"Welcome to Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars. Time to slice and dice. This is Heat 5. Eight manic, metal munching machines to send the crowd into a frenzy and opponents to robot heaven. Could we be seeing a genuine title contender in 259? Will the House Robots hold sway? Or in the twisting, turning, churning arena, will another dashing blade finally emerge? Seatbelts on. Reach for your helmet. Prepare to get dizzy as we leave them all in a tizzy. I can promise you that sparks will fly as the blades whir and bite deep and the hungry audience bays for carnage. Perhaps the pit will be a welcome release because look what we're about to unleash. Vicious, dangerous, cruel, unrelenting, merciless. Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars. Time for 259."
— Jonathan Pearce's introduction

Heat E of Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars was the fifth of twelve heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars. The episode featuring Heat E was originally broadcast on September 20, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on December 6, 2002 on BBC Two.

Competing Robots[edit | edit source]

Newcomers[edit | edit source]

Infernal Contraption S6.png
Infernal Contraption
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.35 x 0.68 x 0.83m
Power 4 x 24V motors
Weapons Spinning drum
Strengths Reversible weapon
Weaknesses Radio reception
From: Battersea in London
Team Members: Jonathan Pillai, Gary Ewer & Ray Thompson
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.29 x 1.35 x 1.04m
Power 4 x 750W motors
Weapons Claws & spikes
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Inexperienced team
From: Aberystwyth in Wales
Team Members: Carl Bater, Steve Fearn & Matt Meaney
The Stag.png
The Stag
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.27 x 1.40 x 0.90m
Power 2 x 800W electric motors
Weapons Crushing pincers
Strengths Very powerful weapon
Weaknesses Exposed wheels
From: Newcastle under Lyme in Staffordshire
Team Members: Terry Martin, David Martin & Mark Pepper
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 0.32 x 1.22 x 0.67m
Power 2 x 800W motors
Weapons Jaw and spikes
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Poor grip
From: Vale of Glamorgan in Wales
Team Members: Peter Whithers & Nic Browning
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.67 x 1.04 x 1.02m
Power 3 x 800W motors
Weapons Disc, spikes & scoop
Strengths Agility & control
Weaknesses Vulnerable to axe attack
From: Clacton-on-Sea in Essex
Team Members: Paul Rose, Simon Latham & Phillip Calthorpe

Veterans[edit | edit source]

259 photo.png
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.77 x 1.10 x 0.80m
Power 600W motor
Weapons Vertical spinner
Strengths Potentially lethal weapon
Weaknesses Low strike rate
From: Chadwell Heath in Essex
Team Members: Adam Clark
Aggrobot 3
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.36 x 1.50 x 1.07m
Power 2 x 500W motors
Weapons Cutting jaws and lifter
Strengths Fast, agile & tough
Weaknesses Subject to driver error
From: Dorking in Surrey
Team Members: Peter Leach, Bob Leach & Jon Leach
Wild Thing 2 S6.png
Wild Thing (seeded 9th)
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.40 x 0.83 x 0.81m
Power 2 x 375W motors
Weapons Vertical cutting disc
Strengths Experienced competitor
Weaknesses Exposed tyres
From: Ash in Hampshire
Team Members: Nick Adams & Isabelle Adams

Round 1[edit | edit source]

"What a lucky audience we have here tonight. Eight awesome robots for them to see. For the first round, they'll be split into two four way melees, so let's see who meets who."
— Jonathan Pearce

Aggrobot 3 vs 259 vs Infernal Contraption vs Infinity[edit | edit source]

Infernal Contraption is attacked early on by 259

259 attacks Infinity and Infernal Contraption together

Aggrobot 3 wedges under Infernal Contraption

Aggrobot 3 began the match by running at Infinity and driving under it. 259 and Infernal Contraption drove around each other until 259 charged at Infernal Contraption, ripping pieces of armour off. Infinity then grabbed hold of Infernal Contraption and pushed it along the arena until 259 buckled it's claws with its ferocious spinning disc. 259 then attacked Infinity's back panel while Aggrobot 3 wedged under Infernal Contraption and edged it across the arena.

Infinity drives into the pit

Three robots remain

Infinity then got away from 259, pushed the pit release, drove over the pit which had not yet opened and spun back onto the pit as it started to descend, eliminating the Welsh machine.

"And Infinity has decided enough is enough, and they've driven straight into the pit!"
— Jonathan Pearce

259 throws Infernal Contraption into the arena wall

Infernal Contraption becomes stuck on the pit

259 then attacked Infernal Contraption's wheels with shreds of rubber going everywhere. 259 delivered a couple more blows onto Infernal Contraption, which started spinning in circles and 259 delivered another hit which sent it bouncing along the arena wall and destroying Infernal Contraption's armour. 259 delivered another hit which also bounced along the arena wall. With internals hanging loose, Infernal Contraption was edged towards the pit by Sir Killalot, and it attempted to drive down the pit. Infernal Contraption could not fall in, but it was rendered immobile, and Refbot counted it out.

