2Edit


Tetanus 2 grips Raging Reality

Refbot pitted

Refbot reverses into the pit

The battle started slowly, but Tetanus 2 pushed Raging Reality into the pit release, then into the CPZ. Growler came in and slammed into Tetanus 2 and then into Raging Reality, but didn't appear to do any damage. Tetanus 2 and Growler both grabbed Raging Reality but Growler soon lost his grip. Tetanus got stuck against the pit release bumper and Raging Reality above couldn't get any traction to get away. Refbot tried to separate them, but accidentally reversed into the pit.

Raging Reality vs Tetanus II

Tetanus 2 maintains its hold on Raging Reality

Tetanus 2 vs Raging Reality

Tetanus 2 is thrown out of the arena by Raging Reality

"Give the ref a red card, someone. That is dreadful!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Refbot's slip up

However, suddenly Tetanus 2 had lost all mobility. Raging Reality used this chance to escape, and flipped Tetanus 2 over; another flip and Tetanus 2 toppled over the arena wall entirely, completing the comeback victory.

"...and Raging Reality, from looking on the brink of oblivion, the brink of defeat - HAS TOPPLED TETANUS OUT OF THE ARENA!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Raging Reality


Razer (1) vs Raging RealityEdit

Razer vs Raging Reality

Matilda shreds Raging Reality's side

Raging Reality vs Razer

Razer crushes into a weary Raging Reality

Razer immediately got a grip of Raging Reality and pierced the armour and then a wheel. Razer pierced the side of Raging Reality several times before pushing it onto Matilda's flywheel, ripping a panel off the top and making a gash in the side, immobilising Raging Reality.

"The C,C,C factor we talked about. Crushability, creates, chaos."
— Jonathan Pearce on Razer's emphatic display
Raging Reality pitted

Raging Reality descends into the Pit of Oblivion

Razer dragged Raging Reality onto the pit and, after it showed no attempt to escape, pressed the pit release, sending Raging Reality out of the Sixth Wars.

Heat Winner: Razer

"It's still the most fun, you can have indoors, it's back, and it's bad, it's Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off


  • This heat saw Razer defend its title, and continued the sequence of the reigning Champion reaching the Semi Finals.
  • Tetanus and Cyrax met in Round One, a grudge match following the controversial meeting between Wild Willy (From the Cyrax team), and Flip Flop Fly (From the Tetanus team) in Series 3. However, both robots qualified, and neither showed that they held a grudge against the other.
  • New House Robots Mr. Psycho and Growler made their débuts in Razer's Round 2 battle against Cyrax.
  • In this heat, the official images of all competing robots in the heat (excluding Brutus Maximus) faded out before their statistics boards closed.
  • During the battle between Razer and Cyrax, Jonathan Pearce said Razer were World Champions in 2000 and 2001. Although he was correct about 2001, as that was the year when The Second World Championship was filmed, his earlier statement is incorrect, as The First World Championship was actually filmed in 1999. The only trophy Razer won in 2000 was the Fourth Wars Southern Annihilator.
  • Raging Reality scored two consecutive Out of the Arena flips, joining Thermidor 2, Chaos 2, Bigger Brother and Wheely Big Cheese in achieving this feat.
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