"In the wars so far, from the first heat, battle veteran Mace danced a ringer around a Stinger, dumped Weeliwako and then finished off Suicidal Tendencies to get through to the series semi-finals. And then last week, Pitbull growled at Sumpthing, gnashed its teeth against Technophobic, rolled over for Behemoth, but eventually rolled out the winner. As the motors rev for Heat 3 of Robot Wars!"
Jonathan Pearce's introduction

Heat C of Robot Wars: The Third Wars was the third of sixteen heats which determined the Semi-Finalists of Robot Wars: The Third Wars. The episode featuring Heat C was originally broadcast on December 17, 1999 on BBC Two. The broadcast managed to attract 3.86 million viewers, a decrease of 110,000 viewers when compared with the previous episode. According to BARB, this meant it ranked sixth in the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 13-19 December.

"Prehistoric man. There he was wondering if leopard skin would ever go out of fashion, and suddenly he'd invented the wheel. OK, he thought he was a Frisbee, but pretty soon he was dreaming of cruising down to the watering hole in his convertible, a bathe in the bath, some serious drum 'n' bass, blasting out the speakers just so that everyone could hear it, man. Might've been better as a Frisbee. But, forty million years later, and wheels are being used for Robot Wars. Robots bashing the transmitters out of each other just for a place in our series semi-finals. Sorry prehistoric man, but evolution, don't you just love it."
— Craig Charles' introduction

Competing RobotsEdit


Aggrobot series 3
Weight 79.4kg
Dimensions 0.86 x 1.68 x 0.9m
Clearance 0.04m
Power Twin Motors
Weapons Spring Fired Spike
Notes Cost £1,500
From: Dorking
Team Members: Peter Leach, Jon Leach, Bob Leach
Backstabber official image
Weight 75.8kg
Dimensions 1.0 x 0.83 x 0.82m
Clearance 0.06m
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Ramming Spike & Stabbing Arm
Notes Cost £400
From: Bradford
Team Members: Howard Sandford, Luke Perkin, Sanjay Patel
Weight 78.0kg
Dimensions 0.58 x 1.74 x 0.89m
Clearance Adjustable
Power Scooter Engine
Weapons Nose Axe & Battle Sled
Notes Kevlar Shell
From: Kent
Team Members: Philip Marks, Philip Saville, William T. Padmore
Blade offical image
Weight 75.5kg
Dimensions 0.31 x 0.94 x 0.63m
Clearance 0.03 - 0.07m
Power 3 x Various Motors
Weapons Rotary Lawnmower Blade
Notes Cost £146.52
From: Newbury
Team Members: Josh Ainslie, Ben Reid, Geoff Reid
Maxdamage series 3
Max Damage
Weight 77.2kg
Dimensions 0.76 x 1.35 x 0.84m
Clearance 0.04m
Power 2 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Chainsaw, 2 Cutting Discs
Notes Fibreglass Shell
From: London
Team Members: Darren Cunningham, Daniel Cunningham, Charlotte Cunningham
Weight 79.2kg
Dimensions 0.62 x 1.24 x 0.72m
Clearance 0.08m
Power 3 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Battering Ram
Notes Aluminium Shell
From: Kent
Team Members: David Brooker, Mark Smith, William Foster


Agent orange
Agent Orange
Weight 79.3kg
Dimensions 0.55 x 1.22 x 0.82m
Clearance 0.05m
Power 2 x Starter Motors
Weapons Hydraulic Cutter, Pickaxe
Notes Cost £800
From: Huddersfield
Team Members: Peter Duncanson, Phil Duncanson
Weight 79.2kg
Dimensions 0.51 x 1.25 x 0.6m
Clearance 0.02m
Power 2 x Caddy Motors
Weapons Hydraulic Claw
Notes Cost £800
From: Poole in Dorset
Team Members: Simon Scott, Ian Lewis, Vincent Blood

Round 1Edit

"Well, could anything get even a close shave on Razer, Philippa? Backstabber will try. Daisy, sweet but fragile against Aggrobot, hard and nasty. The flashing Blade against a great looker in Spike. Agent Orange looks vivid and venomous. And in Max Damage, we're warring with dinosaurs!"
— Jonathan Pearce reads through the Round 1 line-up

Razer vs BackstabberEdit

Razer Backstabber

Razer scratches the outside of Backstabber

Razervsbackstabber RWS3

Razer catches Backstabber and pits it for a quick victory

Razer made an immediate dart towards its opponent, which prompted Backstabber to turn around in an attempt to bring its weapon into play. Razer took this as an opportunity to get at Backstabber's flanks, but was only able to scratch the sloped sides of Backstabber with its crushing arm.