"Infinity. All that money. All that time. All that effort. And they drive themselves into the pit. Infernal Contraption, the boys from Battersea, they got battered. 259 and Aggrobot 3 go through!"
— Craig Charles

Qualified: Aggrobot 3 & 259

Wild Thing (9) vs The Stag vs Vader vs UFO[edit | edit source]

"Adam Clark, brilliant design for 259 and Aggrobot 3. They're through. Infernal Contraption and Infinity have gone beyond. Time for four more!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The Stag breaks through Wild Thing's armour

Vader shreds The Stag's wheel

UFO slowly moved towards Vader as The Stag grabbed hold of Wild Thing. In the process, The Stag's claws pierced through Wild Thing's bottom plating, allowing it to push Wild Thing around. The robots all stayed out of each other's reach for a couple of seconds before The Stag grabbed Wild Thing again. Despite The Stag's early success, Vader cut the rubber of one of The Stag's wheels and then crumpled one of the claws, crippling the robot by rendering it unable to move in a straight direction. The Stag then drove into Sir Killalot's CPZ and tried to grab Wild Thing again. Sir Killalot picked it up and spun it around, hitting a few lights in the progress.

"It's beginning now, to hot up a little bit."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing, Vader and UFO connect

The Stag's chicken in Sir Killalot's clutches

UFO joins Vader and Wild Thing's tussle on the flame pit

Vader's spinning disc comes to a stop

UFO pits The Stag

Meanwhile, Vader and Wild Thing exchanged hits, while UFO attempted to hit them with its spike. Wild Thing hit the rear end of Vader with its cutting disc while UFO hit the pit release button. UFO seemed to get its weapon stuck in the button, so Vader attacked it, also freeing UFO in the process. Refbot started to count The Stag out while Vader attacked UFO. Sir Killalot found the chicken mascot of The Stag and held it up with its claw, while The Stag spun in circles to try and prove mobility. Wild Thing was then pushed against an angle grinder by Vader before UFO and Vader pulled it away. Wild Thing seemed to be stuck to Vader, as its disc has gone through Vader's shell. All of a sudden, the disc of Vader stopped spinning. To finish the match, UFO pushed The Stag down the pit, despite there being no points to earn from attacking a defeated robot. The judges put Wild Thing and Vader through to Round 2.

"The judges have made their decision. And this was not easy. Very close. But the judges have gone for Vader and Wild Thing!"
— Craig Charles announces the two robots who go through to the next round

Qualified: Wild Thing & Vader

Round 2[edit | edit source]

"Off out of our solar system anyway, UFO and The Stag. Through go Wild Thing and Vader. And in Round 2, in just a few moments, Wild Thing will meet 259. First up, Vader and Aggrobot 3."
— Jonathan Pearce

Vader vs Aggrobot 3[edit | edit source]

The fatal hit from Vader

Aggrobot didn't move very much at the start of the battle while Vader chased it. Aggrobot 3 then reversed onto Vader's spinning disc, flicking it over. The blow seemed to immobilise Aggrobot 3 as Vader slammed into it again. After one more blow, Dead Metal grabbed hold of Aggrobot 3 and carved into it.

"And has that slam, bam, no thank you mam, hurt Aggrobot 3?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Aggrobot just before being pitted

Vader then attacked the gripping claws on the back of Aggrobot 3 while Refbot counted it out. Dead Metal pushed it along the arena floor as Matilda pressed the pit release. Dead Metal then pushed Aggrobot 3 into the pit.

"Aggrobot immobilised and then tossed into the pit oblivion. Vader go through to the heat final!"
— Craig Charles

Winner: Vader

Wild Thing (9) vs 259[edit | edit source]

"In the words of the poet, Charles, you may be a clever dick but Aggrobot 3, I bet you feel sick. Vader through to meet either Wild Thing or 259."
— Jonathan Pearce

259's relentless assault on Wild Thing

259 maintains its offence towards Wild Thing

Wild Thing ran away from 259 at the start of the battle. But, 259 came on the attack as it flung Wild Thing through the air several times in a barrage of attacks. This sequence of attacks threw Wild Thing into the arena wall, overturning the robot several times, and caving in Wild Thing's front panel. The robots separated, and 259 was also able to throw Wild Thing over in the centre of the arena.