"And immediately, Razer with that crushing arm comes in to pierce and penetrate the bodyshell of Backstabber, but just scratching down there, on the plating side of Backstabber."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer's flawed first attack had no negative result for Razer though, as Backstabber had already stopped moving. Razer took advantage of Backstabber's lack of movement by turning Backstabber's front nose towards the Pit, before carrying out a push from behind. Backstabber did drop its ramming spike down onto Razer during the manoeuvre, but it did nothing to halt Razer's advances - which confirmed its victory as it slid Backstabber down into the Pit.

Razer Matilda

Razer gets into the face of Matilda

Razer Backstabber 1

Razer rests, with Backstabber in the Pit of Oblivion

"OH, but there's the power of Razer! And Backstabber in the pit immediately! May stop the stabbing, but can't drive."
— Jonathan Pearce

The victorious machine then decided to approach Matilda inside her CPZ, but backed away into the centre of the arena after a minor bump or two. This brought about the end of the battle.

"Razer, go back into your five o' clock shadow, and relax."
— Jonathan Pearce

Winner: Razer

Aggrobot vs BinkyEdit

"The body popping Razer dancing to victory against Backstabber. Next up, Daisy against Aggrobot, but news from the pits, Daisy, mechanical failures, ruled out. Binky has been brought in from the substitute's bench, with plenty of time to prepare."
— Jonathan Pearce
Aggrobot Binky arena spikes

Binky, caught on the arena spikes

Aggrobot vs binky

Aggrobot spears Binky as Sgt. Bash looks on

Daisy was meant to fight Aggrobot, but suffered mechanical failures and was replaced by Binky. Both robots got off to a slow start, and drove around cautiously - only connecting with a minor attempt from Binky, sliding its sled under Aggrobot. Then, after Aggrobot was torched from distance by Sgt. Bash, Binky reversed into space towards the Pit. Another use of the flamethrower from Sgt. Bash then prompted Binky into a high-speed charge at Aggrobot. However, Binky completely misjudged its drive, and ended up over the Arena Spikes. Here, Binky showed little signs of life, which allowed Aggrobot to come in itself.

"There, the death head skull. And it could be dead and buried, Binky, in a minute."
— Jonathan Pearce as Binky is impaled by the arena spikes

However, Aggrobot struggled to do much of note with its spring-fired spike - failing to get into a good position to penetrate Binky's shell, and mainly scratching it as a result. Binky tried esacping from the Arena Spikes, only for Aggrobot to turn in on a side slam and nudge Binky back to the same spot. After this, Aggrobot also got itself onto the Arena Spikes as well. After a final misfire of its spike, Aggrobot decided to retreat to the centre of this arena. With Binky failing to follow Aggrobot, its immobility was now clear. The House Robots closed in on the beaten machine, with Matilda charging into it, before Sir Killalot lifted it up into the air with his lance. This also allowed Dead Metal to slice into Binky's baseplate as well. Despite its victory now being safe, Aggrobot still decided to get stuck into the action. With Matilda preoccupied by the beaten Binky, Aggrobot came in with a ram on the House Robot's side, which popped Matilda's entire shell off from her.

Aggrobot Binky Sir Killalot

Sir Killalot lifts Binky into the air

Aggrobot Matilda shell

Aggrobot knocks Matilda's shell off

"Look! They've ripped the shell off Matilda! They've body popped Matilda! She's nude! Oh, horrible! That's a nightmare that'll stay in my memory forever! Naked Matilda! Shocking!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Matilda retaliated by charging into Aggrobot, before cease was called - leaving the defeated Binky drooping from Sir Killalot's lance, and Aggrobot as the winner of the fight.

Winner: Aggrobot

Blade vs SpikeEdit

Blade Spike

Blade rips away a decorative arm from Spike

Blade Spike 2

Blade and Spike meet head on

At the start, both machines edged towards, before Blade accelerated into Spike and ripped off part of its opponent's decorative bodywork. Despite this early damage though, Blade's weapon had already stopped working. Blade followed up its first attack with multiple slams into the side of Spike - with the latter struggling to turn around to face Blade. The two then locked horns head on, with Spike slowly edging Blade backwards. This continued until Sgt. Bash came out of his CPZ and intervened to separate the two - with Blade then scuttling off into the distance. Then, after nearly shooting into Sir Killalot's CPZ, Blade backed into Spike. Blade continued to reverse its opponent towards the CPZ, and completed its manoeuvre by leaving Spike up against the arena wall. This allowed Sgt. Bash to come in with his claw and cause damage to the body of Spike. Another superficial piece of Spike's body was also knocked off as Sgt. Bash swung around, before Spike made its escape.