"This is determined 'destructability' from 259, dog with a bone, there!"
— Jonathan Pearce on 259's initial onslaught

259's weapon belt slips

Wild Thing then became stuck on the back of 259 for a while. However, when Wild Thing retaliated, it drove up the body of 259, and connected with the belt driving 259's flywheel. 259 slammed into the arena wall to get Wild Thing off. When 259 sliced into Wild Thing again, Wild Thing was tossed through the air, but 259's vulnerable belt driving the flywheel came off, rendering 259's weapon useless - although Wild Thing had also been rendered weaponless.

"Without that wheel, what has 259 got?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing bites under 259's side flanges

It was then 259 that started to run away and hit the pit release button. Wild Thing tried to push it down but 259 moved away. 259 started using its low profile to slip underneath Wild Thing, and drive in reverse to push Wild Thing around. Wild Thing kept piggybacking on 259 and both robots were able to manoeuvre each other onto the flame pit, and into the arena walls.

"Wild Thing has come right back in this after 259's destructive onslaught early on."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing rides up the immobile 259

259 lies dormant, but reaches an adjudication

The robots continued a closely-waged fight, until 259 stopped moving towards the end of the battle. Wild Thing briefly became stuck on top of the immobile 259, but managed to reverse away, and slam 259 into the disc of doom trigger. 259, having dominated the early stages of the battle, was left immobile for twenty-six seconds, narrowly avoiding a loss by knockout, so the battle could be sent to a Judges' decision. However, on the basis of 259's immobility, Wild Thing was awarded the victory, to the dismay of the crowd, judging panel and Jonathan Pearce.

Philippa Forrester: "What happened? Surely 259 should've won on aggression!"
Noel Sharkey: "It should've won easily, we're very sad about making the decision, 259 battered Wild Thing all over there, the new Wild Thing performed very badly. Ultimately, 259 was immobilised."
— Justification behind Wild Thing's victory

Winner: Wild Thing

Final[edit | edit source]

Wild Thing (9) vs Vader[edit | edit source]

Vader attacks Wild Thing 2

Wild Thing charged straight towards Vader at the start and Vader flung Wild Thing away using its disc. Vader ran away before Wild Thing charged at it again. Vader swung round as it tried to hit Wild Thing but Shunt gave it a blow from its axe. Wild Thing and Vader pushed each other for a while before Sir Killalot separated the two. Vader hung over the flame pit while trying to hit Wild Thing. As Vader moved away, it stopped. Wild Thing hit Vader a few more times before it ran away. Vader was pushed by Wild Thing into Shunt's corner patrol zone and Shunt gave Vader a few more whacks with its axe. The second blow hit Vader's spinning blade, stopping it for a few seconds.

Wild Thing's blade becomes stuck in Vader's armour

Wild Thing pushes Vader into Shunt who stops Vader's spinning disc with his axe

Wild Thing's blade got stuck in Vader's armour. Refbot and Sir Killalot tried to separate the two. Shunt managed to separate the two by lifting Vader. Vader then drove across the arena to the pit release and activated it.

"Wild Thing on top here for me, but it's been a good old battle, hasn't it?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing and Vader fail to separate

Both robots lingered around the pit and drove away as cease was called. The judges decided that Wild Thing was the winner.

"Well. The judges have made their decision. And it's unanimous. Based on style, control, damage and aggression. They've gone for the ninth seeds Wild Thing!"
— Craig Charles

Heat Winner: Wild Thing

"If you think our robots can be had by yours, then come and have a go, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The outcome of the battle between Wild Thing and 259 was one of the only decisions that Philippa Forrester was noticeably upset at, leading to the only time whereby she questioned the judges over their decision to award the battle to Wild Thing.
  • During the second melee, Jonathan Pearce said that Wild Thing made it to the semi-final of its heat in Series 5 when it didn't lose in its heat that series. He previously said before the battle that Wild Thing had made it to the semi-finals in previous occasisions.
  • This Heat contained three judges' decisions, all of which involved Wild Thing. The only two matches not to go to the judges contained Aggrobot 3.
  • Five robots from this heat returned for Series 7 - Aggrobot, Infernal Contraption, The Stag, UFO and Vader. UFO was the only one of those five to make it past the first round in Series 7.
  • Infernal Contraption and Infinity would meet each other again in the University Challenge of Extreme 2, once again with Sgt Bash and Sir Killalot as the House Robots.
  • This heat was the only time in three series that Vader made it past the first round.
  • This was the only heat of Series 6 where the next episode preview shown at the end showed clips from both first round melees of the next heat.
  • For some reason, this heat and the next heat used the Extreme 1/Series 5 opening titles rather than the new titles that were introduced for this series.
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