"But look at that cutting edge there of Sgt. Bash on Spike!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sgt. Bash cuts through Spike's armour
Sergeant Bash Spike Blade

Sgt. Bash carves into Spike

Blade Spike 1

Spike presses Blade against the arena wall

Meanwhile, Blade continued to tempt fate with Sir Killalot, by aggressively moving backwards and forwards at the House Robot. Blade then moved towards Spike again though. After arcing around the front of its opponent, Blade moved towards the Pit of Oblivion and resumed its forwards and backwards motion that it did with Sir Killalot moments earlier. Finally, Blade engaged with Spike head on again, but with its rotary cutting weapon still not working, Blade failed to cause further damage to Spike.

"Blade has shown the greater aggression and control - and certainly speed... but listen there... you can hear problems, I think, with the front blades, and I they seem to have ground to a halt."
— Jonathan Pearce notices the problem with Blade's weapon
Spike Blade Matilda

Matilda gets stuck on the competing machines

Blade vs Spike

Blade pushes Spike towards the Pit

With the two still locked together, Spike edged Blade into the arena wall. Matilda came across and lifted up her tusks to try and pull the competing machines away from each other again, but failed to do so - only suspending herself in between both machines. Thankfully, the issue was resolved when Sgt. Bash came over. With time ticking down, Blade moved away from Spike, but only to then drive itself at the erect Arena Spikes three times in quick succession. Blade then reversed into the approaching Spike, and started moving its opponent towards the Pit of Oblivion. Halfway through Blade's drive, cease was called. However, Blade continued to carry out its attack, and ended up dumping Spike into the Pit of Oblivion seconds later.

"And it's cease! It should be all over, it should go to the judges, but what's this! The Blade boys want more! I think that's after time they've dumped Spike into the Pit!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Post match, Craig Charles confirmed that the pitting took place after the time limit had already elapsed - thus taking the fight to a judges' decision. Blade still ultimately won the decision, and moved on through to the next round.

"Well. The Judges' decision is through, and I can see a grudge match coming on. They've decided that even though there was some skullduggery from Blade after time elapsed, they are the unanimous winners! Blade go through!"
— Craig Charles announcing the winner

Winner: Blade

Agent Orange vs Max DamageEdit

Agent Orange Max Damage 1

Agent Orange makes its way across the arena floor as Max Damage sits motionless

Agent orange vs max damage

Agent Orange brings its axe down onto Max Damage

Agent Orange immediately made its way across the arena floor and towards Max Damage. However, the latter of the two did not move out of its starting position at all. This meant that Agent Orange was able to come in with its axe unopposed. After carrying out on axe attack, Agent Orange moved in behind Max Damage and started moving it towards the Pit. Agent Orange then pushed Max Damage front-first into the Pit, and spun around in celebration.

"Max Damage?! Are you sure? A name like that? Minimum fuss, you're out. That's the most pathetic display we've ever seen in Robot Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce as Max Damage is pitted
Agent Orange Max Damage 2

Agent Orange pits Max Damage

Max Damage Dead Metal

Dead Metal slices into the pitted Max Damage

After this, both Dead Metal and Matilda brought their cutting weapons into play on the fibreglass shell of the beaten dinosaur, before cease was called.

After the fight, it was revealed that the Max Damage team had forgotten to insert Max Damage's killswitch - explaining their machine's lack of movement in the arena.

Winner: Agent Orange

Round 2Edit

Razer vs AggrobotEdit

"Oh yes Craig. Back to the big boys. Tonight's semi-finals. The underdogs I think it's fair to say, Blade and Agent Orange and the crowd favourites, Aggrobot and Razer."
— Jonathan Pearce
Razer Aggrobot 1

The first contact between the pair

Razer Aggrobot 2

The battle drifts towards the Flame Pit as Aggrobot continues to dodge

Both machines edged towards each other, with Razer getting the first clear sight at damage, as it slid under the side of Aggrobot. Aggrobot swivelled away, before opening its rear up to Razer - which allowed Razer to push it slightly. Razer then got in behind Aggrobot again, and crushed down into the housing of Aggrobot's rear weapon after slamming its opponent into the arena wall.

"And there, purchase gained - in on the side wall of the arena, by Razer. You can hear a crumpling noise there but is the damage sustained just superficial? I don't think so! No, you can see gashes there!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer starts to cause damage to Aggrobot
Razer Aggrobot 3

Aggrobot tries to bring its spike weapon into play

Aggrobot vs Razer

Razer crumples Aggrobot

Razer continued to dictate where the fight was being played out in the arena but Aggrobot proved too hard for Razer to get a grip of during this spell - with its steep sides and evasive manoeuvres giving Razer issues. After its dodging period, Aggrobot then reversed into Razer and lined up an attack with its spike. However, the weapon did not come into play, which then allowed Razer another chance to push Aggrobot via its behind. Razer once again pressed Aggrobot into the arena wall to allow it the chance at attacking a static opponent. Here, Razer carried out a crippling attack as it squeezed down through Aggrobot's back armour once again.

"But look at this! It's found a weak spot on Aggrobot! Crumpling, tearing, rending, ripping, shredding!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer crush down through Aggrobot's rear

Aggrobot survived the gruesome attack and attempted to move into space, but Razer was quickly on Aggrobot again - this time attacking its sides. However, during this attack, Razer's crushing beak malfunctioned as it retracted. This caused Razer's weapon to continue retracting until it reached its maximum reach - and thus pinning down the tail down into the arena floor. This action took Razer's wheels off the arena floor, leaving it desperately spinning its wheels in midair without the ability to gain any traction.

"Well Razer's gone up in a pirouette of delight, and I think has immobilised itself! Were they celebrating too early? The wheels are spinning... and look at that back claw, on the arena floor! It's stabbed itself into submission, surely!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer's malfunction takes place
Razer malfuctions

Razer beaches itself

Aggrobot Razer House Robots

Both of the competing machines are attacked by the House Robots

With Razer looking down for the count, the House Robots closed in. Aggrobot wanted to make sure its opponent was definitely out of the picture and so rammed into it, but in carrying out this attack Aggrobot overshot into Shunt's CPZ. Here, Shunt slammed his axe through Aggrobot, and continued to wail down on Aggrobot's shell as Dead Metal and Sir Killalot attacked Razer in the background, until the battle came to an end.

"This is what we'd dream about, but for them, it's a nightmare! It's happened before to Razer in the last wars!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Razer's previous breakdown

Winner: Aggrobot

Agent Orange vs BladeEdit

"Worried about the damage? We don't care a jot say Aggrobot. Next up Blade against Agent Orange. Wonder what sort of tactics Blade will use this time around."
— Jonathan Pearce
Blade Agent Orange 2

Agent Orange swings down on Blade's top armour

Blade Agent Orange

Blade ends up on its side due to the Arena Spike

Both machines started tentatively. Agent Orange slowly approached Blade - which was spinning around on the spot. After Blade stopped this tactic, Agent Orange engaged with it. Blade moved away from Agent Orange and revved its lawnmower blades up to speed, before reversing into Agent Orange. Agent Orange quickly slipped in on Blade's flanks though, and pushed its opponent across the arena before delivering a hit to Blade's top armour with its pickaxe weapon.

"And in comes the pick axe, like some mental wood pecker, gone astray - gone mad."
— Jonathan Pearce as Agent Orange delivers its first blow

After this attack, Agent Orange started to smoke - although this didn't initially hinder its movement in any way. Then, Blade swerved off in towards Matilda's CPZ, and drove over the Arena Spike. Here, Blade was flicked up onto its side and was stranded as a result. Despite its opponent showing no signs of recovering, Agent Orange still attempted to push Blade into the CPZ again. This backfired on Agent Orange, however, as Matilda only succeeded in bumping Blade back down on its tyres. Matilda did then lift Blade with her tusks, but the yellow and black machine successfully moved to safety afterwards.

"Blade spins away... very dangerously towards Matilda and those ferocious eyes: burning bright, in the middle of the night - OH, and up goes Blade, flipped by the arena spike!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Meanwhile, Agent Orange had got itself over the Arena Spike that had just upended Blade. It moved away from the arena hazard soon after, but after this point Agent Orange started to only function on one wheel. With the right side of its drive gone, Agent Orange had to resort to swinging backwards and forwards with both its body and its axe in an attempt to cause further problems for Blade. Blade evaded Agent Orange's axe though, and reversed its opponent into Matilda. Here, Matilda lifted Agent Orange up, and with Agent Orange unable to drive freely this allowed Matilda to carried out more attacks with her tusks. Meanwhile, Blade sat curiously motionless for a few seconds, although it did start moving again after Agent Orange wrestled itself out of the CPZ with some help from the Arena Spike.

"Matilda's tusks underneath Agent Orange. Ooh, tusk tusk Matilda - you should've finished it off! Agent Orange bashes back, good stuff! Real rumble going on out there now. Rumbustious stuff!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Agent Orange wrestles with Matilda
Blade attacks agent orange

Matilda lifts and nearly turns over Agent Orange

Blade Agent Orange 1

Blade celebrates as Agent Orange shows little life in the remaining seconds

After escaping the CPZ, Agent Orange went on a long, arcing drive towards the centre of the arena - where it then began to only shuffle around on the spot again. Blade saw this as a chance to put Agent Orange into further danger and tried to edge it towards the Pit but was unable to. Blade then got itself in danger as it drifted off into Shunt's CPZ - only narrowly dodging an axe attack from the House Robot. As Blade moved away, Agent Orange's struggles became more and more apparent - with its turns becoming slower and slower, as well as some taping drooping loosely. Blade spun around in celebration away from Agent Orange, before cease was called - sending the fight to a Judges' decision. Blade was awarded the win on a split decision - putting it through to the Heat Final, where it would face Aggrobot.

Winner: Blade

Heat FinalEdit

"And they dance themsel[ves] dizzy, Agent Orange. Blade through and Aggrobot of course. And there's the Heat C Final. Blade against Aggrobot."
— Jonathan Pearce

Aggrobot vs BladeEdit

Aggrobot Blade Shunt axe

Blade fends off Shunt's axe attack

Blade vs aggrobot

Aggrobot is put under pressure by Blade

Both machines started by meeting directly head on with each other. After this piece of contact, Blade held back for a second and waited for Aggrobot to expose its sides, before coming in with a drive to its opponent's flanks. Aggrobot tried to swerve away from Blade, but Blade remained on Aggrobot's case, repositioned, and then pushed it around the arena from behind. After a minor jab from Blade, Aggrobot dodged a follow-up drive and moved away. Blade came back in again soon after though, and carried out a similar move to before - first attacking Aggrobot's side and then getting in behind, this time to push it into an upcoming Arena Spike. With both machines tussling near the CPZ, Aggrobot fought back by reversing Blade into the eyeline of Shunt. Here, Shunt slammed down with his axe. Blade stood firm to the axe blow from the House Robot though - sustaining no visual damage.

"Oh, and in comes Shunt there, with the great axe going down to create damage. Let's see if did cause any - no! That's very rare."
— Jonathan Pearce as Blade resists Shunt's attack
Aggrobot Dead Metal sparks

Dead Metal cuts into Aggrobot

Aggrobot Blade flipper

The beaten Aggrobot is thrown by the Floor Flipper

It then moved on from this attack by taking Aggrobot on another drive around the arena and then head-first into the arena wall. At the end of this drive, Aggrobot's front nose embedded itself underneath the arena wall - allowing Blade to come in with more rams. Once freed, Aggrobot started to move away. However, after one more bump from Blade, Aggrobot trickled to a complete stop. Blade soon noticed this, and decided to put Aggrobot in more bother by coming in with multiple rams to place it onto the Flame Pit, where it was then attacked Dead Metal - the House Robot in the nearby CPZ.

"And Blade here, is the surprise of this Heat, and turning up the heat now on Aggrobot!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dead Metal cut into Aggrobot's nose, causing a shower of sparks while Sir Killalot held it aloft, before the latter placed Aggrobot onto the Floor Flipper. Here, the beaten machine was thrown, and Blade was confirmed as the winner of Heat C.

"A finale flipper for Aggrobot, beaten in the heat final. Roly poly, topsy-turvy, over and out. A merciful ending as well after the damage sustained to Aggrobot. There, look at Dead Metal's blade. And Blade the winners. A major surprise."
— Jonathan Pearce

Heat Winner: Blade

"If a tiger gets angry, he'll show his claws, but we'll show you flamethrowers, on Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles signs off

Special EventEdit

Between Round 1 and Round 2 of each heat, a Special Event or Trial took place. For Heat C, it was the Middleweight Melee.

Tentoumushi vs Hard Cheese vs Grinder vs A-Kill vs Ripper's RevengeEdit


Sir Killalot picks up Hard Cheese

Winners: Tentoumushi and A-Kill (joint winners)

Trivia Edit

  • Razer's first ever victory was in this heat, managing to pit Backstabber with little trouble. This battle is currently ranked 11th in the Shortest Battles in UK Robot Wars. However, the next round brought about its second breakdown.
  • This heat featured no Semi-Finalists from Series 2, like Heat H.
  • During the end credits, the battle theme was played instead of the ending theme.
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